NA7 WhatsApp APK V14.30 [Black WhatsApp] Download Anti Ban [2024]

NA7 WhatsApp APK
  • App Name
  • Size
  • Category
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Publisher
  • Requirement
  • Last Updated
  • Theme colour
  • Price
  • NA7 APK
  • 79.1 MB
  • Messaging App
  • v14.30
  • Nassar Al Jaidi
  • Android 5+
  • April, 2024
  • Black
  • Free

What Is NA7 WhatsApp APK

A 7th member of NA family with its beautiful black themes keeps its user energetic because of its variant customization. Among all the versions of the NA family, this is the most downloaded version among all its other versions. This version provides unlimited emoji packs and new stickers to convert feelings into visuals. You will also enjoy its message schedule and auto-reply feature. The reason behind its popularity is its black themes. It just excels in the beauty of the app. To enjoy all of its features, make sure to download it. You can also download the NA1, NA2, NA3, NA4, NA5, NA6, NA8 WhatsApp APK.


It provides multiple security and privacy features, such as reading deleted messages and statuses. Download NA7, increase your status duration, and send bulk messages. This app can also send up to 100 images simultaneously.

You will enjoy all the features of NA7, and its advanced group customization. You can have more than 1000 group members, which is enough for running any business. That is why this app is mainly used by people running any business.

You can also try other WhatsApp Mods that offer similar features with more customization and privacy like NS WhatsApp, ER WhatsApp, AB3 WhatsApp, KB WhatsApp, AG WhatsApp, OB WhatsApp, and Pink WhatsApp.

NA7 WhatsApp APK

NA7 provides you with more than 40 multinational languages, and it has a translator. Select your language and enjoy the app. Enjoy a more private life in NA7, such as rejecting unknown calls and hiding blue ticks. Customizing the blue tick is extraordinary, and you can even hide a single tick. Pinning messages in private groups is also available in this version.

Changes In the Latest Version Of na7 WhatsApp v12 65 by Nasser Mods APK

  • Anti-ban improvements, the latest version is strongly anti-ban, and WhatsApp officials will not ban you.
  • Media backup and restore options like images and videos.
  • Option of NA Setting, where you will get a backup option that is useful for Android 11+ users to back up their media before moving for uninstallation.

Options Added In NA7 WhatsApp APK

  • Send larger files like media, and audio up to 100MB
  • New emoji pack
  • Video image quality setting section
  • The first and last messages go arrow hidden option
  • Change iPhone color and background go arrow
  • Change go arrow style
  • Change the admin icon in the group


  • Edit message option
  • Receive pin messages
  • Receive pin messages from others
  • Transfer chats between phones without any other source like Gdrive
  • Pin messages in private chats
  • Official locker conversation
  • Group member pic in chat
  • The community crash issue is also fixed in this version

Features Of NA7 WhatsApp

Black Theme

NA7 WhatsApp is popular because of its Black theme as we all know black color is a favorite of most people. If you are also a black lover then you don’t need to go for black themes change the wallpaper of your chat or even choose dark mode NA7 is the best solution to your problem. Download NA7 WhatsApp and enjoy the black theme. You can also change the theme as it allows you theme customization it.

Theme Customization

Now you can play with its NA7 WhatsApp customization which provides you with complete customization. You can also load your favorite theme, delete an old one, or even restore your theme with one click. Theme customization includes loading new themes and deleting old ones. You can also go for the restore option. WhatsApp officially doesn’t allow you to change your theme, which is why more people are downloading NA7 WhatsApp to enjoy new themes with customization.

NA7 WhatsApp APK

Auto Reply

A significant feature of NA7 WhatsApp is that it is prominent among other prototypes. This feature is going to make your life easier, as it will work when you are sleeping. Auto reply saves your time, and you can reply instantly. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving or enjoying swimming; your social life will not be impressed. Download NA7 WhatsApp and then go to its settings. There, you will get the option of auto-reply. Just enable it now, and have a chill.

Create Community

Most people are still using WhatsApp because they think shifting toward MOD APK will lose their community. Now, you can also create your community in NA7 WhatsApp and join the community. You will get every feature that is available in WhatsApp, not only this, but many additional features, so now you can’t make the excuse that you are using WhatsApp because the MOD version doesn’t have a Community option.

Enjoy Multiple Languages

The app provides you with all multinational languages and some international languages, so you can choose your favorite language. You can also translate your phrase; now, you don’t need to go to Google Translate and then copy the phrase. Your language barrier is no more, so download the app and communicate with the world.

Text Customization

NA7 WhatsApp allows you to customize your text differently, such as changing fonts, instant reaction, etc. When you text your buddy, you will get a pop-up that has a variety of options, such as selecting emotions, fancy text, bold text, bom setting, sending heart, and quick reply. You can choose any option which you like. NA7 assists you in customizing your text utterly. Additionally, when you start writing text, you can translate. You can easily convert your lines into any language in the world.

