Blue WhatsApp Plus APK Download Latest Version V9.94 April 2024

Have you ever gotten a different messaging App to boost your messaging experience? If not, that is time to enter an advanced era and change your old WhatsApp, which has no unique features. There is an outstanding alternative to WhatsApp Blue WhatsApp Plus, which is modified enough that you will enjoy each of its features.

Blue WhatsApp Plus
  • App Name
  • Size
  • Category
  • Version
  • Downloads
  • Publisher
  • Requirement
  • Last Updated
  • Price
  • Blue WhatsApp
  • 76 MB
  • Messaging App
  • V9.94
  • 10 Million
  • Android 5+
  • April, 2024
  • Free

WhatsApp officials have over 2 billion active users, and it is very tough to provide updates as it is risky. Therefore, WhatsApp can’t add features that are present in MOD APK WhatsApps. Everything in the universe is moving toward evolution fast. The app is designed so that all the initial and essential features not present in WhatsApp are available here, and you can customize them.

The app is famous worldwide, and people are rushing to download it as it has lovely customization features, from security to privacy. Here, you will control each of your app settings yourself. The app’s popularity is due to its theme customization and additional privacy features like anti-revoke and blue tick customization.

What is Blue WhatsApp Plus MOD APK?

A modified APK version that is entirely anti-ban and has many new additional features not available in WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus Blue is also a modified version of WhatsApp Plus, and you can also try WhatsApp Plus as it is a modified APK app. Blue WhatsApp Plus MOD APK is famous for its beautiful blue themes, as shown by its name. The app is easier to use with a simple interface and many features. You can go for complete customization while using this app. You will enjoy outstanding features like hiding a blue or blue tick after a reply. You can also retain all the sender’s deleted messages and access deleted statuses in this app. The app is mainly downloaded from Pakistan, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, and India.

blue whatsapp apk

What is MOD APK?

Any app outside its actual form and with many new features unavailable in its original app is known as MOD APK, like Blue WhatsApp Plus. These apps are also not available on the Play Store. Sometimes, the original versions of apps need to satisfy their users. The developer made changes to the original app, which is now referred to as MOD APK. These modified versions of apps are much better than the original ones as they have a lot of new features, which are not only features but also solutions to users’ problems.

Why Blue WhatsApp plus MOD APK

Blue WhatsApp Plus is the best alternative to WhatsApp Plus as it is much better than WhatsApp. If you want to send an auto-reply message in WhatsApp and can’t find any option now, you must migrate to Blue WhatsApp, as it allows you to send auto-reply. A list of features highly required for better communication in this advanced century isn’t available in WhatsApp. That is why millions of people are moving towards Blue WhatsApp Plus. WhatsApp doesn’t fully customize your app, while Blue WhatsApp allows you to customize each feature completely. There is a list of reasons to choose Blue WhatsApp over WhatsApp.

Blue WhatsApp Plus Latest Version V9.91 January 2024

To enjoy the complete anti-ban app with many new fixes and improvements, make sure to have its latest version V9.91. This new version is anti-ban and has new features added to it. 

Version nameV9.91
New version size78 MB
App nameBlue WA Plus
Android version required5+

Values Added In This Version

  • The number is not in use issue is fixed
  • View status privacy issue fixed
  • More strong anti-ban
  • A new Plusmod design has been added
  • Expiry has been extended
  • The new version of WhatsApp Plus, gold WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, replaces the Play Store version.

