FM WhatsApp APK Download Latest version V10.6 [Anti ban] 2024

FM WhatsApp is the modified version of WhatsApp, which is user-friendly and provides a list of features that the user loves. We are living in a social media era, and we are interlinked with each other. There are a lot of social media apps, some of which are very famous, but WhatsApp needs updates and features to meet this deficiency. Fouad Makkad developed FM WhatsApp, usually known as Fouad WhatsApp or FOUAD  MODS. The app provides outstanding security features and is readily available at zero price.

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  • FM WhatsApp
  • 76.31 MB
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What is FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp that is so simple and unique that it satisfies user needs. It has all the features that are absent in WhatsApp. Due to these features, everyone loves this app, and the world is rushing toward FM WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp is totally secure and easily accessible. You can download it from Google.

FM WhatsApp apk

Why FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp provides multiple security features, privacy features, and a simple interface with beautifully customized themes. FM WhatsApp gives you security, and everyone in the universe loves security.

Further, it allows you to customize all settings according to your desire. The main feature that makes FM WhatsApp different from all other APK versions of WhatsApp is the anti-revoke feature. This feature allows you to read deleted messages. With this feature, the other person can’t delete a message because you will read it; he can’t delete your messages. That is the main reason people love this mod version of WhatsApp.

FM WhatsApp: Best Alternative to WhatsApp

The original version of WhatsApp provides you with limited features. It has just a few security options, and sometimes it does not give you a feature that you need; for example, you want to create a huge group, but in WhatsApp, you can’t exceed your members 250, but in FM WhatsApp, you can add 1000 members in a single group when we compare both simple WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp then we ultimately move toward FM WhatsApp because it fulfills our requirement. In FM WhatsApp, you can also increase the number of groups you can create in a single account. After getting FM WhatsApp, you don’t need to install multiple WhatsApp or keep different cell phones; you have all the features in a single app. But remember one thing: this is a mod APK app, so it is not available on the Play Store, and you will download it from Google; you also have to uninstall another WhatsApp from your phone.

FM WhatsApp’s latest version, V9.98 Anti-Ban

This is FM WhatsApp’s latest version, updated in January 2024. It is entirely different from its last version. All the bugs found in the previous version are fixed in this version, and some new features are also added. Special security features are added now, and you can lock your conversation. This updated version is anti-ban; your account will not be banned while using FM WhatsApp. Anti-ban features have enhanced the market value of FM WhatsApp; now, without any hesitation, you can download and install it.

New Features Added in The Latest Version, V10.6

  • This version will not be banned; it is anti-banned
  • New packs of themes and emojis
  • New collections of stickers
  • Beautiful and straightforward themes; you also load your theme in this version
  • Send a message directly to the unsaved number
  • Change your voice through the voice changer option
  • New notification bar
  • Translation feature to translate any language
  • Collections of new wallpapers 
  • Multiple font styles
  • Status Privacy
  • Send larger files with no loss of quality
App nameFM Whatsapp ( FMWA)
Version V10.6
Last updatedTwo days ago
size76.3 MB
Minimum Android version required5.1+

How To Check App Updates

You can also update your FM WhatsApp to enjoy more incoming features. To enjoy new improvements in the app and to check its update, follow the following instructions

FM WhatsApp apk
  • Click on three dots
  • Now click on FM mods
  • You will find an option for an update
  • By clicking on the update, you will find a check for an update
  • Click on check for updates and confirm the app update.

Download And Installation Brief Guide

fm whatsapp apk

Turn on The Backup of Your Business Account – step 1

If you are using WhatsApp business, then turn on your backup; otherwise, you will lose all your catalog products. For this, you must log in to your Gmail with WhatsApp for backup, and after making sure that your backup is on then, you can quickly move from WhatsApp to FM WhatsApp to enjoy unlimited features.

Backup Your Chats –step 2

  • Go to the settings of your WhatsApp 
  • turn on chat backup to ensure your data safety 
  • After hitting the chat backup button, you can now move to the next step, which is downloading FM WhatsApp

Download The APK file– step 3

  • Go to Google and download the latest version of FM WhatsApp to enjoy all its features.
  • Make sure to download its latest version, v9.95, as this is an improved version. 

Install The App And Enjoy Messaging – step 4

  • Go to your mobile file manager and click on the app folder
  • Now click on FM WhatsApp.
  • you will find an unknown source option; click on it
  • Now, the installation process has started. 
  • After a few minutes, you will get the app.

How To Create Your Account in FM WhatsApp Step–5

  • After getting FM WhatsApp open, you will find the Create Account option.
  • Provide your number or email
  • wait for a security message that will show in your inbox, Gmail, or phone
  • Put in this verification code
  • It will take a few seconds, and your account will be finalized
  • Now you can enjoy all the features of FM Whatsapp
  • Go to the settings of FM Whatsapp and customize it

Dominant Features

APP Customization

The critical feature of FM WhatsApp is app customization. You can change all its settings. To make it fully customized, go to settings and change all settings from general to security settings. In its setting, you will get unlimited options like status privacy, message privacy, and auto-reply. App customization assures the app user has not been forced to use the app according to the developer, but he has guaranteed full access to change all features and can also change WhatsApp themes. You can also choose your photo to set as wallpaper in chat.

