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It is time to jump from official WhatsApp to KB WhatsApp as it is the best alternative to WhatsApp. We are human beings and always choose the best, so why get stuck on WhatsApp when you have an excellent alternative to WhatsApp that is more featured and has advanced-level privacy and security options? You would have realized that the official WhatsApp has only limited features, and these features don’t satisfy them. That is the main reason for the increasing download of MOD apps daily. Since the MOD versions of WhatsApp came out, people have been moving towards them.

Download KB WhatsApp APK KB1, KB2, KB3, KB4

KB WhatsApp has four MODS: KB WhatsApp+1, KB WhatsApp+2, KB WhatsApp+3, and KB WhatsApp+4. All these MODS are available here. You can download your favourite among them. All these have slight changes like themes, icon colour, and interface.

KB WhatsApp

KB WhatsApp Blue

KB WhatsApp Blue, also known as KB1, is named Blue because of its blue theme. It is the first number in the list of KB WhatsApp versions. You can download KB WhatsApp Blue to enjoy new features and the blue theme.

KB WhatsApp Black

The second number, WhatsApp with a black colour, is also named KB2. This app has black themes, hence its name, KB WhatsApp Black. Download the app if you are also a black theme lover and enjoy the app’s features.

KB WhatsApp Red

Download KB WhatsApp Red for exciting features and enjoy your social life in a new style. This app is the third number in the KB WhatsApp list, also named KB3 APK. The app has a red theme and a smooth interface.

KB WhatsApp Gold

A fourth number version of KB WhatsApp is KB4. This app has a Gold theme with complete theme customization. Download the app to enjoy its customization and red theme. The app is accessible to download.

What Is KB WhatsApp Mod Apk

KB WhatsApp mod apk is not an official app. It is the modified version of WhatsApp, which is more featured and has advanced AI technologies like auto-reply and message schedular. The developer has made some programming changes, making it more worthwhile. This modified version of WhatsApp is better than its original one. The app has many new features that are not present on WhatsApp. It will change your messaging style, and you will taste something completely new. The app interface is smooth and beautiful. The app has terrific customization in each of its features. You can go for complete customization and even change its interface.

KB WhatsApp

The app meets all its user’s demands with strengthened features, more privacy, detailed customization, and unique communication. The app has a fresh stock of emojis and stickers, which turns your communication into visuals and more fun in your social life.

Screen Shots Of KB WhatsApp

Each year, new and exciting MOD APK versions of WhatsApp are developed, and KB WhatsApp is one of them. The app was designed to fill the official WhatsApp gap, as it doesn’t provide features. KB WhatsApp has astonished its users with its unique features and smooth performance.

Check out all the screenshots of KB WhatsApp and claim all its features

Who Is Developer

An Arabian developer, AlKasir, modified the official WhatsApp and provided a completely different app to its users, which has more features and a simple user interface. He developed four app prototypes with various themes, colours, specifications, and features. These four versions are famous on the internet. You can try any KB1, KB2, KB3, and KB4 versions. These four prototypes were also searched by his name, such as Alkasir Blue WhatsApp, Alkasir Black WhatsApp, AlKasir Red WhatsApp, and Alkasir Gold WhatsApp.

Best Alternative of WhatsApp Official

What if you know that a new and updated cell phone is available? Of course, you will sell your old one and buy a new one to get new features and improvements. When we know that an alternative is available and something has been improved, we move toward the best. KB WhatsApp is the best alternative to WhatsApp as it is improved from the original WhatsApp and has plenty of exciting features. Here, you will get complete customization and feel like you are controlling your social life.

Only those who have yet to learn that there is a beautiful alternative to WhatsApp, which is more featured and free to download, are still using WhatsApp if you are one of those still using WhatsApp and unfamiliar with MOD versions of WhatsApp like KB WhatsApp.