What Is New in This Version


  • Ghost mode has been added to this version, and no one will be familiar with your activities. They will think you are offline while you can view their messages and statuses without letting them know.
  • Added option to show and hide ghost mode icon
  • Anti-ban improvement
  • Custom media control for each chat is added
  • See message edit history
  • Added WhatsApp’s old UI style


  • Multiple accounts
  • Return original tab
  • About with expiry
  • Media preview features enabled
  • New group member approval before joining
  • Add an e-mail address to your account
  • New setting UI
  • Create a profile @username and wait for approval
  • Adjust group permission


  • Screen share button color
  • Some text was not showing during a call, while the white theme was active
  • Date bubbles not showing while scrolling
  • Custom privacy for business chats
  • And many other fixes

Major Fixes in 9.84

  • The random crash issue is no more in chats
  • Plus, the mode crash issue is also solved
  • Home screen call banner bug was fixed
  • The voice note banner bug issue has also been fixed
  • Hidden chat shortcuts in the app
  • Group tab search
  • Local backup daily
  • Some crashes while doing online payments
  • Android 13+ showing storage permission issue
  • Android 13+ restores backup
  • Android 13+ download emoji pack issue
  • Delta for everyone not taking color issue
  • Some users facing forward message crashes
  • Status privacy issues

Essential Features of Blue WhatsApp Plus

Customize Your Conversation

Whatsapp Plus Blue provides unlimited features, but its most important feature is customization. You can go through chat, privacy, and security customization. Whatsapp Blue allows you to lock your conversation and change the font styles of your text. It provides complete chat customization, like changing your text styles and size. Chat customization is the main reason behind its millions of downloads. Download the app to enjoy all its features, from customization chat to security customization.

Privacy Management Features

Blue WhatsApp Plus provides you with maximum privacy features, which are enough for a better private life in this advanced life of the 21st century. Its privacy features differ from WhatsApp as it provides a hide view status option. Hide view status keeps your name hidden. After viewing the status, you can hide the blue and double-tick options in Blue WhatsApp. The app’s privacy includes hiding a blue, single, and double tick on your profile and status. You can also access the files permanently, which are anti-view once. You can manage your privacy in the App and improve your messaging experience.

blue whatsapp apk

Customization Made It Easy

We are human. We like every easy gadget and everything customized according to our taste, like Blue WhatsApp, which allows us to customize it completely. Because of its customization, its downloads are increasing daily, and the app becomes more accessible after complete customization. We have different desires and lifestyles, so we can customize apps to fulfill our desires. Some people like fancy things, while others like simple things, so if you think this feature is not for you, skip it and vice versa. Download Blue WhatsApp Plus and enjoy its customization and simplicity. After using this app, you will enjoy all its features.

Backup And Restore Option in Blue WhatsApp

Everyone loves the safety feature, and we prioritize it before buying or using anything new. Similarly, the developers of apps have also kept these things in mind during app development. You will have complete data safety in the app, which is risk-free. Here, you will find backup and restore options to save your data. You may lose your mobile or want to get all your data back. Don’t worry; the app will provide complete safety and backup options. Your essential data will be delivered when you turn on your backup. App prioritizes your data safety and allows you to customize backup and restore options in its settings.

Transfer Data More Quickly

Transfer all kinds of essential data more quickly than WhatsApp. This app helps you send larger files with high-quality images and videos. When you transfer your data more quickly, you will save a lot of your time. You don’t need to send files individually; you can simultaneously send 100 images on Blue WhatsApp. The app allows you to send files in bulk faster than WhatsApp official.

Transfer of All Kinds Of Files With High-Resolution

Whenever we try to send high-quality files like images and videos via WhatsApp, the quality doesn’t remain the same when transferred. We always retain the image quality, and sometimes we have to send critical high-quality files, but we can’t keep the quality of such files constant. Blue Whatsapp helps us send files without limitations and quality loss.

Blue Tick Customization in Blue WhatsApp

Blue ticks play an essential role in WhatsApp, especially in privacy features. WhatsApp official doesn’t provide any blue tick customization like Blue Whatsapp Plus delivers. This app lets you control your privacy by hiding a blue or even a single tick. You can also choose a blue tick after a reply. This feature dramatically helps you, especially when you want to avoid showing whether you have seen the message.

blue whatsapp apk

Secure Your Chat

The app enables you to secure your chat in various ways, such as locking your app with a fingerprint or pin lock or even choosing a pattern. But there is another advanced feature, which is locking your private chat. Now, you don’t need to go to complete the app lock; lock your private conversation and enjoy Blue WhatsApp plus privacy features. Now, all your chat is secure, and if you forgot your PIN, you can recover it.

blue whatsapp plus apk

Freeze Last Seen

I don’t want to show your last seen. Then download Blue WhatsApp Plus and go to its settings to enable Freeze last seen. Now, enjoy the app without letting anybody know that you are online. Freezing last seen will show that you last used WhatsApp a few months ago and will confuse your friends whether you are using an app.  Freezing last seen is an important privacy feature; now your friends will not complain that you were online at that time but haven’t replied.

