MB WhatsApp APK Latest Version V1.1 Download MBiOS For Android [2024]

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If you are looking for the best alternative to ordinary WhatsApp and have some featured apps that suit your preferences, then MB WhatsApp is your destination. This moded version has many features that are unavailable in ordinary WhatsApp and will push your messaging experience to an advanced level. This blog post will help you find the best MOD APK for WhatsApp. You will get all the information about the app, so keep reading if you are interested in MOD WhatsApp. To get more information about the app, try its latest version once. After getting its latest version, your thoughts about MB WhatsA will change. Download MB WhatsApp APK 9.12 and 9.53 from our website.

 MB WhatsApp iOS is marked as the top MOD of WhatsApp, which has more security and privacy features. It is an advanced WhatsApp with advanced features to boost your massage experience to the next level. This app is modified to replace ordinary WhatsApp and provides users more privacy. After having this app, you will never think about WhatsApp official. You can also download the previous version of MB iOS 9.52.

What is MB WhatsApp

An iOS-themed MOD WhatsApp developed by Stefano YG has many unique features and a simple interface. It is famous because of its customization and is known as MB WhatsApp. MB WhatsApp is an outstanding modified version of official WhatsApp, which is much better than WhatsApp and permits you to send large files, download status, and view deleted messages. It breaks WhatsApp’s privacy policy. You can also access files that are restricted from being viewed once. Your experience with MB WhatsApp will be utterly different, and you will enjoy it more as it has a fresh pack of emojis and stickers.

MB WhatsApp APK

Why Download MB WhatsApp

Download MB WhatsApp to get rid of the old, boring, limited features of WhatsApp. As the official WhatsApp doesn’t provide a customization facility, most people are moving toward WhatsApp MB. There are many reasons to choose MB WhatsApp over WhatsApp official, but one of the prominent reasons is its customization of features like themes, fonts, chat, privacy, and security. You can easily change all the app settings. MB WhatsApp allows you to decide which feature is best for you. Here, you will determine what you want to show and which part of your privacy will be hidden.

What Is MB WhatsApp iOS MOD APK?

MB WhatsApp is famous for its iOS theme; the entire app setting is similar to that of iPhones. After using this app on your Android, you will feel like having an iPhone. After installing MB WA iOS APK, you will get the iPhone interface and all the settings on your Android device, such as the theme customization option. Because of the iPhone interface, the MB WhatsApp is known as MB WhatsApp iPhone MOD APK. This app is unavailable on the Play Store; you must download it from Google. As mentioned in its name, it is not an iPhone app, so it is unavailable in the Apple store. Like other MOD APK, MB WhatsApp is just a modified app where you will enjoy the iPhone interface. Because of its iPhone interface, it is known as MB iOS.

How To Download MB WhatsApp

The download process for any MOD APK differs from that of a regular app. You can’t download MOD APKs from the Google Play store, as these apps are banned. Follow the given method to download MB WhatsApp on your Android.

  • Type on Google MB WhatsApp iOS MOD APK latest version
  • Choose a trusted website like apkwht.com
  • Hit the download button
  • A pop-up message will say this file type can harm your mobile.
  • Click on downloading any way option
  • Your download will start
  • Open your file manager and then APK folder
  • Congratulations, you have got MB WhatsApp

How To Install MB WhatsApp In Android

Installing MB WhatsApp is similar to installing other MODS but different from installing Play Store apps. As it is a modified version, we have to download it from Google. Follow the following process to install MB WhatsApp on your Android safely.

  • Go to your mobile app settings.
  • Finds unknown source option
  • Enable the unknown option.
  • Open your old WhatsApp and turn on backup so you do not lose your data.
  • Now uninstall your old WhatsApp to install MB WhatsApp safety
  • Download the app according to a given process
  • Open your APK file in filemanger
  • Install the app and enjoy new features
  • Complete the signup process and go to settings. Click on backup
  • You will get all your chat back now. Enjoy the app with all your previous data
MB WhatsApp

MB WhatsApp Latest Version V1.1

Whenever you search for MB WhatsApp, you may see the word V1.1 repeatedly and be confused about this figure. The latest version of MB WhatsApp is V1.1, the most downloaded version. This version has significant value compared to other versions of MB WhatsApp. 

How TO Update The App

The process of updating the MB WhatsApp APK is quite simple and easy. This process is slightly different from that of Play Store apps. You can’t choose an auto-update; you must update the app manually.

  • First of all, it is essential to check for updates.
  • Go to MB WhatsApp settings and click on update. You will be notified if an update is available.
  • Uninstall your old version of MB WhatsApp.
  • Now go to the internet and type WA MB, MB WA, or the full name of MB WhatsApp APK.
  • Now, you will get a list of websites. Choose one trusted like apkwht.com
  • Hit the download button
  • Now you have the latest version of MB WhatsApp, install this
  • Congrats your app is updated.

