AG WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version V36.5 [Anti ban] 2024

If you are looking for a WhatsApp MOD APK, AG WhatsApp is considered one of the best WhatsApp MODs. This App will help you take your messaging experience to the next level with its new security and privacy features.

AG WhatsApp APK
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  • AG WhatsApp
  • 77.9 MB
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  • V36.5
  • Asim Mahjoub
  • AG1 AG2 AG3 AG4
  • Android 5+
  • One day ago
  • Free

AG WhatsApp is a popular modified version of WhatsApp that provides its users with some significant features that are absent in WhatsApp. Therefore, people rush to download it daily, and this download increase is directly proportional to time. Over the last few years, its popularity has touched the sky because of its outstanding customization; each update adds something new and fixes all the old issues.

I searched for changes in WhatsApp features on every update from the last few years and found nothing. Now, you have clarified that WhatsApp does not include some new features. Have you heard about MOD APK WhatsApp providing new features? You are right, but which MOD APK is better? I am going to help you with this article. It is one of the famous MOD APK apps that provides its users with multiple features and satisfies them with its incoming updates. 

ag whatsapp apk

Why AG WhatsApp APK

AG WhatsApp will change all your old ideas and thoughts with its ultimate features. You will know that for many years, I made mistakes using WhatsApp because I was living in the old century, and it is 2024, and things are continuously on the way to change. The WhatsApp official needs to meet the needs of 2024, which has a few limited features and some privacy issues. WhatsApp provides all kinds of security and privacy features through its complete customization. What convinces me to choose WhatsApp AG is its customization. You are the boss of your social media app and will decide why I will use it, who will call you, and whether I want to be online or offline. Here, you will have complete freedom and the choice to customize all settings. It will give you a sensation of social freedom. AG WhatsApp APK  is the famous mod version of WhatsApp and is referred to by multiple names like WhatsApp AG, WA AG, AG2, AG3, and AG WA.

Who Is The Developer Of AG WhatsApp APK?

According to my resources, this Mod App was developed by Asim Mahjoub to provide WhatsApp users with something new with all the essential features. The developers have assured that the App is safe to use and is not entirely new but mostly like WhatsApp official. The developer made some changes to the official WhatsApp and made it worthwhile by adding new features.

AG WhatsApp APK Latest Version April 2024 V36.5

If you know that you are using an old APK WhatsApp version and an alternative mod APK verse with some extraordinary features, and all this is available at the distance of one click, I am sure you will click that button, which is available below. The new AG WhatsApp 2024 v36.5 version is excellent; you will love it and enjoy all its features. Some new features have been added, and many old issues have been fixed in this version to make it more useful for its customers. 

App versionLatest v36.5
UpdatedOne day ago
categoryMessaging MOD APK app
RequirementAndroid 5.1 &above
Other MOD AG1 AG2 AG3 AG4

New Values Are Added In The Latest Version V36.5

  • Provides you with more than 18 frequently spoken language translations in this version just a single click away in this latest version and your communication barrier is no more after installing this latest version of AG WhatsApp
  • You can easily customize your privacy settings, hide your blue tick, and remove your forward tag from messages.
  • Send all kinds of larger files with high-quality resolution
  • Back up and restore option to ensure the protection of your valuable data like chat documents and videos, etc
  • Click the chat bubble and enjoy the quick reaction
  • Send more images, documents, and videos simultaneously without any limitations
  • This version provides you the option to hide media from the gallery. By clicking on this option, your gallery will not be filled with gallery, and you will not get a notification of low phone memory
  • This version provides you with all gifs so you can easily send these gifs to your friends and enjoy the messaging experience
  • Customize interface available in this version 
  • More privacy features were added to boost your private life to the next level.

Some Major Fixes In The Latest Version

  • Random interface bubbles fixed
  • Privacy customization fixed
  • The backup and restore option is fixed in the latest version
  • Many other bugs and improvements

Download AG WhatsApp AG1. AG2. AG3. AG4

Download AG WhatsApp MOD APK

Download the initial version of AG Whatsapp APK with all its features to improve your messaging experience with its blue themes. There are three more versions of AG WhatsApp, while AG1 is the basic version. It has all the essential features with unique blue themes; therefore, it is also named blue WhatsApp.

Download AG2 Whatsapp MOD APK

This is another MOD APK version of Whatsapp named AG2, which was launched after AG1. This version has a pink color theme, which is known as Whatsapp AG2 pink. You can download this version from the above link.