Message Scheduler

Message scheduling helps you to send messages when you are busy with your routine and work like your employees. This feature is like you have ordered your employee to do work next week at this time, and he keeps remembering this. If you want to send someone a proposal or birthday wish in the future schedule today so you can’t forget to wish him. Once you have scheduled your message now your duty is no more NA7 WhatsApp will automatically send your text, images, or audio messages.

Extraordinary Privacy

Here you will enjoy maximum privacy and a lot of privacy features that you will face the first time in your life like a blue tick after a reply. You can’t imagine how many privacy features NA7 WhatsApp has like hiding the group name indicator. Here you will enjoy the following privacy features.

  • Hide blue tick
  • Blue tick after reply
  • Change the blue tick style
  • Anti revoke
  • Hide your status
  • Hide your DP
  • Hide the date and time
  • Hide the message icon above
  • Hide the message icon below
  • Hide media from the library
NA7 WhatsApp APK

NA7 Lock

It provides you with complete security options and you will feel all your dates are in your hands. Here you can select any security option like fingerprint lock, pattern lock, and pin lock. You can also change your lock pattern and pin. It also provides you the option of recovery. You can also change the lock pattern wallpaper. All your important data is in safe hands so don’t need to be worried as it is famous that MOD apps are not safe.

NA7 WhatsApp APK

Hide Media From Gallery

You can also hide media from the gallery so when you randomly click on WhatsApp, you can’t share files. It is an important feature, especially for those who give their mobile to children at home. Hiding media from a gallery can save your important information from sharing with anyone. This feature is unavailable in WhatsApp and you may lose your private information.

Air Plan Mode

The app has airplane mode, which allows you to take a rest from using WhatsApp. WhatsApp doesn’t have airpane mode and when you want to switch WhatsApp, you may have to switch your data or airplane mode to your Android which causes in loss of your important calls. Now you don’t need to switch your date when you don’t wanna use WhatsApp just download NA7 WhatsApp and click on airplane mode and now enjoy the internet without getting WhatsApp notifications.

Back up And Restore

The app provides you with backup and restore options so you may not lose your important files, images, and videos. You can choose backup at any time all you have to do is link your Gmail with your WhatsApp account. When NA7 WhatsApp introduced the backup and restore option its downloads multiplied.

NA7 WhatsApp APK

Contact With Developer

If you are facing any issue that is not solved after trying a lot you can also contact with developer who will reply to you and solve your problem. If you wanna get any information about the app or wanna give suggestions you can approach the developer. Open the setting of NA7 WhatsApp and at last, you will get the option to contact us. Here you will also get information about all versions of the NA family and all the products by developer.

Easy And Simple Interface

The app has an easy and simple interface all the customization options and other setting is hidden from the main screen you have to click on three dots and then you will get all the options, if you like simple things and don’t wanna go for further customization you can also get simple app so don’t customize it. The app is designed in such a way that its users will not get bored by looking at complex interfaces or having all the options on the main dashboard.

Update The App

You can also update the app but the process of updating it is slightly different from WhatsApp official as auto-update is unavailable in NA7 WA. You have to download the latest version of NA7 WA from a trusted website. You can also update the app from the official site, which is linked in its settings. Firstly you have to check the update when you click on update you will get a notification of whether the app is updated or not.

Send HD Files

Send all types of HD files through NA7 WhatsApp without losing the quality that was impossible for WhatsApp officials. Now you will get all kinds of images and videos in HD, but if you can’t send them via WhatsApp, that is shameful, so kick out your official WhatsApp and download NA7 WhatsApp, which will not restrict you from sending HD files.

Hide Blue Tick

If you don’t want to show that you have seen the message or want to reply when you are free, those features will help you a lot. Hide the blue tick and focus on your work, or you can even use WhatsApp to read messages but reply when you want.

Group Customization

Here, you will enjoy complete group customization and can easily access all the group settings. You can modify all the group settings, like changing names, icons, wallpaper, and privacy. You can also create a private group, and no one will join it without your permission.

Multiple Accounts

You can also run multiple accounts in a single app NA7 WA. This feature stands out from NA7 from other MODS. sometimes, multiple accounts are necessary for us, and we can’t keep multiple phones. In such cases, NA7  WA is the only solution.

Emoji Pack

Now you don’t need to load emojis or copy from different sites NA7 WhatsApp has a fresh emoji pack. New emojis are added in each updated version. Emojis play an important role in our social life. Sometimes we don’t text just send emojis that express our feelings. If you are also an emoji lover and searching for a new emoji NA7 WhatsApp is here to assist you. Here you will get options for loading emojis of Facebook, iOS, and other social media apps that have emojis.

