ADAM WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version AD V36.00 Anti-ban 2024

Are you looking for some advanced features like auto-reply and message scheduler? Also, some unique privacy features like hiding blue tick and freezing your online visibility. You will get plenty of new advanced features in ADAM WhatsApp APK. Download ADAM WhatsApp APK and elevate your messaging experience to the next level.

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  • ADAM WhatsApp
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  • V36.00
  • The Legend
  • Android 5+
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What Is ADAM WhatsApp

A modified version of regular WhatsApp was developed by Arabian developer Legend to provide the ultimate app to its users. ADAM WhatsApp APK is not a completely different app, but it is similar to regular WhatsApp. It has many advanced features to assist you in your routine life, like bulk message sender and status downloader. You will enjoy the app customization as it is limitless, and get it in each factor, like the home screen, header, footer, and even app interface. You will enjoy many privacy features in ADAM WhatsApp, like blue tick settings and your online actions.

As people learn about these WhatsApp Mods, the number of downloads of ADAM WhatsApp is also increasing. This increase is due to its limitless privacy features. You will enjoy next-level privacy here, like hiding your online visibility, which is unavailable in regular WhatsApp. You can customize the app, like changing the app launcher icon, font styles, font colors, and even themes.


Why ADAM WhatsApp APK

Have you ever thought you could go for auto reply in regular WhatsApp while you can enjoy automation in ADAM WhatsApp? Many features need to be added to regular WhatsApp, while ADAM WhatsApp has all these features. With a stricter policy, you can’t enjoy a more private life in regular WhatsApp. At the same time, you will get ultimate privacy in ADAM WhatsApp, such as hiding your blue ticks, online visibility, and last seen. You will enjoy more security and privacy in ADAM WhatsApp than regular WhatsApp, so people worldwide prefer WhatsApp Mods over regular WhatsApp. ADAM WhatsApp will boost your messaging experience and add value to your life by facilitating and providing customized advanced features.


Download ADAM Black WhatsApp

This version of ADAM WhatsApp, also known as AD1, has a black theme and more customization. Because of its black color, it is widely downloaded. You can directly access this version by hitting the download button.

Download ADAM Brown WhatsApp

To get more features and customization, try AD2 with a brown-coloured theme. This Mod version is also famous because of its brown theme. To get this version, hit the download button and enjoy the incredible customized Mod Apk.

ADAM WhatsApp GB

The fantastic modified version was developed by Arabian developer The Legend, also the HAWA WhatsApp APK developer. Their users have admired both of these WhatsApp versions. ADAM WhatsApp has many other names as it is a more famous Mod APK, like AD1, AD2, AD WA, and ADAM WhatsApp GB.

This WhatsApp Mod is famous because of its sleek interface and customization. Now, it is hitting the sky as it is loved worldwide. To get more features and customization with unique themes, download ADAM WhatsApp and have a new journey of social messaging life. You will be surprised to get its unique features like auto-reply, message scheduling, sending bulk files, and privacy features.

If you don’t like this WhatsApp Mod, there are many new trending WhatsApp APKs that are more featured and anti-ban. You can also download AN WhatsApp, NA WhatsApp, WhatsApp PLus, and TM WhatsApp.

How To Install ADAM WhatsApp APK

  • Firstly, you have to download ADAM WhatsApp from a trusted site like
  • Make sure that your backup data is turned on, and then uninstall your old silly WhatsApp
  • After having the files in your Android, go to settings
  • Open Apps settings and allow unknown source option
  • Now open your downloaded file and click for installation
  • You will get a pop-up message saying these files can harm your device
  • Click on install anyways or install forcefully
  • After a few seconds, you will get your file
  • Click on three dots and get all your chat back by clicking the chat backup option.
  • Complete signup possess and customize your app to enjoy more features

Features Of ADAM WhatsApp APK

Extra Cool Launcher

ADAM WhatsApp has an extra cool launcher that enhances the app’s beauty and provides an entirely versatile app. You can change the app icon and customize the header section. You can also customize this launcher to make it more attractive.

Sleek Interface

The app interface is simple and sleek, with a beautiful look. You will be satisfied after using the app continuously, as it has a simple and attractive interface. You will not find bulk options embedded on the home screen. All the app settings are kept separate, and the home screen contains only important options like chats, status, and community. 

Chat customization

You can access chat customization in ADAM WhatsApp and get multiple options like changing font colors and styles. You will access many chat settings options, including home screen settings. You can choose separate wallpapers for your private chat 

Home screen customization

ADAM WhatsApp’s home screen customization includes changing themes, wallpapers, fonts, icons, and colors. Customizing the header and footer can also easily change the app’s interface.

Auto Reply

Download ADAM WhatsApp and get the remarkable auto-reply feature, boosting your manual communication into automation and saving time. It is an advanced era, and your regular WhatsApp doesn’t have an auto-reply feature, so uninstall it and get ADAM WhatsApp. It will provide you with many new features, like auto-reply and message scheduling, which will assist you in your daily routine. Download ADAM WA and fasten your daily routine work.

Message Scheduler

Another next-level feature of ADAM WhatsApp facilitates scheduling your next messages. Now, you will remember to wish your friend a birthday or perform many other tasks, as ADAM WA will help you plan all your important messages for the year today.

