NSWhatsApp Latest Version V10.06 Download 3D APK 2024

If you’re looking for a new WhatsApp Mod to boost your messaging experience with its new features, there is a solution to your problem: NSWhatsApp. Everyone wants to represent himself differently, especially in our social life, to be more prominent and dominant. You can express yourself in a new style via NSWA, as it has many amazing features that will help you improve your social existence.

NSWhatsApp APK
  • App Name
  • Size
  • Category
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Publisher
  • Requirement
  • Last Updated
  • Price
  • NSWhatsApp APK
  • 120 MB
  • Messaging App
  • V10.6
  • Nairton Silva
  • Apkwht.com
  • Android 5+
  • Three Days Ago
  • Free

I have briefly described NSWhatsApp’s features so you can better use them. Download NSWA and join the community of more than one million people. This article discusses all your questions and will reduce all your confusion and myths about it.

NSWhatsApp APK Introduction

Nairton Silva developed a modified WhatsApp to provide incredible features and a more beautiful interface. You will enjoy the app interface, which is designed to be simple but beautiful. There are many advanced features, like accessing deleted messages and statuses. You can also access more privacy features in this app to make your social life more private. When you download the app and use it for weeks, you realize a completely different experience. The app has many versatile features you will enjoy and suggest to your friends. Still, millions of people are using this App to change their lives to something advanced. You can’t claim that the app is wonderful, but it also has more features, so you will enjoy the app interface and get more features that will assist you in improving your social life. There are many customization options in this App, and you can even change the app’s appearance and turn it into a more beautiful one. You can select your favourite colours, themes, text styles, and more. 

The app’s main advantage is that it will not only improve your communication but also add more fun. You will enjoy the app through its funny stickers and emojis. The App will add more fun to your boring life, and you will not need to go for another app to have entertainment. The app is a great source of entertainment and social messaging. To enjoy more fun and excitement, download NSWhatsApp and customize the app as you want.

NSWhatsApp APK

NSWhatsApp 3D APK

This APK is pronounced by a lot of names, and it is also known as NSWhatsApp 3D APK. You will get a lot of new features you will miss in standard WhatsApp, like sending all types of files and having more fun with new stickers. You will enjoy NSWhatsApp 3D APK as it has all the essential features with more advanced features to make your life more attractive and reasonable. You can now reject all unknown calls; only those added to your contact list can call you. Some features help you make your life faster and complete your hours’ work in seconds, like bulk message sender and auto-reply.

NSWhatsApp APK

NSWhatsApp APK Versions

NSWhatsApp APK has four prototypes with different themes and colors. All are famous for their customization and privacy features. To enjoy more features, try any of its classes. 

You can also try other WhatsApp Mods that are tending and are completely anti ban like NA WhatsApp, AN WhatsApp, KBWhatsApp, MBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Gold, Blue WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, Fouad WhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero, ADAM WhatsApp, MB WhatsApp iOS, TMWhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, DMWhatsApp, YO WhatsApp, OG WhatsApp.

NSWhatsApp Blue

There is a slight difference between NSWA and NSWhatsApp Blue. In NSWhatsApp Blue, you will get a blue theme with a beautiful interface. There is a theme store for NSWhatsApp Blue that provides you with variant themes.

You can enjoy different font styles in this app to make your conversation more attractive. You can even customize your font settings by changing colors and styles. Here, you will get a list of font styles, and you can select one. If you want this WhatsApp Mod, hit the download button and have a new social messaging journey.

NSWhatsApp2 Red

This is a famous class of the NSWhatsApp family with a red theme and a new interface. You will get a variety of themes, fonts, icons, emojis, and stickers. The red color is the most prominent and is loved by females, which is why WhatsApp Mods is mostly downloaded by females.

Now, you can send more than 100 images in a single click. This version of NS WA red adds more value to your social life and lets you do a lot of work quickly. Getting more features means adding value to your social life. This APK will provide you with all those features not present in regular WhatsApp and essential for a better social experience. To get more features and value, download NSWhatsApp Red and have more fun. This is the second number version of the NS WA family, also named NSWhatsApp2.

