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We are living in an advanced era where things are continuously moving toward advancement. In this world of advancement, everyone is searching for the best. We choose everything carefully and want the latest version, especially when buying a new mobile phone or electric gadget. But what if I told you that there is the best alternative to WhatsApp?

Many MOD versions of WhatsApp are available in the ocean of WhatsApp MODS. All these MODS have gotten more attention in the last few years as they are more user-friendly and meet the user’s desire. Many of These Mods can easily surpass your official WhatsApp with their performance, as they have 10x more features than your old WhatsApp. Some famous MODS are WhatsApp Plus, OG WhatsApp, AG WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, Aero WhatsApp, and Blue WhatsApp Plus.

Now, I am going to introduce you to the most innovative WhatsApp MOD, which is enriched with new exciting features and will change your thoughts about WhatsApp MOD. Without any delay, let me introduce the complete details of Fouad WhatsApp, including its pros and cons and all of its features. This App will change your social media lifestyle from simple to advanced, making you feel more secure.

Fouad WhatsApp

What Is Fouad WhatsApp?

An excellent alternative to regular WhatsApp, which has some out-of-the-box features, and all these features are in high demand and force you to migrate toward Fouad WhatsApp. Famous MOD developer Fouad Makdad develops the App. This sneaky App has ten more features than regular WhatsApp and provides more privacy and security. Fouad WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp which was developed to provide a completely different app to WhatsApp users and add value to their social lives. Your experience regarding Fouad Mods will be completely different.

What Is Fouad MODS

A modified application of regular WhatsApp, which is more featured and has advanced privacy features, is famous with Fouad MODS. The story behind its name is Fouad Makdad, the developer of Fouad WhatsApp. The developer has also developed many other MOD APK WhatsApp, so all its files are collectively searched for as Fouad MODS online. For more details about the app, keep reading the article and download the app so that all yApp confusion disappears after using the app.

Why Fouad WhatsApp Mod Apk

This is an important question, and everyone is curious about it. The answer is that everyone chooses the best thing, especially when an alternative that is more improved than the original one is available. The official version of WhatsApp has hampered features, while Fouad WhatsApp is embedded with multiple advanced features.

Another main restriction is the two billion-plus active users of WhatsApp; it is nearly impossible to provide any complex thing as people will move to another network. WhatsApp provides updates every year, but he can’t compromise on some of his features, as the App has two billionApptive users.

Therefore, the only option for getting different and unique features is to rush towards WhatsApp MODS like Fouad WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp. Putting in nut shells, WhatsApp officials have a lot of restrictions and limitations in its features; therefore, more people are migrating toward MOD APK like WhatsApp Gold and WhatsApp Aero to enjoy new features and provide a unique touch to their social life.

Fouad WhatsApp Update

You will be pleased to know that you can also update your MOD APK like Fouad WhatsApp to get new features and improved versions. You have to download the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp to update the App. The method of updating is slightly different from WhatsApp as it is not available on the Play Store. The app developer provides regular updates to keep users connected and add value to their social lives.

Before updating the App, check whether an update is available. To check the update, click on the three dots and then click on the update option.

Fouad WhatsApp

What Is Latest Version OF Fouad WhatsApp

The latest version of Fouad WhatsApp is V10.06. Make sure to download the newest version, as it is much improved, and all the bugs are fixed in this version. Every latest version has been improved more than its previous version, and the same goes for Fouad WhatsApp. You can also download the last version of Fouad WhatsApp, while in the case of WhatsApp, you can’t get the old version even if you can’t skip its update. Some updates of WhatsApp have been very dull recently; they added channels to their menu, so forget them. You can only choose any MOD WhatsApp while Fouad is best, so make sure to download the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp and enjoy more features and extra privacy.

Key Features of Fouad WhatsApp

Theme customization

The App provides them with customization, and you can add your favourite themes here. You can also get your old themes or can quickly restore them. Here, you will get the option to delete themes. You can also delete all themes. Theme customization is advanced and only available in Fouad WhatsApp, while regular WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to change themes. There is no option for themes in regular WhatsApp. If you want to enjoy more themes, download Fouad WhatsApp and enjoy a variety of themes with extraordinary customization.

FM Fouad WhatsApp Themes

Fouad WhatsApp has a theme store named FM Themes. Here, you will find many themes. You can load a theme, delete it, and restore it. The App provides compAppe theme customization.

Message Scheduler

This completely different and advanced feature of Fouad WhatsApp will change your life. These features can add value to your life and assist you in scheduling your next. This feature saves you time and works like a reminder for you. You can also schedule a reminder message for yourself.


Through this APK, you can travel worldwide without any hassle. Fouad WhatsApp provides a multilingual approach; you can learn any language or even chat in any language of the world. Download the App and choose your favourite language. Now, after having this App, your excuse App language is no more.

Advance Privacy

Fouad WhatsApp provides advanced privacy. The App allows you to have a completely private life. You will decide which part of your private life is visible to people. Here, you can hide your status. You can also view deleted statuses and messages. You can hide the blue tick or choose the blue tick after replying. You will find many other privacy options after installing the App on your AndroApp.

Fouad WhatsApp

Group Customization

Group customization includes changing group names, privacy, icons, and who can send messages in a group. Here, you can choose admin. Fouad WhatsApp provides you with all group customization, and you can make your group more efficient.

Shake And Meet New Friend 

You will not find such features in other MOD apps, as they are only available in this App. These are beautiful features that will add beauty to your social life. When you shake this App, you get a different number and can communicate with this one. This contact can be from any part of the world. This App will help you make new friends and have a social life in a new style. Through this App, you can create new relationships around the globe.

