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NA5 WhatsApp APK
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  • NA5 WhatsApp APK
  • 80.5 MB
  • Messaging App
  • v13.18
  • Nassar Al Jaidi
  • Android 5+
  • Two hours ago
  • Golden
  • Free

NA5 WhatsApp is the fifth-advanced member of the NA family, and it has a beautiful golden theme. This theme increases the value of NA, as the golden theme is everyone’s favorite. This version provides you with a feel of golden WhatsApp Plus. NA5 is a modified version that gives you the ultimate and fast messaging facility to boost your social life to an advanced level.

NA5 WhatsApp

This advanced version provides captivating features, a beautiful user interface, and next-level customization to provide users with a different experience. Some of its features are versatile and helpful, like sending files in bulk and sharing HD files.

Why NA5 WhatsApp APK

 It provides you with advanced security features like locking your private conversation. After having such a feature, you don’t need to lock your entire app. You can also choose other security options like fingerprint and pin lock for your app.

It offers maximum group customization, such as changing the group name or choosing admin privacy. NA5 allows you to add more than 1000 group members, while WhatsApp allows you to add only 275. You can pin your message in even private groups. You can also download NA2, NA3, NA4, NA6, NA7, and NA8.

NA5 WhatsApp APK Introduction

The golden-colored prototype of NA WhatsApp has multiple advanced features, like pausing your voice and messaging yourself. You will enjoy each app feature, but its customization and privacy features make it more popular.

When you have promised to change your life and modify each part of it, then what about your social life? You must try the upcoming WhatsApp Mods, which have more features and customization to boost your chat to an advanced level.

WhatsApp Gold APK

The theme color of NA5 WhatsApp is Gold hence it is also named Gold WhatsApp. This app provides you with gold colored theme with complete customization. You can also change your theme in this APK.

If you don’t like NA5 WhatsApp you can also try other WhatsApp Mods to enjoy next-level messaging experience with new features and multiple customization options. You can try NS WhatsApp, ER WhatsApp, AB3 WhatsApp, KB WhatsApp, AG WhatsApp, HAWA WhatsApp, King WhatsApp, OB WhatsApp, and Aero WhatsApp.

How to Download NA5 WhatsApp APK On Android

  • Connect your Android with Wifi
  • Make sure to have a strong internet connection
  • Now open Google Chrome and search for NA5 WhatsApp APK
  • Select a trusted website like
  • Click on the download button
  • Ignore pop of this type of file can harm your device
  • Click on download anyway option
  • Your files will be on your device in a few seconds

NA5 WhatsApp Complete Installation Guide In Android

  • Allow unknown source in your Android settings
  • Open file manager
  • Click on the APK folder
  • Click on NA5 APK
  • Your installation will be started
  • Now complete the signup process
  • Enjoy the app with complete customization

You can also Run NA5 On a PC

  • Download emulator
  • Download blue stock
  • Install blue stock
  • Download NA5 WA APK
  • Drag the file in the blue stack
  • Run the app
  • Now complete the signup process
  • Enjoy the app on the PC

Remarkable Features Of NA5 WhatsApp

Get Multingual with NA5 WA APK

You will enjoy a lot of multinational languages in NA5 WhatsApp. You don’t need to learn any language or hire a translator; now, you can communicate in any world language. NA5 WhatsApp Mode Apk. You can say that all languages are your languages, as you can communicate in any of them.

Turn Off Blue Tick

You can move for blue tick customization in NA5 WhatsApp, like turning off the blue tick. This is important, especially when we are living in an advanced era where no one has time to reply instantly. If you can’t respond instantly and are ever blamed for not replying to your loved ones after seeing their messages. This feature helps you a lot because it hides your status of reading messages.

Text To Any Number

You can’t imagine sending a text without saving the contact in WhatsApp Official, while NA5 WhatsApp lets you send a direct message. Now, you need to choose a long path before texting someone, like saving his contact information, and then go to refresh the contact. This is a waste of time, and NA5 saves your time by providing you with a bypass for sending direct messages to any contact.

Call Filtration Option

When you have downloaded the app on your Android and purchased your phone, why would someone decide on your privacy? NA5 WhatsApp APK lets you enjoy many advanced privacy features, like a call filtration option. You can easily block any contact. You only permit your contact list to call you when you enable blocking unknown calls.

Message Yourself

Now, you can message yourself because you have NA5 WhatsApp. Gone are the days when you had to keep a diary all the time to note important things. You don’t need additional apps if you want to save important files like images, videos and text. Just message yourself; all your files are safe, and you can access them anytime.

Anti View Once

Download NA5 WhatsApp and access all those files labeled private. This app doesn’t follow WhatsApp’s privacy policy, and you can easily access all those media files that are restricted to viewing once. You will also obtain deleted messages and statuses here.

NA5 Unique Interface

You will enjoy the app’s unique features and interface. The app interface is kept simple, with a golden color that adds more beauty. You will not face mixtures of options in the header section; even the footer is kept simple. The header section contains only three parts: status, chat, and settings.

Pause Your Audio Recordings

When you use traditional WhatsApp, you can record your voice once, and it doesn’t permit you to pause it. If you try to pause your voice, you lose it. Sometimes, when dealing with multiple clients or working in an office, we may have to pause one voice to move to another, but WhatsApp doesn’t assist in this matter, while NA5 WhatsApp permits us to pause our voice. This feature helps a lot if you are facing a voice pause issue.

Group Customization

NA5 WhatsApp lets you control your groups by choosing the app’s admin and privacy settings. Regarding group customization in NA5 WA, you can edit your group name and group access. The app facilitates even creating a private group. You will control all your group settings, like who can join and who can view the group icon. All group customization is in your hands, so download NA5 and enjoy a group with more settings and maximum members.

People Ask These Questions

A modified version of regular WhatsApp which has Golden colored theme.

Download NA5 from a trusted website or search for the latest version of the NA5 WhatsApp APK. You will get one.

NA5 WhatsApp has a golden theme; therefore, it is known as Golden WhatsApp.

Click on three dots and now click on themes. You will find the upload themes option. You can also load new themes and change your themes by visiting NA5 theme store.

Final Verdict

NA5 WhatsApp APK has tremendous potential to improve your messaging experience. It has many tiny tools and features that make it different from WhatsApp Official. To cut a long story short, NA5 WA is the fifth member of the NA family with the golden theme and excellent customization options. Nassar Al Jaidi has developed its anti-ban version, and its latest version is improved with the most minor bugs and more features. This blog post will answer all your questions regarding NA5 WA. After reading this blog thoroughly, you can download and install the app without any issues. Now, you can enjoy NA5 WhatsApp without being banned, so bookmark our website to get more WhatsApp mods in the future or to get updates on the current APK versions.

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