NSWhatsApp 3 Orange Download Latest Version V10.6 Anti Ban 2024

The third member of the NSWhatsApp family, who is orange-colored and has complete customization for security and privacy, is known as NSWhatsApp 3 orange. This app will meet your desire if you are an orange color lover. Although the app is designed simply and has a beautiful interface, orange makes it more charming. The app is popular because of its customization and orange theme. There are a lot of unique features of NSWhatsApp 3; to avail of all of these, make sure to download NSWhatsApp 3 and have a completely new social experience.

  • App Name
  • Size
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  • NSWhatsApp3
  • 126 MB
  • Messaging App
  • V10.6
  • Nairton Silva
  • Apkwht.com
  • Android 5+
  • Two days Ago
  • Free

What Is NSWhatsApp 3 Orange

A modified version of regular WhatsApp with more customization and features that help you to communicate more quickly and securely. If you are looking for new messaging that provides you with more security and privacy with complete customization, NSWhatsApp 3 is the ultimate app to meet your desire. It is time to enjoy new features that help us in our routine lives, like auto-reply and message scheduling. In contrast, these features are not available in regular WhatsApp; we have to move to WhatsApp Mods, and there, we must recognize NSWhatsApp as it has significant value in the WA Mod industry. It is not okay to be stuck on ordinary WhatsApp when it has just a few numbers of features; try NSWhatsApp 3; it will convert your ideas and provide you with complete solutions to your routine social issues. 


Why NSWhatsApp 3 Orange

When you have two choices, one is the worst and the second is the best, you will choose the best. The same goes for WhatsApp; when you have a lovely alternative, why is regular WhatsApp that provide you with features similar to ancient times? NSWhatsApp3 orange offers you all those features that will change your life, and you will enjoy them. There is a list of features that help you do your work more quickly, like auto-reply, so you don’t need to reply manually; when you know about such fantastic features, why will you stay on regular WhatsApp? Since NsWhatsApp 3 was launched, people have been downloading it as it facilitates its users, so to enjoy new features and add more fun to your social life, download NSWhatsApp 3 orange. When you have This app on your Android, you get the answer to all rumors, including many questions like why NSWhatsApp. Now, you can schedule all your subsequent messages and send files in bulk.

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NS WhatsApp 3 Mod apk

Download NSWhatsApp 3 Orange

There are many qualities of NSWhatsApp 3, such as the fact that you will enjoy next-level privacy, security, and customization. It is tough to describe all the features of the app. Suppose I discuss a single section of privacy customization. In that case, it will be enough if there are many privacy options in NSWhatsApp 3, like hide blue tick, blue tick after reply, the freeze has last seen, freeze online visibility, and hide your online actions. To get all the information about the app, you should download NSWhatsApp 3 Orange. All the procedures for downloading and installation are given below.

NSWhatsApp3 V10.6

Download Requirement of NSWhatsApp 3 Orange

The download requirements for NSWhatsApp 3 are the same as those for NSWhatsApp 2 and NSWhatsApp, but follow the given instructions to install the app safely on your Android.

  • Ensure you have an Android device that fulfills the requirement to download the NSWhatsApp 3 like a version of the device. You cannot enjoy the app if your device version is below 4+.
  • Check your Android device’s space. If there is free space, you can easily download NSWhatsApp 3 orange. Otherwise, you must free up space to run the app smoothly.
  • You should have a strong internet connection to download NSWhatsApp fastly. Turn on Wifi or a stable mobile internet connection.
  • Ensure you have updated your device’s operating system to have NSWhatsApp in your Android.
  • Now open your mobile settings and click on the app section. There, you will find all the app settings. Locate the app permission option and click on it. When you hit the permission button, you will see the allow unknown source option; just switch it.
  • Now open the available browser in your Android and type NSWhatsApp 3 Orange.
  • You will get the list of websites by clicking on trusted websites like apkwht.com
  • You can directly download it from our website, Apkwht.com
  • Bookmark our website to get more updates and WhatsApp Mods.
  • You will see a brief article on NSWhatsApp 3 when you click on the website. Read it thoroughly, to be precise.
  • Hit the download button to get the app. You will find the download button at many places in this article; you can try any one.
  • You will be notified that this file can harm your device when you hit the download button. Click on the download anyway option.
  • It will take a few seconds to download it. If the download has not started, you can click again.
  • Now, you can access your downloaded files by indulging in the download section of your device. You can also find them in the download section of your Chrome by clicking on three dots and then downloading the section.
  • Now you can uninstall your previous regular WhatsApp to get modified NSWhatsApp 3 Orange.
  • Make sure that your backup is on before uninstalling your regular WhatsApp.
  • If your backup is turned off, make sure to turn on backup to get all your chats back.