It is time to touch something new, as humans are excited to try new things, so uninstall your old WhatsApp and try KB WhatsApp mod apk. It is more featured and submerged with new exciting messaging qualities. This app will change your social experience, and you will feel that you lived in old times before using KB WhatsApp.

WhatsApp KB A Need Of Time

We live in an era of technology, and new and advanced features are launched in every gadget. It is not good to have the old silly WhatsApp, which has few features. KB WhatsApp is necessary; as we live in an advanced era, we need more advanced apps like KB. It is time to move toward automation, as KB WhatsApp has an AI touch, like an auto-reply. Make sure to update your social apps to have a better social experience. This app provides you with complete safety and more privacy.

Features Offered By KB WhatsApp

KB WhatsApp has a lot of features, some new and many old. I am going to discuss some important features.

Auto Reply

It is time to modify your social life and try new features like an auto-reply. KB WhatsApp has a new and automated auto-reply feature. Download the app, go to settings, and enable auto-reply; now, you don’t need to reply manually. This is the best time to adopt automation to save time. Considering this automation, the developer has introduced an auto-reply feature for the app. This remarkable feature is not available in WhatsApp; hence, people download KB WA.

Message Scheduler

We are mostly busy in our routine life and have no time to wish someone on his birthday. KB WhatsApp has the best solution for this. You can schedule your message, which will be sent on time. You can also download this app if you are a businessman and must remember to send messages to your client on time. It will help you to grow your business. Message scheduling is an advanced feature of KB WhatsApp that makes it different from other social media apps like WhatsApp.

Status Privacy

Have you ever imagined that you view someone’s status and he is unfamiliar with this action? Now, you can do this, as KB WhatsApp lets you view your friend’s status without letting him know. You can also access your friend’s deleted statuses while they will be satisfied that no one can view their status. This app breaks the status policy of regular WhatsApp and allows you to access deleted messages.

Mass Message Sender

You have to send a lot of messages one by one. I know it is a time-consuming process, and you also get fatigued. If you ever thought there would be a single button, we could press it, and all messages would be sent. No worries. Now you are in the right place. Download KB WhatsApp. It has a mass message sender option. This feature saves a lot of time, and you can send bulk messages with one click.

Security Features

Many people are scared to download KB WhatsApp because of rumours that it doesn’t provide security. The app has more security than regular WhatsApp. It provides all the security options essential to protect our data, like fingerprints, pin locks, and pattern locks. You can also move to lock your private chat. The app provides you with extraordinary security options.

Privacy Features

KB WhatsApp provides complete privacy customization, so you can enjoy a more private life while using this app. You can hide your status, blue tick, last seen, online visibility, and even your profile picture. The app provides limitless privacy, and you will feel utterly secure after using it. You can choose who can call you and who can send you messages. Its call filtration option is a next-level privacy feature that allows you to eliminate unknown calls.

Group Customization

The app allows you to control all your group settings. You can change the group name, icon, security, and privacy options. You can also create a private group through this app. The group customization offered by KB WhatsApp is 20x more than regular WhatsApp. You can also create new groups. The app allows you to leave the group without letting the admin know you left.

App Lock

App lock comprises all security options, such as fingerprint, pin, and pattern lock. You can also choose face lock in KB WhatsApp. The app provides you with built-lock options. All your data is safe here, and you don’t need to be worried. The app’s developer has prioritized the security of its users’ content.

Lock Your Private Chat

KB WhatsApp has terrific features that lock your private chat. After having this feature in your messaging app, you don’t need to go for complete app locking. Locking our private chat is more essential than complete app locking. When we choose WhatsApp lock, we want to lock our private chat. To keep that in mind, the developer of KB WhatsApp has created a fantastic feature for locking your private chat. This feature has won the trust of its users, as most people want to secure their chats.