Freeze Media Visibility

Sometimes, we suddenly open the app and touch the media button, which causes the sharing of our private files, especially when cell phones are in our children’s hands. When you freeze media visibility, no one can share files on your cell phone. This fantastic feature is also available on Blue WhatsApp. Now, after having an app, you will be confident and never hesitate to give your mobile to any family member.

Who Can Call You

The app lets you decide your private life, such as who can call you. Only you will choose and permit those who can call you; otherwise, no one will call you. The app provides a call filtration option, saving you essential time. You can reject unknown calls in this app; now, only people in your contact list will call you. Download Blue WhatsApp and eliminate all unnecessary calls, such as marketing companies and many other new calls.

Hide Blue Tick And Double Tick.

You can easily hide blue and double ticks in this app and take your privacy level to the next level. This feature is no longer available on WhatsApp, which provides limited privacy features. You will also enjoy many other privacy features, like a blue tick after a reply. The app provides you with complete privacy customization.

Hide Your Typing And Online Status

You often notice that WhatsApp shows your typing and online status. It keeps our privacy alive; you can hide your typing and online status in Blue WhatsApp. Here, you can also hide your online status and record actions. Hiding your online status allows you to enjoy your private life without providing any clue as to whether you are using WhatsApp or not. Sometimes, we want to reply to anybody and then cancel it. When we did that on WhatsApp, our friend knew that he was first typing, and now he has given up; it may cause a conflict among us, so keep your online activities frozen.

Save Profile Images And The Status of Your Friends

In WhatsApp, you take screenshots to have profile pictures of your friends, which may cause you to lose image quality. Now, you have WhatsApp Plus Blue, which allows you to save any profile image and download status. You can download the status in Blue WA Plus, but WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to do so directly.

Auto Reply Facility

This is the time to modify yourself, including your social activities and your apps, as new and more advanced apps with an artificial intelligence touch are available. This is the era of AI, and many things are moving toward automation, so download the Blue WhatsApp Plus and provide your chatting experience with a completely new automated touch, like sending auto-messages. You can enable the auto-reply option in this app, saving you energy and time.

Send Messages While You are Offline.

You can also send messages while you are offline. This app works like a reminder or your notebook, allowing you to send messages to yourself. Now, you don’t need to have notes in your pocket to keep this reminder or install any other app.

Schedule Your Message

The app also provides a message schedule option, and you can manually schedule your following message with a date and time. This feature is like your own reminder and will send messages directly. Message scheduling helps you manage your time and social life. Sometimes, we have to send messages tomorrow, but we must remember that scheduling is the best option in such a situation, so download the blue WA Plus and schedule your message today.

Theme Customization

You can change your themes in one click and enjoy a new user interface. Blue WhatsApp Plus provides theme customization, and you have many other new themes. You can also export your desired theme in the app. This feature makes the app more popular as people enjoy its themes. You can also delete and restore themes in WhatsApp Plus Blue.

blue whatsapp plus apk

Customize Your Font Style and Color.

You can change your app colors, chat wallpapers, and font styles here. All of these features are absent in WhatsApp. This app allows you to choose your favorite font style and colors. Here, all the famous fonts are available to convert your chatting experience to an advanced and more exciting level. 

