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AB3 WhatsApp
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  • AB3 WhatsApp
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  • Abdul Malik Alhaj
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Since WhatsApp changed its policy, people have been moving toward modified versions of WhatsApp, which started ten years ago when the first modified WhatsApp launched on the internet. These apps provide more value and are completely free to download. AB3 is one of the famous modified versions of WhatsApp belonging to the AB family. Although many modified versions of WhatsApp exist, official AB3 and NA3 are getting more attention due to their limitless features, extra security, and more privacy.

AB3 WhatsApp APK

Shifting toward modified WhatsApp is a good decision when official WhatsApp doesn’t provide important features that not only users love but are a requirement of this era. Who doesn’t want auto-reply and message schedular features that save much of our time? When we have AB3 WhatsApp, we access a lot of new themes, stickers, and emojis, which turn our social life to the next level, and we enjoy more.

AB3 WhatsApp is one of the dominant MOD APKs as it has all those features that are not available on WhatsApp. It would not be wrong if I said it is the best alternative to WhatsApp. If you have some confusion, questions, and rumors about the AB3 MOD APK, you should try it once your thoughts about it are transferred, and you will enjoy the app. You will uninstall your old official WhatsApp and suggest that your friend download AB3 WhatsApp.

This journey of WhatsApp Mods doesn’t stop here there are a lot of other WA Mods that provide multiple features with customization like AB WhatsApp, NA WhatsApp, NA2 WhatsApp, NA3 WhatsApp, King WhatsApp, MB WhatsApp, HAWA WhatsApp, JTWhatsApp, KB WhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp.

What Is AB3 WhatsApp

The third member of the AB family is featured enough that you will be satisfied after using this. AB WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp that stands out from all other mods because of its theme and customization. It contains purple color themes with beautiful customization. Here, you will not be forced to follow any of the given features, but you can customize it properly. Your views about messaging apps will be changed. When you download the app, you will realize that you are first using a strong messaging app with enough features.

Why AB3 WhatsApp While WhatsApp Is Available

You are looking for an alternative to WhatsApp that can easily replace it. AB3 WhatsApp is one of them that replaced WhatsApp. The official WhatsApp provides you only limited features, which are not enough to communicate in this era, and you will never use different other apps. WhatsApp has many limited features, such as bulk messages, HD files, and auto-reply. When you realize there is the best alternative to your WhatsApp, why are you strict on it? You will leave it without any delay. The main reason for turning towards AB3 WhatsApp is it provides ten times greater value than official WhatsApp.

If I discuss a single feature of AB3 WhatsApp, like auto-reply, you will be easily convinced to download it, even though the app has hundreds of such features. People love each app’s interface, themes, and customization, and AB3 WhatsApp has all these statistics.

AB3 WhatsApp

How To Download AB3 WhatsApp APK

  • Ensure a strong internet connection
  • Search on Google AB3 WhatsApp APK 
  • Scroll for a trusted website
  • Select apkwht.com or directly jump to this website on the search bar
  • Download the files
  • When you hit the download button, you will receive a notification that “This type of file can harm your Android.”
  • Click on download anyway
  • You will have your file in the file manager APK folder

How TO Install AB3 WA on Android

Go to your Android setting and open the Apps setting

  • Open app permission
  • Click on “allow unknown sources.”
  • Now open your downloaded files as your Android is ready to install it
  • Make sure that you have turned on your old WhatsApp backup
  • Uninstall old WhatsApp
  • Click on AB3 WhatsApp APK
  • Your file will be prepared in a few seconds
  • Now open the AB3 setting and get all your chat back by clicking chat backup.
  • Customize your app and enjoy
AB3 WhatsApp APK

Some Unique Features Of AB3 WhatsApp Mod APK

Send HD Files

AB3 WhatsApp solves the problem of sending HD files. Now, you can send HD files without loss of quality. In WhatsApp official, you can’t send HD files; sometimes, you may lose quality. Your video can be split into different parts or changed in virus in WhatsApp. AB3 WhatsApp allows you to avoid relying on another file-sharing app.

Auto Reply

Download the AB3 WhatsApp APK and forget that you have to reply manually. It has an auto-reply feature. All you have to do is go to settings and enable auto-reply. This feature is going to save a lot of your time. It is really helpful for those who are running any business and can’t reply manually to a lot of contacts.

Message Scheduler Of AB3 WhatsApp APK

This is one reminder in the AB3 WhatsApp app that you have just scheduled the message, and now your responsibility is no longer there. This feature helps you improve your social life. Schedule all those messages that you often forget but want to send to your loved ones, like writing about their anniversary and many other special events.

Send Files In Bulk

It is not official that you waste your time by sending messages one by one; it is AB3 WhatsApp. Mark all your files and click the send button. If you have strong internet, these files will be transferred in a few seconds.

Strong Security

It provides all the initial security options like pin lock, pattern, and fingerprint lock. You can choose your favourite one. AB3 WhatsApp ensures that all your data is safe. You can also move to lock your private chat.

