AN WhatsApp APK +9 Download Free [Anti Ban] 2024

AN WhatsApp APK
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  • AN+9 WhatsApp
  • 81.35 MB
  • Messaging App
  • AN WA V38.00
  • Ammar Alawadi
  • Android 4+
  • One day ago
  • Free

Everyone’s choice is different. Some people prefer to avoid new things and updates. AN WhatsApp allows you to download its old version. It doesn’t force you to download the latest version. To enjoy the old version of AN WhatsApp APK, hit the download button and enjoy its amazing features. You can also access another version of AN WhatsApp like AN+10 WhatsApp Apk.

What Is AN WhatsApp+9 APK

WhatsApp is widely used worldwide for communication but has limited features, so people are moving towards WhatsApp Mods. When we discuss WA Mods, it is only possible to move forward with debating AN Series, and AN+9 has prominent value.

AN WhatsApp +9

You will enjoy limitless features like DND mode and auto-reply. Many of AN9’s features, like DND mode and Aeroplane Mode, are only present on Androids. You will also enjoy night mode in this version. This app will propel you forward and turn your life towards advancement. You will enjoy app themes and fonts regularly updated in each upcoming version.

Why AN WhatsApp+9

AN WhatsApp+9 allows you to send large files and enjoy unlimited features, while regular WhatsApp has only a few. You will also enjoy extra privacy features in AN+9, like freezing online visibility and hiding your last seen, while you will not experience such features in regular WhatsApp. Although there are multiple reasons to download AN+9 WhatsApp, its auto-reply feature compels anybody to experience the app. AN WhatsApp+9 is a complete solution for all your social issues, like limits on file sharing and privacy options. You can also download the AN+10 version of the AN series.

How to Install AN9 WA APK On Android

  • Open your Android settings
  • Enable unknown source
  • Click on the downloaded file
  • Now An, WhatsApp+9 is ready to facilitate you
  • Enjoy 😍

Features Added in This Version

Ad free app

If we select 10 Mod Apps, only one will be ad-free. Enjoy AN without ads and communicate with the world. Ads decrease our chatting speed, and sometimes, we get frustrated by skipping ads all the time. You will not face any ads in this version of the AN family.

Get deleted messages

If I had said you could read all the deleted messages, you would not have believed me and would have thought I was scamming. You can experience this yourself by downloading AN+9 WhatsApp. Go to your app settings and enable the anti-deleted option. Now, you can access all the deleted messages.

Get deleted status

You can access deleted statuses when you have AN WhatsApp+9 on your device. This striking feature is only visible in AN9, as official WhatsApp has strict policies.

Download status

It doesn’t matter which type of file is there. Just hit the download button and get all kinds of statuses, including images, text, and HD videos. The app provides you with a download facility and a faster downloader.

Reply automatically

If I told you that you don’t need to reply manually now, you would not believe it and then be surprised. Your first question would be how I could do this. To get the auto-reply feature, download WhatsApp+9 and go to app settings to enable auto-reply. Here, you can set your away messages.

More status duration

By downloading AN9 WhatsApp, you can increase the duration of videos and text statuses. Why wait to hit the download button and limit your status duration? You can easily exceed the 250-word character limit of regular WhatsApp.

Custom media download option

This feature was added in this version. Now, you can download all types of files, including videos, text, and images. You can also choose the auto-download option. After enabling this, you will get all the files in your gallery. The custom media download option was not available in its previous version. This feature has boosted the popularity of AN WA to the next level.

Message edit history

Sometimes, people send a message and then edit it. You can check whether this message is edited or not. You can also check the original message after having this wonderful version. This option was added to check message edit history so you will know whether you got the original message or an edited one.

Anti-ban improvements

Initially, the app faced banned issues, which were fixed in its early versions. However, the anti-ban was improved in this version, and now you will not face any banned issues. Feel safe to download the app, as it is safe and you will not be banned.

Other major  improvements

  • Enjoy multiple accounts on a single device
  • You can add email to your account
  • Group permission allowed
  • New user interface setting
  • Create your profile with a username
  • Now you can move from night light mode
  • The media preview feature enabled
  • New group member joining approval option

Problems fixed in this version

  • Custom privacy issue fixed during business chat
  • Screen share button color during the call
  • Some text issues during the call
  • Many other general bugs were fixed
  • Date bubbles issue during scrolling


Dont pay attention on rumors AN WhatsApp+9 is legal

To get the latest version of AN+9, visit our website, where all the versions are available

Yes, this is anti-ban version of AN WhatsApp series

The ninth member of the AN family with multiple features and more customized options

Final Words

Enjoy a versatile messaging app with unlimited new features and more customization. This article will answer many of your random questions. Bookmarking our website lets you get the upcoming versions of new WhatsApp Mods.

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