Send A Direct Message to Any Contact

Sending direct messages to any contact without saving a number in your Gmail or cell phone saves time. Sometimes, we are in an emergency and want to text someone. Now, if we have Blue WhatsApp Plus, it is possible to send direct messages. Otherwise, you must save your contacts first; you can send messages after refreshing your contact list. That is why I have navigated from WhatsApp official. In this app, you don’t need to save the contact first and then send messages. If you are a businessman and have to text your client, then the app’s direct message features will wait for you to boost your messaging speed.

Anti View Once

Around two billion people are using WhatsApp, and recently, WhatsApp launched a privacy feature that allows you to send a file, which will be shown once no one has access to open it again and again. You open documents randomly and don’t notice that you can’t open them again. That was ridiculous, so Blue WhatsApp also launched a feature to solve this problem. Now, the app provides you complete access to view all those files repeatedly, which are restricted to view once. Download Blue WhatsApp Plus to enjoy the unique features that solve your problem.

Read Deleted Messages

Deleting a message in WhatsApp shows a pop-up like this message is deleted, but if you have Blue WhatsApp mod apk, you will get the deleted message. Sometimes, your friend ever makes fun of you and deletes your message after telling you that it is time to have fun with them by letting them know that I am reading your deleted messages. That is WhatsApp blue, which reduces your worry about reading deleted messages. Sometimes, mistakenly, messages are deleted by your loved ones after sending you now; you should not be worried as you will get all the deleted messages.

View Deleted Status

Blue WhatsApp plus APK provides access to view deleted status. After installing the app, you will only believe in viewing deleted status, but your concept about viewing deleted status will be changed. It was nearly impossible to view deleted statuses before Blue WhatsApp entered the social media messaging industry, but it became possible. However, viewing someone’s deleted status is illegal, but it is possible.

Hide Camera Option

This is an important feature, especially for those who live in a combined family or have a family. Your cell phone is in your kid’s hands, and if he opens your WhatsApp, there is a maximum chance that he will capture a photo of himself or his family and send it to any contact. To be safe from such mistakes, download WhatsApp plus Blue APK, which allows you to hide your camera. Hiding the camera in the app may save you from an extensive security loss. When you have enabled the hide camera option in the app, you can no longer access your camera even when you mistakenly click the camera. This feature is beneficial for those who don’t lock their WhatsApp.

Turn Off The Forward Tag

According to my approach, forward tags irritate everybody, so removing forward tags from your messages is essential. Blue WhatsApp Plus allows you to be free from forwarding tags. If you want to forward messages without forwarding tags, that is possible only with a Blue WhatsApp APK. If you don’t want to show that the message has been sent and keep this thing private, then you should migrate toward Blue WhatsApp Plus to enjoy the next level of privacy and messaging experience.

Hide View Status 

A fantastic feature of Blue WhatsApp Plus assures your privacy and hides your profiles when you view someone’s status. You think about next-level confidentiality and secrecy, like viewing status without letting him know; of course, it is possible with Blue WhatsApp; all you have to do is download it and go to privacy customization. This is an essential feature for keeping an eye on someone like you are a parent and want to notice your son’s WhatsApp activities; by enabling this setting, you will view all statuses of your son, and he will be unaware of this action.

Some More Features of Blue WhatsApp Plus

  • Grup customization
  • Group name characters of more than 100 words
  • Group members of more than 900
  • Privacy customization
  • Security customization
  • Send larger files
  • Send more than 100 files on the spot
  • Unlimited emojis
  • New wonderful themes
  • The new bundle of stickers
  • Regular updates
  • Send HD files
  • Status duration more than 60 seconds
  • Status words up to 250 words
  • Many other features
  • Separate chats windows
  • Font customization
  • Home customization
  • Anti deleted messages
  • Anti-deleted status
  • DND mode and dark mode
  • Send direct messages to unsaved numbers
  • Auto reply
  • Messages scheduler
  • Airplane mode
  • Freeze the last scene
  • Essay backup and restore option
  • Secure and safe
  • No virus to harm your mobile
  • Hide media from the gallery
  • Hide camera access
  • Ad free app
  • Hide your online reading typing and recording action

Can I Say That WhatsApp Plus and Blue WhatsApp Plus Are Both The Same

Blue WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp Plus have one thing in common: both are modified versions of WhatsApp. We can not say that both are the same. There are many differences between them, as Blue WhatsApp Plus is an advanced version of WhatsApp Plus APK. Both are MOD APK and have similar features, but we can only put them in some boxes as some features exist. Both have similarities but also some different features.