NSWhatsApp3 Orange

With a beautiful orange-coloured theme, NSWhatsApp Orange is famous for its customization. You will enjoy more customization and can change the app’s entire settings. Now, you can change the app interface, header, footer, and even the app’s interface, including its home screen settings. You will decide how you want to look on your WhatsApp. This WhatsApp Mod is lovely because of its orange theme. The third member of the NSWA family is also named NSWhatsApp3.

If you are tired of using the same green theme in your regular WhatsApp, try NSWA Orange and enjoy a new stylish NSWhatsApp Orange. It shines as an innovative, more customized version of regular WhatsApp with more features.

NSWhatsApp Orange offers extraordinary features with your favourite orange themes. If we discuss the app’s universal settings, you will get a list of customized options like colors, themes, fonts, groups, contact settings, and much more. You can even change the wallpaper of your home screen and wallpapers in your private chats. Download the app to get more information about NSWA Orange and satisfy your curiosity.

NSWhatsApp4 Green

The fourth member of the NSWhatsApp family, which has a beautiful interface and green color themes, is known as NSWhatsApp Green. It has the fourth number in the NS series, also known as NSWhatsApp4. All those who like the green color and love regular WhatsApp but want to enjoy more features should try this WhatsApp APK. You will get the feeling of your official WhatsApp with many new features and customization.

Now, you can hide the blue tick or select the blue tick after a reply to enjoy advanced privacy features in NSWA Green. This mod version of regular WhatsApp has the same interface, but you can change it, like changing the app’s theme and wallpaper.

The significant difference between regular WhatsApp and NSWhatsApp4 is customization. You will control all the app settings, including privacy, security, themes, and even the interface. You can easily change the app’s internal and external settings, like changing the app icon.

Why NSWhatsApp APK

Your regular WhatsApp provides only a few features with narrow customization, while NSWhatsApp includes a list of new features with more customization. You can’t send bulk files in regular WhatsApp, and there are many other limitations, while The App allows you to send bulk files. If you want to enjoy a more private life, you must download NSWhatsApp, as it provides next-level privacy features like freezing your online visibility and last seen. You can freeze your online actions of typing and recording in the App.

NSWhatsApp APK Download

This app offers more features and security. To access all of its features, download NSWhatsApp and take your social life to the next level. This WhatsApp APK has many new features, like sending HD files and multiple privacy options. Now, you can create your emojis and stickers for your friends to make fun of them. Locking your private chat and having a more secure social life is possible in NSWA. The latest version of this APK is improved and has many new features.

NSWhatsApp APK Installation Guide

  • Have a strong internet connection, and then open your mobile browser
  • Type NSWhatsApp APK latest version
  • Select a trusted website like apkwht.com
  • Read the complete article to get more information about this APK
  • Click on the download button to have a file
  • Sometimes, the download doesn’t start; try again
  • Ignore notification of these files can harm your device
  • Open your mobile manager and search the APK folder; you will find your file
  • The next step is the installation of NS WA.
  • Before going to the installation process, turn on your backup
  • Connect your regular WhatsApp with Gmail
  • Click on the downloaded file
  • It requires app permission to download the file
  • Go to your mobile settings and allow unknown source
  • Now your files will be installed
  • Open the App and complete the signup process
  • Click on three dots and enjoy a lot of features

NSWhatsApp APK PC Installation Guide

  • To run any APK file, you need an emulator
  • Download Blue Stack or any other emulator
  • Blue stack is widely used around the globe
  • Download the App on your PC
  • Now open the installed blue stack
  • Drag your downloaded files of NS WA into the blue stack
  • Now you will get all the settings of the Android
  • Install the app in the emulator
  • Enjoy NSWA on the big screen

NSWhatsApp APK Update Contains

The latest version of NSWhatsApp is more intense as it has more improvements and features. The following fixes are done in its latest version;

  • Random bubbles during scrolling are fixed
  • The home screen search button issue was fixed
  • Themes activating issues in some devices
  • Many other improvements and fixes

How To Backup NSWhatsApp APK

  • Open your app on Android
  • Locate three dots in your app that are in the right corner of the app
  • Click on three dots
  • Go to app settings
  • You will find a backup and restore option
  • Click on the backup option
  • It will take a few minutes, and you will get all your chat, including images and files.