Download AG3 WhatsApp MOD APK

This version is much modified from the previous one and is faster and smoother. It came in third and is as famous as AG3. This version has a green color theme with its beautiful interface. To download it, click the above link and enjoy the next-level messaging experience.

Download AG4 WhatsApp MOD APK 

AG4 WhatsApp is famous for the historical themes of the ever-trending and most favorite Turkish drama, Ertugural Ghazi, based on Muslim history. That is the reason behind its significant downloads from Arab countries. Now, all the historic Turkish lovers are downloading it, and if you are also a lover of the landmark drama, then make sure to download it from the above link.

Is AG WhatsApp Safe To Install On Android?

Many people like you are still confused about whether AG WhatsApp is safe. There are a lot of rumors about AG WhatsApp, but I guarantee that AG WhatsApp is entirely safe to use. It would be best if you did not keep your ears on any rumor. These are all myths about AG WhatsApp; none belong to reality.

How To Install And Download App

  • Enable your chat in your old version of Whatsapp to get all your chat back in the new MOD APK Whatsapp.
  • Make sure to uninstall your old WhatsApp to get a different app with modified features that have been improved too much, as the modified WhatsApp is not allowed by the Google Play Store. For your security assurance, uninstall your previous WhatsApp on your cell phone.
  • You must now download the latest App from a trusted website to avoid any issues during installation.
  • Go to your mobile settings and make sure to enable the unknown sources option on
  • Open your mobile APK files, find AG WhatsApp there, and click on it
  • You will get your app on your mobile device after completing its security verification by providing your mobile number and Gmail.
  • You have finally installed your App. Now enjoy all its features and customize it as you want to look at your AG WhatsApp and enter the fast era.
ag whatsapp apk

How To Change Language In AG WhatsApp APK

There are two ways to change your language in AG Whatsapp APK for a better social messaging experience and to communicate easily with your loved ones. First of all, when you install WhatsApp, you will get an option to choose your language. Select your language from the opening interface during installation. If you want to change your language after installation, click on the three dots on the right side of AG WhatsApp. At the end, you will get a language customization option. Now click on the language setting and select your language.

Make sure to enable chat backup.

The most precious thing on your mobile is your data, sometimes more than your cell phone, as there is no price for your data. It is price less. So, it is vital to protect your private data. Before installing your AG WhatsApp, make sure to switch on your backup; otherwise, you will lose all your important data. To enable your chat backup, you must open your old WhatsApp, go to its settings, and click on chat backup. Make sure that your WhatsApp is also connected to your Gmail. It is much better than only connecting with your cell phone.

How To Get An Updated Version Of AG WhatsApp

As WhatsApp official can be updated from the Play Store, and you may update it automatically when you open it and demand an update, you click and update done. However, in the case of AG WhatsApp APK, you cannot update the app from the Play Store as it isn’t available on the Play Store, so you will have to move toward Google and download its latest version. You can also click on three dots, and there you will find an update option to confirm whether that update is available. If there is an update, you must download its updated version from Google and install it as the MOD APK apps are installed.

ag whatsapp apk

Essential Features Of AG WhatsApp

Wonderful Themes

There are four types of AG WhatsApp AG2.AG3  and AG4 all have different themes with beautiful interfaces. Themes determine how the App will look, and it puts a remarkable impression on its users as they have to use it daily, not a single day. Any app needs a beautiful theme so the user will not be bored. AG WhatsApp has customized themes so that you can change your favorite themes. You can also download its themes and then add Appm to the App. DAppload the App to enjoy its unique and beautiful themes with perfect combinations of colors.

ag whatsapp apk


Are you still believing myths about AG WhatsApp that official WhatsApp would ban it while its latest version is not banned? People are proving it is not forbidden, as its users multiply daily. Now, if you haven’t believed in any myth, download the AG WhatsApp APK and all your myths will be trashed in a few minutes when you enjoy it all featured without being banned. I acknowledge that at the start, the App faced issues, like being banned, but now they have improved their MOD version.

Hide Blue Tick

You are the boss of your own life and will decide all the aspects of your life on yApp. The App allows you to manage all your settings by yourself. It provides complete customization, like hiding your blur tick in the App’s privacy setting. If you want to live privately and don’t let anybody confirm that you have read their messages, then AG WhatsApp is waiting for you, so make sure to capture it by hitting the download button.