Features That Make MB WhatsApp Different From WhatsApp

Simple And Secure

MB WhatsApp has unique interface complexities not embedded in its header and footer sections. You will notice that it is a completely simple and secure app. You will get all security options in this app. The interface is kept simple so those who like simple things can enjoy it. It is up to you to customize the app and make it a little complex, while the app is designed for those who like simple things and those who like more features.

iOS Interface

The main reason behind its millions of downloads is its iOS interface. You know that the iPhone has been getting more attention in the last few years, and its users ares increasing rapidly. It is not only the iPhone, but everything attached to it that is being valued, like iPhone covers, that are most sold worldwide. Similarly, people like to have the feeling of an iPhone. The app developer arranged the iOS interface for this app to make it more attractive. Now you don’t need to download iOS themes in your modified apps like NA WhatsApp; you can choose direct MB WhatsApp and get the feeling of an iPhone interface.

Auto Reply

We have chosen the best alternative for each thing, so when there are auto-replying features that will work instead of you, why are you still using your old WhatsAp, which doesn’t have such features? The auto-reply feature saves you time, and your focus on targeted work increases.

Extra Themes

MB WhatsApp not only facilitates you with iOS themes but also allows you to enjoy a lot more themes. It has a theme store where you will find a list of themes. Select your favorite one and enjoy WA MB. You can also load new themes from the internet.


The app provides a wide range of customization options. You can choose each of its features for customization, and you will be surprised to hear that you can even customize its interface. You can customize the following features in MB WA.

  • Themes customization
  • Header customization
  • Footer customization
  • Font styles customization
  • Languages customization
  • Blue tick setting customization
  • Privacy customization
  • Security customization
  • Interface customization
  • Features customization
  • Chat customization
  • Groups customization

Message Scheduler

This is one of the dominant features of MB WhatsApp,p, which makes it different from all other MOD APKs. Download MB WA and schedule all your messages for next month. It is the feature that works instead of you. This feature helps all those who are running their businesses and have to do multiple tasks so they can schedule their payments.

Hide Your Name

You can easily hide your name by going to MB WhatsApp settings and enabling hide name. This feature greatly helps, especially when you don’t show your name and identity. It allows you to enjoy a more private life.

Collection Of Themes And Fonts

Every update of MB WhatsApp contains many new stickers, themes, and font styles. The app has a variety of themes and fonts. You can select your favorite one and customize it. When you add new themes and fonts, it looks like you are using a different app that beautifies your social life.

Sticker Variant

The app also has multiple stickers to make your chat full of fun and entertainment. When you are in funny mode, you don’t need to write a long text; send a funny sticker to your friends, and they will know the situation. These stickers facilitate us and save us time. Stickers turn our ideas and emotions into visuals. If you want more stickers, you don’t need to load them online; just copy them or download MB WhatsApp and have more fun.

Fresh Emoji

This app has fresh emojis, which are regularly added to it. Here you will find a collection of emoji you have never seen. You will find Instagram, Facebook, and all WhatsApp emojis on a single platform.

Disable Forwarded Tags

If you also feel uncomfortable with these forwarded tags, no worries —you can get rid of them. But it is only possible when you delete your old WhatsApp and download MB WhatsApp. Open MB WA and click on three dots there. You will find complete customization options to disable forwarded tags and now forward messages without any hesitation.

Freeze Last Seen

WhatsApp official doesn’t allow you as much privacy as MB WhatsApp has. Freeze your last seen if you wanna keep your online activity paused. Freezing last seen has many advantages like no one will know whether you are using a messaging app.

Freeze Online Visibility

You don’t want to show your online visibility, but ever think about how I can do this as WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to freeze online visibility? You have heard that everything is possible in the universe. This is also possible just by downloading MB WhatsApp and freezing online visibility. Now you are not available for everyone on chat, and people will think you are offline.

Download Profile Picture

It is surprising for you that now you can download profile pictures. Before using MB WhatsApp, you took screenshots of your profile picture to get it into the gallery. Download MB WhatsApp and easily download your profile picture by clicking on the download button.

Anti View Once

MB WhatsApp breaks the privacy of WhatsApp officials all those files that are restricted to view once are accessed lifetime. Now you can access anti-view files again and again.

Download Status

MB WhatsApp can download status. You have to hit the download button when you view a status and have it in your gallery. The concept of downloading status is no longer in WhatsApp.