FM WhatsApp APK Download

Auto Reply

If you are busy and want to reply to your buddy, otherwise, he will be angry, so don’t worry. FM WhatsApp is there to solve your issue. You have to install it and then go to settings, turn on auto-reply, and customize the urgent text you want to send your friend or family member. You can also save time through auto-reply, especially when you are busy in your daily routine.

Message Scheduler

This is the beautiful feature of FM WhatsApp: you can schedule your text by date and time. The app will auto-send your text to your loved ones. If you are like me, as I forgot many things we even forgot to wish for or a special one, you have to download and install FM WhatsApp. You can schedule all your plans or send text messages to someone. This feature also saves time. The things you have to do tomorrow you can schedule today. To enjoy this feature, go to setting and schedule your message.

Status Features

There is a limit to sending status, especially when someone puts a video on his status. He can’t exceed the limit of 10 seconds, but in FM WhatsApp, you can set a status of up to 10 minutes. You can also hide your status from the number of people you don’t want to show your status. You can easily customize your status settings in FM Whatsapp. Go to status settings and make all the changes you miss in other WhatsApp messages.

Unlimited Stickers And Additional Emojis

FM Whatsapp has a large number of stickers, so you can also add a list of stickers to it. It has additional emojis that are absent in WhatsApp. Here, you will find all categories of stickers and emojis. Both emojis and stickers are arranged in different patterns.

Increased Group Participants

The regular WhatsApp limits your participants in the group; you often create multiple groups to manage participants. WhatsApp allows only 250 members in a single group, but you can add up to 1000 members in FM WhatsApp. This means you don’t need to create multiple groups to add your remaining members; you can add all of them to a single group. In addition, it also allows you to create various groups. When you have up to 1000 members in a single group, you can enjoy more with your friends or people you may know. Here, you can create a community. This feature is also helpful for those who run their business through WhatsApp groups. They can add a maximum number of members to their group.

Privacy Features

  • FM WhatsApp provides you with a lot of privacy features. Most of these privacy features are absent in WhatsApp.
  • Easily hide your status
  • Hide sending the blue tick
  • Anti-deleting feature read deleted messages
  • Lock your private conversation
  • Hide your profile photo
  • Hide your bio from the profile
  • Who can see your status
  • Lock your FM app
  • Hide your last seen
  • Freeze your online status

Status Privacy

You will decide who will see your status. This feature is dominant in FM WhatsApp while it is absent in WhatsApp. Here, the status duration limit is also more significant than that of WhatsApp. Sometimes, we don’t want to show our status to several people for some reason, and this feature helps us a lot. We can also customize its setting so that our status will be shown to a single person, especially when we want to show our status to someone special. You can also exceed this privacy to your messages that who can react to your status. In advance setting you off your status activity, no one will know that you have seen his status.

fm whatsapp apk

Anti-Delete Messages

This feature assures you that now no one can delete a message because he will think that he has deleted the message but you can access that message as you have FM WhatsApp. Still, you will read that message as he can delete a message in his chat, but FM WhatsApp will show you a message here in your chat box. This feature is available only on FM WhatsApp. Enjoy this feature and get all your friends deleted messages. Only you can delete your chat here. No one has more access to delete your messages.

No File Restrictions

WhatsApp has many limitations. You can’t send larger files or high-quality pictures. But on FM WhatsApp, you can send larger files, movies, dramas, and more. You can not only send larger files but can also receive larger files if you have FM WA. Your files’ data and image quality will be the same, and the files will not be damaged.

Unlimited Accounts

WhatsApp allows you to have a single account on your number or Gmail. Sometimes, you need multiple accounts, so it took a lot of work to keep many numbers or cell phones to manage your accounts, but as FM WhatsApp came into existence, this issue is no longer. Now, you can create multiple accounts in a single WhatsApp, and that single WhatsApp is named FM WhatsApp. So enjoy this feature and run your various accounts in FM WhatsApp.

Some Unique Features

  • Voice changer option
  • Anti-ban feature
  • Send messages to direct number without saving
  • every time a new collection of themes, emojis, and stickers
  • Custom backup and restore
  • A Universal setting option
  • Hide your activities like typing and recording
  • Reject unknown calls
  • You can share high-quality video
  • Can send larger files
  • Can download status
  • No limit on the status duration
  • Available ghost mode
  • Disabled forwarding tag when sending a message
  • Hide your name when you view someone’s status
  • Select a different launcher style for your text and notification icon style

Multiple Groups

In FM Whatsapp, you can create multiple accounts with a maximum number of members up to 1000. WhatsApp lacks this unique feature. You can use a community to run your multiple groups, while in FM WhatsApp, you can directly create multiple groups. All these groups have 10x the capacity of members. WhatsApp allows you to keep 250 members in a group. These various groups can help you run your business more smoothly.