Navigation Facility

Everybody knows that time is money, and we have always struggled to save time; if we look at all the technology of our era, it ensures we can save time. AG WhatsApp will also provide a navigation facility to save time, as you will find a navigation feature in this App. Go to settings and allow the navigation option. Now, you don’t need to go back and read your message or listen to your voice message. You will click on the message and listen or read the message directly without going back and opening the messages.

No more Forward Tags

Forward tags irritate someone; sometimes, we don’t want to show that a message is forwarded. In this case, WhatsApp doesn’t allow any strategy, and we feel helpless but don’t worry, AG WhatsApp is here to sort out your problem. You can customize it as you want to approve this App. After gapping this App on your Android, you will get rid of forward tags and feel more secure. To enjoy this incredible experience, you must click the download button, and all these features will be available.

Share Unlimited Files

WhatsApp official allows you to send limited files and can’t exceed their limits. Sometimes, if you try to exceed their limits, your files will be corrupted, while AG WhatsApp allows you to send unlimited files, and the quality of the files will be the same. So, to be limitless in this era, download AG WhatsApp and send all your important files without any limit.

Share HD Files With No Quality Loss

You face issues while sending HD files via WhatsApp; if you send an HD file, its quality doesn’t remain the same as when it reaches your friend. In some cases, you can’t even send HD files through WhatsApp. To solve this problem, AG WhatsApp came into the battle, and now you can send all kinds of files from HD to ultra 4K quality without losing quality while sending files from one to another.

Easily Manage Your Group

AG WhatsApp provides you with complete customization of groups. You can manage your group and control who will be the admin. You can also customize who can send messages in the group. This customization helps you manage your group and run your community efficiently. While using the AG WhatsApp group, you may easily remove it if you feel that someone is spamming your group. The admins will lead your group’s control, and you will decide how many people will manage the group.

No Limits To Creating An Account

You need two WhatsApp accounts, one for your family and another for your friends, but I’m worried about how I can do this. Someone will advise you to buy another mobile phone to run another WhatsApp account, but I have a solution. Without buying a new cell phone, download the AG WhatsApp and get unlimited accounts on a single device, even in a single. This App permits you to create multiple accounts and jump your messaging experience to the next level.

Emoji Pack

AG WhatsApp facilitates you with a different emoji pack. Here, you will get new emojis. The best way to communicate is through visuals, so you can send your expressiApp’sia the App’s emojis and experience a completely different messaging app with a new style and emoji pack. Here, you will find all the basic emojis in WhatsApp, including official and many new ones. You can also add emojis or load them from the internet. You can easily add new stickers to your favorite list or use the AG WhatsApp stickers.

Status Saver

If you like the status, click on the download arrow in AG WhatsApp and have this status in your mobile gallery. This facility is absent on WhatsApp officially. You don’t need to text your friend to send me this status, and sometimes, taking screenshots is ridiculous and a waste of time. If you want to download someone’s WhatsApp status without any issues and without wasting time, then the AG App is the only App that can help you.

Privacy Includes

AG Whatsapp includes complete privacy customization from security to its themes and privacy features. It provides many privacy features to boost your messaging experience and secure your private life. You can hide your blue tick, forward tag, last seen, and online status. There is a long list of privacy features of AG WhatsApp, but most are absent in WhatsApp official. You can also view your buddy’s status without letting him know.

Customization Options

The only reason behind AG WhatsApp’s millions of downloads is its customization. It provides complete access to its users so they can arrange the App according to their desires. Every one of us has a different approach to things. Some like simple things, while others like fancy things. Keeping this choice in mind, AG WhatsApp is designed so that you have complete customization options like changing the app themes, wallpapers, interface colors, and all other settings. You have access to security and privacy customization in AG WhatsApp.

Security IAppudes

The App provides ultimate security, from fingerprinting to locking your WhatsApp. You can also set your PIN code for WhatsApp security. However, this security is limited to locking the App and PIN code; you can also lock your conversation while using the App. Feel free to download AG WhatsApp, which provides more security than WhatsApp official.

Customize Your Chat

You can customize your chat in AG WhatsApp by changing font style and size. Chatting in your favorite font style pleases you more, and you don’t get bored even using WhatsApp for hours. Here, you will find all the basic fonts. Whatsapp official doesn’t allow you to change your font styles or customize your chat. Sometimes, using the same pattern may decrease your interest in the App. The same happens with WhatsApp; people download AG WhatsApp as everyone likes to change.

