WhatsApp Plus APK Download latest version V17.76 [Anti ban] 2024

whatsapp plus apk
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WhatsApp Plus APK is a wonderful modified version of the official WhatsApp. It provides you with a list of features that are mostly absent in official WhatsApp. After installing it, you will understand why millions of people rush towards WhatsApp Plus mod apk. Its features, user interface, and unique security features have increased its popularity.

We all know that official WhatsApp is updated yearly, and its last update was normal. They didn’t include some new things, but its latest security features have increased its difficulty. Here you will enjoy WhatsApp Plus APK with all its features, including security and privacy. If you want to enjoy all its features without bugs, try its latest APK version. You can also download its old version if you like simple things, as the new version has advanced features.

WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is not completely different; it is like the original WhatsApp, which has more features. This is a modified version of the original WhatsApp, which means that the developer has made some changes in its programming and made a unique APK app with all the basic features of WhatsApp and some more features. You will see the word mod APK, which means this app is a modified version of the original WhatsApp, which means it is a completely new app. The same term is used in WhatsApp plus APK. You can also try another MOD APK FM WhatsApp which is also features and famous because of its customization and variety of themes.

What Does WhatsApp Plus Stand For?

A completely different and unique modified version of WhatsApp was developed by Spanish developer Rafalete in 2012 and is named as WA Plus mod version. According to these figures, WhatsApp Plus is a modified and very old APK app. This app was updated regularly so its latest version is wonderful as all the bugs and issues are fixed. Its latest version provides us premium feeling of the app. That would be right if I say that it is a plus WhatsApp, yes, which means it is WhatsApp but plus some extra features. So if you call it Whats Plus or WA Plus all these are names of WhatsApp Plus.

Why is WhatsApp Plus Popular?

WhatsApp Plus is the best-modified version among all the versions of mod APK. It has a lot of features all these features make it different from all other versions of WhatsApp. The main reason behind its popularity is that its developers have developed it to solve many problems of users, such as users creating multiple accounts in a single app. WhatsApp Plus is a problem solver; therefore, its downloads are increasing daily while still having millions of downloads. WhatsApp Plus APK contains the main features required in this era, like creating a group with 1000 members, while official WhatsApp provides only limits below 300 members. WhatsApp Plus combines many features, increasing its popularity as new updates come. The developer is making it more powerful and simple by adding new features and removing all bugs that are reported by its users.

Important Features Of WhatsApp Plus


Whatsapp Plus was banned initially, but its latest 2024 version is anti-banned. Now, you can download and install WhatsApp Plus without any hesitation. Official WhatsApp bans other mod APK versions of WhatsApp, but when you move toward WhatsApp Plus APK, you shouldn’t worry as You are in safe hands. You have to uninstall the official WhatsApp and then download WhatsApp Plus. If you apply this strategy, WhatsApp will never ban you. Now all the new available versions of WhatsApp Plus are anti-banned.

Privacy Features

WhatsApp Plus has advanced privacy features. These features are added to secure your private life. WhatsApp Plus makes sure that no one can indulge in your private life. You will decide who can view your status. No one can call you without your permission. You can hide your online status so no one will know whether you are online or offline. You can hide your writing and recording status. 

Privacy Features of WhatsApp Plus APK

Hide Yourself

You are looking for a private life and don’t want to use social media all the time, but you are tired of texts from your friends who say you don’t text us while you are always online. Now, this problem will be no more after you download WhatsApp Plus, so make sure to download it and then freeze your online status, last seen, and status from such friends. You can also hide your following properties in WhatsApp Plus.

  • Disable or enable anti-revoke
  • You can also hide your status from some contacts
  • Hide your recording and writing status
  • Hide online status
  • Hide your online activity
  • Freeze last seen
  • Freeze double tick
  • Freeze single tick


Most apps don’t allow you to change their settings or sometimes allow you to change a bit of settings, but WhatsApp Plus provides you with complete customization. To get all the features, open App and click the three dots. Now, you will get an interface like plus setting, messages scheduler, auto-reply, restart WhatsApp, new group, and more settings. Here, you will decide all your settings. You can only force yourself to follow the fixed features. You can change every feature of WhatsApp Plus APK manually.

View Deleted Messages

You can easily access all deleted messages in your chat. WhatsApp Plus will not show you “this message is deleted” as it does on official WhatsApp. When someone deletes a message on his mobile, you can’t see that message, but WhatsApp Plus allows you to delete only your chat and view your friend’s deleted messages. Sometimes, your friend sends you an important text, but mistakenly, he deletes the text. You can see her message, which has been deleted from his chat box. You can also view the deleted status. Someone puts a status and then deletes it on the spot; no one will see his status, but all the WhatsApp plus users can view his status.

