YOWhatsApp APK Download latest version V10.06 And 24.5.86 2024

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  • YOWhatsApp APK
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A fully modified APK app with millions of downloads and some extraordinary features is known as YOWhatsApp. The app is becoming popular daily as people rush towards features, and it is enriched with features. Download YOWhatsApp to get more features and enjoy your social life in an extraordinary way.

What is YOWhatsApp APK

YOWhatsApp is also a MOD APK with unique features, more privacy, and beautiful themes. The app is hitting millions of downloads, which is continuously increasing. The reason behind its millions of downloads is that it provides new features that are not available on WhatsApp.People are rushing toward YOWhatsApp mod APK to improve their messaging experience with new features. The reason behind this increase in number of downloads is its features. YoWhatsApp is a modified WhatsApp version developed considering the user’s needs.

A modified version of WhatsApp, also known as FOUAD MODS, is the name of its developer. The app has new, exciting features to level up your chatting experience. WhatsApp has become an essential part of our lives, especially for communicating in modern times, so we can’t imagine our social life without it. When we think about YOWhatsApp, it is contemporary with extra features and is more private. YOWhatsApp brings more functionalities and enhances your privacy and security.  

Download YO WhatsApp APK

 Why YOWhatsApp APK?

As we enter the new century, we need change in everything, but WhatsApp is the same as last year; if you are tired of its boring features and limited customization options, you should move toward YOWhatsApp APK. With time, people are moving toward mod APK apps as they are tiered using WhatsApp. There are a lot of mod APK apps on the internet, YOWhatsApp is different from all those mod APK versions.

Last few years, people worldwide have been downloading APK apps to change their social lives and improve their messaging experience. To meet the need for APK WhatsApp YOWhatsApp came into the internet world. YOWhatsApp provides you with multiple features, and all of these features are loved by its users. Download the latest APK version of YOWhatsApp to enjoy all these features.

We have to send some larger files but can’t send them in WhatsApp, while YOWhatsApp allows us to send all kinds of larger files, which means it has solved one issue. Similarly, it is going to solve a lot of such social media issues. You will get a complete chatting solution in this app. All of the problems that WhatsApp needs to handle will be no more after having this app. You will get maximum features in a single app. This app lets you choose your favourite features, colours, and themes. This is your app. Now, you can customize it as you want to communicate. YOWhatsApp solves many of the routine problems you face while chatting and sharing files in social media apps like WhatsApp.

What is MOD APK

A modified version of the original app means some significant changes to its original version. Some people think mod APK apps are new and are afraid to download them due to security myths. While mod APK apps are not entirely new, they have all the initial principles and some new features. Similarly, YO, WhatsApp APK mod has all the basic features of WhatsApp and many new features. It works the same but is fast and secure. Whatsapp doesn’t satisfy its users so its modified versions are made to meet its user’s needs.

Developer Name

Yousaf Al Basha developed YOWhatsApp. He modified WhatsApp and created a different app with multiple features and complete customization. Yousaf left this app, and now Fouad Makkad has resumed further development. Fouad Makkad will develop all its updated versions, which is why this app is also searched as Fouad MODS.

YOWhatsApp Latest Version V10.06 Download 2024

If you are craving more features in the world of APK mod to improve your social life, then the latest version of YOWhatsApp v10.06 will meet your curiosity as it is full of updated features. This version fixes all the bugs and issues, and YO WA APK works smoothly. I will discuss all the fixes and developments in this latest version of YO WA 2024. You can also download the latest version of YOWhatsApp 17.80, which is an almost new version with unique themes and new fonts. There is another version of YOWhatsApp 17.90, which is also new and fully updated. The beauty of this app is you can choose any of its versions, including its previous versions.

The latest version, V10.06, Contains a Changelog.