Auto Reply

If you are a businessman, driver, student, or belong to any field of life, you may miss the auto reply as the world is moving toward automation, so why not you? When you are busy in your daily routine, someone texts you, but you can’t reply, and he gets angry. At the same time, you also feel it, then AG WhatsApp wants to help you and send a message while you are busy in your daily routine enable the auto-reply option in AG WhatsApp and focus on your work, now AG will reply instead of you. This feature saves you precious time even in this busiest century where time is running fast.

Schedule Your Message

You are busy today, and I know you will be busy the whole week, but have you sent some critical messages to your family, friends, or customers? Download AG WhatsApp and enable auto-scheduling by scheduling your message. Now, your message will be sent at a fixed time, so you don’t need to stop your work and send a text. Message scheduling is an essential feature of the App as it takes care of your busy life and helps you send messages in your absence.

Enjoy Multiple Languages

AG WhatsApp is the best option if you’re looking for a MOD APK app available in your language. It provides multiple languages, including your language. So you don’t need to search for an app specialized in your language; download the App and get all the national and international languages in a single app. It has removed the language barrier for all its users, bringing its users worldwide.

Sharing All Formats Of Files

You can share all types of files in AG WhatsApp, such as mp3,mp4, document, and jpg files. WhatsApp officially allows you to send a few file formats and restricts you from sending HD files. When you are using WhatsApp official and have to send larger HD files, you take the help of another platform; the App provides you with all formats under a single platform.

Increasing Status Duration

WhatsApp allows you just a few words of character status and only 60 seconds of video status. When we try to make a log status,, it splits into pieces,, distorting the actual message in our status. AG WhatsApp provides us with extra status limits. Here, you can upload status with more than 250 words and more than 120 seconds of video status. If you are worried about the status duration limit, download AG WhatsApp and eliminate all these limitations.

Customize The User Interface

You have to use your App daily, and if you do not like the app interface, you will get bored and soon stop using the App. Interface customization is significant as the choice of colors differs from person to person. If you are bored using WhatsApp because it doesn’t allow you to customize its interface, then migrate toward AG WhatsApp. It will provide you with interface customization, and you will change its wallpaper and themes.

Pin Chat Options

You can even pin chat in private groups while using AG WhatsApp, but WhatsApp officials don’t allow you to pin chat in private groups. This is a beautiful feature and saves us time. We don’t need to read all the messages. If you want to send a message in a group and pin your friend, he will quickly find that this message was only sent to me.

Direct Message-Sending Option

If you are in an emergency and want to message your loved ones via WhatsApp and don’t find his number in your contact list, you must add this number to your cell phone. Then you can send a message. It happens only in the case of WhatsApp, while the experience of AG WhatsApp is entirely different. This App allows you to send a direct message without saving the contact as it wastes the time and space of your phone. Especially if you are a businessman and want to send messages to your customers, it is tricky to save many numbers and then send them messages, so AG WhatsApp is ready to solve your problem.

Dark Mode And Flight Mode Option

You will get dark mode and flight mode options in AG WhatsApp to beautify your messaging experience. By hitting the flight mode, you will go offline from WhatsApp while you can use the internet. Flight mode allows you to rest from social media and focus on your work more concisely. If you are tired of getting messages and working online, you should move toward AG WhatsApp and active flight mode when you are in working mode. The flight mode option is no longer available on WhatsApp. It only exists in the AG WhatsApp APK.

Block Incoming Unknown Calls

Everyone is busy in this era and does not want to waste their time on unknown calls even though sometimes we don’t want to receive such calls on our mobiles. WhatsApp doesn’t solve this problem; we get many marketing and new calls from different companies. Most of the time, we waste our time by hitting the call rejection button. You have no more to receive unknown calls after having AG WhatsApp on your mobile. DAppload the App and get rid of all unknown calls.

Back up And Restore Option

Feel safe using AG WhatsApp, as it also protects your data. Don’t worry about data loss if you lose your cell phone or accidentally destroy it. All your chat and data are safe in your drive. All you have to do is install the App and go to settings. There, you will find a backup and restore option. You will recover all your data in a few minutes by hitting this option. So, it is not risky to download AG WhatsApp.

Easily Spend Your Private Life By Hiding Features

If you don’t want to show your activities while using AG WhatsApp, you can customize your privacy features and spend an utterly private life. No one will know whether you are online or offline, even using WhatsApp. You can also tell everybody I remain online by customizing its settings and enabling the always online option. Its hiding includes the following options: Hide your last seen.