Collection Of Variant Themes

WhatsApp Plus has a collection of themes. You can change themes daily and choose your favorite. It also allows you to upload new themes. Moreover, its themes are updated regularly. To enjoy new themes, download the latest version or download new themes and then upload them on WhatsApp Plus. These themes enhance WhatsApp Plus’s beauty and make it user-friendly.

WhatsApp Plus Themes

User-Friendly Interface

WhatsApp Plus mod apk is user-friendly. Its users feel energized daily because of the app’s design and beautiful color combination. Developers have provided the option to customize the app, which is why it is user-friendly. Users can easily mold all its settings according to their desire. All the features are not embedded on the main screen but are adjusted under three dots. Only the main and important features are patched on the main screen.

Message Directly

Official WhatsApp requires you to save the contact first, and then you can communicate with that person, which is a total waste of time. Sometimes, we don’t want to add someone to our contact list. We have just messaged him once, but official WhatsApp doesn’t allow us to send direct messages. To add everyone to our contact list is not possible because our contact list is just for our family, friends, and loved ones, not for everyone. We must message the delivery boy, especially in our routine life. WhatsApp Plus allows you to direct messages without saving contact and saves time and mobile storage.

Auto reply

We live in a busy era, and our social life affects our daily busy routine, especially when our friends are angry about why we are not replying to them. Now your friend’s complaint will be on more download WhatsApp Plus and turn on auto-reply. Now your friend will get a quick reply. This feature saves us time. 

High-Quality File Sharing

WhatsApp allows you to share only limited-sized files, and we can’t share large files with high quality. It also changes the quality of our pictures and videos. WhatsApp Plus allows you to transfer all kinds of files without losing quality. You can share HD movies via WhatsApp Plus APK.

Unlimited Features

WhatsApp Plus has no limit on file sharing, while official WhatsApp has many limitations, such as you can’t send HD videos. WhatsApp also limits status duration, group members, and simultaneous file transfer, while WhatsApp Plus provides you with unlimited features and no limit on creating an account. WhatsApp Plus also provides you with Unlimited security and privacy features.

View once

In WhatsApp, you can’t view private files again and can’t take screenshots, but WhatsApp Plus provides you with the facility to view as much as you want to view that file and can easily save it into your gallery. So, if someone has used privacy and you want to view those files repeatedly or want to share, then WhatsApp Plus APK is ready to assist you. Just download and install it to get the anti-view once feature.

Chat Pinning

You can pin your chat even in private chat groups while using WhatsApp Plus, but these features are not available in WhatsApp. If you like something in the group, you can easily pin it, and you can pin others’ chat. This feature is dominant in WhatsApp Plus among all modified versions of WhatsApp.

Multiple Accounts

Sometimes, more than one account is required, or you have multiple accounts to run your business. Some people have different accounts, like family or business accounts, so it is very hard to keep two or three cell phones simultaneously in their pocket when they are in trouble. They download WhatsApp Plus, and their problems are solved with a single app. Whatsapp Plus allows you to create multiple accounts in a single app.

Collection of Emojis

Official WhatsApp has only a limited number of emojis, while WhatsApp Plus contains a collection of new emojis. These emojis save you time as a single emoji expresses your feelings. You don’t have to write a long text. You can express all your feelings with emojis and add fun to your private chat.

Schedule Your Text

You can schedule your text when you are busy, and it will be automatically sent to your loved ones. This feature saves you time, and if you have a busy routine and forget many things, you must try WhatsApp Plus.

Download Status

To download the status on WhatsApp Plus, click on the arrow and get the video in your gallery. Official WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to download the status directly. You can request your buddy to send him his status; in most cases, he forgot to send you that picture. After getting WhatsApp Plus, you won’t need to request anybody to send status. You can easily download the status by just hitting the download button.

Flight Mode Or DND Mode

If you want to pause, you do not need to turn your mobile on silent or off your data, nor do you need to go into mobile settings and turn off your WhatsApp notification. You only have to download WhatsApp plus APK and turn on flight mode. Flight mode allows you to pause without switching your mobile data.

Decide Who Can Call You.

WhatsApp Plus lets you decide who can call you; if you don’t want to receive more calls, go to settings and reject unknown calls. You will no longer receive calls. You can also go to advanced settings, which only allows selected contacts to call you. If you miss the call filtration option, move to WhatsApp Plus APK and enjoy the amazing feature to eliminate unknown calls like marketing companies. Make sure to download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK to enjoy all new features like call filtration.