  • Profile picture feature in groups
  • Randomly showing a blue tick when privacy is enabled
  • Anti-view once issues
  • Audio removal from custom download due to conflicts with voice notes
  • Blue tick code improved
  • Many other general fixes

What is New

  • See storage usage per chat
  • Pin messages, even private groups
  • Pin up to 1000 messages
  • Switch translation mode option Google Translate app and YoWhatsApp
  • Use emoji as your profile picture
  • Media copy caption
  • Access on view once files
  • Scroll the option to view all your new and old messages
  • Message count is available
  • Change the online dot colour
  • Message scheduler
  • Auto reply
  • Download status
  • Wallpaper option
  • Save profile picture
  • Load themes through zip files
  • Yo theme section added
  • Message forward limit is increased
  • Flight mode
  • Emoji variant
  • Reply privately in the group
  • Default lock without any third-party app
  • Send 100 images spontaneously
  • Call filtration option
  • Hide media from the gallery
  • Group customization
  • Switch among two emoji variant
  • Multiple account option
  • Set video status up to 4 minutes
  • A variety of fonts are available
  • Translate message in any language
  • Show blue tick after reply
  • Hide blue tick 
  • Hide single tick
  • Hide the name of the chatting person
  • Load themes from the SD card
  • Share YOWhatsApp with your family and friends
  • Disable notification option
  • Hide the contact name in the group

What is Fixed in This Version

  • One-hour ban issue
  • Anti-view once media deleted issue is fixed
  • Blue tick showing randomly when privacy is enabled

How to Find it On Google

Hundreds of websites allow you to download YOWhatsApp APK and claim it is the original file. Most of them need to provide complete files, which may cause the app to be missing features or not work correctly. Make sure to download the app from trusted sources. As the app is famous enough, it has multiple names, like YOYOWhatsApp and YOWA APK.

  • First of all, go to Google search
  • Type YoWhatsApp APK
  • Find any trusted website
  • Hit the download button
  • You will show a pop that this file can harm your device
  • Accept it, and now your file will be ready in the manager of your mobile in a few seconds
  • Enjoy chatting in a new style.

YOWhatsApp and WhatsApp Official, Which is Better

Features YoWhatsAppWhatsapp official
Send HD files✔️
Send 100 images once✔️
Send images without quality changes✔️
Hide blue tick✔️
Hide single tick✔️
Blue tick after reply✔️
Hide last seen✔️
Hide online visibility✔️
Lock your private chat✔️
More privacy✔️
Group customization✔️
Privacy customization✔️
Security customization✔️
Auto reply✔️
Message schedular✔️
Group members 1000✔️
Yo themes✔️
Send direct messages✔️
Call filtration option✔️
Freeze last seen✔️
Anti view once✔️
Download status✔️
Anti revoke✔️ 
Multiple accounts✔️

What is Required to Have YOWhatsApp on Your Android

If you install any MOD APK file on your mobile for the first time, you may have to change your settings. If you have already installed many apps unavailable on the Play Store, don’t worry. There is no rocket science in it. For those familiar with MOD apps, download the app and click on the install button on your device. The following pattern is for those unfanned to become more with APK or using Android for the first time.

  • First, make sure that your mobile version is above four and has memory to occupy the app.
  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection
  • Now go to your mobile setting
  • In the apps setting, you will find an option for unknown source
  • Enable the unknown source option
  • Now you can install any APK file on your Android

Keep These Things in Mind Before Downloading YOWhatsApp

When you hit the download button in Google, you will be notified that these files can harm your mobile. Do you still want to download the app? This notification is accurate that MOD apps can harm your mobile. The app has multiple features that can also slow down your mobile speed. Before downloading the app, you will be cleared that Google Play Protect does not verify it so that it may have some disadvantages. We know that everything has its own pros and cons, and things that are featured may have more risk.

YoWhatsApp may cause loss of your important data as the app is modified which means the developer has made changes to WhatsApp official. The app needs some advanced security features. To update the app, you must download its latest version, and you can’t choose the auto-update option like WhatsApp official. If you do any spam or try to have both WhatsApp official and YoWhatsApp on the same device, you may be banned by WhatsApp officials because of their strict security policy.

How to Download and Install YOWhatsApp MOD APK?

As I have already discussed, installing YOWhatsApp is straightforward. It is not new, but it is like other APK files. Those who have APK files in their Android don’t need advanced settings. Follow this method to have the app on Android without any issues.

  • Make sure to have an internet connection
  • Enable the unknown source option in Android
  • Now download the app from a trusted site
  • Open your old WhatsApp and make sure that the backup is on
  • Now uninstall the old WhatsApp
  • Open the device manager and click on YoWhatsApp APK
  • Your app will be installed in a few minutes
  • Complete your profiles and enjoy the new features of YoWhatsApp
How to Download YO WhatsApp APK

How to Get All Your Previous Chats in YOWhatsApp?