Install NSWhatsApp 3 Orange

  • Tun on the backup of your old WhatsApp to get all your media, including chat back in NSWhatsApp 3 Orange.
  • Now, uninstall your regular WhatsApp to enjoy the new exciting features of NSWhatsApp 3 Orange and have an excellent social messaging experience.
  • Now locate your downloaded file of NSWhatsApp and open it for installation
  • When you click the app, your installation will be started in a few seconds.
  • The app will ask you to get access to your gallery, including your camera, to manage files. Allow access to a gallery, camera, and contacts to communicate with the world. When you allow media access, you can send files anywhere worldwide.
  • After allowing the app, you will be notified that NSWhatsApp is installed. Click on open or access the file on your Android’s home screen.
  • Open the app for more customization and account setup.
  • First, they will ask you to select your language from all international languages.
  • Now, provide your mobile number or Gmail for verification.
  • Choose the verification method. You can select text and call to verify that this account belongs to you.
  • Ensure that your mobile number is on or is on the device where you want to run NSWhatsApp 3 orange.
  • If the SIM is on your device, you will get a code; it will be automatically filled with other copy verification numbers and put in for verification.
  • Now, write the name of the account and click on next.
  • Your app is finally installed, and the account process is completed
  • Click on three dots and then click on the backup option
  • You will get all your chat, including images, text, and document files. You will have all your old data, including your groups, channels, and communities.
  • Open the settings of NSWhatsApp by clicking on three dots to customize the app according to your taste.
  • You will have complete customization options like privacy, security, widgets, home screen, and chat.
  • Going deep into app customization lets you change the app from interface to app icons and chat settings.
  • You can change fonts, themes, wallpapers, and much more.
  • Hit the download button below to get more information about NSWhatspp 3 Orange.
How TO Install NSWhatsApp3

Enjoy NSWhatsApp 3 On PC

Most people don’t download NSWhatsApp 3 despite its many features because they believe in rumors that you can’t run NSWA 3 on a PC. They need to learn how to run the app on a PC. Let me tell you how you can enjoy NSWhatsApp 3 on PC.

  • Download any kind of emulator for your PC. There is a list of emulators available on the Internet, but I recommend BlueStack as I regularly use it, and it is easy to use.
  • Blue stack works smoothly, while you can also try other emulator
  • Install blue stack on your PC.
  • Now download NSWhatsApp 3 on a PC; the download process is given above.
  • After the 100 percent download score opens the emulator, it will take a few seconds to download.
  • Drag the download file of NSWhatsApp 3 into the emulator.
  • Now, install the app on the emulator.
  • All the installation and signup processes are the same as those for Android.
  • In Blue Stack, you install the app on your Android but on a big screen.
  • The emulator helps you to run any mobile app on the big screen
  • Now enjoy NSWhatsApp on the big screen.

