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AL WhatsApp APK
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  • AL WhatsApp
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Introduction of AL WhatsApp APK

AL WhatsApp APK is a modified version of the popular messaging app WhatsApp. It is modified to provide users with additional features and customization options that are unavailable in the official app. This APK has gained popularity for its enhanced functionality and user-friendly interface.

AL WhatsApp has been modified to provide its users with many new features that are needed. Now, you can enjoy more privacy and security. You can send large files and even bulk files with a single click. This app saves a lot of your time and energy as it has automation features like auto-reply and message scheduling.

Download AL WhatsApp and give your messaging life a completely new touch of privacy and security. Here, you will enjoy call filtration features that allow you to block all unknown calls.

AL WhatsApp APK

Why AL WhatsApp APK

Users opt for AL WhatsApp APK because it offers more control over their messaging experience. Features like DND Mode, Auto Reply, and Message Scheduler cater to the needs of users who seek more efficiency and personalization in their daily communications.

You have all those features that are not available in regular WhatsApp. Now you can send large files, even HD files. You don’t need to install extra sharing apps if you want to share movies or dramas. AL WhatsApp is enough to perform all these functions. Here, you will have more privacy features like freezing your last seen and online visibility. You can also keep yourself always online and offline.

Features Of AL WhatsApp

DND Mode

This feature allows users to disconnect from WhatsApp without turning off their entire device’s internet connection. It’s perfect for those times when you need to focus without interruptions. Now, you can enjoy DND mode in your messaging app, which is mostly available in device settings. This feature is unavailable in regular WhatsApp, so download AL WhatsApp and enjoy your internet life without interruptions.

Auto Reply

Auto Reply is a lifesaver for busy individuals. It sends pre-set responses to messages, ensuring the user remains responsive even when they’re not actively on the app. This is the most prominent feature of AL WhatsApp that makes it different from regular WhatsApp. This feature helps those who don’t have time to reply manually; if you’re one of them, arrive on time and download AL WhatsApp.

Message Scheduler

With the Message Scheduler, users can set messages to be sent later, which is great for remembering birthdays or important reminders. Now, you don’t need to install extra reminder apps to remember your friends’ birthdays and the anniversary of your loved ones. All are available on a single messaging app.

Hide Blue Tick

For those who value privacy, the feature allows users to read messages without sending a read receipt. Hiding blue ticks provides more privacy; you can ignore anyone’s messages after reading them. This feature benefits those who are busy with their routine lives and want to reply in their free time.

Blue Ticks After Reply

This feature sends a read receipt only after the user replies, allowing them to respond on time. This is a next-level privacy feature; you will not find it on your regular WhatsApp. Here, you will have many blue tick options to boost your privacy.

Font Styles

AL WhatsApp APK offers a variety of font styles, enabling users to customize their messages and express their personality. Select your favorite font style in AL WhatsApp and make your conversation more attractive and beautiful. Here, you will have all famous fonts, so you can select one by clicking on three dots, then selecting fonts and choosing one.

Themes Customization

Users can change theme themes to change the look and feel of their app, providing a fresh experience whenever desired. You can now load your favourite themes by tapping three dots and clicking Load new themes. Here, you can also delete and restore themes.

Home Screen Customization

The app’s home screen can also be customized, allowing users to customize the interface. AL WhatsApp’s home screen customization contains settings for wallpaper and font styles. You can change your fonts, wallpapers, and interface settings, such as the header and footer.

No Forward Tags

Messages forwarded to others do not show the ‘Forwarded’ tag, keeping the conversation more personal and less formal. Now, you can have more fun by removing your forward tags. Once you turn off forward tags in their settings, you will no longer have them, increasing your privacy.

Reject Unknown Calls

Users can reject calls from unknown numbers, adding an extra layer of privacy. Just download AL WhatsApp and enable unknown calls. You will only get unknown calls when you allow them once you disable them. This call filtration feature of AL WhatsApp is terrific and provides extraordinary privacy.

How To Install AL WhatsApp APK On Android

Installing AL WhatsApp APK on an Android device starts with downloading the APK file from a trusted source and adjusting device settings to allow installations from unknown sources. Once downloaded, users can locate the APK file in their device’s file manager and install it.

  • Download AL WhatsApp APK
  • Allow unknown application options
  • Now click on the installation
  • Once the installation is completed, move to sign up
  • Now customize your app and enjoy
How to install AL WhatsApp

How To Enjoy AL WhatsApp APK On PC

Users can employ an Android emulator to enjoy AL WhatsApp APK on a PC. This software simulates an Android environment, allowing the APK to run on a computer.

  • Download emulator
  • You can try blue stack
  • Download the AL WhatsApp APK on your PC
  • Now, firstly, install the blue stack
  • Drag your downloaded file of AL WhatsApp into the Blue stack
  • Now complete the process of signup as you perform in Android
  • Enjoy the App on the big screen with all its features and customization.


To get all your chat back on AL WhatsApp, click on three dots and then scroll down. At the end, you will find a backup option. Click on it.

The latest version of AL WhatsApp is V13.18

AL WhatsApp is completely free to use.

Yes, the latest version of AL WhatsApp is anti-ban.


With its additional features, AL WhatsApp APK offers a unique and enriched messaging experience. It stands as a testament to the evolving needs of modern communication, providing users with the tools to stay connected in a way that suits their preferences. Whether through enhanced privacy features or scheduling capabilities, AL WhatsApp APK is reshaping how we think about instant messaging. You can try other WhatsApp Mods with more features and customization. Bookmark our website to get more WA Mods and an updated version of your current App.

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