OG WhatsApp APK download Latest version V17.76 updated 2024

A modified version of WhatsApp official, which has all the features of WhatsApp and many additional features to provide a completely different app to its users, is called OG WhatsApp. It is also known for its shortcuts like WA OG and OG WA. It has multiple features that are absent in WhatsApp, and that is why people are downloading it. There are a lot of official MOD versions of WhatsApp; some are very famous, and OG WhatsApp is among the top 10 modified versions of WhatsApp.

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  • OG WhatsApp APK
  • 75.7 MB
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  • V17.76
  • OG WA (WA OG)
  • apkwht.com
  • Android 5.1+
  • One hour ago
  • Free

WhatsApp has around 2 billion users but limited features; hence, its users are migrating towards modified WhatsApp. Og WhatsApp provides multiple features, from security to privacy, and it is updated with time to satisfy its customers. OG WhatsApp provides you with complete customization.

You have been using WhatsApp for many years and are not satisfied with its features; what about if you know that there is another messaging app with multiple features required for a better messaging experience, and all this is just one click away? You will hit the download button to get all these features, so make sure to download OG WhatsApp to enjoy new features and avail more privacy and security through this app. You can also download other MOD APK WhatsApp like AG WhatsApp.

What is OG WhatsApp

Like other modified versions of APK apps, OG WhatsApp is a MOD APK app that is entirely different and unique from all other versions of MOD Whatsapp. It provides you with customization in all its features, like security customization and privacy customization. OG WhatsApp is becoming popular daily as its latest version has multiple features and is more secure than its previous version. OG WhatsApp allows you to change all your messaging app settings, and you can decide how your app will look and which features will benefit you. You are the boss of your messaging app and will determine the app interface and icon. It provides beautiful customization, so I chose OG WhatsApp over all other messaging apps.

og whatsapp apk

Why Choose OG WhatsApp APK

Whatsapp official does not allow you to customize its settings, and you must follow all the rules given by the app developer; otherwise, you will be banned from WhatsApp. You have to follow the app settings, which sometimes only give limited customization features, while OG WhatsApp allows you to customize your settings. The main thing that should be appreciated in OG WhatsApp APK is its customization; here, you will decide all your settings and which themes are appropriate to your tastes. Here, you will get a customization option in each step; you will not be forced to rely on WhatsApp’s official wallpaper but can easily change your wallpaper and all the interfaces of your App as you like. The choice of colors and themes differ from person to person. Everybody will not be guaranteed to like green, so OG Whatsapp allows you to choose your favorite color and theme. Here, you will decide who can view your status and who will call you, so you will only decide and control all your settings. There are also many reasons to choose WhatsApp OG.

OG WhatsApp APK Latest Version V19.41 January 2024

Make sure to download the latest version to enjoy all its features without facing any issues and bugs, as this version is free from all bugs. OG WhatsApp’s official version, V19.41, differs from all its previous versions as it has been updated according to user demands. 

How to Install and Download OG Whatsapp APK on your Cell Phone

og whatsapp apk

Step 1 Make Sure To Have an Internet Connection

The primary and most important thing is having a solid internet connection. If you don’t have internet, connect your mobile device to Wi-Fi. You can also switch your mobile data on to start downloading the App.

Step 2 Ensure Chat Backup

This is a significant step during the installation of the OG WhatsApp APK to switch your backup on. If you do not switch your chat back up, you may face a loss of your chat, so to save all your data, click on three dots on your official WhatsApp and switch on back up. For better backup, ensure your WhatsApp ID is linked to your Gmail.

Step 3 Uninstall The Old Version Of WhatsApp Official

Now, uninstall your old WhatsApp to get new features and for better security. It is vital to uninstall your old WhatsApp; otherwise, your OG WhatsApp may banned. As the OG WhatsApp is not available on the Play Store. It is not allowed by the Google Play Store to ensure your mobile security, so WhatsApp officials may ban it. You can’t install both APK WhatsApp and WhatsApp officially on the same device simultaneously. So uninstall your official WhatsApp to enjoy OG WhatsApp with its all-new features.

Step 4: Download The Latest Version Of OG WhatsApp

Although the old version of OG WhatsApp is good, its latest version is the best and contains all the essential features necessary to have a better messaging experience in the fast-paced era of 2024. So download the latest version of OG WhatsApp V19.41 from a trusted website.