Fresh Stickers

You ever copy and save stickers of your friends and sometimes request them to send them or download any stickers app that is enough. Now you don’t need to do any strategy to get new stickers as NA7 WhatsApp has its stickers.


Here, you can try different fonts and your favorite one to get a different vibe while communicating. These font styles will add more beauty to your chat. You can change font style and color. You can also load your favorite font.

NA7 WhatsApp APK

Home Screen Customization

You can easily customize your home screen in NA7 WhatsApp. It allows you to change the complete home screen’s colors to the header setting. Home screen customization includes;

  • Default interface
  • One UI
  • iOS style
  • Bubble Tab style
  • Basic tab style
  • Hide community in the home tab
  • Hide the setting in the home tab
  • Unread counter text color
  • Unread message text color
  • Shoe camera icon
  • Camer icon style
  • Show night light mode
  • Hide search mode
  • Rows style and complete customization
  • Set online dot
  • Quick contact customization
  • Floating action button
  • Status customization
  • Hide animation
  • Frequently contacted
  • Other contacts
  • Recent chats
NA7 WhatsApp APK

Status Privacy

Here you will enjoy a completely private life and will access status privacy. Its status privacy is much more advanced than WhatsApp. Here you will get the following status privacy

  • Hide status from selected contacts
  • View someone’s status without letting them know
  • Conform before sending a status
  • Increasing status duration
  • Play status with sound
  • Change photo profile preview
  • Muted updates
  • View updates
  • Recent updates
  • Change status has seen color
  • Status unseen color
  • Counter background color
  • Counter text color
NA7 WhatsApp APK

Conversation Screen Customization

You can go through conversation screen customization to make it more attractive. NA7 WhatsApp assists you to customize each part of your App. here you will customize the following sections;

  • Hide contact profile picture
  • Hide contact name
  • Hide call button
  • Disable contact status
  • Tick styles
  • Bubbles styles
  • Deleted message icon styles
  • Message text size
  • Disable double tap reaction
  • Gradient bubble
  • Border color
  • Remove read more
  • Text colors
  • Quoted name color
  • Chat my picture
  • Chat my picture size
  • Hide the floating action button
  • Conform before sending a sticker
  • New attachment picker UI
  • Translate option
  • Emoji button color
  • Hide the date and name
  • Change the admin icon in the group
  • Show quick chat

Media Setting

Here you can also customize media settings like;

  • Enable video player
  • Send images in full-resolution
  • Send video in full resolution
  • Disable output switching
  • Enable proximity sensor
  • Play voice notes
  • Forward as a voice note
NA7 WhatsApp

Notification Setting

Get access to the complete notification setting in NA7 WhatsApp. You can customize your notification settings like which type of notification you wanna allow. You can disable all notifications. In this app, you will also get a notification of who viewed your profiles. When someone views your status you will get an instant notification. You can manage all your notification settings in NA7 WA.

Widgets Setting

Customize widgets settings in NA7 WhatsApp and enjoy the messaging experience in a new style. Widgets settings include;

  • Change the widget’s background color
  • Contact name color
  • Contact status color

Get Notification Who View Your status and profile

When you are using WhatsApp official, you have to repeatedly check how many people have viewed your status. This process wastes much of your time, and you must scroll down to check your status views. NA7 WhatsApp allows you to get notifications of who views your status. Even if someone clicks on your profile, you will get a notification. It is wonderful that you are noticing all your friend’s actions. To get a notification while you are working, download NA7’s latest version, V13.25, which is an anti-ban with more features.

More Setting

NA7 WhatsApp has complete customization, so you will get more settings here. Its settings contain the following customization;

  • App language
  • Translate option settings
  • Default translation language
  • Conversation cards
  • Disable heads-up notification
  • Disable badge counter
  • Disable audio playing notification
  • Increased forward limit
  • Enable always online
  • Giphy GIF provider
  • Hide green privacy message

Download Status

Downloading status is possible in NA7 WhatsApp it allows you to have someone’s status without letting them know. Here you will get a download button below the status you have to click on it.

Get Deleted Messages

NA7 WhatsApp has a beauty in that you can even read those messages that are deleted after sending. WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to read deleted messages.

Break WhatsApp Privacy like Anti View Once

This app breaks the privacy policy of WhatsApp officials, and you can access files that are restricted from being viewed once. You can access all these private files again and again.

More Status Duration

You will decide your status duration and in-app settings, you can increase it. NA7 WhatsApp provides you with 10 times more status duration than WhatsApp. So if you wanna put a long status and are worried as WhatsApp does not allow you then download NA7 WhatsApp.

Theme Store

NA7 WhatsApp has its theme store. You can download, delete, load, and restore themes in its store. Such theme stores are not available on WhatsApp.