NSWhatsApp 3 Update

Updating everything in the universe is crucial for its progress and long-term use; NSWhatsApp 3 is regularly updated to keep its users connected. Whenever you try the updated version of NSWhatsApp 3, you will have a lot of new features to enjoy many new improvements. You will enjoy new features and experiences in each update. After receiving regular updates, you will always feel energized using the app. You can check whether the update is available by clicking on three dots. Open NSWhatsApp three and then hit three dots; you will find its universal settings, and then hit the update option. If there is no new update, you will get a pop-up message that you have an updated version. Otherwise, you can click on the official website below for an updated version of NSWhatsApp 3.

Backup On NSWhatsApp 3 Orange

After having NSWhatsApp, the first action is to get all your chat and media back. Backup in NSWhatsApp 3 orange means you want all your old chat and media in your regular WhatsApp. There is no rocket science to recover your data; it is simple; just follow the given method to enjoy your old chat with all your important contacts.

  • Open NSWhatsApp 3 Orange
  • Click on three dots on the right corner of the app
  • Open universal settings of NSWhatsApp 3 orange
  • Now click on the backup option
  • Select your backup email or phone number
  • It will take a few seconds or sometimes minutes to provide you with all your old chats.
  • You will have all your contacts, chat, media, and even documents, so enjoy the app.

Difference Among NSWhatsApp 3 And WhatsApp Regular

FeaturesNSWhatsApp3 orangeRwgular WhatsAPP
Regular Updates✔️
Automation features✔️
Autor reply✔️
Schedule your messages✔️
No more forward tags✔️
Hide media from the gallery.✔️
Beautiful interface✔️
Orange colored theme✔️
Theme store✔️
Theme customization✔️
Extra privacy✔️
More security✔️
DND Mode✔️
More fun with new emojis✔️
Create your stickers.✔️
Limitless file-sharing option✔️
Send HD files✔️
Multiple Account option✔️
Group customization✔️
More group members✔️
More status duration✔️
Download direct status✔️

Pros And Cons of NSWhatsApp 3 Orange

  • Orange colored theme
  • theme customization’
  • download new themes
  • chat customization
  • new font styles
  • blue tick customization
  • more privacy features
  • blue tick after reply
  • hide blue tick
  • no more forward tags
  • block unknown calls
  • calls without saving the contact
  • hide media from the library
  • google verified app
  • more secure
  • E2E encrypted
  • third party app
  • not verified by Google
  • can harm your android
  • due to multiple features can slow down your android
  • no more security assurance
  • may be risky
  • can be banned at any time
  • modified app
  • can’t update directly from Play Store
  • not available on Play Store
  • HD files consume more data

Features Of NSWhatsApp 3 Orange

Message Scheduler

Scheduling your routine messages becomes more manageable when you have NSWhatsApp 3 Orange, as it has features that help you to schedule all your following messages. Now, you don’t need to pay your employer to manage all the messages you want to send to your loved ones in the next few days. When you have these features, you don’t need to recall things, and even if you remember your special events like your buddy’s birthday and anniversaries, you can schedule them in advance. You don’t need to pay a pin to have such a fantastic feature; just download NSWhatsApp 3 Orange, enjoy the advanced features of the advanced era, and have a next-level messaging experience.

No Forward Tags

Yes, this is not only you, but everyone is worried about these forward tags, which sometimes irritates us. As every problem has its solution, you can eliminate these forward tags by shifting yourself toward NSWhatsApp 3. Your regular WhatsApp is not able to remove these forward tags. Download the app and click on three dots; there, you will find privacy features; click on them and turn off forward tags. Enjoy advanced level messaging experience by sending limitless messages without forwarding tags by just jumping in NSWhatsApp 3 Orange.

Send Bulk Messages

That is not time to send messages one by one manually, especially when you are running a business and have to send bulk messages, but with regular WhatsApp, you can stay within the limit of five. To manage this, you may have to increase your staff, consuming more of the budget. Now, you don’t need to send one message as NSWhatsApp 3 has a bulk message sender. Download the app and send as many messages as you want with a single click. This app will perform the work of 100 members in a few seconds, saving both your money and time.