Flight Mode Option

You can quickly move towards DND mode in FM WhatsApp. Now, you can do your routine work without being disturbed by WhatsApp notifications. Flight mode saves time and gives you time to get a break from social media.

Themes And Fonts

Whatsapp doesn’t allow you to change your themes FM Whatsapp mod apk has many beautiful themes. Here, you can load your themes or download them from the internet and then load them to FM WhatsApp. You can also change the font of your WhatsApp chat. You can choose your favourite theme to enjoy your phone’s beautiful user interface and text style.

fm whatsapp apk

Call Filtration

FM WhatsApp mod APK ensures your privacy. Now, you will decide who can call you. The app has a call filtration option. After activating this option, you will not receive spam calls from unknown numbers, and it will save you time. This is an excellent feature as it takes care of time and mental peace. Get rid of unknown calls just after installing FM WhatsApp mod APK.

User Interface

The simple but beautiful user interface will energize the user using the app. The app is designed so that you will love each feature, from colors to styles. A lot of features are added in the app but its user interface is kept simple. You can enjoy all the features by clicking on three dots. All these functions are not embedded on the main screen of WhatsApp. Its user interface increases its beauty as the user feels relaxed during chat and can easily customize some parts of the interface, like adding pictures in chat with personalized themes.

Status Download

FM WhatsApp allows you to download status directly by clicking the arrow button. This feature is absent in WhatsApp, and if we love someone’s status and want to get we have to text him to send the file. It takes too long, but FM WhatsApp lets you download the status directly.

Security Features

Lock your conversation in FM WhatsApp. Freeze your online activity, last seen, and message forward tag. The App provides complete security. Safely send your files without data crashes.

Developer of FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp was developed by Fouad Makkad and is known as Foud mods. He developed an APK version of simple WhatsApp and added all the features that were absent in WhatsApp.

Is FM WhatsApp Safe?

Many myths about FM WhatsApp are familiar: it harms your cell phone, or you may lose your data, but all these are fake. These are all rumors about FM WA while it is entirely safe. The app is entirely safe, so it has millions of downloads.

Some Old Versions Of FM WhatsApp

Latest Version 10.6 January 2024

App typeMOD APK
App nameFMWA
Developer nameFouad Mods (fouad Makkad)
Required android5.0 and above this 
App size76.3 MB
Number of downloadsAbove 60 Million 
Last updatedone Hour ago

Download FM WhatsApp old version 8.45

App typeMOD APK
App nameFMWA
Developer nameFouad Mods (fouad Makkad)
versionV8.45 old version
Required android5.0 and above this 
App size60.1 MB
Number of downloadsAbove 60 Million 
Last updatedApril 2023

FMWA old version 9.95 2023

App typeMOD APK
App nameFMWA
Developer nameFouad Mods (fouad Makkad)
Required android5.0 and above this 
App size76.1 MB
Number of downloadsAbove 60 Million 
Last updated2023

FMWA V9.82 Download

App typeMOD APK
App nameFMWA
Developer nameFouad Mods (fouad Makkad)
Required android5.0 and above this 
App size60.1 MB
Number of downloadsAbove 60 Million 
Last updatedMarch 2023

Major Pros And Cons Of FM WhatsApp APK

  • you can reject calls so no one will call you without your permission
  • you can easily send larger files, and the quality will be the same
  • although it is anti-ban
  • A community is available to help its users
  • It can be used along with normal WhatsApp
  • The update provides you with new features regularly
  • Keeps your messages private end-to-end encrypted
  • More buttons and options to help you 
  • Assist you and save your time by scheduling messages
  • You can schedule your message and auto-reply it saves you time
  • You can hide your active status and message seen activity
  • There are many beautiful themes and security options to lock your conversation
  • WhatsApp can ban you
  • Sending large files consumes more data
  • Lack of some security features
  • It is unavailable on the Play Store, and you must download it from Google.
  • It updates automatically. You have to download the updated version from Google manually.
  • Multiple features may slow down your mobile speed
  • Sending HD files consumes more data
  • It is a modified version of WhatsApp, so there could be a legal issue
  • It can irritate you if you love simple things and wanna keep things simple
  • As the app is not retained from the Play Store, it may be risky
  • It may create issues on some phones

The app is completely anti-ban and safe for Android.

You can also run the app on your PC by using the emulator.

The app is developed by FOUAD Makked so it is also known as FOUAD MODS.

yes, it is free.


A modified version of WhatsApp, or FM WhatsApp, has a list of features that are absent in WhatsApp, and all these features are user-friendly. The app solves many problems for its users and adds value to their social lives. In this article, you will get all the information about FM WA. You will find all the old and upcoming versions of the app. You can bookmark our website to avail of new versions of the app. The app features to boost your messaging experience, and you feel like you are living in a fantasy world as it provides you with complete customization.

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