Download King WhatsApp-KI WhatsApp V35 latest version [Anti Ban] 2024

In the WhatsApp Mod community, another modified version with multiple features and a king-type theme is KI WhatsApp. This version is also famous because of its customization and interface. King WhatsApp is also renowned because of its golden king theme. Due to this golden color, it is also referred to as WhatsApp Gold.

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  • King WhatsApp
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  • V35
  • Ahmad Al Semani
  • Android 5+
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What Is King WhatsApp Mod APK?

When we discuss social media communication, we must recognize WhatsApp as it has more than 2 billion active users. In the last few years, as technology has advanced, WhatsApp has yet to introduce new features; hence, modified apps have come to fill the gap. Now, thousands of Mod WhatsApp are available in the industry, all with their importance and features. King WhatsApp is one of the famous Mod APKs with a king-type theme and incredible customization.

KI WhatsApp APK

King’s WhatsApp app provides a feeling of being king, so it is downloaded mainly by Arab countries. Its features, like hiding blue and blue ticks after replies, will compel you to be its fan. Kind WhatsApp has three different prototypes with different colors and customization.

If you love the king attitude and want to feel like a king, download KI WhatsApp. It has a beautiful KI theme that is entirely customizable. The app has multiple security, privacy, and customization features. Some of its features are hitting the hype, like blue tick after reply and message schedule.

Why King WhatsApp?

When I told you that there is a modified version of your regular WhatsApp which has such features as auto-reply, messages schedular, hiding your online auction

With a long list of features, then why would you not download the app? The features offered by WhatsApp King are not available on regular WhatsApp, which is why people prefer it. Even a single King’s theme on KI WhatsApp is enough to convince us to have it on our Android. Some of its features make the app more valuable and facilitate users, such as sending bulk messages and auto-replies. When you download King WhatsApp, you will know why people are downloading it, and all your questions will be no more. This app will add enough value to your life that you will never move from your old silly WhatsApp.

How To Download And Install King WhatsApp

The process of downloading kI WhatsApp is quite simple and different from regular WhatsApp.

  • First of all, start downloading King WhatsApp
  • To download the app, make sure to have an internet connection
  • Now open your mobile Chrome and type KI WhatsApp (King WhatsApp Mod APK), and you will get a lot of websites on the first page that offer King WhatsApp. Select a trusted one like
  • Now, when you hit the download button, you will get a pop-up message that the file can harm your device
  • Ignore it and hit the second option of download anyway
  • Your download will be started in a few seconds; otherwise, try to download again
  • Now you have your file in the file manager folder APK
  • Open KI WhatsApp
  • You will face a pop-up of app permission
  • Go to your mobile app settings and allow the unknown source option
  • Your King WhatsApp will start installing
  • Open KI WhatsApp and start using multiple features
  • Go for further customization and boost your messaging experience through KI WA.
  • Now, one more step is left, which is just to enjoy

Download All Versions of KI WhatsApp

You can try other versions of King WhatsApp, which have different themes and some unique features. If you think the golden theme is not on, try other versions of KI WhatsApp, which have variant colors like blue, red, and green.

Download King WhatsApp Gold

The first version of King WhatsApp is famous because of its theme color and beautiful interface. King WhatsApp Gold has a golden color, known by its name, so it is referred to as Gold WhatsApp. If you are a gold-color lover, download the app and enjoy golden-themed feelings.

Download King WhatsApp Queen [QU WhatsApp]

This version of King WhatsApp is famous because of its Pink Theme; hence, it is also known as Pink WhatsApp. Because of its Queen-shaped theme, it is also renowned for its Queen WhatsApp. As the app has feminine characteristics like a pink theme and a queen theme, it is widely used by girls around the globe.

Download King WhatsApp Green

After having the modified version, you still miss your old regular WhatsApp with a green theme because of its attractive and most loved green color. Still, you want to avoid getting it back as it has fewer features we have to offer you that contain the solution to your problem. Download WhatsApp Green, a version of King WhatsApp with all its features and green color. After using this app, you will get two main benefits, like the vibe of regular WhatsApp with all the features of WhatsApp Mods.

Download King WhatsApp Blue

You can also try King WhatsApp Blue to get a Blue theme. This version of KI WhatsApp has a blue color that resembles WhatsApp Plus, also referred to as WhatsApp Plus and Blue WhatsApp Plus. King WhatsApp Blue contains many features and a blue theme with call filtration options to make your social life easier and more attractive. Download King WhatsApp Blue to get a blue theme with many new features.

Major Fixes and improvements In KI WhatsApp APK

  • Message reply features are added
  • Now you can pause and resume voice call recordings
  • Contact information style is improved
  • Privacy and profile options are added
  • Get notifications about who viewed your KI WhatsApp profile
  • Hiding your download button is enabled
  • Copy caption of photos and videos is made possible
  • Searching the web from King WhatsApp is enabled
  • Set smiley and other emojis to your profile picture
  • iPhone fonts are added
  • Instant translation and Google translation directly through King WhatsApp
  • Get all the messages of the same person and a digital counter option is added
  • Cleaning all junk files is possible through KI WhatsApp
  • Edit your sent messages

What Is Latest Version Of King WhatsApp

Say goodbye to all the other WhatsApp Mods, including the old version of King WhatsApp, as its latest version is anti-ban. The latest version of KI WhatsApp is V35, which contains many new features that are more secure and improved. The latest update on KI WhatsApp has been much improved and helps you to communicate faster without any issues. The significant improvements in the latest version of KI WhatsApp are;

  • Back up problem
  • Message save issue
  • Taking a lot of space during chat issue
  • Widget issues during openings and closing of chat
  • The problem of connecting with other phones is solved

Advanced Features Of King WhatsApp Mod APK

Message Scheduler

If you are thinking of scheduling your messages, download King WhatsApp. It has the feature of planning all your upcoming messages. This feature is unavailable in regular WhatsApp, so you may have to move to KI WhatsApp and boost your messaging experience in a modern style.