More Privacy

Enjoy more privacy with the extraordinary privacy features of NSWhatsApp 3. That is, app privacy makes it more popular, and hence, it gets millions of downloads. In it’s privacy settings, you will get a lot of options. Open NSWhatsApp 3 and click on three dots to get all privacy options; enable those you want to have, like freeze last seen and turn off forward tags. You will enjoy the following privacy features:

  • Freeze last seen
  • Freeze online visibility
  • Remove forward tags
  • Hide blue tick
  • Hide single tick
  • Blue tick after reply
  • Always online option
  • Keep your status always offline
  • Freeze online actions
  • Lock your profile
  • Block unknown calls
  • Choose who can view your status
  • Hide Media from Gallery

Extra Security

Here, you will enjoy all security options and some advanced security features. You can access these security options in NSWhatsApp 3 Orange:

  • Lock your private chat
  • Fingerprint lock
  • Complete App lock
  • Face lock option
  • Pattern lock
  • Lock with pincode
  • Two-step verification
  • Inbuilt lock

Themes Customization

NSWhatsApp 3 has a primary orange-colored theme, while its theme store has complete customization. You can add new themes, delete old ones, and restore favorites here. You can change the theme at any time. Every update will let you enjoy new themes. That’s not enough that you will have NSWhatsApp themes; you can also play with its settings to get your theme in your way.

Send HD Files

We live in an advanced era where everything is updated; what about if someone still has low-quality files because of regular WhatsApp? That is ridiculous. There is the best alternative to WhatsApp, which allows you to send all kinds of HD files without losing quality. Download NSWhatsApp 3 and have HD files in your gallery. You can even send and receive HD files, including ultra 4 K files. This app will allow you to send HD files not permitted in regular WhatsApp.

Dual Accounts Option

If a single WhatsApp account does not fulfill your social messaging needs, then you don’t need to keep extra cell phones with more mobile numbers, as there is the best alternative to this solution. Although regular WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to create a second account even within a single mobile, you may have to try different cell phones with different mobile numbers; in NSWhatsApp 3 you can create multiple accounts in a single app and can switch your account any time without facing any technical issue.


You will love NSWhatsApp customization as it has a wide range from the app interface to the lowest level, like changing fonts, privacy settings, and security settings. You can even access header section customization. The app is being downloaded worldwide because of its customization, as you can mold it all according to your desire. You can have the following customization options:

  • Change header settings
  • Footer customization
  • Widgets customization
  • Interface customization
  • Chat customization
  • Home screen customization
  • Security customization
  • Privacy customization
  • Font customization
  • Theme customization
  • Profile Customization

Anti Ban

Since the last WhatsApp update, all those using WhatsApp Mods have been banned, but some are still working, as the developer has developed an anti-ban version. NSWhatsApp 3 is also anti-ban, as its latest version is more potent. Official WhatsApp will not ban you if you don’t spam. Hit the download button and enjoy anti-ban NSWhatsApp with more privacy and security.

Hide Media From Gallery

You will decide on every action in NSWhatsApp, so you can also hide media from the gallery to protect your data. This feature helps when your cell phone is handed over to your child. When your child is playing a game, you don’t need extra protection security to secure your media files; just download NSWhatsApp and then go to its settings and restrict media access. All your data, including images and files, are safe; no one can share them. You can also hide camera access in NSWhatsApp 3.

NS Universal Settings

Open NSWhatsApp and click on three dots. You will find NS Universal Settings. In its universal settings, you can completely customize the app. You will have various customization options, such as NS Widgets, header, footer, and app interface customization. You can change the app after getting access to NS Universal Settings, as there is even an option to change the app icon.

Beautiful interface

You will be satisfied if you use NSWhatsApp throughout the day or even after using it continuously, as the app is designed simply with a beautiful interface. The app has an orange theme to add more beauty to the interface.

