ER WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 38.0 [2024]

Are you looking for ER WhatsApp to get a famous character theme? In the last few years, when the drama Ertugural Ghazi hit its peak, its fan followers increased rapidly. ER WhatsApp provides many exceptional features, including Islamic themes, historical character clips, and a beautiful app interface.

ER WhatsApp
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  • ER WhatsApp APK
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  • V38.0
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What Is ER WhatsApp APK

Asim Mahjoub created ER WhatsApp to provide more privacy and security features with Islamic themes and historical wallpapers to keep your history alive. That advanced-level application came into existence after the Turkish drama Ertugural Ghazi. As the app provides you with a lot of Islamic data, hence it is widely downloaded by Muslims around the globe. The app offers two options to enjoy your messaging app with beautiful Islamic themes and a history touch. The app improves your messaging experience and gives you a lot of next-level privacy and security features. This post will provide you with complete information on ER WhatsApp, which you can install safely on your Android.

ER WhatsApp

Why ER WhatsApp?

There are many reasons to uninstall your regular WhatsApp and download ER WhatsApp, while even a single ER themes store is enough. When you are interested in history, you keep searching for things that keep you attached to your history. ER WhatsApp also builds a strong connection with Islamic history as it belongs to historical Ertugural Drama. There are a lot of other features of ER WhatsApp that are not available in regular WhatsApp, such as auto-reply, message scheduling, downloading status, hiding blue ticks, customization, anti-revoke messages, and advanced security options. The app will help you rescue your work in your daily routine as Auto reply features allow you to send automatic messages, and you don’t manually type your messages. You can send bulk files in ER WhatsApp, which saves a lot of time daily. They have a beautiful, user-friendly interface that keeps you attached to the app, and you can enjoy using it for weeks or even months. There is the option of changing themes as it has a theme store, so you can make your app more attractive.

ER WhatsApp APK

ER WhatsApp Update

Regular updates provide new features and more advanced apps with maximum improvements. You can update the app by downloading its latest version. Each update contains many new fixes and improvements. All the bugs are removed, and developers offer a faster and more secure app. The latest version of ER WhatsApp is V38.0, which is anti-ban and has many new features with more improvements.

Download ER WhatsApp

ER WhatsApp is one of the top-level messaging apps with multiple features and more customization. To get some new features and facilitate your daily routine, download ER WhatsApp. This application provides an advanced-level chatting experience to boost your social life and offer something completely different. You can customize it according to your taste, and if you don’t like bulk features, you can also try its simple features without dipping into its advancement.

All the features of ER WhatsApp are discussed below, but to get more information about the app, you may have to download it and explore all its features and customization. To download this application without any issue, search and hit the download button.

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How To Download And Install ER WhatsApp

  • To download the file, you need a strong internet connection. This process is complete with an internet connection, so make sure to connect your Android to the Internet.
  • Open your mobile browser and type ER WhatsApp
  • A list of websites will be in front of you; select a trusted one
  • You can choose as it is trusted and has a lot of WhatsApp Mods
  • Now scroll down and read all the articles to get complete information about the app
  • Press the download button, and your file will be downloaded in a few seconds
  • If the download is not started, try again. Sometimes, due to network issues, files are not downloaded
  • Your files will be in your Android in a few seconds
  • Open the file manager and click on ER WhatsApp APK
  • The next step is the installation of ER WhatsApp
  • Make sure that your old WhatsApp backup option is turned on
  • Now uninstall the silly WhatsApp to get new features
  • Open your mobile settings and allow the unknown source option
  • Now open your download file and click for installation
  • Your ER WhatsApp is ready for customization and signup
  • Signup and enjoy the app

Ertugural Ghazi WhatsApp As ER WhatsApp APK

The app is also known as Ertugural WhatsApp, as it has historical themes and many Islamic stickers and emojis that resemble the Turkish historical drama Drills Ertugural. Asim Mahjoub developed this next-level application to keep Muslims attached to their beautiful Islamic history. You will enjoy the app if you have some knowledge about Islamic history or if you have watched the drama Ertugural Ghazi.

Download ER WhatsApp Latest Version V38.0

The latest version of ER WhatsApp is v38.0, which is much better than its previous version. All bugs have been fixed. You will enjoy many new features and options to help you communicate better. ER WhatsApp contains many new features that are available on regular WhatsApp. It is a modified version with a better interface and an ad-free app. There are a few WA Mods that offer you unlimited features at no cost and no ads. ER WhatsApp is one of them.