Double Tick Customization

You will enjoy complete double tick customization like

  • Hide double tick
  • Choose single tick
  • Double tick after the reply
  • Blue tick after reply
  • Hide blue tick
  • Change double-tick styles
  • Change tick colors

Send Direct Message

You don’t need to save the contact, then sync it, or sometimes open WhatsApp and refresh your contact list. Then you can send messages which takes a lot of time. In case of an emergency, you can’t go through such a process; therefore, the developer of MB WhatsApp has introduced a beneficial feature of sending direct messages. Just type a number and send a message.

Block Calls

You can block all unknown calls in MB WhatsApp, whether they are marketing agency calls or scammers. When you enable the call filtration option in MB WhatsAct, you reject all unknown calls once. After enabling this feature, you get rid of all the unknown calls for a lifetime.

Block Screenshots

You can also block screenshots in this app for extra security. Before MB WhatsApp, such features were only found in bank apps and high-security apps, but now you can enjoy such features in MB WhatsApp. When disabling screenshots in the settings, no one will be able to take screenshots of your chat or even your profile picture.

Anti Deleting

Here you access all kinds of deleted material. If someone makes fun with you and deletes messages after sending you now, you can make him a fool by reading all the deleted messages. Anti-deleting features provide;

  • Deleted status
  • Deleted messages
  • Download deleted statuses

Do Not Disturb Mode

MB WhatsApp also has DND mode, which allows you to disconnect from social media. You can enable this option when you no longer want to use the messaging app. This feature is only available on MB WhatsApp, not on WhatsApp official.

Theme Import Option

You can easily import your favorite theme for more fun and beauty to your app. WA MB also allows you to restore deleted themes. Here, you will enjoy complete theme customization.

Send Larger Files

WhatsApp allows you to share only a few minutes of video, and when you have to share larger files, you choose another platform. MB WhatsApp allows you to send movies, dramas, and other large files without loss of quality. 

Chat Backup

WhatsApp MB has a wonderful chat backup feature, so you can get all your chat back. To do so, hit three dots and then open chat customization. Now, you will find chat backup. Click on it, and your backup will start. It takes a few minutes to have all your chat back.

Increased Text Words Status

There are no more status limitations in MB WA. You can put a maximum of character words. You can also increase your video status. WhatsApp officially enables you to put only 139 characters, while in MB WhatsApp, you can go for more than 300 words.

Powerful Security

All the initial security options are available in MB WhatsApp. Don’t be afraid. All your data is safe here. You can easily change your security option or reset your PIN or fingerprint. You will find the following security options here;

  • Pin lock
  • Fingerprint lock
  • Pattern lock
  • Face lock
  • Locking your private chat

Extra Privacy

Wanna have more privacy in your social life, download MB WhatsApp and enjoy next-level privacy with complete customization. The privacy options in MB WhatsApp are more than WhatsApp o;fficial hence more people are migrating toward it.MB WhatsApp provides you with the following privacy options;

  • Hide blue tick
  • Hide profile picture
  • Hide you status
  • Hide online visibility
  • Hide last seen
  • Freeze your online activities
  • Pin messages in a private group
  • Anti view once
  • Get deleted messages
  • Disable call filtration
  • Disable screenshots

Dual Accounts

Running a dual account is possible in WhatsApp MB. You don’t need to keep multiple WhatsApp Mods or even different cell phones. A single WhatsApp, known as MB iOS, is enough to run multiple accounts. You can access dual accounts in a single app.

Ad Free Mod Applicaiton

There are many modified apps that Provide you with multiple features, but they have common drawbacks. Most of them show ads, making you uncomfortable if you ignore them repeatedly and finally uninstall the app. MB WhatsApp is one of the famous modified apps that also features ad-free Applications.

iOS Themes

The app is famous because of its theme, so it is known as MB iOS or iOS WA MB. All of these names are because it has an iPhone theme, which is the reason behind its popularity. Download MB WhatsApp and enjoy all its themes. Now, you can get the feeling of the iPhone interface. These themes add more beauty to MB WA.

Locking Private Chat

You will enjoy extra privacy, and the can moto locking your private chat features help you avoid going for a complete app lock. This advanced feature secures our private data and provides us with a competitive security vibe.

Create Your Sticker

You can load, delete, and copy stickers from the internet, but have you ever thought about creating your sticker? MB WhatsApp allows you to create stickers, and you can choose your picture or friends to make fun of him. This is MB WhatsApp, which introduced the concept of creating stickers.

Show Blue Tick After Reply

This is an amazing feature of MB WhatsApp, and I am sure this is your first introduction to such a feature. You may have heard all about the blue tick setting but never thought that you could choose to have it after a reply. To enjoy more privacy, download MB WhatsApp and enable the blue tick after a reply.

In-App Translation

You don’t need to copy your text and then go to Google and translate it; it wastes a lot of time. When we use regular WhatsApp, we don’t have the option of translation, so we jump to another platform to translate our text. In MB WhatsApp, you write the text, and there is a translation option. Select your language and get a translation in seconds.