Blue WhatsApp Plus Is Better Than WhatsApp

FeaturesBlue WhatsApp PlusWhatsApp
Blue themes store✔️
Hide camera option✔️
Separate chat option✔️
Message schedular✔️
Anti deleted messages✔️
Anti view once✔️
Anti deleted status✔️
Always online option✔️
Online visibility✔️
DND mode✔️
Flight mode✔️
Message without saving contact✔️
Unlimited font styles✔️
Group customization✔️
Group members 900+✔️
Chat customization✔️
Status character more than 250 words✔️
Video status of more than 60 seconds✔️
Lock conversation✔️
home screen customization✔️
Hide blue tick✔️
Hide single tick ✔️
Hide double tick✔️
Blue tick after reply✔️
Send HD Files✔️
Transfer data more quickly✔️
Unlimited accounts✔️
Send all formats of files.✔️
Block all unknown calls.✔️
Block all unknown calls✔️
Disable forwarded tags✔️
Hide your profile✔️
Pin lock and fingerprint✔️
Dark mode✔️
Pin chat in the group✔️
Filter your messages✔️
Airplane mode✔️
Change wallpaper✔️

Is Blue WhatsApp plus Different Messaging App

Many people believe WhatsApp Plus Blue is an entirely different messaging app and fear having a different messaging experience. At the same time, Blue WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp, which means it has all the basic features of WhatsApp and many additional features. Blue Whatsapp will provide you with all the basic features of WhatsApp, like sending text, voice, and video messages, but in different styles. Blue Whatsapp Plus provides privacy features like hiding blue and blue tick after a reply. It would be wrong to say that Blue Whatsapp Plus is a new messaging app different from WhatsApp, but you may call it a unique and modified app with hundreds of features only available in Blue WhatsApp.

How to Back Up Your Chat

  • Open Blue WhatsApp Plus and click on three dots.
  • Scroll down the features at the end and find the chat backup option.
  • Click on the chat backup option
  • It will take a few seconds, and your backup will be started
  • After a few minutes, you will get all your chat and data

How To Get The Blue WhatsApp Updated Version

As the Blue WhatsApp Plus is unavailable on the Play Store, many people wonder how to update it. However, it differs from Play Store apps and is much easier to update. Try the following method to check its update.

  • First of all, open your Blue WhatsApp, click on three dots, scroll down
  • At the endpoint, you will find the update option
  • Click on the update will confirm whether the update is available or not
  • Now, if the update is available, go to Google and search for the latest  version
  • Download the latest version of Bue WhatsApp Plus and install it
  • Finally, your app is updated.
blue whatsapp apk

Brief Installation Guide in Android

  • Open your old WhatsApp and click on the three dots. You will find a backup option; turn it on.
  • Now you will not lose your data after deleting WhatsApp
  • Open Google and search for Blue WhatsApp plus APK’s latest version
  • Download this latest version of Blue WhatsApp plus
  • Open your mobile setting in the app setting to allow unknown sources
  • Open the file manager and APK app folder
  • Click on Blue wahtsapp plus APK
  • Installation will take a few seconds
  • Finally, Blue WhatsApp Plus is far at your fingertip; enjoy its latest features.
  • Open the Blue WhatsApp setting, click on backup and restore
  • You will get all your old chat and data.
blue whatsapp apk

How to Get Blue WhatsApp Plus APK on Your PC

You may have heard you can’t run Blue WhatsApp Plus on your PC, but this is false. I am going to share a fantastic method to run it on your PC, 

  • First of all, open your PC Chrome and search emulator
  • Here, you will find a lot of emulators, but I suggest you use blue stock, as I use it
  • Emulator is a software that allows you to run any APK app on your PC
  • Download the emulator and then open it
  • Open the app in the emulator
  • Install Blue WhatsApp in the emulator
  • Now open the app and enjoy it on the large screen

Why Blue WhatsApp Plus is Banned

As it is a modified version not verified by the Play Store and mentioned as a third-party app, it is mostly banned by WhatsApp officials; it is also banned because of our unusual activities like spam. Whatsapp can also ban you for no reason. There is no need to be worried as this is a temporary ban, and you will be unbanned after a few hours.