Knowing the steps of chat backup in any app is very important. We want to keep our data safe, so be patient. All your data in YO WA is safe. I will share the complete process of getting your data back.

  • Ensure your backup is on and WhatsApp is connected to Google Drive before uninstalling it.
  • If your data backup is on now, you shouldn’t worry. Your data is safe. You can access it on any WhatsApp MOD.
  • Open and click on three dots
  • Click on setting
  • Here, you will find a chat option; hit this option
  • Click on chat backup
  • Enable this option, and all your data will be stored in Google Drive
  • Now open YO WA
  • After verification, you will get the option of data backup
  • Clicking on this option will notify you that your data backup is in process.
  • You will get all your chat now enjoy the YOWhatsApp with your old chat.

Detailed Features of YOWhatsApp

Enjoy Unlimited YO Themes

 Here, you will get a pro-level feeling of YOWhatsApp APK as it has a beautiful theme. The developer adds these themes to improve user experience. You can change themes at any time and feel as if you are jumping to another messaging platform, as all the app’s interfaces will be changed. The thing that makes me a fan of YOWhatsApp is its themes. Download YOWhatsApp APK, enjoy unlimited themes, and boost your social life in a new style.

Features of YO WhatsApp APK

Anti-ban no Risky App

The app is an anti-ban, and you don’t need to worry. Use it without any hesitation. In the start era of MOD WhatsApp, most apps were banned by WhatsApp but now developers have developed anti-ban versions of these apps. Now, download YOWhatsApp, as its latest version is entirely anti-ban and risk-free. No one wants to be banned by WhatsApp, so when people know these apps are anti-ban, more people rush to download the app. Since its anti-ban version came out, the number of downloads has increased each day.

More Security, like an in-built lock

Enjoy more security in YOWhatsApp as it provides all the initial security steps. You will find complete security options like app lock with fingerprint, pin code, and pattern here. You can also lock your private chat in this app. You will feel completely secure while using the app. All the primary security options are available in YOWhatsApp to keep you safe in this advanced time.

security features

Anynoumus Messaging Feature

Are you looking for messaging features when you download the app for chatting? No worries. This is YOWhatsApp, and it will meet your needs as it has anonymous messaging features that will modify your messaging experience in a modern way. Here, you can select auto reply and schedule messages, an excellent feature not available in WhatsApp. A list of such features in YOWhatsApp is modified to accelerate your chatting experience.

Send Message Directly

I have used WhatsApp for a long time and have faced the same problem many years ago. You have to save the contact first, and then you can text. This is all a waste of time, and your mobile memory is filled with many contacts not used in your daily routine life. YOWhatsApp is the best solution for your problem. The app has the feature of sending messages without saving contacts. Just download the app, and then you don’t need to save the contact first.

Send HD Files

WhatsApp allows you to send HD files, but when you try, you can’t send them as most of the files are more than 16 MB. WhatsApp doesn’t allow sending larger files; moreover, the video quality will be changed. In this MOD APK app, you can send files in all formats, including HD and large files. The app is launched to provide you with all the required features for better communication options but these features are not available on WhatsApp official.

Send Files in Bulk Quantity

You can send limited files in WhatsApp while this app facilitates you to send files in bulk. You can send 100 images at once in this app, while WhatsApp allows you to send only 30 files simultaneously, while such a limit is not present in the YOWhatsApp APK. Here, you can easily send files in maximum numbers and save a lot of your important time.

Anti Delete Messages

Get all the deleted messages in YOWhatsApp, as it is an anti-revoke app. Sometimes, mistaken messages are deleted, while we mostly delete them after sending them just for fun. This is the time to reply to your friend’s fun by downloading YOWhatsApp and replying to him, even those deleted messages. Only he will know that the message is deleted, and you will see that I am reading the message. It is hilarious, so have some fun with this app.

Send All Types of Larger Files

WhatsApp allows you to send files up to 16 MB, while YO WA assists you in sending all types of larger HD files, such as movies, dramas, and even documentaries. Sending all types of files through this messaging app will help you be on one platform. You will find all the facilities on a single platform, while on WhatsApp, you have to shift to another platform to share your larger files.