Call And Text Control

Here, you will enjoy multiple calls and text customization. You can block all unknown calls to keep yourself focused on the target. You also have text control, like changing font styles and double-ticking after a reply.

Quick Reactions

When you get a message in MB WhatsApp, it shows quick reactions. Below is the message you can send anyone. It saves you time when choosing an emoji or writing text; you can tap any quick reactions to save time.

Offline Access

You can send messages and access all the settings offline. If you don’t have a data connection, it doesn’t mean you can’t open your MB WhatsApp. Sometimes, we need our app when we are offline. You can send messages to yourself when you are offline, and they work like a reminder or your personal calendar.

Send High-Quality Pictures

Sending high-quality pictures is essential in this era when every cell phone has a high-quality camera. When we try to send high-quality pictures through WhatsApp, we lose image quality. MB WhatsApp allows you to send high-quality pictures without losing image quality.

How To Download On iPhone

You can’t directly run the app on an iPhone; all myths about it are false. While you can choose many alternatives, like Blue Strut, these are risky. You can’t violate the iPhone policy, so overlook the rumors about installing MB WhatsApp. It is a modified third-party app that Play Protect does not verify.

Comparison Between MB WA And WhatsApp

FeaturesMB WhatsAppWhatsApp Regular
Message schedular✔️
Download profile picture✔️
Download status✔️
Call filtration option✔️
iOS themes✔️
Offline access✔️
In-app translation✔️
Quick reactions✔️
Create your stickers✔️
Emoji variant✔️
Load stickers✔️
Load themes✔️
Send larger files✔️
Send HD files✔️
Send files in bulk✔️
Simple interface✔️
Lock your private chat✔️
In-built lock options✔️
Block screenshots✔️
DND mode✔️
Airplane mode✔️
Hide your name✔️
Blue tick after reply✔️
Freeze online visibility✔️
Freeze last seen✔️
Chat customization✔️

How To Fix Temporary Ban Issue In MB WhatsApp

If you notice that your account is banned, don’t worry—it’s not a big deal. This problem has a simple solution, but before going to the solution, let me clarify why accounts are banned. You may be banned when you do or install both official and modified WhatsApp on the same device.

  • If you face a temporary ban issue, first of all, wait. It will be auto-fixed.
  • Uninstall the app and download the latest version
  • You can request to unban your account in the help portion of the app

Pros And Cons

  • disable screenshots
  • hide blue tick
  • hide double tick
  • themes customization
  • load themes
  • disable forward tags
  • anti delete messages
  • download status
  • auto-reply
  • messages scheduler
  • extra security
  • mass message sender
  • offline access
  • send a message to yourself
  • font styles
  • not official app
  • it is a modified app
  • no more secure
  • WhatsApp can ban you
  • Sending large files consumes more data
  • Lack of some security features
  • It is unavailable on the Play Store, and you must download it from Google.
  • It updates automatically. You have to download the updated version from Google manually.
  • Multiple features may slow down your mobile speed
  • may harm your device


Stefano YG developed MB WhatsApp

MB WhatsApp iOS theme is know as Fouad iOS.

Go to Google and type latest version of MB WhatsApp.

it is legal you don’t need to be worried

click on there dots in MB WhatsApp and now hit chat backup.

yes it is completely safe to install MB WhatsApp on Android

A modified version of WhatsApp which have an iPhone interface.

My Thoughts About MB WA

I wasn’t familiar with MB WhatsApp but when I looked around my friends and family they were using it I just checked its settings and found a lot of features. That was the last day of WhatsApp, and I installed the MB WhatsApp APK. Now I enjoy more features of this app. I have suggested that many friends download such a wonderful app. You can also try this app, which will turn your social life from simple to advanced.

I have updated twice and enjoyed each of its features. There are a lot of features, but I like auto-reply and message scheduling. I am a businessman, and these features helped me a lot. The app’s interface is also beautiful, and you can’t ignore it. I have been using it for the last few years. I found no bugs, and even the latest version, V1.00, is anti-ban and much improved. WA MB is an advanced-level modified version of WhatsApp that has an iOS interface, and you will get an iPhone feel.


MB WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp official that provides more value and extraordinary features to improve your social life. This article is all about MB WhatsApp and will clear up all your confusion. After reading this article thoroughly, you will enjoy the app as you will learn all its customization. Each of the features and settings is described briefly. There are a lot of features that will surprise you.

Have you ever heard that you can schedule messages in social messaging apps, but MB WhatsApp provides such unique features? The most recent version of MB WhatsApp is V1.00, which provides dramatic changes. The app is updated regularly, and new features are added in each update.

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