What Is New In ER WhatsApp Latest Version

The latest version of ER WhatsApp contains many updates, and its base has also been updated to Users are getting more features by exploring this latest version. Only you will access it if someone messages you, and notifications have been introduced to minimize user disruption. Now, you can click on alert messages while reading messages. The following main changes are made in this version of ER WA.

  • The ability to mark all chat reads is available
  • Saving video option is added
  • The night mode icon is updated, and one more is added
  • Turn on ghost mode now, and you will be invisible to everyone
  • Get status updates even in hidden mode
  • Get different download modes for each discussion
  • Can access previous primarily UI
  • Updated message archives are now accessible for readings
  • You can also hide ghost mode
  • Now you can also reveal ghost mode
  • Adding another number feature is added
  • Access to new setting format
  • Now, you can also create a nickname for yourself
  • Phone number and email linking options are improved
  • A group joining approval option is added
  • Now, you can deactivate many features to ensure the smooth working of ER WhatsApp.
  • This version is more improved and anti-ban
  • Privacy options for WhatsApp business users are improved
  • The search issue of contact is fixed
  • White space bubbles while scrolling are fixed
  • The random crash bubble bar issue is fixed
  • Anti anti-revoke message error is fixed
  • Storage issue in Android 14 is fixed
  • Fix backup and restore issues in some Android versions
  • Direct errors in some devices
  • Downloading theme issue in some devices
  • Enjoy more and discover new things
  • Significant other improvements and fixes

Which Is Better ER WhatsApp Or WhatsAPP Regular

ER WhatsApp APKWhatsApp Regular
Historical Themes
New stickers
Islamic Themes
Fresh emoji
Auto reply
Send bulk files
Share all kinds of files.
Message Scheduler
Download status
Hide blue tick
Blue tick after reply
Dual account options
Customize home screen
Text styles
Changing app icon
Beautiful interface
Regular updates
More privacy
Chat customization
Blue tick settings

ER WhatsApp Unique Features

DND Mode

You are tired from using WhatsApp for hours and wanna take a break without turning off your data, which is impossible in regular WhatsApp. Still, another beautiful option is downloading ER WhatsApp to switch your WhatsApp without switching mobile dates. There is a DND option in this app. When you enable it, you don’t receive notifications while you are online and getting all your messages. When you enable this option, you can rest without switching your date or even mobile. This feature helps businesses that can’t switch their mobile data.

Freeze online visibility

You can freeze your online visibility in this app to be more pirate. Freezing online visibility means you can choose two options: keeping yourself always online or vice versa. If you don’t want to show that you are online, you can switch to the always offline option in this app. You are running any business and always wish to be online, which is impossible with regular WhatsApp, but ER WhatsApp allows you always to choose an option that keeps your status online even when your date is turned off.

Hide your Actions like a recording.

You can hide all of your online actions to keep yourself more private. Regular WhatsApp provides online actions for its users, such as typing and recording. No one wants to show his privacy, but there is no option to hide them on WhatsApp. Download ER WhatsApp and hide all kinds of your online actions. You can’t raise questions about ER WhatsApp privacy as it provides all the essential features to keep yourself more secure and private. Only you will decide about your privacy in this app.

Blue Tick Settings

ER WhatsApp blue tick settings let you enjoy more privacy as you can customize your blue tick settings. You can choose many blue tick settings options, such as hiding the blue tick, changing the blue tick color, or moving to change tick styles. This app has another advanced blue tick settings option for selecting a blue tick after a reply. These types of blue tick settings are not available in your regular WhatsApp.


We make our lives more effortless in our routine lives. We love shortcuts and customization in each task. Customization means freedom. Yes, you will decide all the settings for your app. ER WhatsApp permits you to customize each app feature, even if you can change the app icon and its advanced settings, like changing the app interface and home screen. You will decide on each of its feature settings. The main reason behind the app’s popularity is its customization, which lets users modify it according to their desires. The choice everyone is different. Some people like simple things while others advance, so it is up to you. Download ER WhatsApp and change all of its settings to your liking.