Significant Benefits Of NSWhatsApp APK

  • Improves your communication
  • More security
  • Extraordinary privacy
  • Call settings
  • Reject unknown calls
  • Limitless stickers and emoji
  • Share unlimited files
  • Hide blue tick
  • Blue tick after reply
  • Hide single tick
  • Group customization
  • More than 1000 members in the group
  • Pin chat in private groups
  • Send HD files
  • Home screen customization
  • Create your sticker
  • Load new stickers
  • Load new themes
  • Delete themes
  • Resotere themes
  • Lock your private chat
  • Face lock
  • Send files in bulk
  • Auto reply
  • Message scheduler
  • Edit send message
  • Get deleted statuses and messages
  • Change app icon
  • Change wallpapers
  • Ad free app

NSWhatsApp APK Latest Version V10.6

The latest version of NSWhatsApp is V10.6, which has zero issues and bugs. To enjoy more fun and entertainment without any problems, try the latest version of NSWA. There are significant improvements in this version. Now you can call without saving any contacts. The direct call features have been added to this latest version. There is no direct call option in regular WhatsApp. There are many other improvements and fixes in the latest version of NSWhatsApp V10.6. Download the app to get all the new features and more information about the app.

Features of NSWhatsApp Latest Version

Anti Ban

Most people are scared and don’t download Mod APK as they believe rumors that these apps are banned. Sometimes, these apps are banned by official apps. The latest version of NSWhatsApp is anti-ban. You can download NSWA without any hesitation and enjoy more features.

Auto Reply

This feature turns your hours-long work into minutes. When you enable auto-reply in NSWhatsApp, you don’t need to type messages and then send them manually. This feature allows you to reply automatically, and you don’t even need to read messages.

Message Scheduler

Now, this app lets you plan all the messages for next month. This app allows you to schedule your messages to change your social life.

Get View Once Files Again And Again

You can access all those files repeatedly or even in their lifetimes, which are restricted to viewing once. This WA Mod APK breaks the regular WhatsApp policy. Sometimes, your friends prank you by sending files with privacy of view once. Now, you can access all types of these files. Inface NSWhatsApp is anti-revoke.

Proximity Sensor Function

This feature is present in some Android, especially Android 10+, while absent in most other versions. This feature is helpful and saves you from accidental taps, specifically when you are on audio calls and your mobile touches your skin. When you have NSWhatsApp, your mobile screen will automatically be turned off as your Android touches the skin. This feature is not present in regular WhatsApp.

Hide Date And Name

I am sure you will enjoy this feature; like me, it would be your favorite. You can hide the date and name of your text through this feature. Just open your NSWhatsApp APK and enable the date and time of your text. Weirdly, you copy text, and when you paste, your date and time are also mentioned in this text. The app handles this issue, and now you don’t need to cut your text, which wastes a lot of time. This feature allows you to select a single setting that will minimize your text’s date and name, and you don’t need to cut this for each text.

NSWhatsApp Widgets

The beauty of the App is its customization, and you can customize each app feature, from its interface to its icon. Click on the three dots of the app and move for widgets. Once you approach this setting, you can customize the header, footer, app icon, interface, text style, text colors, and even tick styles. You can also customize your contact text colors and styles. You can also finalize the color of your chat background.

Confirm Before Sending Sticker

This is an advanced feature of the App; you will not find this feature even in other WA Mods. This feature is only present in this app. Before sending the ticker, you can confirm so that you can’t send any adult stickers to your family members. This feature saves you from the big mistake of sending irrelevant stickers. Sometimes, we need to correct our sticker album and any sticker sent in regular WhatsApp, while this app allows you to confirm before sending any sticker.