In NA7 WhatsApp, you can also create your own animation. You can create different types of animations like falling animation and transition animation. Scroll list animation. You can also scroll effects on the chat screen. You can go for further customization like;

  • Falling animation on the home screen, chat screen, and contacts
  • Animation intensity
  • Falling animation speed
  • Icon style
  • Flip horizontal animation

Brief Comparision Of NA7 WhatsApp And WhatsApp Official

FeaturesWhatsApp OfficialNA7 WhatsApp
Auto Reply✔️
Message Scheduler✔️
Font Styles✔️
Theme Customization✔️
Black Theme✔️
Load Your Theme✔️
Restore Theme✔️
Send Large Files✔️
Send Bulk Messages✔️
Anti Revoke✔️
View Private Status✔️
Get Deleted Messages✔️
View Deleted Status✔️
developerWhatsApp inc.Nassar Al Jaidi
AvailabilityPlay StoreThird-Party Website
UpdateAuto Manual
Risk of banLowHigh
Hide blue tick✔️
Blue tick after reply✔️
Extra security✔️
More Privacy✔️
New stickers✔️
Emoji variant✔️

How To Download And Install NA7 WhatsApp APK On Android

Almost all MOD APKs have a similar downloading and installation process; if you are already using any such MOD files, you can easily access this app, as it uses the same process. If you have first experience, let me help you install NA7 WhatsApp without any issues.

  • Firstly, ensure your Android meets the requirements; it needs a minimum of 4+ Android versions. It happens in a rare cast when everything is so advanced, and you don’t have android5+. All the new Android has 10+ versions.
  • If you are not familiar with your mobile version, go to settings and click on About phone, you will get brief information about your Android
  • Download the app from a trusted site so you download the original file like
  • When you hit the download button, you may get a pop-up notification like” This type of file can harm your Android” Ignore this and click on the Download Anyway button
  • Your downloading will start, and in a few seconds, you will get a notification that the download has been complete
  • Now, most people claim they can’t get their files in the file manager because they can’t find them in the APK folder.
  • Go to your mobile File manager; now find the APK folder; click on it, and you will get your app
  • Click the app, and it will grant access to install such files
  • Go to mobile setting and enable allow unknown source in your app setting
  • Now you can easily install the app
  • After clicking on the app, you will get your app in a few seconds
  • Now open NA7 WhatsApp and click on sign up button
  • Go to extra settings like customization and modify the app according to your desire
  • Back up your chat by clicking on the backup
  • Enjoy the app with extreme customization

Can I access NA7 WhatsApp On a PC

This is the most frequent question, especially for those who wanna enjoy the app on a big screen. You can run NA7 WhatsApp on your PC just after having the following settings

  • All you need is an emulator to run APK files on your PC
  • You can download any emulator that you like, but Blue Stack is one of the famous
  • Download the emulator and install it on your PC
  • Drag NA7 into emulator
  • Here you have to install NA7 WA
  • Now you are using your app on Android, but with a big screen, so all other settings are the same.
  • In this emulator, you can run all types of APK files like games.

Remember Before Switching From WhatsApp Business To NA7 WhatsApp

If you are a businessman and running it via WhatsApp, then be careful and use another number or Gmail for verification, or you may lose your important data. When you try any registered Gmail or mobile number that is used in WhatsApp business, you will get a notification that “ switching to WhatsApp Messenger will delete all of your business information”. When you get such a notification, don’t click on switch the edit number; otherwise, you will lose all your business information. Make sure to have a strong backup or use any other Gmail. You may lose all your catalog and item information. You will also lose greeting and away messages.

You can download NA7 free with multiple features.

Click on three bars on NA7 and scroll down you will find an option of update check for updates if there is an update available then download the latest version from a trusted website like

Make sure that you don’t practice scams and don’t have harmful files in your Android. don’t run both WhatsApp Official and NA7 simultaneously.

You can easily load your favorite themes.

when we try both WhatsApp in same Android,

Yes, there are many differences between NA and NA7 as it is 7th member of the NA family.


When we discuss WhatsApp MOD NA has great importance as it has 8 different prototypes with different themes and customization. NA7 is the most prominent member among all other family members, like NA2, NA3, NA4, NA5, NA6, and NA8. The main reason behind its popularity is its black color themes. Among every 10 people, there are 8 who love black cars, clothes, and many other things. Its black theme makes it different from all its other members.

You will get complete information about NA7 WhatsApp, from its security to privacy. I have described all the pros and cons of NA7 so that you will be clear before hitting the download button. It is time to shift to MOD WhatsApp like NA7 so you can decide all your privacy settings on your own. The app allows you to go through deep customization you can even change the interface of the app.

Each feature of the app has more customization here, and you will enjoy even blue tick customization, like changing blue tick colors and style. There are many other things that I don’t haven’t discussed, and you will only know when you have the app on your Android so download the app and access more details about NA7 and boost your messaging experience to the next level.

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