Arabic WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version V6.40 2024

Are you looking for a WhatsApp Mod to enjoy all the features that are unavailable in regular WhatsApp? You have landed at the right place, as Arabic WhatsApp has new exciting features not in official WhatsApp. This website is specially designed for those who like Arabic stuff, so if you are one of them, don’t wait; download WA Arabic. Here, you will get all the features like themes, customization privacy, and security features with an Arabic touch in its interface.

WhatsApp Arabic-APK
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  • WA Arabic
  • 35.5 MB
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  • V6.40
  • Abu Arab
  • Android 5+
  • One day Ago
  • Free

Introduction of Arabic WhatsApp APK

Arabic WhatsApp is a modified version of regular WhatsApp, similar to NA WhatsApp, as Arab developers have developed both. This modified WhatsApp is mainly used in Arab countries due to its features and primarily Arabic language, but people from other regions also use it.

Arabic WhatsApp apk

Arabic WhatsApp provides more value and enables you to enjoy your social life according to your desires, as it gives you complete freedom to customize your app settings and features. Hit the download button below for a different chat experience with more security and privacy.

Arabic WhatsApp apk

You can also try other WhatsApp Mods that are similar to Arabic WhatsApp and have multiple features with customization, like NA WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, AN WhatsApp, NSWhtsApp, Red WhatsApp, MB WhatsApp, JT WhatsApp, HAWA WhatsApp, OB WhatsApp, AB WhatsApp, and Pink WhatsApp.

Features Of Arabic WhatsApp

DND Mode

Now, you can enable DND mode in Arabic WhatsApp. If you are tired of using social media and don’t want to use it more without switching your mobile data, download Arabic WhatsApp and enjoy the DND feature. To enable this feature, open the App. You will find a signal option in the header section; just click on it. Now, you can use the internet without getting WhatsApp notifications.

No Forward Tags

Removing forward tags is only possible when you have Arabic WhatsApp, as this feature is unavailable in regular WhatsApp. Open WhatsApp Arabic and click on three dots. Now, open privacy settings, and you will find the forward tags option; just turn it off. Without forwarding tags, you can forward messages, including important files and videos. These forward tags irritate us and give the next person a wrong expression. Now, you will decide how your forward message will appear.

Dual Accounts Options

You will be surprised to know that you can run more than one account in Arabic WhatsApp, while this feature is not available on regular WhatsApp, so more people are downloading it. You do not need to keep extra numbers and mobiles to run more accounts; just download Arabic WhatsApp, which will fulfill your needs. Open the app and click on the three dots at the right corner; now scroll down the app at the end, and you will find account settings; click on it. You can switch to your other account without downloading a new app.

Call Filtration

If your app is installed on your mobile, why will you receive unknown calls without permission? This is Arabic WhatsApp, where your privacy is preferred. Now, before calling you, you are required to give your consent. You can easily block all unknown calls in this app. The app provides a call filtration option; you will no longer receive unknown calls when enabled. When you enable this option, you will only receive calls from all those whose numbers are saved on your Android.

Group Customization

This app allows you to easily create groups, channels, and communities to be more social and boost your social life. You will enjoy group customization of WhatsApp Arabic as it provides multiple options for group customization. You will have the following group customization options;

  • Change group name
  • Change group icon
  • Group privacy
  • Admin name
  • Admin access to group
  • Who can send messages in a group
  • Creating private group

Themes Customization

The beauty of the app is its themes, and you will enjoy its themes as you can add new themes and have complete theme customization, which includes;

  • Load new theme
  • Delete themes
  • Restore deleted themes
  • Change theme settings

Home Screen Settings

The app provides you with complete customization, including its home screen. You can completely change the app and give it a new look. In-home screen settings: you can change these settings to make your app more attractive

  • Change app wallpapers
  • Separate wallpaper for the chat
  • Change font styles
  • Change app color
  • Change widgets
  • Header customization
  • Footer customization

Privacy Features

The app has a wide range of privacy features, making it different from WhatsApp regular. You can play with its privacy features and will enjoy a more private life. There are a lot of privacy features, some of which are given below;

  • Hide blue ticks
  • Blue tick after reply
  • Freeze single tick
  • Chang tick color
  • Change tick styles
  • Lock your private chat
  • View deleted messages
  • Get deleted status
  • Freeze your last seen
  • Hide your online action of typing and recording
  • Call filtration option
  • Messages privacy
  • Pin messages in private chat

Send Large Files

Now, you can share all kinds of HD files in Arabic WhatsApp. In regular WhatsApp, you can’t share large HD videos, while here, you will not find such a limitation. Now, you can even share movies in this app. All kinds of files can be quickly sent using this Mod APK. Download Arabic WhatsApp if you want to send large files. After using this app, you don’t need to install other external apps to send large files.

Stickers And Emojis

Arabic WhatsApp will add more fun to your life through stickers and instant reactions. Now, you can get instant emoji reactions in this app. You can even create your own sticker to enjoy more. You will have a collection of emojis and stickers; you don’t need to install more stickers. These stickers and emojis help us convert our expressions into visuals and save time, as a single sticker and emoji express our feelings.

Arabic WhatsApp VS WhatsApp Official

FeaturesArabic WhatsAppRegular WhatsApp
Multiple languages✔️
Islamic content✔️
Themes and customization✔️
Font styles✔️
Call filtration✔️
Hide blue tick✔️
Blue tick after reply✔️
Freeze forward tags✔️
Download status✔️
Download deletes status✔️
Anti-view once files✔️
Group customization✔️
Multiple account options✔️
DND Mode✔️
Beautiful interface✔️
More privacy✔️
Lock your private chat.✔️
More security options✔️
Theme customization✔️

How To Install Arabic WhatsApp On Android

  • First of all, download the Arabic WhatsApp
  • Open mobile settings and enable unknown applications
  • Now open the downloaded file of Arabic WhatsApp
  • Click for installation
  • It will take a few minutes, and your app will be ready
  • Now open the installed app
  • Select the language and country code and provide a number
  • Complete sign up process
  • Now open the app, click on three dots, and customize the app
  • Enjoy Arabic WhatsApp

How To Install Arabic WhatsApp On PC

  • All you need is additional software on your PC
  • Download the emulator; you can try Blue Stack, which is easy to use and straightforward.
  • Now download Arabic WhatsApp on your PC
  • Just drag your downloaded file into the emulator
  • Now complete the signup process and enjoy the app on the big screen
How to install Arabic WhatsApp

My Experience

I have been using this app for the last few months, and I am enjoying the app’s customization. You will have a lot of features that help you complete your tasks in seconds. Now, you can send bulk messages in seconds. You can forward messages without forwarding tags. You will enjoy auto reply and message scheduling features in this app.


A modified version of regular WhatsApp with Arabic touch and more customization.

Click on three dots and open theme settings here; you will find the option to load new themes; when you click on it, you can add your downloaded theme.

Yes, WhatsApp Arabic is safe to use on Android.

Click on the three dots in the right corner to get all customization options in Arabic WhatsApp.

Final Term

A modified version of regular WhatsApp with Arabic touch and more privacy features. You will enjoy the app’s features and beautiful interface. Here is complete detail of Arabic WhatsApp; you can also get its latest version from our website. Bookmark our website to get more WhatsApp Mods and the latest updates of your old Mods.

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