TMWhatsApp APK Download Latest version V8.75 [Anti ban] 2024

TM WhatsApp
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Since WhatsApp was released, people have sought technology and want a more advanced messaging app. You are also searching for a more advanced version of WhatsApp to uplift your message experience. Every one of us seeks improvement in our lives, whether it is our social or physical lives. If you want to boost your messaging experience through the MOD (modified) Version of WhatsApp and wanna have next-level features, then you are just one step away. TMWhatsApp mod apk is counted among the best WhatsApp MODS. The app is more featured and has advanced security and privacy to enjoy your next-level messaging experience.

There was a time when there was no alternative to WhatsApp, and people had a single option of relying on WhatsApp officials. When MOD (modified) WhatsApp came into the industry social media, people downloaded it as these MODS provided more features and 10x more advantages, such as enhanced security, advanced customization options, and unique features not available in the official version. Now, people have the best alternative to WhatsApp, which is TMWhatsApp, which is why the volume and downloads of TMWA are increasing continuously.

One of the key reasons why TMWhatsApp is gaining popularity is its robust security and privacy settings. Unlike other MODs, TMWhatsApp puts you in control of your messaging experience, allowing you to customize every aspect of the app to your liking. Its theme customization options and unique emoji pack add a fun visual element to your conversations. With TMWhatsApp, you can feel secure knowing that your messages are protected.

What Is TMWhatsApp Mod APK

A modified WhatsApp developed by Titus Mukisa is known as TMWhatsApp. The app has features that will change your social life and facilitate you differently. The developer has introduced many new automation and technology features to ensure that you live in the technology era. Its auto-reply, messages schedular, and screenshot blocker features are making it skyrocket and helping you do a lot of work quickly. If you are a businessman, this app will help you as it has many features that will boost your business, like sending bulk messages, auto-reply, and maximum group members.

TM WhatsApp

Why TMWhatsApp APK?

We are living in an advanced century. Every day, many new inventions happen, all invented to help us. We are all struggling to make our lives easier and faster, so people are downloading TMWhatsApp as it makes their lives easier. The official WhatsApp doesn’t have such features that make your life easier. If you are busy in your routine life and have no time to reply to your friends, you don’t need to be worried if you have TMWhatsApp Mod apk as it has an auto-reply feature, while in the case of regular WhatsApp, you can’t reply automatically. For the last few years, people have been moving toward Mod APks to facilitate their lives as these mods help them boost their social life. Some famous Mods are AB WhatsApp, KB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Gold, and WhatsApp Plus.

How To Download TMWhatsApp

  • Turn on your internet
  • Open Google and type TMWhatsApp’s latest version
  • Select one trusted website like
  • Now hit the download button
  • Ignore a pop-up message saying, “This file can harm your Android.”
  • Click on download anyway
  • Now open your mobile file manager and APK folder. Your file is downloaded

Briefly Guide To Install TMWhatsApp In Android

Step 1

Open your WhatsApp regularly and make sure that your backup is on

Step 2

Now, if the backup is off, turn it on

Step 3

Uninstall your old WhatsApp

Step 4

Go to your mobile settings and enable the unknown device in the in-app settings.

Step 5

Click the downloaded file in the APK folder

Step 6

Congrats, your files are installed now. Signup and enjoy

TM WhatsApp

How To Get Your Data Back

You can access all your data back including videos, images and text if you have turned your data backup on.

  • So make sure that your backup is on
  • Now open your TMWhatsApp and click on three dots
  • At the end of its setting, you will find an option for data backup
  • Click on this, and your backup will start processing
  • It takes a few minutes, and then all your chat, including media files, will be restored.

Who Is Titus Mukisa

You will face two names: TMWhatsApp and Titus Mukisa. These both belong to the same Mod APK. Titus Mukisa, a renowned developer in the field, is the developer of TMWhatsApp, which is abbreviated as Titus Mukisa. The app can be searched by both the developer name and its shortcut name.

TMWhatsApp APK Latest Version V8.75

The latest version of TMWhatsApp V8.75 is more featured and improved than its old version. This is a bug-free version. When you try any Mods, make sure to download the latest version, as it is more improved and has many fixes. The old version of TMWhatsApp V8.71 is also famous, and you can also try it.

Why the Latest Version, V8.75 Is So Popular

The latest version is much improved and has some extra features. Its popularity is mainly because it is an updated version with no bugs, as all bugs are fixed. This version has many improvements and works smoothly. We don’t want to face any problems, so this version is popular. When you try this version, you will know why it is so popular. This version has extraordinary features, such as auto reply and theme customization. A new emojis and stickers list has been added to V8.75 to make it more attractive.

Features Added In the Latest Version V8.75

  • Hide media from the gallery and keep your private data safe
  • Turn off auto-downloading to keep your gallery safe from junk files
  • Sending multiple images and other data is possible
  • Send files in bulk simultaneously
  • Quick reactions
  • Enjoy multiple languages
  • Send larger files, including HD files
  • Home screen customization
  • Extra security with all security options

Features In Titus Mukisa WhatsApp [TMWA]

Download Status

TMWhatsApp allows you to download the status when viewing it, just hi. Just download the button and take the data in the gallery. The gallery. You don’t need extra action to download the status or install the additional app. You can’t download status in WhatsApp regular, and the only option you have is to ask a friend to send status to you; in most cases, he ignores you. You need to download TMWA.