Extra Privacy

This feature allows you to have a completely secure and private life. Only those parts of your private life you want to show will be visible to others. Here is a list of privacy features available in AB3 WhatsApp;

  • Hide blue tick
  • Blue tick after reply
  • Hide single tick
  • Hide your status
  • Hide your profile pictures
  • Call filtration options
  • Freeze your last seen
  • Freeze online visibility
AB3 WhatsApp APK

View Deleted Messages

Through the AB3 WhatsApp app, you can view all deleted messages of your friends and family. Sometimes, people make fun of you just to confuse you, sending a message and then deleting it. It is time to take revenge, so download AB3 WA and view all their deleted messages. When you reply to all these messages, your friend will be surprised.

Download Status

It is immoral to beg someone for status and ignore it. AB3 WhatsApp APK helps you download status; you don’t need to ask your friend to send it. You can download all kinds of status images, videos, and text.

Strong Anti Ban

The latest version of the AB3 WhatsApp app is strongly anti-ban, so your complaints about anti-ban will be no more. The developers have made the app strongly anti-ban so that WhatsApp officials will ban no one.

Hide Blue Tick

You can hide a blue tick so one will know whether you have read the message. This feature helps you to be online but ignore the messages. You can even read all the messages but reply when you have free time.

Blue Tick After Reply

Sending a blue tick after a reply minimizes your friend’s complaint that you ignore our messages and don’t reply after reading them. When you enable this feature, a blue tick will be shown after you reply.

Themes Customization

Load your favorite theme, delete the old one, and restore the theme in the AB3 WhatsApp app. The app has a theme store and provides complete theme customization. You will enjoy the app with new themes and not be bored even after using the app for hours.

Fonts Styles

WhatsApp officially uses a single font, and you can’t customize it. However, the AB3 WhatsApp app allows you to customize your font style. Here, you will enjoy many new font styles and many famous ones. When you change your theme style, your text will have a new vibe.

Emoji Stock

Convert your ideas and thoughts and chat into visuals with emojis. AB3 WhatsApp app has a fresh stock of emojis. You can go for Facebook and Instagram emojis. Every update is filled with many new stickers and emoji packs. You can also create your emoji in this app.

Which is Better, AB3 WhatsApp APK or WhatsApp Official

FeaturesAB WhatsAppWhatsApp Official
Send files in bulk.✔️
Send HD files✔️
Download status✔️
Anti delete messages✔️
Get deleted status✔️
Access deleted messages✔️
Auto reply✔️
Message schedular✔️
Send images in bulk✔️
Send empty messages✔️
Blue tick customization✔️
Blue tick styles✔️
Blue tick after reply✔️
Single tick setting✔️
Load themes✔️
Restore themes✔️
Delete themes✔️
Dark mode✔️
Airplane mode✔️
Security features✔️
Extra privacy✔️
Unlimited files sharing option✔️
Multiple accounts✔️
Group customization✔️
Easy to use✔️
Beautiful interface✔️
Smart features✔️
Back up and restore option✔️
Theme store✔️

Can We Run AB3 WhatsApp On PC

When everything is possible in this era, then why not you can enjoy AB3 on the big screen? Make the following changes in your PC to enjoy AB3 on the big screen

  • Download AB3 WhatsApp on your PC
  • Now download emulator
  • You may try Blue Stack, as it is famous and widely used in the world
  • Drag your downloaded file in the blue stack
  • Now open AB3 WhatsApp APK in the emulator
  • Complete the signup process
  • Enjoy AB3 on the big screen

Pros And Cons Of AB3 WhatsApp APK

  • Unlimited sending files facility
  • Auto reply
  • Send files in bulk
  • Send HD files with no loss of quality
  • Enjoy themes customization
  • Load your favorite themes
  • Download status
  • View deleted messages
  • View deleted statuses
  • Complete anti ban
  • Call filtration options
  • Hide blue tick
  • Blue tick after reply
  • Blue tick customization
  • Enjoy multiple fonts
  • It is a modified app that can be banned
  • It can harm your android
  • You may lose your important data
  • Not available on the Play Store
  • Third-party app
  • Not enough secure
  • Multiple features may slow down the speed
  • It provides less security
  • It breaks the privacy of WhatsApp officials when you block unknown calls. Only your contact list can approach you
  • Hiding blue tick can confuse your family
  • downloading its latest version, you have to update the app manually


AB3 WhatsApp APK is safe to use on Android

Download the latest version of AB3 WhatsApp APK.

Yes, you can download AB3 WhatsApp for free

Type the latest version of AB3 WhatsApp APK on Google.

Final Term

This article will answer all your questions about the third member of the AB family, the AB3 WhatsApp app, which has been famous for the last few years because of its customization. You can download the app for free and enjoy a list of features. Usually, such features are not available for free, but AB3 provides you with all these features for free.

Finally, a modified WhatsApp with a wonderful light purple theme famous for its unique features is one step away from your access. Download AB3 WhatsApp and boost your messaging experience to an advanced level. After having such a wonderful app, you will never officially suggest WhatsApp to your loved ones. This app is going to change your social life. You will be pleased to have heard about the app; otherwise, you would have been living in ancient times.

This app has a list of new features that are not officially available on WhatsApp, like sending bulk messages and having access to download deleted messages. This app even allows you to view all those files that are restricted to viewing once. The AB3 WhatsApp app breaks the privacy of WhatsApp officials and enables you to access private files.

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