Send Direct Message To Any Contact

The whole world loves that one feature as it saves us time. Every one of us feels frustration first to save the contact, and then he can send messages in regular WhatsApp, while ER WhatsApp has simplified it. Just dial the contact, and you will get a WhatsApp contact. When you hit this, you get all other options of messages and calls. Sending direct messages to any contact is nearly impossible in regular WhatsApp, so people download ER WhatsApp to get these advanced features.

Send Upto 100 Images

You can send bulk files in ER WhatsApp, like the concept of sending 100 images simultaneously, which is only present in this app. WhatsApp regular can’t permit sending more than 30 images at once. If you are doing any business where you must share bulk files regularly, you should move to ER WhatsApp and limit your daily file-sending limits. There are many benefits of sending bulk images, like saving time and allowing you to work hours in minutes.

Send All Types Of Files

It doesn’t matter if your file is jpg, png, hd, mp3, or even ultra 4k. You can share all kinds of your files in ER WhatsApp. There are a lot of problems in regular WhatsApp, and one of them is sending files. Only a few types of files can be shared, and you may have to convert these files and then share them, which is a waste of time. You can even share compressed files in this app. All kinds of documents can be easily shared through this app.

Locking Private Chat Option

There is an advanced security option in ER WhatsApp, where you can even lock your private chat to make it more secure. However, locking your WhatsApp is ridiculous when you want to secure your private chat, and you only have to do this. Considering this, the developers of ER WhatsApp have introduced a more secure option for locking your private chat. You can choose a pin lock or fingerprint option for this action.

Change Home Screen Settings

You can also customize your home screen settings, such as changing the header and footer settings and wallpapers. You can also decide the color of the home screen and all other options, such as status, chats, and settings. You will choose the exact position of the header options and how many options there will be. Home screen settings also include your font styles and colors.

Hide Last Seen And Freeze Online Visibility

You will be surprised that ER WhatsApp’s privacy features are not limited. You can hide your last seen and freeze your online visibility to enjoy a more private life. These features help you communicate when you are free and keep your relationships strong. You can also choose advanced privacy options like hiding your online actions of recording and typing.

Themes Store With More Than 3000+ themes

More than 3000 themes in ER WhatsApp allow you a wide range of customization. That does not end here; you can add more themes to get your final one. There is a list of Islamic themes in its themes store. Now, you don’t need to load new Islamic themes or download any other WhatsApp Mod that has Islamic themes like Omar WhatsApp. To get more themes and add more beauty and attraction to your social app, download ER WhatsApp.

Enjoy More Stickers

ER WhatsApp has many new stickers that will turn your boring life into fun and help you reduce your routine stress. You can add new stickers, delete old ones, and even make one. Here, you will enjoy many Islamic stickers to help you become a good Muslim. Many text stickers will help you communicate via these stickers and will reduce your time usage. This continues further; more stickers have been added to each update.

Hide Appearance

You can hide many of your appearances, such as your online status, online actions, and last seen. You can also hide your online visibility. This app has many privacy features that strengthen your private life and help you be more private. You can even hide your status and profile photo in this app.

Emoji Variant

You will get many emojis in ER WhatsApp, adding more fun and excitement to your social life. These emojis are essential to your daily routine as they save you time. There are two options: your friend sends you a message, and you want to reply to him. The first option is to write a long message, and the second is to send him a single emoji expressing your feelings. You will choose the second one to save you time. So, if you are excited to enjoy new emojis, download ER WhatsApp and have more fun with your family and friends.

Save Status

It is more convenient to save status in ER WhatsApp than in regular WhatsApp. You don’t need help from external sources to download status. The downloading direct status option is available in ER WhatsApp. Pressing the download button ensures the file will be in your Android gallery within seconds. Before ER WhatsApp, we may have to download software to get statuses, and this software slows down our Android speed.

Status Privacy

ER WhatsApp provides more status privacy and lets you enjoy a private life. You will decide your status will be visible to whom. You will determine if you want to show your online status, actions, and visibility. This app provides you with next-level privacy features, and its millions of downloads are due to its privacy features, as everyone wants to be more private. Regarding communication, the first thing that comes to our mind is our privacy in this app; the developer must keep that in mind while modifying the app. Download ER WA and enjoy new privacy features that are unavailable on your regular WhatsApp.