Allow Dual WhatsApp

Now, you can run WhatsApp and YOWhatsApp on the same cell phone but register separately. YOWhatsApp allows you to have both WhatsApp at the same time. This is an important and helpful feature, especially for those wishing to keep WhatsApp’s official and MOD versions on the same device. WhatsApp has some advantages, but sometimes we feel both are essential, so we want to keep both. Don’t hesitate to download both WhatsApp while YO WA allows you WhatsApp dual mode.

It Needs No Root to Install

A list of MOD APKs requires a root to install, while YOWhatsApp doesn’t. A few people know how to root their mobile and install any app by root, while most of us don’t. This process takes time and may damage our mobile software, so YOWhatsApp MOD APK saves your time and is entirely safe as it doesn’t require any root option.

Privacy Features

This app has various privacy features, enabling you to enjoy a private life. These privacy features have lovely customization. Hiding blue tick, double tick, and even blue tick after the reply are included in its privacy features. You will also enjoy its privacy features like the anti-revoke option and view anti-deleted status. You will find maximum privacy features that are not available on WhatsApp.

Privacy Features of YO WhatsApp APK

Collection of Emoji

The app developer continuously adds new emojis while already having the maximum collection. Download the app and communicate using a new pack of emojis to transform your words into visuals. These emojis are not available on WhatsApp, and sometimes people download apps to have such emojis while YOWhatsApp has its pack of emojis.

Security Features

This app provides all the security features to have a secure social life. Locking your private chat is also available in this app. You can move for locking your app with fingerprint, pin, and pattern locks. Here, you will find all the initial security features that increase your trust in the app and improve your security. 

Sticker Variant

You don’t need to download your favourite sticker online by trying different apps. All these stickers are available on YOWhatsApp. This sticker will enhance more fun in your social life, and you can enjoy more by sending funny stickers to your loved ones and friends. Here, you will find all types of stickers: emotional, humorous, and lovely.

Auto Reply Feature

Modification is essential in every field of our lives, and with time, everything is becoming more advanced while you are still using WhatsApp, which has no advanced features. YOWhatsApp has an advanced auto-reply feature, enabling you to dive into the advanced era. You don’t need to reply when you enable this option in YOWhatsApp. You can manually choose your away message and the text you want to respond to automatically.

Message Scheduler

A message scheduler is a new feature introduced in the MOD version of WhatsApp, such as YOWhatsApp. This feature brings advancement in chatting. It works like your employe. You have ordered him, and now you are relaxed as you believe that work will be done. Similarly, when you schedule your message now, you don’t need to be worried about texting someone. This message will be automatically sent on time. It is primarily a remarkable feature for those who forget to text someone, especially on some occasions. This feature is also helpful for those running their business and wanting to send a reminder to their customers.

Hide Online Status

You can easily switch your online status in YOWhatsApp while this feature is not available in WhatsApp official. This feature assists you in keeping yourself focused on work and doesn’t need to switch your data. When you are working online, and data is on, your friends will start chatting with you, and if you ever feel that but can’t get rid of it, the best solution is to switch your online visibility so no one knows whether you are online.

Status More Than 250 Words

YOWhatsApp allows you to put a status with more than 250 words, while WhatsApp doesn’t provide such features and has a narrow limit of status words. Those who want lengthy status have to download YOWhatsApp it is the best solution for their problem.

Create Multiple Accounts

If a single account doesn’t meet your needs and wanna have multiple accounts on a single device, you can’t do that, as WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to run multiple WhatsApp accounts because of its policy. This app will enable you to create multiple accounts without getting banned. You can efficiently run these accounts and switch from one account to another.

More Than 800 Languages

In 2024, YOWhatsApp will offer more than 800 languages for communication. You can select your language and enjoy all the features in your language. The availability of all these languages is making this app more popular, and its downloads are multiplying daily.

Customize Your Photo In The Chat

You can use your photo in chat and make your conversation more attractive. This customization is fantastic as it allows you to use pictures in chat and choose any photos. You can also choose different images for different chats.

Tick Customization

The app provides complete customization, including tick, security, and privacy. In tick customization, you can hide a blue tick and double-tick. You can also choose a blue tick after a reply. Here, you will find complete tick customization. You will control all your privacy. You can also change tick styles and colors.

Tick customization of YO WhatsApp APK

Groups with Maximum Members

You can add a maximum number of members to the group while using YOWhatsApp. It allows you to add more than 1000 members in a single group while WhatsApp provides only 275 members capacity in the group. This feature is helpful for those worried because of member limits in their WhatsApp. Now can download YOWhatsApp and add a maximum of members to their group.