  • Hide your status
  • Hide your activity
  • Hide your profile picture
  • Hide single tick
  • Hide blue tick
ag whatsapp apk

Some Other Features Of AG WhatsApp APK

  • Anti view once
  • Read all deleted messages
  • Pin your messages in groups
  • Customize your group
  • Send files in bulk 
  • Change interface color
  • Wallpaper customization
  • More than 800 group members option
  • Add more themes, stickers, and emoji
  • Anti revoke
  • Chat backup option
  • Unlimited account options
  • Status duration exceeds up to 250 characters
  • Download status easily
  • Hide data to go into the gallery and save your gallery
  • Change your video into GIFS
  • And many other features

How To Get AG WhatsApp on Your PC

There are two ways to enjoy AG WhatsApp on your PC. The first step is installing your AG WhatsApp APK on your mobile device and then connecting it to the WhatsApp web. Sometimes, you face an error while scanning Q R code from your PC, so you must choose the second option, which is an entirely safe option because this option is like you are rapping your App on your second virtual mobile on your PC. In this process, you have to download an emulator on your PC; you can download any emulator from the internet and then open this emulator. Here you have to first Apptall the App and then enjoy AG WhatsApp on the big screen and perform all your activities which you want to do on pc.

How To Decide Which Is Better: AG WhatsApp or WhatsApp

FeatureAG WhatsappWhatsApp
Text status limitsUp to 250 characters  Limited only 100 character
Video status durationHide statusOnly 30 seconds
Send larger files✔️
Send HD Files✔️
Send files in bulk✔️
Hide blue tick✔️
Always online option✔️
Freeze last seen✔️
Hide bue tick✔️
Hide your profile✔️
Wallpaper customization✔️
More security option✔️
Lock your chat ✔️
Auto reply ✔️
Message schedular✔️
Online translation option✔️
AG Themes store✔️
Limitless files sending option✔️
Status saver✔️
Emoji variant✔️
Navigation button✔️
Hide forward tag✔️
Pin chat option✔️
Direct message option✔️

Pros And Cons Of AG Whatsapp APK MOD

  • Send larger files
  • Features like security and privacy
  • Get anti once view data
  • Get deleted messages
  • Auto reply to your loved ones
  • Sending larger files is available
  • Download status
  • Locking your private chat
  • In-built lock option without any third-party
  • Multiple features
  • Freeze your online status
  • Hide single tick
  • Hide blue tick
  • Filtrate your calls
  • Send files simultaneously
  • Can easily update
  • It is MOD APK, which may cause some security issues
  • WhatsApp can ban you
  • Sending large files consumes more data
  • Lack of some security features
  • It is unavailable on the Play
  • can be banned anytime.
  • It can’t be updated automatically. You have to download the updated version from Google manually.
  • Multiple features may slow down your mobile speed
  • Sending HD files consumes more data
  • Not suitable for those who keep things simple
  • For updates, you may go to Google

Sharing my personal experience with AG WhatsApp

 You may disagree with my point of view, and you have the complete right to disagree. I was using WhatsApp when I bought my first cell phone. I thought, what about if WhatsApp officially added this feature, but every time, I was disappointed after WhatsApp update as I found nothing in its update, and the last update was when it added the channels option, which disturbs me because I have installed WhatsApp for communication not for getting videos and any information. Then I listened to the MOD version of WhatsApp and tried different versions I like AG WhatsApp as it is simple and easy to use but I love its lot of features like sending unlimited files and also HD files without image resolution loss, i am satisfied by using AG MOD APK.


AG WhatsApp is safe for Androids.

To update the App download its latest version from a trusted website.

If you are using WhatsApp and wanna migrate towards AG WhatsApp make sure to uninstall WhatsApp. Keeping both WhatsApp official and MOD versions is too risky and you may be banned.

Yes, it is a modified version of WhatsApp official and can be banned at any time by WhatsApp.

Final Words

In summary, AG WhatsApp is another MOD APK  app with an extraordinary interface and unique features like those discussed above. Each MOD APK app is famous for its beautiful features. The same goes for AG WhatsApp. It is renowned for its customization option, which provides complete freedom, so you must try it for more details. Make sure to download and get all its features with just one click. This article provides complete information about AG Whats App, including its pros and cons. You will get all the answers to your questions. Mark our website to get the latest versions of AG WhatsApp in the future.

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