Send HD Files Without Limitations

Sending HD files is essential, but you cannot if you use regular WhatsApp, which splits your files or sometimes loses the quality of the file. TMWhatsApp allows you to send all kinds of HD files. There is no limit on sending files, and your video quality will be the same.

Auto Reply

Just imagine you are sleeping and your friend messages you, and he gets instant replies because you have TMWhatsApp. This feature saves you time and provides you with a touch of automation. Now, it is time to take advantage of AI technology. You can also select your away messages in TMWhatsApp.

Message Scheduler

Message Scheduler is one of the advanced features of TMWhatsApp, which was recently added in its latest version to facilitate its users’ lives. Download the app and enable message scheduler to boost your life. This feature helps you schedule your next day’s meeting, task, or wish message so that when you are busy in your routine life, it will be sent automatically.

Emoji Variant

You will find unlimited emojis that will turn your boring life into visuals here. Emoji play an essential role in our daily conversation. Add more fun to your life and download TMWhatsApp, as it has new emojis to make your life more advanced.

Collection OF Stickers

TMWA has a list of new stickers to turn your boring life into visuals and add more fun. You can also create your own sticker in this app. Each update contains more stickers. Stickers in each category, such as happy, sad, and funny.

Hide Blue Tick

If you are busy with your routine and don’t want to reply instantly, click on TMWhatsApp customization and hide the blue tick. After enabling this option, you will no longer get your friends to complain that you ignore me. People will assume that you have yet to read messages.

Blue Tick After Reply

Here is the next-level privacy feature of the blue tick after the reply. This feature helps you enjoy your life without any restrictions. When you enable it, you read messages without letting your friends know that you have read them. A blue tick will appear if you reply; otherwise, it will show unread messages double tick only.

Send Messages While You Are Offline

You can also send messages while you are offline in TMWhatsApp. Many apps aren’t available offline, but TMWhatsApp facilitates enjoying the app even when you have no data or in an emergency where there is no mobile service.

Send Bulk Messages

Get rid of manually sending messages and download TMWhatsApp. When you have this app on your Android, you don’t need to waste your time sending messages one by one. A single click is enough to send 100 messages at once.

Group Customization

Here, you will find all types of customization, and even you can move for group customization. You can create private groups with this app. You can also pin text in private groups. This app allows you to control all group settings on your own. You can go for further customization like;

  • Change group name
  • Customize group icon
  • Change group image
  • Select admin
  • Choose who can send a message
  • Turn group into private
  • Choose group wallpaper
  • Security customization
  • Privacy setting

Security Customization

All your data is secure in TMWhatsApp, which has strong security. There are a lot of myths about modified apps that are not secure. While the reality is vice versa, when you try this app, all your questions and confusion will be no longer. Here, you will find all basic security options like;

  • In-built app lock
  • Pin lock
  • Face lock
  • Fingerprint 
  • Pattern lock
  • Lock your private chat

Privacy Features

Enjoy limitless privacy and spend an utterly private life. You will decide how much of your social life will be visible to others. TMWhatsApp privacy features include;

  • Hide blue tick
  • Freeze last seen
  • Hide single tick
  • Blue tick after reply
  • Freeze online visibility
  • Anti view once
  • Hide media sharing

Themes Store

TMWhatsApp has a theme store where different themes are available. You can also add new themes and delete old ones. These themes are added to make your social life more attractive.

Themes Customization

You will enjoy theme customization like;

  • Delete old themes
  • Restore themes
  • Reload new themes

Multiple Languages

Now, you can communicate with the world as the language barrier is no longer there. You can select your own language to communicate. TMWhatApp does not force you to speak or text in English. If you are not familiar with English, no worries; you can communicate in your own language.

Anti Forwarded Tags

TMWhatsApp is anti-forwarded tags, which means you can access app settings and disable forward tags. Now, you can forward messages without tags. Every one of us was worried about these forward tags, but now you have the solution.

Anti Deleted Messages

You can read all the deleted messages because you are using TMWhatsApp, which is anti-deleted messages. If someone makes fun of you and deletes messages after sending you a reply, reply to him and let him be surprised that I am not a regular WhatsApp user. I have TMWA, which assists me in accessing deleted messages.

Breaks WhatsApp Privacy

TMWhatsApp breaks WhatsApp privacy; you can access deleted messages and even download deleted statuses. You can also access those files repeatedly, which are restricted to view once.

Hide Last Seen

Hide your last seen in TMWhatsApp and confuse your friends by telling them you haven’t used WhatsApp for the last few months. It isn’t funny. This modified version adds more fun to your life, even giving you extra privacy, which surprises your loved ones.