Step 5 Allows Unknown Sources In Your Mobile Setting

To install any MOD APK app, you must enable unknown sources in your mobile setting; otherwise, you will not install any MOD APK. The same condition applies to OG WhatsApp, so go to your mobile settings, click on control apps, and finally allow an unknown source.

Step 6: Install The App

Go to your mobile file manager and then click on APK apps, and you will find OG WhatsApp; click on it. The installation process will start just in a few seconds. After a few seconds, you will be notified that your app is installed.

Step 7 OG Whatsapp APK Setting

Open OG WhatsApp APK and customize all settings as you want. After a few customizations, like changing themes and wallpaper, you will feel like I developed this app, but you just customize it. Click on the three dots for all its customizations, such as privacy and security. You will get many options like hide camera access and hide blue tick. Hide forward tags and much more, so enjoy your social life with the OG WhatsApp APK and connect with the world in a new style.

Step 8: Get All The Previous Data

After opening your OG WhatsApp, you will be worried about your chat, contacts, and all other data. Don’t worry; you are in safe hands. As mentioned above, you will get all your data if you switch your chat back up before uninstalling your old WhatsApp. Click on the three dots on the right of OG WhatsApp to find backup and restore options. You will get all your essential data back in just a few minutes by clicking on it.

Make Sure To Don’t Overuse

Make sure you are using a single WhatsApp on your mobile device and use WhatsApp; sparingly, you will no longer be on either OG WhatsApp or WhatsApp official. So, either use WhatsApp officially or OG WhatsApp, but to enjoy more features and live in the advanced era, download the latest version of OG WhatsApp and uninstall the old WhatsApp. The new version of the App is an anti-ban ban, and WhatsApp officials will not ban you if you follow the strategy I have mentioned above.

Detailed Features Of OG WhatsApp

Message Scheduler

You are busy in your daily routine and forget to text your loved ones, and when you remember that it is too late, I know that is embarrassing, but every problem has a solution, and this one also has. OG WhatsApp has a beautiful feature of a message scheduler that will help you text your loved ones while busy. It reminds you and keeps you connected with your family and friends even in the busiest era. Download OG WhatsApp APK and schedule your message to get your friends and family in touch. After downloading the app, go to its settings and schedule the message. I love this feature as it strengthens my social relationships. You can also download OG WhatsApp Pro to have more advanced features like auto-reply and message schedular.


People are searching for OG WhatsApp APK anti-ban because they know that the latest version available on the internet is anti-ban. A famous myth about OG WhatsApp is that WhatsApp officials will ban it, but it is false. Now you can confidently download OG WhatsApp as it is anti-ban, and any third party will not ban you. These features increase the number of OG WhatsApp downloads because they ensure user account safety.

Regular Updates

The app provides regular updates, which means it continuously adds new features and improves all the old bugs. That is the beauty of OG WhatsApp. These features do not stop them from updating the app to launch new features but are continuously in touch with their users. If they suggest some new change, they just make it done. When downloading OG WhatsApp, choose its latest version to have minimum bugs and maximum features. Be connected with OG WhatsApp for feature updates and improvements.

Messages And Calls Directly

WhatsApp official only allows you to call or message directly after saving contacts; you have first to add a contact and then move to WhatsApp there; you must refresh the contact list to get that number; this process takes a long time. On the other hand, OG WhatsApp allows you to send direct messages and calls without saving your contact information. This feature forces us to choose the OG WhatsApp APK; it saves you time. Suppose you are in an emergency and have to contact somebody on WhatsApp. How is it possible without OG WhatsApp? In this era of 2024, if you want to save time, choose OG WhatsApp and enjoy its latest features. If you are a businessman, you should download OG WhatsApp as it will not waste your time-saving long lists of your customers to send messages.

Send Larger Files

Sending larger files was impossible before OG WhatsApp APK as the official WhatsApp allows us to send only small files. WhatsApp officially will enable you to send standard quality and smaller files. You can stay within its limits as its rules are strict, while it is OG WhatsApp that allows you to send unlimited files with HD quality, or you can even send movies and dramas through it. You are facing the same issue of sending limited files and thinking helplessly. Even in 2024, if you are wasting your time on WhatsApp updates, take action by moving toward the OG WhatsApp APK and sending all kinds of files.

