AN WhatsApp+5 APK Download Free [Anti Ban] 2024

AN WhatsApp APK
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  • AN+5 WhatsApp
  • 81.35 MB
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  • AN WA V38.00
  • Ammar Alawadi
  • Android 4+
  • One day ago
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What Is AN WhatsApp+5 APK

Suppose you’re looking for a modified WhatsApp mod that solves your problem with its many features. In that case, your problems are no more because AN5 WhatsApp APK can solve all your social issues, such as sending HD files, auto replying, and message scheduling. With hundreds of themes and features, you can easily customize the app to make it more convenient.

AN WhatsApp+5 adds more fun and beauty to your life. Its themes increase the attraction in your conversation. You will have a lot of emojis and stickers to express your feelings and decrease sadness in your life through funny stickers. Here, you will access many features with customization, like sending files in bulk and animation.

After having a lot of features, you will be surprised to know that the app is free. You can enjoy upcoming features of the app through its regular update. To update the app, you may have to download its latest version. You can also try other prototypes of AN family like AN+7, AN+8, AN+9, AN+10.

AN WhatsApp+5

Why AN5 WhatsApp APK

WhatsApp provides you with limited features that need more to solve your routine issues, like sending HD files, which is essential in this era when most of us have iPhones. You will observe many problems in your routine life due to WhatsApp official, like the hide blue tick option. You will get a solution to each problem in the AN5 WhatsApp APK. The main reason for selecting AN5 WhatsApp APK is its anti-ban version. There are a lot of WA Mods, but only a few are anti-ban ban, and AN WhatsApp+5 is among them. I love this app because of its anti-ban features, and WhatsApp officials will never ban you.

How to Install AN5 WA APK On Android

  • Download NA5 WhatsApp from a trusted website
  • Check your old WhatsApp to have a backup on
  • Uninstall regular WhatsApp
  • Go to mobile settings and enable allow unknown source
  • Open your downloaded file
  • Complete installation process
  • Your app is ready for customization
  • Signup and enjoy limitless features

Features of AN5 WhatsApp

More Theme Customization

You can customize your themes in AN5 WhatsApp. Here, you will get new themes and mover further for their customization, like loading new themes and restoring deleted ones.   

Group customization

Add more than 1000 members to a single group and customize it. You can change all group settings, such as privacy, security, and interface. You will decide on each feature of the app and its visibility. You can also opt for further privacy, like selecting group admin and creating a private group.

Anti View Once

What if someone sends you files you can open once isn’t ridiculous. I hate the view once, which is a feature of WhatsApp regularly. Most of my friends make fun of me by sending funny videos but with privacy. One day, I got AN5 WhatsApp, and now I can access those files repeatedly for a lifetime.

Freeze online Visibility

When my friend noticed I was online, he sent messages, sometimes bulk stickers. Then I got a solution and downloaded AN5 WhatsApp APK and froze by online visibility. Now, when he meets me, he asks why I am offline, and I just smile. This feature will help you surprise your friends and family members with its extra privacy features of freezing online visibility.

Freeze last seen

You can also freeze your last seen in AN WhatsApp+5 to enjoy next-level privacy. When you disable Last Seen, you can pretend that you have not been using WhatsApp for the previous few months. This advanced feature is not available in WhatsApp regular.


A fifth member of AN family with more features and customization

Download the latest version of AN WhatsApp+5 and your version will be updated

Dont make scams like installing both regular WhatsApp and WhatsApp Mods like AN WhatsApp+5


  • IOS 2023 Emoji Pack 


  • Edit messages access
  • Group member’s pictures in chat
  • Locked conversation
  • Receive pin messages from others
  • Private chat message pin option
  • Without drive translation of chat


  • Crash while clicking on community
  • Some settings were cleaned up
  • Some styles were added

Final Term

The fifth member of the AN family is famous because of its customization. This article briefly introduces the app. To get the latest WhatsApp Mods, bookmark our website. You can also update your previous Mod APK via our website.

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