How to Get Blue WhatsApp Plus Back if Banned

There are many solutions to get your WhatsApp Plus back if WhatsApp officials ban it. Most accounts are banned because of spam and other unusual activities. If your account is banned, wait; it will be unbanned after a few hours. As the account is temporarily banned, you can also request a review. You can also download another modified version or move to WhatsApp business. 

Blue Whatsapp Plus is a third-party App.

Whatsapp Plus is a third-party app that is unavailable on the Google Play Store; you must download it from the website. This is a modified app in which a third person changes its programming into a new, unique, and featured app. Before downloading the app, let me clarify that it is not the original WhatsApp but a modified version. It has some disadvantages, which are given below.

Disadvantages of Blue WhatsApp Plus

Blue Whatsapp Plus is a modified version of WhatsApp that has some disadvantages. As many features are included in this MOD APK, your mobile speed may be reduced. Its privacy features, such as freezing online visibility, may impress your social life or family connection. When you hide your online status, no one knows about your existence, and your family worries about you. Its call filtration features can also create serious problems, such as new relatives and friends who are not added to your contact list being unable to call you. Everything has advantages and disadvantages; similarly, Blue WhatsApp Plus has disadvantages. The app is not available on the Play Store, so it is not verified by Google Play Store, which can harm your mobile data.

My Experience Regarding Blue WhatsApp Plus APK

I have been using Blue WhatsApp for the last two years and enjoying all its features. Before downloading Blue Whatsapp, I was also a WhatsApp user like you, and sometimes I got angry when I couldn’t share large files. Finally, one day, I heard about Blue WhatsApp Plus and was shocked when I used it. It provides you with multiple features, from privacy to security. After downloading Blue WhatsApp Plus, you will learn that I am the boss of my messaging app, as it provides you with complete customization, such as security, privacy, and chat customization. You can even choose your favorite themes from Blue WhatsApp Plus. I love its themes and privacy features, so I recommend downloading it. You should download Blue WhatsApp and push your messaging experience to an extraordinary level.

Pros and cons of Blue WhatsApp plus

  • You will find multiple themes
  • Here, you will find various features
  • Send all kinds of larger files like movies
  • View again and again all private files
  • You can read all the deleted messages
  • You can download the status
  • Block all unknown numbers
  • No one will message you
  • group customization
  • privacy customization
  • themes variety
  • Font customization
  • Most people like simple things
  • A manual reply is essential to keep your relationship strong
  • Some people don’t like bulk features
  • More data will be consumed
  • It is an attack on someone’s privacy
  • We should not read deleted messages
  • It is like having off from social media
  • It is illegal to download status without permission
  • People worry about you as they do not know you have read messages

People Also Ask These Questions

Yes, it is completely safe to use on Android. Download the app without any hesitation.

Yes, you can download it for free

No this is MOD APK and banned by Play Store you have to download it from the website.

Both are modified versions of WhatsApp but they are slightly different.

Final words

Blue Whatsapp APK is not a completely different messaging app; it is a modified version of Whatsapp. People are downloading it as it provides you with all the basic features offered in WhatsApp, and many new features are only available in the Blue WhatsApp APK. I am sure you will enjoy this app as I am enjoying it. Everything in the universe tends to change; we should also change our lifestyle and social life to have different messaging experiences. Make sure to download the Blue WhatsApp APK. Blue WhatsApp will change your life by providing multiple features. By utilizing all these features, you will know how to save time and ignore people. Its privacy features are amazing and will push your messaging experience to the next level.

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