Multiple Language Support

ER WhatsApp is a multilingual app, and your language barrier is no longer. Now, you can chat with the whole world without language barriers. Download ER WhatsApp and enjoy it in your language. When we try to connect with the world, the main barrier we face is language, so now it is effortless to communicate through ER WhatsApp.

ER Chat Customization

The app’s Chat customization provides many new fonts and colors with basic chat features like changing fonts and anti-voke settings. You will enjoy many options in its chat customization, and you can modify it as you want, like changing language, auto chat, suggestions, and pinning your text messages in groups. You can also delete chats and customize disappearing messages.

Ertugural Colors

The app’s significant beauty is that you will enjoy all the colors used in the historical drama Ertugural Ghazi. This APK reminds you of the history of the great Turkish Muslim Leader Ertugural Ghazi. Staying in touch with our history is very important, that is why the Arab developer modified an amazing ER WhatsApp. This app has all the characters of the Ertugural drama and provides you with a beautiful color combination of that super hit drama.

Media Sharing Limits

There are no media sharing limits in ER WhatsApp, like in your regular WhatsApp. Now, you can send all kinds of files without any issues. When you try to send media files in your regular WhatsApp, you can only perform this action if there are many limitations. This was a big problem for all WhatsApp users, so ER WhatsApp solved this. Now, you will not notice any limitations and can share unlimited files without any data loss.

Message Scheduler

One of the remarkable features of ER WhatsApp is that it allows its users to schedule their messages. This feature adds significant value to your routine life and simplifies your tasks. So, to solve your many routine works, download ER WhatsApp and get your tasks scheduled. Scheduling your essential tasks helps you enjoy a more vigorous social life, like planning your friend’s birthday wishes and many other vital tasks.

My Approach To ER WhatsApp

This fantastic application represents the actual image of the Turkish Drama Drills Ertugural and keeps us connected with our history. I have been watching this drama for the last few years, as it has a lot of moral lessons and historical scenes. When I knew there was an application for this drama, I was surprised and downloaded it. I have been using this application for a few months, which is excellent. Its latest version, ER V38, is improved and helps us communicate without being banned. ER WhatsApp has launched its anti-ban version with new themes and more stickers. To get the latest themes and advanced privacy and security features, try this Mod APK and boost your messaging level to the next.

Pros and Cons Of ER WhatsApp

  • islamic vedios
  • ER theme store
  • Get multiple featurs
  • auto reply and messages schedular
  • Islamic themes
  • send bulk files
  • hide media from gallery
  • shared limitless files
  • more privacy features
  • Hide blue ticks
  • blue ticks after reply
  • regular update
  • send HD files
  • not available on play store
  • multiple features can slow down your cell phone
  • you can be blocked by regular WhatsApp
  • some people like simple things
  • consume more mobile data
  • Sending HD files consumes more data

Note: Before Downloading ER WhatsApp

ER WhatsApp is unavailable on the Play Store, meaning Google Play Store does not verify it, so that regular WhatsApp will ban you. ER WhatsApp is Mod APK; you may have to download it from Google. All types of Mod Apk are not allowed by Google Play Protect as these apps violate Safe Play policy. ER WhatsApp is a modified version of regular WhatsApp, which means developers have made many changes in its official class and added many new features. You may be banned by regular WhatsApp when you spam or send bulk links, while it can be banned for any reason.


The modified version of regular WhatsApp, which is developed to provide Islamic themes

Download the latest version of WhatsApp ER, and you will get all the new features.

Type ER WhatsApp on Google or any other search engine, and you will see many websites. Select a trusted one and then hit the download button. Don’t search for this app on the Google Play Store, as it is unavailable there.

No, there are a lot of myths about its iOS version, while it has only an Android version

Download the emulator and then just drag your downloaded files of ER WhatsApp.

Final Words

ER WhatsApp is critical in keeping us in touch with our Islamic history. We all know that Muslims have a great history, as they have ruled the world for thousands of years. Most of you have viewed the Turkish drama Ertugural Ghazi, which represents our history and a brave Muslim leader, Ertugural. This Mod Apk provides the latest privacy and security features with Islamic themes. To get all the features and more improvements, make sure to download the app from a trusted website like and hit the bookmark option for future updates of ER WhatsApp. To get more WhatsApp Mods, you should keep this website in mind. This article reduces all your confusion and questions regarding ER WhatsApp. You will enjoy the app as it has all the essential features necessary to communicate in this era of advancement.

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