Beautiful Theme

ADAM WhatsApp is famous for its beautiful themes. It has two prototypes with different themes so that you can enjoy anyone. These themes make the app more attractive and increase your interest. You can also customize your themes, like adding new ones, deleting one, or restoring deleted themes. You can also load new themes from the internet.

Emoji Variant

There are a lot of emojis in ADAM WhatsApp, and you will get all emojis from Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp regular. These emojis are updated after some time. You can enjoy more fun with the help of emojis. You will get all kinds of emojis, including sad, happy, and funny.

New Stickers

Each ADAM WhatsApp update contains more fresh stickers. These stickers help you enjoy your messaging experience in a new style and have more fun with them as they express your emotions.

Hide Blue Tick

You can hide your blue tick in ADAM WhatsApp and customize it further, such as hiding it or selecting it after replying. When you hide your blue tick, no one will know whether you read the message. This is a good practice if you want to answer later.

Freeze Last Seen

You can freeze your last seen in ADAM WhatsApp to enjoy next-level privacy. When you freeze your last seen, no one will tease you because they know you have not been using WhatsApp for a long time. This feature is helpful for busy people who don’t want to waste their time replying to messages.

Status Privacy

You must download ADAM WhatsApp, which has status privacy options. If you show your status to only a few contacts, you can customize your status settings and select those contacts to whom you want to show the status. Enjoy more status privacy in ADAM WhatsApp.

More Security

Here, you will enjoy all the security options necessary to protect your data. This WA Mod ignores the myth that APK Mods are not safe. All your data is secure here, providing built-in security options like fingerprint, face lock, and pattern lock. There are all the security options you have in your Android and some additional security options.

Islamic Collection

An Arbian developer developed this WhatsApp Mod, which includes many Islamic themes, icons, and emoticons. This APK is specially designed for Muslims, and here, you will find Hadees and the Holy Quran with translation. You will also find many Islamic clips. If you are a Muslim or have an interest in Islamic content, you should try this WA Mod.

Limitless Media Sharing

Now, share unlimited files with high-quality images like HD and ultra 4K. In regular WhatsApp, we can share files within the limit; sometimes, sharing large files is impossible. Download ADAM WhatsApp and share unlimited files with no loss of quality. Whether you want to share movies, dramas, or larger files, it is fine and accessible in this WhatsApp Mod.

Status Saver

ADAM WhatsApp has a status saver feature; you don’t need to install additional apps like regular WhatsApp to get a status. All you have to do is download ADAM WhatsApp and hit the download button while viewing the status. In regular WhatsApp, you may request that your friend send you a status, which is a waste of time, and most of the time, your friend ignores you. To get a direct status, you may have to download ADAM WA.

Call Filtration

You will decide who can call you because it is ADAM WhatsApp, not regular WhatsApp, where everyone can call you. Download ADAM WhatsApp and reject all unknown calls. You will not believe that feature exists after having the app. You can’t reject calls on your Android, but in ADAM WhatsApp, you can reject all kinds of unknown calls, including marketing calls. This feature provides you with more security, and you can decide who will call you.

Hide Media From Gallery

Hiding media from a gallery saves you from a lot of damage, as your essential files can be shared suddenly by your child. You can also hide media from the gallery in ADAM WhatsApp. Open your ADAM WA settings and click on Hide media access. Now, all your data, including images and documents, are safe; no one can share them as the app doesn’t allow it. When someone tries to send files, app permission is required. This feature is not available in regular WhatsApp.

Some Unique Features Of ADAM WA

  • Send 100 images at once
  • Get deleted messages
  • Anti revoke
  • Call filtration option
  • Themes store with more than1100 themes
  • Regular updates
  • Advance customization
  • Sending bulk files
  • Group customization
  • Multiple account option
  • Pin messages in the group
  • Pin message in private chat
  • Lock your private chat
  • More stickers and emojis
  • Anti-ban
  • Multiple languages

How To Enjoy ADAM On Big Screen

  • To enjoy any Andriod APK, you need an emulator
  • There are a lot of emulators on the internet
  • You can select anyone. I suggest you blue stack
  • Blue stack is widely used and easy to use
  • Download the blue stack and then install it
  • Now download ADAM WhatsApp
  • Open the blue stack and drag your file
  • Complete the installation process as you have done in the Android
  • Signup and enjoy ADAM WhatsApp on the big screen


Open the side panel of ADAM WhatsApp, and you will see many new features, some of which you can customize.

ADAM WhatsApp is legal, so download it without any hesitation.

The latest version of ADAM WhatsApp is V36.00

Click on the three dots and open privacy settings. There, you will find the option to switch forward tags.

Final Words

This article reduces your confusion about ADAM WhatsApp; you will get complete information about the app after reading it thoroughly. The complete process of downloading and installation is described briefly in this article. You can also update this WhatsApp Mod and have more apps like this to connect with us and get more amazing WhatsApp Mods to bookmark our website. ADAM WhatsApp will change your life as it has many features, such as sending HD files and having a new stock of emojis to express your feelings. I am sure you will enjoy the app as it provides all the features you seek.

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