Font Styles

Apply a font style that you love or feel comfortable using it in your social media app. Whatsapp Plus contains a variety of font styles, some unique and different, that make its user interface more charming. This option is first available on our cell phones, while before this, we only observed some fonts on our computers. The official version of WhatsApp does not allow users to choose different font styles.

Group Customization

Easily customize all your group settings, such as who can react to your voice and video. You can also customize who will post in the group. There are many customized features for groups to increase group security. You can also decide who can join your group and can only create a private group for your family and close friends.

Multiple Language Support

You can enjoy multiple languages in WhatsApp Plus. It provides you with all the available languages in the world that are recognized by the internet. This feature has increased its popularity, and hence, it is downloaded and installed in the whole world. Its users are the whole world and are enjoying its features.

Security Features

You will enjoy multiple security features in WhatsApp, such as locking your WhatsApp. You can lock your conversation and go to pin, security, fingerprints, or pattern lock. WhatsApp Plus provides advanced security features to ensure your data safety. You can also hide forward tags through settings so no one will know that you have written the text on your own or are forwarding the file.

security features of WhatsApp Plus

Send High-Quality Large Files.

There are limitations on official WhatsApp, such as that you can’t send larger files. It limits the number of files you send. Sometimes, you can’t even send files or have to split your video into different parts, which is ridiculous. If you are having the same issue as I was before installing WhatsApp Plus, then you should download WhatsApp Plus. WhatsApp Plus allows you to send all kinds of larger and smaller files without splitting your files into parts. In WhatsApp Plus, you will not lose the quality of your video. You can easily send movies to your friends via WhatsApp Plus.


WhatsApp Plus assists you in saving your mobile storage, and it has a cleaner option. Its cleaner automatically deletes all the unnecessary data from your chats, and you will not get a notification that your storage is running out. This cleaner works automatically and saves time in manually deleting your chats and all other unuseful data. To enjoy this exciting feature, say goodbye to your WhatsApp and migrate toward WhatsApp Plus to enjoy both saving time and mobile storage.

WhatsApp Plus For PC Complete Guide

You can also enjoy your WhatsApp Plus on PC. I will provide you with complete information about running WhatsApp Plus on your computer; it is so easy you have to follow the instructions below.

  • First, you need an Android emulator to enjoy WhatsApp Plus on your PC or laptop.
  • The Emulator allows you to run any APK app
  • You will find a lot of emulators on Google
  • I use Bluestacks because it is simple and runs smoothly
  • After downloading the blue stack, you have to install it
  • Now download the mod APK version of WhatsApp plus
  • Open blue stack and install the app
  • Now open the app in the emulator and enjoy all its features on the large screen.

A Brief Guide To Installing and Downloading WhatsApp Plus on Android

  • Turn on the chat backup.
  • Uninstall the official WhatsApp 
  • Make sure you download the original WhatsApp Plus.
  • After downloading the app, use your mobile security settings to enable the unknown sources. Now open the app from your mobile and install it.
  • After the installation, the process is the same as that of the original WhatsApp.
  • When you have opened your app, click on the three dots and customize all your settings, from security to privacy, to enjoy all the features of WhatsApp Plus.
How to Download WhatsApp Plus APK

Remember The Following Things While Migrating From Official WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus.

  • Turn on your chat and data backup before uninstalling the official WhatsApp
  • Turn on your backup through a registered Gmail or phone number.
  •  To turn on backup, Go to settings “Settings” > “Chats” > “Chat backup” and turn on chat backup.
  • Now uninstall the official WhatsApp
  • Go to Google and download the mod APK WhatsApp Plus to enjoy new features.
  • Go to mobile file manager and then open APK apps.
  • Here, you will find WhatsApp, plus click on it.
  • Click on “Allow unknown source” to install it.
  • Please wait a few moments until it is installed.
  • Open the app and provide your mobile number or Gmail.
  • Wait for security verification. You will receive a five-digit verification code. Put this code
  • You will get a beautiful interface that is WhatsApp Plus.
  • Edit your profile as you want
  • Go to universal mode and customize your privacy settings.
  • Now enjoy WhatsApp Plus to get a better social life.

Moving From WhatsApp Business to WhatsApp Plus

Remember one thing: if you have your business account on WhatsApp business and you have listed your products in the catalog, then make sure to connect your account with your Gmail for backup to save your products in the catalog. You also have another option to make your account on another number or Gmail that is not registered in WhatsApp business. But this is when you are a business man running your business through WhatsApp business by meta, while if you are a normal WhatsApp user, you do not need to worry. Just install WhatsApp Plus and enjoy your social experience.

Is it Safe To Download And Install WhatsApp Plus on Android?