Send High-Quality Files

It was impossible to send HD files via WhatsApp, and people use some other platforms for this purpose, but now you don’t worry, as OG WhatsApp is there to sort out this issue. You can send all types of files from MP3. MP4.HD or even ultra 4K. You will not find any file limitations in OG WhatsApp.

Hide Blue Tick

You are online and don’t wanna reply to your friend as you are in an important meeting on WhatsApp, but as your friend gets a blue tick, he assures you that you are ignoring his text in this situation, hiding the blue tick is the best option as it will clear to your friend you haven’t read his text. Unfortunately, this option is absent in WhatsApp and only present in OG WhatsApp APK, so to take advantage of this excellent offer, you have to download OG WA and enjoy a more private life.

og whatsapp apk

Security Features

OG WhatsApp gifts you more security features, including all the basics, such as a locking app and pin code. Here, you will find a fantastic security option: lock conversation. Your WhatsApp messages may not be private sometimes; family or friends members are more private, and you want to lock only these conversations. OG WhatsApp allows you to lock your discussion. You can also go for locking your complete app or security locks like pin codes or fingerprints. OG WhatsApp gave you a free hand to enable even pattern lock. Its security is more remarkable than WhatsApp’s, and in the future, it will update all these features to make it more robust and secure.

og whatsapp apk

Extra Privacy Features

WhatsApp provides limited privacy features that don’t meet the user’s needs. Privacy features mean all those features that are enough for privacy to communicate in 2024, while WhatsApp offers only a few privacy features. To avail yourself of complete privacy features, you have to download OG Whatsapp APK, which gives you all the privacy features like freezing your last seen, blue tick, online status, anti-revoke, and freeze your status view. The app provides privacy features like anti-deleted messages and a call blocker option.

OG whatsapp apk

Complete Customization

Your social control is in your hands while using OG Whatsapp as it provides complete customization. You can control all its settings, customize it entirely, and get the different and unique app you want. Its customization includes privacy, security, themes, and font customization. You can change themes in OG WhatsApp and change all the interfaces of your WhatsApp. Everybody’s choice is different, so you can adjust the app to suit your preferences. That is the reason I like OG WhatsApp and prefer it to all other social messaging apps.

Inbuilt Status Downloader

We live in a social media era and spend our average time on social media apps. We like our friends’ statuses and want to make them our statuses, but the main issue we face is that WhatsApp needs to provide an option to download the status. If you want to download the status, you have to uninstall WhatsApp and download OG WhatsApp. There is an arrow mark in the App when you click on it, you get the status in your gallery. The app provides you with an inbuilt status downloader. After using OG WhatsApp, you don’t need to ask your friend to send a status message.

There is No Limitation on Group Name Characters

WhatsApp provides a limited number of word characters for naming your WhatsApp group, which is a severe problem for those who want to give long names to their group. OG WhatsApp provides you with limitless group name characters. When you have this app, you can create a lengthy group name. Sometimes, a short name can’t describe your group properties well, so you must move for a complete group name showing the group’s purpose.

Create Multiple Groups

OG WhatsApp ceases your group limitation, and you can create multiple groups. WhatsApp is strict about running limited groups on a single account and only meets your needs, while OG WhatsApp allows you to create many groups to complete your mission. Here, you will decide how many groups you want to run on your cell phone. OG WhatsApp will not limit you in this regard.

Group Members Of More Than 900

WhatsApp allows you to have 275 members in a single group, and you can’t exceed this limit. To fulfil your needs, you create multiple groups in WhatsApp; after a few groups, you can’t make more groups. I am sharing a fabulous solution to this message: to download OG WhatsApp, which permits you to have over 900 members in a single group. A single group of OG WA meets your demand, and you don’t need to create more groups.

Create More Than One Account

You can create multiple accounts in a single OG WhatsApp, but WhatsApp doesn’t provide this facility. WhatsApp allows you to create a single account with a single number, so we have two options: rely on a single account or buy more cell phones. Then, OG WhatsApp introduced an outstanding feature: creating more than one account on a single device.