NSWhatsApp Privacy Customization

The app offers a list of privacy features that are not present in regular WhatsApp. You can freeze your online typing and recording actions. You can also hide your last seen and online visibility. You can also move to the always online option.

Group Settings

You can enjoy more group settings, such as changing the group name, icon, privacy, and interface. You can customize group security, such as who can message in the group. This app makes it very easy to create private groups for your families and friends.

Enjoy Multiple Accounts

Now, you can run more than one account in NSWA to expand your communication. Every one of us has multiple SIM cards, which keeps our social and business lives separate, so we also need multiple accounts, while regular WhatsApp allows us to run a single account. Download NSWA so you can have dual accounts on the same mobile.

Get New Features

The latest version of NSWhatsApp includes many new features to improve your social life. These features are updated over time. Many features will surprise you if you use them for the first time, like message scheduling. To access new features, click on three dots and then explore the app’s universal settings.

Unlimited Files Sending Facility

There is no limit to sending files in this Mod app, but you face limitations in regular WhatsApp. To get a limitless file-sharing feature, download the app. You can even send more than 100 files in one click.

Send HD Files

You can send HD files to your friends, family, and loved ones through this app. It was not possible to send HD files in regular WhatsApp. Now, you can add more fun and excitement to your life and your partner’s life by sending him all kinds of Instagram reels and even high-quality TikTok videos.

Get Deleted Messages And Status

You will be surprised to know that this app also allows you to access deleted statuses and messages. To access this feature, you must first download NSWhatsApp and then enable the anti-revoke option in its settings.

Download Status

When viewing the status, if you like one of them, just hit the download button below the status, but you will say I don’t find any option in regular WhatsApp, so make sure to have the App to enjoy this feature.

Blue Tick Customization

Blue tick customization has a lot of options to make your private life more manageable. It is up to you how you want to customize your app while it provides complete blue tick customization like;

  • Hide blue tick in NSWA
  • You can also hide single tick
  • Freeze double tick option
  • Enable blue tick after reply
  • Change tick color and style

Beautiful Interface

Download NSWhatsApp and enjoy a beautiful interface. The app is designed simply and has a beautiful communication interface without boredom. The interface plays a vital role in user mode. You can also customize this interface to be more simple or complex.

DND Mode

You can also access DND mode in this app. Before this, you would have never imagined that you could find such an option in the app. When you switch this option, you can easily focus on your task without switching your phone or data.

Switch WhatsApp By Hitting Airplane Mode

You can also rest in your daily routine without switching your mobile data. Just hit the airplane mode button at the top of your NSWhatsApp. You would not find such a feature in your regular WhatsApp.

Send Bulk Files

Working in an office or running your own business, you may have encountered the problem of sending bulk files through your regular WhatsApp and searching for different apps. There are many apps, some paid, while others show ads. So, get an advanced solution to this problem by getting the App. It facilitates sending bulk files in a single click. You can send all file formats through this app.

No More Forward Tags

Remove all kinds of forwarding tags through the App and enjoy your communication differently. No one wants forward tags with their messages and videos, so the developers of the App have introduced amazing features to keep this in mind. Just Install NSWhatsApp APK and enable the feature in the app’s universal settings.

Difference Among NSWhatsApp And WhatsApp Regular


Yes, it is possible to run dual accounts in the App.

Yes. it is safe to use on Android.

Click on the three dots at the right corner of NSWhatsApp and you will get the NS Thmes option when you click on that you can activate your theme.

Download the latest version of NSWhatsApp to get a solution for anti-ban. Make sure to use the app safely without doing any spam

Final Term

This article provides a brief knowledge of NSWhatsApp, including all its classes. After reading the article, you can safely download the app and quickly access all its features. If I simplify all the articles in one line, NSWhatsApp is a modified version of regular WhatsApp that provides its users with a user-friendly app that can be customized. You can customize the app according to your desire and have more value in your social life. To get more WhatsApp Mods, bookmark our website. You can also update the app through our website. Bookmark our website to get more WhatsApp Mods and enjoy your social life in a new style with multiple features and a more beautiful interface.

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