Whatsapp Plus is an APK that is similar to Whatsapp but has some extra features and is modified; hence, it is known as WhatsApp Plus mod APK. As there is a question of its safety, it is completely safe for Android. The programmer has changed WhatsApp and added some new features that users were missing. There is no security issue so you can download and install WhatsApp Plus.

Differences Between WhatsApp and WhatsApp plus

WhatsApp Plus Latest Version of 2024, Download free

It is very important to download the latest version of every APK app to enjoy its all-new features. The old version of any APK app may have some issues that are not fixed as the developer doesn’t know its user experience. As the number of app users increases, they give feedback about the APK app so the developer makes changes in the app. same in the case of WhatsApp plus you have to try its latest version V17.76 updated in April 2024. All the bugs found in the previous versions are fixed and added some new features.

WhatsApp Plus APK Download Latest Version 17.76

Features Added in WhatsApp Plus v17.76

Enjoy Whatsapp plus V17.76 with many extra features. Some of its features will increase your working speed, like an increase in multiple accounts and groups with 1000 members. I am using this version and am glad thankful to the developer who made a wonderful app with the latest features. I was tired of using WhatsApp as it has strict security features and extra limits like the limit of accounts, group members, and status duration. Now all my problems are solved after installing WhatsApp Plus v17.76.

Added Values

  • Added old UI style
  • Message edit history check
  • Ghost mode option and button
  • All your actions will be invisible as ghost mode is added
  • Night light option
  • Custom download option
  • Anti-ban protection improved
  • Mention mark
  • Load themes from zip files
  • Hide recent chats

Main fixes

  • Ghost mode custom privacy issue
  • Some texts are not showing on the screen while scrolling
  • Date bubbles create problems during the display
  • Backup and restore issues in some Android versions like in 13+
  • Some mobiles show crashes in call history
  • Screen share button color issue
  • Privacy for business chats
  • Some phones are showing issues in the hidden view
  • There is a random crash in the bubble bottom bar in some mobile
  • Theme download issue in Android 14+
  • android 14+ backup and restore issue
  • Search during call
  • Storage issue
  • General crashes in some mobile
  • Audio recording issues
  • Storage issues in some androids
  • Many other main issuPlusixed

Changes Done in V17.55

Values Added in This Version

  • Save features for new videos 
  • The video notes option hide
  • See the Original message before editing
  • Icon text for users that message is edited
  • Enabled sending media in high-quality
  • Enabled pin messages for 24 hr and 7 days
  • Quick message sending enabled
  • Share files on Facebook and other social media apps
  • Local backup daily
  • Edit message quickly
  • Pin your text even in private groups
  • Pinned messages of others are also available to you
  • Locked your conversation easily
  • Chat transfer by phone without any drive
  • The same device will have multiple accounts
  • Get original tabs
  • Group permission
  • Media preview setting
  • Complete new UI

Important Fixes in This Version

  • Some chats show random crash issue
  • Crash while opening WhatsApp story
  • Elapsed Time Option
  • Search tab in groups 
  • Crash of status privacy
  • Unread badge-taking color issue
  • Crash of online payments on some phones
  • Restores and backup issues, especially in Android 13+
  • Home screen showing caller icon bugs
  • Voic note icon bug with wa ui
  • Downloading of emoji pack in Android 13+
  • Admin not taking color for deletion of everyone’s option 
  • Download icon missing in some Androids 
  • Send My Location Issues 
  • Issue of my location button
  • Crash in the message schedule
  • Forwarding messages crashes
  • Problems of storage permission in Android version 13+
  • Hidden chat option in some android
  • Space between quoted messages
  • Community clicking crash
  • Crashes on older phones
  • Anti view issue
  • Storage issue in Android 14+
  • Recording issue
  • Themes downloading issues
  • Data bubbles not showing clearly during scrolling
  • Call history crash
  • Screen share crash
  • Swipe row issue
  • Other main fixes and improvements

Pros and Cons of WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk


Many rumors are there regarding WhatsApp Plus, but it is completely safe for Android

The app was developed by a Spanish developer, Rafalete, in 2012 and was updated yearly.

Yes, you can easily customize all your settings from chat to status privacy.

yes we can easily update the app by just downloading its latest version and uninstalling its old version.


A modified version of WhatsApp is better than WhatsApp and has plenty of features, as I mentioned above. Whatsapp Plus is the best alternative to WhatsApp to improve your social messaging experience. So, to experience all of its features, you have to download and install it. I have used this app and am enjoying it, so I suggest you try it. Download the original version of the app to ensure your security. Whatsapp Plus is aligned with Plus WhatsApp and shortcut names like WA Plus and wast Plus. In this article, I have discussed all the pros and cons of WhatsApp Plus APK, including its various features and process of installation. Bookmark our website to get upcoming versions of WhatsApp Plus.

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