Call Blocker Option

Block all unknown calls in OG WhatsApp and save your precious time. Living in the social media century and people doing marketing in different ways leads to receiving many new calls daily in our WhatsApp, which irritates us and wastes our time when we call them back or pick up their calls. When you have OG WhatsApp, you can easily block all unknown calls; just go to its settings and enable the “ reject unknown call” option.

Themes Collections

OG WhatsApp has a collection of beautiful themes that make your WhatsApp interface more charming. You will have an option for OG themes here. You will find all its themes in one click and push your interface to the next level. You can also add new themes in its theme store. OG WhatsApp also updates its themes regularly. 

og whatsapp apk

Back-Up And Restore Feature

OG WhatsApp ensures your data is protected with a backup and restore feature. You should not be scared of downloading OG WhatsApp as it provides extra security features. If you lose your cell phone or delete WhatsApp, you will always retain data while using this app.

Enable Always The Online Option.

OG WhatsApp allows you to switch to the always online option; after that, everyone will get the impression that you are online while you are offline at that time. This option gave you the next level of privacy, which was absent in WhatsApp. OG WhatsApp stands in separate lines, as it has extraordinary features.

Flight Mode

If you have tried using WhatsApp for the last three hours and want to relax without switching your data, you can put your WhatsApp to flight mode. It is also known as DND mode, which ensures you will not get more messages on WhatsApp while you are online. This feature is available in OG WhatsApp, but you will not find it on WhatsApp. Flight mode allows you to relax from social media and move toward another activity.

Lock Your Conversation

You don’t need to lock your WhatsApp completely. You can also lock your private conversation in OG WhatsApp. This feature makes me a fan of OG WhatsApp as it doesn’t force you to lock your WhatsApp. We don’t need to lock our WhatsApp. We want to lock or personal chat with family and some special friends so that after installing OG WhatsApp, you will save time by unlocking your WhatsApp repeatedly. You can just move to lock your conversation.

Font Customization

WhatsApp forces you to communicate in a regular font style, and you can’t change it; sometimes, using the same font for years is boring. To eliminate this boredom, you must download the OG WhatsApp app, which provides many fonts. Customize your favorite font using OG WhatsApp and enjoy messaging in a new style.


If you want to hide your profile pictures, you can choose your avatar, but here is a problem: how can I create my avatar? You have to download OG WhatsApp to help you make your avatar. You can create unlimited avatars in OG WhatsApp. As we move towards diversity, many apps provide avatar facilities; by considering all this, OG WhatsApp updated its features. Now, you can create avatars according to your choice. Here, you will also find avatar templates.

Group Message Permission

You will decide who can send messages to your groups. It helps even when you want to avoid getting notifications or are running a business group. This feature is also present in OG WhatsApp. You can control your group in OG WhatsApp. It also provides you with complete group customization. This feature decreases the chance of spam in your group.

Create A Poll in A Group.

OG WhatsApp assists you in creating a poll in your group and getting different people’s views. You need clarification on whether I should change the group icon. Some of your friends agree, and others do not agree. In this case, you must create a poll and start voting; it will happen when you have OG Whatsapp. This feature helps you to get views of people in the group. If you are going to do a friends’ meeting but need help deciding the location, just create a poll in your group and leave it for majority voting.

Filter Messages

Using OG WhatsApp allows you to filter messages in your groups. This feature is absent in WhatsApp, and it takes time to find your message. This feature is dominant in this app. You can avail of this feature just after downloading the OG WhatsApp APK.

No Forwarded Tags

OG WhatsApp introduced its anti-forwarded tag feature, making it easy to remove forward tags. You will not be shown while forwarding someone’s message. OG WhatsApp protects your privacy and pushes it to the next level with its privacy features. It lets you see which part of your personal life will be shown only with your permission.

Anti-Deleted Messages

You can see all the deleted messages of your friends in OG WhatsAthe pp APK, while WhatsApp shows that “this message has been deleted.” To read deleted messages, download OG WhatsApp and enable anti-deleted messages in its settings. If someone has sent you messages and then changes his decision by deleting all the messages, he will be calm that you can’t read his messages, while if you are an OG WhatsApp user, you will read all his messages.

Show Blue Tick After Reply

WhatsApp shows a blue tick when you open the chat. If you don’t reply in such a situation, it creates a harmful impact that you are ignoring someone’s message and may lead toward anger or an apple of discord between you and your friend. In contrast, OG WhatsApp shows a blue tick after your reply that keeps secret about your friendship. It doesn’t create an impact that you have read the message but are ignoring it. Download the OG WhatsApp and secure your privacy in a different style.