Essential Features of YOWhatsApp

  • You can easily change tick colors
  • Change the background of your chat, even use your photo
  • Blue tick after reply
  • You can send your live location through YoWhatsApp
  • You will get a search bar in its interface to search your message and save you time
  • A brief customization of each category
  • Easily customize your font style and themes
  • A variety of sticker and emotional emojis
  • Increase in the number of status characters
  • Directly send messages and call features
  • No forward tags in messages
  • Hide the date and time when you forward a message
  • Lock multiple chats even if you can exceed 500 chats
  • Sed more than 100 images at once
  • Pin more than 500 messages
  • You can pin messages in private groups.
  • Send field in all formats.
  • Load themes in zip files
  • Wonderful privacy customization
  • The call filtration option is available

How to Get The Latest Version of YOWhatsApp

How to update Yo whatsApp APK

The process of updating YOWhatsApp differs from WhatsApp official as this is a MOD version, so you can only update it sometimes. Follow the given process for updating the YOWhatsApp APK.

  1. First of all, it is crucial to check the update
  2. Click on three dots of your old version of YoWhatsApp
  3. Now click on the update you will know about its next version
  4. Go to Google and search for the latest version of YoWhatsApp APK
  5. Download from a trusted website so you will not banned
  6. Install the app and enjoy the new version with new features and more fixes

Major Pros and Cons Of YOWhatsApp 

  • There is a list of customized features like security and privacy
  • You can hide double tick
  • You can also enable a blue tick after a reply
  • You can go for auto-reply
  • Sending larger files is available
  • You can view deleted messages
  • Locking your private chat
  • In-built lock option without any third-party
  • Send HD files
  • It is MOD APK, which may cause some security issues
  • WhatsApp can ban you
  • Sending large files consumes more data
  • Lack of some security features
  • It is unavailable on the Play Store, and you must download it from Google.
  • Cant updates automatically. You have to download the updated version from Google manually.
  • Multiple features may slow down your mobile speed
  • Sending HD files consumes more data

How To Install The App on an iPhone

You will find multiple blogs on the installation of YOWhatsApp on your iPhone, but there is no way to install the app on your iPhone as the iPhone policy is so strict. You can also choose many other ways to have the app on your iPhone, but these tricks can harm your mobile or even be blocked by an iPhone company as you violate their policy. If someone tells you you can install YOWhatsApp on your iPhone, he deceives you. YOWhatsApp has no iPhone version. There are all myths about having YOWhatsApp on iPhone, and don’t notice these rumors.

Is it Safe For Android?

YOWhatsApp is entirely safe to use on Android, and you can feel free to download it. There is false news about it while it is being downloaded worldwide.

What Are Its Other Shortcut Names?

YOWhatsApp is a popular MOD APK WhatsApp with millions of downloads and these numbers are not constant but increasing daily. As we know, every popular thing has many shortcut names similarly WhatsApp also has. YOWA, Yowhatsapp, yowhatsapp APK, YOYOWhatsapp, and YO APK are all shortcut names of YOWhatsApp MOD APK.

Can We Download it For PC?

Yes, we can download the app for PC, but we have to make some changes as it is not available in the PC version. Only its mobile version is available.

  • To have YoWhatsApp on your PC, firstly, you have to download any emulator
  • You can try Blue Stack, which is a very famous
  • Now download YoWhatsApp APK on your pc
  • Open emulator
  • Paste the app in the emulator and run it
  • Set up your profile setting
  • Enjoy YoWhatsApp on the big screen.

Yes, YOWhatsApp is safe to run on Android.

After installing the App, click on the three dots. You will find an option for YO themes there.

No YO WhatsApp is only android app, its iphone version is not available.

Yes, you can download YO WhatsApp free.

Final Words

We have provided YOWhatsApp APK, which is a modified version of WhatsApp that is official but has a list of features that are not available on WhatsApp. Here, we will give you all the information about this app. We will guide you on installing the app safely without being banned by WhatsApp officials. All the initial features of YOWhatsApp are discussed briefly. All of your questions related to YOWhatsApp are concerned with their answer. To get more information about the app, you have to try it once so all your confusion will be gone. I hope you will enjoy the app.

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