Chat Customization

KB WhatsApp provides you with complete chat customization. You can change the font style, chat wallpaper, and blue tick settings. The app allows you to change all the chat settings to your liking. It provides complete chat privacy, such as hiding a blue tick or choosing a blue one after a reply. You can go for further chat options like auto-reply and message schedular.

Blue Tick Setting

Before using KB WhatsApp on Android, you may listen to the blue tick. Here, you will get complete blue tick customization. You can change the colour of the tick or even tick styles. There are many types of ticks in KB WhatsApp. You can select the blue tick after the reply. You can also hide a blue tick or even a single tick. You can also hide double ticks. You must download the app to check for further blue tick settings.

Limitless Media Sharing

KB WhatsApp enables you to enjoy a limitless media-sharing facility. You can share all kinds of files, including HD and ultra 4k. You can also share files through WhatsApp, but you will lose the quality of your images and video. Through the App, the quality of all your files will be the same. You can send files in bulk simultaneously, while WhatsApp allows you to send 30 images spontaneously. Here, you can share all kinds of files without quality loss. KB WhatsApp will enable you to send HD and even ultra 4k files. WhatsApp allows you to send 30 images simultaneously, while KB WhatsApp allows you to send 100 images simultaneously. Here, you will not face any limits when sharing files. You can send files in bulk.

Enjoy Maximum Languages

Here, you will enjoy all international languages, including many local languages. It will allow you to communicate in your mother tongue and your country’s language. KB WhatsApp offers access to more than 50 famous languages. Select your language and start communicating more strongly. This app enables you to learn different languages.

The language barrier is no longer in KB WhatsApp. Here, you will learn international and local languages to communicate more efficiently. You can even speak in your own country’s language or mother tongue. This app will help you to learn many new languages. You must download KB WhatsApp and select the language you want. This app allows you to communicate and understand languages more easily. Now, it is time to explore the world of social media through different languages.

Hide Blue Tick

Here, you will enjoy next-level blue tick settings like hiding blue ticks and single ticks, and you can even choose blue ticks after a reply. You can also customize your blue tick styles and colours. Hiding a blue tick allows you to enjoy your social life without restrictions. Your friend also needs to be informed whether you have seen their messages. Hiding the blue tick was mainly impossible in WhatsApp officially, but KB WhatsApp allows you to hide the blue tick. Here, you will enjoy complete tick customization, from hiding blue ticks to changing colours and styles of ticks. You can also choose single or double-tick options in this app. Hiding the blue tick provides you with extra privacy. This features also break WhatsApp policy when it allows you to send a blue tick after a reply.

Multiple Accounts

You can quickly run multiple accounts on KB WhatsApp. Still, WhatsApp prevents you from running a second account on the same device. Having multiple accounts on the same device is necessary, and we all have to run multiple accounts, some for our business and others for family and friends. There is no limit to creating accounts on the App. 

Status Privacy

Here, you will enjoy a wide range of status privacy, from hiding your status to viewing someone’s status without letting him know. You can view someone’s deleted status. KB WhatsApp provides the next level of status privacy, which is available in WhatsApp. You can hide your status from selected contacts. You can view someone’s status without letting them know KB WA breaks the privacy of regular WhatsApp.

Download Status

We live in the advanced century, and every problem has a beautiful solution. Downloading status was a problem in WhatsApp, while KB WhatsApp has solved this issue. Now, you can easily download someone’s status without letting them know and asking them to send it. Download KB WhatsApp, which will provide a direct download option below your status.

Get Deleted Messages

Now, you can remove the old statement that this message is deleted. When you have KB WhatsApp on your Android, you can access all your friends’ deleted messages, read deleted messages in private groups, and view deleted statuses.

Send HD Files

Android companies are improving their cameras, and now we have high-resolution images and videos. However, there is a problem with sending HD files through WhatsApp. WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to send HD files; sometimes, it changes the quality of files. KB WhatsApp is the best solution to this problem as it will enable you to send all types of HD files in the same quality.