Sharing Live Location Access

OG WhatsApp lets you share live locations and let your loved ones know where you are. A crucial feature of OG WhatsApp is that you can share your live location with anybody; it helps you, especially when travelling toward your friend in an unknown city. Your friend will be in touch via live location, and you will not be roaming in search of the exact place. When you share a live location with your friend, you don’t need to tell him again and again where you have reached.

Key Features

  • Status duration limits exceed 60 seconds
  • Send 100 images simultaneously
  • Multi-languages
  • Online visibility
  • Write your status with more than 250 characters
  • Regular updates
  • No more ads 
  • Hide your pictures and videos from the gallery
  • Hide camera access
  • Hide last seen
  • Freeze your active status

How To Get OG WhatsApp On Your PC

There are two ways to run OG Whatsapp on your system. Firstly, you can try WhatsApp web. If it does not work, you should try another method, which is using an emulator.

1>Download the emulator on your PC

2>Install the OG Whatsapp in the emulator

3>Now open the emulator there, you will find WhatsApp

4>Enjoy OG WhatsApp on the big screen

Is OG WA Safe To Use?

Most people think that MOD apps are unsafe because they have no connection with reality. Like everyone, you believe in myths about OG WhatsApp. I have also been using this app for a long time, and it is safe. The app’s developer assures its safety, and they don’t compromise your privacy. All the myths about OG WhatsApp are wrong, but it is safe to install on your Android. 

Major Pros And Cons Of OG WhatsApp

Always online optionYou can always show yourself onlineWhen you do not reply, people will worried
Hide blue tickHide the blue tick of your messagesIt will confuse your friend
Freeze last seenNo one will know your last seenYou just deceive the people 
Anti deleted messagesRead all the deleted messagesIt is immoral
Anti deleted statusI got the deleted statusYou are watching someone’s fault
Download statusDownload all statuses you loveDownloading someone’s status without his permission is immoral
Call filtrationBlock all unknown callsIt will also block calls from your loved ones
Send HD filesSend all kinds of high-quality filesMore data will be consumed
Create unlimited accountsYou can create multiple accounts in Sigle OG WhatsAppIt may cause excessive use of your mobile memory
No forward tagsYou can remove the forwarded tagYou cant clarify who belongs to this message
Multiple themesYou have the option to choose different themesSome people want to keep things simple
Customize fontsCustomize your font stylesIt is not for those who like simplicity

How Can I Differentiate OG WhatsApp From WhatsApp’s Official?

OG WhatsApp WhatsApp Official
You can send HD filesYou cant send HD files
Send unlimited filesThere is a limit to sending files
Status character limits more than 250 wordsYou can’t exceed 140 words
Video status more than 2 minutesYou can only make 60 seconds status
Send 100 images simultaneouslyYou can send only 40 images simultaneously
Hide camera accessYou can’t hide camera access
Download statusYou can download the status
Anti deleted messagesNot available
Anti deleted statusNot available
Online visibilityNot available
Freeze last seenNot available
Block unknown callsNot available
Hide blue tickNot available
Freeze double tickNot available
Multiple themesNot available
More privacy customizationNot available
Always online optionNot available
No forwarded tagsNot available
Customize font stylesNot available
Multiple accountsNot available
Flight mode optionNot available
Group members of more than 900Not available
Message schedularNot available
Auto replyNot available
Regular updatesNot available

All versions of OG Whatsapp APK

People Also Ask?

yes, it is free to download and install

No, as it is MOD APK it is only available on websites and banned by Google Play Protect.

you can also update your OG Whatsapp by downloading its latest version and uninstalling its old version. you can also avail of its old versions which are available on our website.

OG WhatsApp is safe to install on your cell phone without any hesitation as it is anti-ban.

Wrapping Up

OG WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp that is official and provides you with multiple features. The features offered by OG WhatsApp are absent from WhatsApp, which is the reason behind its millions of downloads. Download OG WhatsApp today and enjoy the new features of this era. If you are worried about its update, bookmark our website, and we will provide you with all the latest versions of OG WhatsApp.

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