Quick Reaction With Emojis

Here, you will enjoy unlimited emojis with a lot of news that help you express your feelings and add more fun to your boring life. You will also enjoy quick Reactions with emojis. Now, you don’t need to reply to an emoji; just click on the text, and you will get quick reactions. These quick reactions save us a lot of time, and we don’t need to write long texts; just a single response is enough to express your feelings.

Font Styles

Here, you can adjust font size and style to add more beauty to your chat. You can change font size according to your desire, as some people like large font sizes. When you try different fonts, you will be surprised to see how beautiful your chat will be. So download NSWhatsApp 3, click on the three dots, find chat customization, and then change font styles. Here, you will find all the famous font styles.

NSWA 3 Media Sharing

You can share all kinds of file formats, including HD, MP4, MP3, and even documents. You can also share compressed files through NSWhatsApp 3. This app helps you share essential files, so you don’t need to keep additional media-sharing apps. That app assists you in communication and solves many of your routine problems, like sending files.

NSWA3 Widgets

NSWA widgets are an option to get all the basic shortcuts of your app features. They facilitate access to all the features without a long process. NSWA widgets add small interactive elements that help us access features without any delay. Download NSWA 3, and by clicking on three dots, you can access NSWA widgets, get them, and customize your app.

Regular Updates

The app has limitless privacy, Security, and many other features, but this is not the end. You will get regular updates to enjoy new exciting features with many improvements. Always try to have an updated version of WhatsApp Mods. To check for an update, click on the three dots and hit the update option. If the update is available, you can download it from the official website.

Blue Tick After Reply

Customize app privacy features to enjoy next-level privacy features in NSWhatsApp 3. Click on the three dots at the right corner of the app and then enable the blue tick after the reply to have both privacy and fun in your social life. This is an advanced feature of NSWA 3: you can choose a blue tick after a reply.

Set Your Image As Wallpaper

You can customize your chat screen in NSWhatsApp 3 by changing chat wallpapers. You can choose different wallpapers for different chats and put your image as wallpaper. Download NSWhatsApp 3 and enjoy more fun in your social life through its chat customization.

Hide Date And Name

To boost your privacy, you can hide your Date and name in this Wonderful messaging app. With multiple privacy features, you will enjoy a completely private life. When you hide the Date and name, no one can guess when the message was sent.

Breaks WhatsApp Privacy

You can enjoy the ability to revoke messages in NSWhatsApp 3. This app breaks WhatsApp’s regular privacy policy. You can access all those files for life, but they are restricted to viewing once. This app also breaks many other privacy features of WhatsApp. Now, no one can make fun of you by sending private chat and media files.


Open your internet browser and type NSWhatsApp3. You will get a lot of websites. You can update your version by downloading the latest version of NSWhatsApp3.

Yes, it is legal ot use in Android.

Click on three dots and hit NSUniversal settings. There, you will find all app customization options.

Click on three dots and then move to NSWhatsApp3 universal settings. There, you will find the option of auto reply; enable it and enjoy.

Personal Experience

I have been using this app for the last four years and am fully satisfied as it helps me a lot in my routine life. The app is designed simply and has a beautiful interface with limitless features. Before using NSWhatsApp 3, I faced many issues, like not sending bulk messages and HD files. This app has added a lot of value to my life. Now, I enjoy my social life as it has added more fun to my depressed life and has many funny emojis and stickers. When you install the app, you will be surprised by its privacy features as they are unavailable on regular WhatsApp. 

Final Term

It is a beautiful orange-coloured WhatsApp Mod that boosts your messaging experience to the next level. NSWhatsApp 3 is famous because of its themes and customization. The privacy features of the app give you an extraordinary feeling. You can add more fun to your life through its stickers and emojis. The app customization ensures that you can mold the app according to your taste and change each of its features to a micro level. You can download the app from a trusted website like apkwht.com and bookmark our website to get the latest version of WhatsApp Mods. You can get all WA Mods from our website.

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