Anti View Once

Access all those files repeatedly, even for a lifetime, that is restricted to viewing once as TMWhatsApp is anti-viewing once. If your friend makes fun of you and sends files with view-once privacy, let them surprise you by sending those files again.

Freeze Online Visibility

If you are tiered using WhatsApp or want to reset while you have many important meetings and clients, you can move to TMWhatsApp and then freeze online visibility so no one will know whether you are online or not. Everyone will know that you are always offline.

Always Online Option

It doesn’t matter whether you have a data connection or not; you can show your friends, family, and customers that I am always online. This feature is like having any paid tool, which shows that you are always online, while this feature is free.

DND Mode

You will be surprised to know that your mobile phone and TMWhatsApp have a DND feature. These features add more value to your private life, and you can take a breath while using TMWhatsApp.

Chat Customization

You will also enjoy chat customization in TMWhatsApp and level up your conversation. You can move for the following chat customization;

  • Font styles
  • Font colors
  • Pin chat in groups
  • Search your chat
  • Disable tags from the chat

Extra Launcher Icons

TMWhatsApp has many extra launcher icons that facilitate and improve your messaging experience.

Effects And Animation

Here, you will have many effects and animation options. You can create your animations, like GIFs and many other video visuals. There are many new effects in the app, which provide you with the next-level vibe of using some advanced social app.

Unlimited Media Sharing Facility

Enjoy the limitless media sharing facility in TMWhatsApp and send what you want. Now, you can send movies, dramas, and all kinds of large files. There is no limit on the number of files you can send, even if you send files in Bluk and more than 100 images at once.

No Status Limitation

Now, you will decide your status duration, as TMWhatsApp has set no limitations. Enjoy more status duration by using TMWA. You can increase both text and video status duration.

Message To Yourself

You can also send messages to yourself to keep things in mind. TMWhatsApp works like a personal notebook. You can write anything and then send it to yourself.

Call Filtration Option

Rejecting one new upcoming call wastes our time. There should be a better solution, and you are finally in. TMWhatsApp has a call filtration feature that allows you to enjoy your life without unknown calls. Only those who are on your contact list will call you.

Unlimited Group Members

Here, you will enjoy group customization with more than 1000 members, while regular WhatsApp access allows you to keep 275 members in one group. You can also create a community in TMWhatsApp.

Multiple Accounts

You can run more than one account in TMWhatsApp to meet your needs. You don’t need to keep multiple mobiles for this purpose. All those who want to run multiple accounts can download this app and save their energy.

Lock Your Private Chat

Locking private chat is a significant factor of TMWhatsApp, which saves you from locking your complete app. When you lock your private chat, you don’t need to download extra security apps or lock your WhatsApp. This security feature is one step ahead of WhatsApp.

How Can We Say TMWhatsApp Is Better Than WhatsApp Official

FeaturesTM WhatsAppWhatsApp Official
Schedule your message✔️
Auto reply✔️
Advance customization✔️
Security customization✔️
Privacy settings✔️
Hide blue tick✔️
Blue tick after reply✔️
Transfer large files✔️
Themes customization✔️
Load your themes✔️
Lock private chat✔️
Pin text in private groups✔️
Groups customization✔️
Hide gallery access✔️
Freeze online visibility✔️
Chat customization✔️
Download status✔️

Never Miss The Update Of TMWhatsApp

Each update of TMWhatsApp includes more improvements and new features. Make sure to get an updated version of TMWA so that you can also enjoy all these features. To keep in touch with new updates, bookmark our website,, so that you will never miss an upcoming update.

How To Update TMWhatsApp

  • Open your old version of TMWhatsApp
  • Click on three dots
  • Here, you will find the app update option
  • When you hit this option, you will confirm either update is available
  • If there is no new update, you will get a pop-up, “This is an updated version.”
  • Turn on your internet
  • Open Chrome and search for the latest version of TMWhatsApp
  • Now install this newest version of TMWhatsApp
  • Congrats, your TMWhatsApp is updated

Major Pros And Cons OF TMWhatsApp APK

  • create animation
  • hide blue tick
  • blue tick after reply
  • You can go for auto-reply
  • send HD files
  • get all deleted messages
  • Locking your private chat
  • In-built lock option without any third-party
  • Message schedular
  • Modified apps can ban you
  • Sending large files consumes more data
  • You have to download it from Google
  • Multiple features may slow down your mobile speed
  • have some security issues


Yes, we can update TM WA by downloading its latest version.

Yes we have to download emulator to run it on PC.

Cick on three dots and hit backup button you will get all your chat back.

Yes, it is safe to use it on Android.

Final Words

After reading the above article, you will have a clear image of TMWA in your mind. All the misassumptions will be gone. You may have to download the TMWhatsApp APK to get maximum information about the app. The features offered by WhatsApp regular are not enough to communicate in this era when our friends and fellows have better-modified versions.

The app is still under development, and you may notice some issues in previous versions. The latest version of TMWA is free of bugs and has more customization and improvements. This article will assist you in getting all the information about TMWA, like how I can install it and how to get all your chat back. Make sure you choose the latest version of TMWhatsApp to boost your massage experience to the next level.

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