Themes Customization

The app has four prototypes, all of which have different themes. It provides complete theme customization, adding, deleting, and restoring themes. You can also customize the theme further in the app settings. These themes add beauty to WhatsApp; after changing the theme, you feel like you’re changing the app.

Fresh Emoji Pack

Since I am using WhatsApp, it has similar emojis and limited stickers. When I need new emojis, I download them from the internet or sometimes copy them. It takes a lot of time. Now, you don’t need to copy emojis or download them online. Just download KB WhatsApp and enjoy new emojis, as the latest version lists them. These emojis play an important role in visualizing your text. You can add more fun through stickers and emojis and feel the real taste of the messaging app.

What Is New In KB WhatsApp V33.00

  • This version adds more customization. You can customize your privacy, like hiding blue ticks, single ticks, status views, online actions, and online visibility. This version allows you to enjoy a more private life.
  • There is no language barrier now, as it provides translation services for over 20 of the world’s most spoken languages. You can also enjoy your country’s language here.
  • It provides you with a backup option. All your essential data is in safe hands.
  • Hide your media access and keep all your gallery data away from KB WhatsApp.
  • It also provides you with the option to send GIFS.
  • You can also send all kinds of HD files with the same quality and choose a quality limit.
  • Quick reactions are available on Double Tap to add fun and love to your social life.
  • This version offers auto-reply features, which save you essential time. This feature is handy if you are running a business.
  • Send images and files in bulk. Now, you can send 100 pictures at once.

KB WhatsApp And WhatsApp Official Brief Comparision

FeaturesWhatsApp OfficialKB WhatsApp
Message scheduler✔️
Auto reply✔️
Send Bulky Files✔️
Theme store✔️
Load themes✔️
Wonderful customization✔️
Download status✔️
View deleted status✔️
More privacy✔️
Extra security✔️
Group customization✔️
Unlimited Accounts✔️

How To Install KB WhatsApp on Android

The installation of KB WhatsApp is similar to that of other MOD APKs. Follow the given process to install the app safely.

  • First of all, download the app.
  • Search on Google’s latest version of KB WhatsApp V33.
  • Select any trusted website like apkwht.com
  • Now, hit the download button.
  • When you click the download button, you will get a message: “This file can harm your Android” Click on Download Anyway.
  • Now go to your mobile setting and allow the unknown source option in the app setting.
  • Open the App in the file manager APK folder
  • Now, install the app. You will get the app in a few seconds
  • Enjoy KB WhatsApp and complete the signup process. You can easily verify your Gmail and mobile number.
KB WhatsApp APK

How To Install KB WhatsApp on a PC

To install KB WhatsApp on a PC, you need an emulator. So, make sure to download an emulator first. You can also try Blue Stack, which is easy to use and free of cost. After having an emulator, you must drag KB WhatsApp and install the app. Now, complete the signup process and back up all your previous chats.

People Also Ask

You can download it easily from Google Chrome, as it is unavailable on the Play Store.

Yes, the app has no cost, and you can download it for free.

You must download the latest KB WhatsApp version to have a complete anti-ban APK. The latest version is anti-ban and much improved, as all bugs have been fixed.

Go to Google and type latest version of KB WhatsApp APK and then select any trusted website like apkwht.com

KB WhatsApp is entirely safe to use on Android, and you can download the app without any hesitation.

Yes we can easily update the app, all we have to do is downloading of KB WhatsApp APK latest version.

Final Words

A modified version of WhatsApp official with more features and complete customization, KB WA is famous because of its unique features that are unavailable in WhatsApp. After reading this article thoroughly, I am sure all your questions about KB WhatsApp will be no more. I have discussed all the pros and cons of using the App. All the features of the app are discussed in detail. This app will push your social life to the next level. After using this app, you will enjoy extraordinary features. Make sure to download the latest version of KB WhatsApp to enjoy all its features without any bugs or issues, as its latest version is much better.

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