Reply Automatically

Now, you can also enjoy automation in King WhatsApp by enabling automatic replies. When you choose this option in KI WhatsApp, you don’t need to reply to your clients and loved ones manually. This feature is helpful for all businessmen.

Text Translate Option

Now, you can use the instant translation option in KI WhatsApp without installing different translation apps. When you don’t have King WhatsApp on your Android, you have to use Google Translate, which is a waste of time because you copy your text and then send it after translation.

Hide Blue Tick

Now, you can enjoy more privacy features, like blue tick customization. KI WhatsApp allows you to hide the blue tick, and you can move on to the following privacy feature, like enabling the blue tick after a reply. Download King WhatsApp to have more privacy in your private life.

Anti View Once

All the strict privacy features of regular WhatsApp, like anti-view once, are not applicable in WhatsApp King. You can access all kinds of such files again and again, even for life.

Send Large Files

To send all kinds of larger files, including dramas, movies, and long funny videos, download KI WhatsApp. You do not need to choose any external source to avail of this feature. You get all this in a single King WhatsApp.

Privacy Includes

Get limitless privacy features in KI WhatsApp and enjoy a completely private life. Now, you do not need to go for searching WhatsApp Mods that have privacy features along King themes. It is only available in this app, and you will enjoy its privacy features like;

  • Hide blue tick
  • Blue tick after reply
  • Lock your online actions
  • Lock your profile
  • Private chat pin option
  • Hide your last seen

Security Customization

KI WhatsApp keeps your data protected and provides advanced security options, such as an in-built lock, and basic security options, such as fingerprint, password, and face lock.

Theme Customization

You can customize your theme and get new upcoming themes in KI WhatsApp. Here, you will enjoy complete theme customization, like loading new themes and deleting old ones. You even have access to restore your themes.

Group Settings

Group settings of KI WhatsApp include;

  • Change group name
  • Change group fonts
  • Privacy settings
  • Security settings
  • Who would be the admin
  • Group wallpaper
  • Who can access the group

Multiple Accounts Option

You don’t need to keep more Android in your pocket just to run dual WhatsApp accounts. All you have to do is download KI WhatsApp and enjoy multiple accounts within a single device. KI Whatsapp provides the feature of creating multiple accounts, and you can switch your account anytime.

Backup Your Chat

Have you lost all your chat and know someone told you that you are destroyed and cannot get your chat back? That is false. This may be true for some apps, while King WhatsApp can return all your chats. To get all your chat back, click on the three dots of KI WhatsApp and find the chat backup option.

Home Screen Customization

Now, you can customize your home screen settings in King WhatsApp and enjoy more benefits of the app. After completely customizing your home screen, you will get a completely new app with a beautiful interface and more attractive colors. You can customize fonts, colors, and more in KI WA.

Download Status

We never imagined that we could download WhatsApp statuses directly without letting anyone know, but now, in 2024, in an advanced century, you can get anyone’s status by just hitting the download button below the status. King WhatsApp allows you to access all types of statuses without any issues.

Get Deleted Messages

Now, you can access the files that have been deleted by your family and friends on KI WhatsApp. This feature is only available on King WhatsApp, while official WhatsApp will show you a pop-up that this file is no longer available. Download KI WhatsApp and get all the deleted messages which are deleted to have fun with you.

How to Run KI WhatsApp On PC

  • Download emulator
  • Now download KI WhatsApp on your PC
  • Complete the installation process of the emulator
  • There are a lot of emulators on the internet
  • Try Blue Stack. It is widely used all over the world
  • Open the blue stack and drag your downloaded APK file of King WhatsApp
  • Now complete the installation process of KI WhatsApp as you perform on your Android
  • Signup KI WhatsApp and enjoy the app on the big screen

Comparing WhatsApp With KI WhatsApp

KING WhatsAppRegular WhatsApp
DND Mode
Limitless Security options
Unlimited privacy options
Get deleted messages
Share all kinds of large files.
More fun with new stickers
New font styles
Variant Themes
Four prototypes with different themes
You can easily switch at any time.
Group customization
Lock your profile
Home screen customization
Dual account options

Pros And Cons of WhatsApp King


A modified version of WhatsApp, which has a golden color King theme, is known as King WhatsApp.

By clicking on three dots, we can get a KI theme store where we can easily customize our theme, like loading new themes and deleting old ones. you can also restore your themes.

The prototype of King WhatsApp, which has Pink colored theme, is known as Queen WhatsApp.

There is another version of King WhatsApp with a Pink theme; it is called Pink Whatsapp because of its theme.

Yes, it is safe to download and install KI WhatsApp on your Android.

Final Words

KI WhatsApp is among the top WA Mods with multiple features and advanced security options. You will enjoy its privacy features as they are more significant than Green, such as WhatsApp-like blue tick settings, locking your online visibility, and hiding your online actions. Download KI WhatsApp to enjoy all these features. King WhatsApp has four advanced prototypes to provide you with next-level feelings with different themes and interfaces. The standard features of all these prototypes are the King theme and privacy features. This blog post is meant to keep you in touch with King WhatsApp and familiarize you with its advanced features. To know more about the app, download its latest version, as its latest update is more anti-ban and has a lot of fixes.

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