New Sticker And Emoji Pack

WhatsApp still uses old stickers, while new and unique stickers are available. You don’t need to install any sticker apps or load stickers to get these new stickers. Download Fouad WhatsApp and get a sticker and emoji pack. The app developer continuously adds new stickers and emojis in each update to make the App more attractive. Stickers help you communicate visually and express your feelings in a unique style.

Advanced Customization

App customization compels people to leave WhatsApp and choose MOD apps. Fouad WhatsApp provides complete customization. Here, you can customize each feature of the App, from security and privacy to the app interface. You can customize the blue tick setting, themes setting, lock setting, and font setting. App customization is the next, and you will not find such customization in WhatsApp as it has a limited customization option, such as just changing your profile photo.

Caller ID

Almost MOD WhatsApp allows you to send direct calls without saving your contacts, but Fouad WhatsApp has a next-level feature of caller ID. When you call someone, the contact is not saved on your mobile, but the App will show you the caller ID to save you from spam. The App plays the role of a filter. This App lets you easily detect any kind of spam as it provides you with all the information about your caller.

DND Mode

This feature adds more value to your Fouad WhatsApp as it gives you a smooth feeling in your eyes. When you enable this option, your mobile contrast is changed to average, and you feel more comfortable. You will also enjoy the flight mode option to take a break from social media.

Send Direct Message

In WhatsApp, you cannot send direct messages; sending the first message to anyone is a long process. First, you have to add that contact to your mobile phone, and then you choose to refresh the contact list. Fouad WhatsApp takes care of your time and allows you to send direct messages without saving the contact.

Load Your Favourite Theme

Many new themes are available on the Internet. You don’t have to choose FWA themes; you can also load new themes online.

Fouad WhatsApp

Delete Previous Themes

The App allows you to delete previous themes and quickly load new ones. Such excellent theme customization is not available in WhatsApp.

Save Your Themes

Here, you have the option to save your favourite themes. The App is famous for its theme customization, and you can also load and save themes.

File Zipping Option

Another mesmerizing feature in Fouad WhatsApp allows you to send files in zip format, which saves data on your mobile. This MOD APK helps you send bulky files in zip format, saving your mobile data and valuable time.

Restore Your Themes

Here, you can also restore all your themes after deleting them. If you suddenly delete any theme, you don’t need to worry or move to load those themes. Click on the restore option. You can restore all themes that have been deleted.

Preference Resetting

After completing the customization of your App, such as scrappy, privacy, and theme settings, you can also move back to your old settings, as the App has a preferred resetting option. If you don’t like new themes and advanced features, click on the resetting option and get everything old.

App Lock

The App provides you with complete security options. The app lock consists of a fingerprint, pin lock, and pattern. You can also lock your private conversation in this App. Hiding your App is also available in this App. Fouad WhatsApp provides you with complete security. All your data is safe here, as the App has built-in App options. You can also move for face lock in this App.

Lock Your PrAppte Conversation

Still, you have heard about locking your mobile phone or social media App through fingerprint or pattern, but Fouad WhatsApp introduces a next-level lock. Now, you don’t need to lock your complete App while there is a single private conversation you want to lock. This app allows you to open your private conversation without diving into a full app lock.

Anti Revoke Message And Status

These features help you read all the deleted statuses and messages. Through these features, you can easily break WhatsApp’s official privacy. Fouad WhatsApp assists you with revoking messages and statuses. Now, you can read all the deleted messages and statuses. Such an incredible feature is not available in WhatsApp.

Photo Editing

Before Fouad WA, when you had to send an image, you first installed heavy apps on your Android and then edited your photo. Sometimes, you must learn how to run such editing apps, as they are more featured and have complex tools. This takes a lot of time, and sometimes, you have to do minor editing, like changing the filter of your photo or cropping the image.

Fouad makes it simple by providing a photo editing feature. Select your photo and click on editing. Here, you can change photo filters and also do more editing. Now, you don’t need more picture-editing apps on your mobile; just a single social app like Fouad WhatsApp is enough as it meets all your requirements.

Hide WhatsApp Chats

It would be best if you listened to the advice about locking your private conversation or the inbuilt app lock, which is entirely new. You can hide your private chat so no one can access your privacy. Hiding WhatsApp chat helps you spend more time in privacy. This feature is unavailable on WhatsApp; only Fouad WhatsApp has such unique features.

Auto Reply

The auto-reply is an advanced feature of MOD WhatsApp and is only available in modified apps. This feature saves a lot of your time and provides an automation vibe. Living in an advanced era and not enjoying automation is hopeless. This App allows you to enable auto-reply, and after enabling it, the App will reply automatically. After having these features, you can focus on your work without any hesitation or restriction of replying manually.

Mass Message Sender

Are you the busiest man, and don’t you want to waste your time sending messages individually? Fouad WhatsApp allows you to send messages in bulk. Select your message and send it to unlimited contacts. WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to exceed the limit of five. Here, you will decide how many messages you want to send to how many contacts.

Send Bulk Images

Sending images one by one takes a lot of time, and we live in a fast era where time is money, so to save your money, install the app, which allows it to send bulk images. You can send 100 pictures at once through this App, which Allows you to send only 30 images simultaneously.

Send Images Without Losing Quality

WhatsApp permits you to send HD files, but the quality of the images doesn’t remain the same. You lose the image quality, and the purpose of sending images is totally in vain. This App provides you with an Appct solution to your problem. You can send all types of HD images and will not lose the quality of the images.

Enable Always Online Option

You can’t keep yourself online all the time, but you want to show that you are online so no one will hesitate to text you. This is very important, especially when you are running any business. Download Fouad WhatsApp and enable the Always Online option. Whether you are online or offline or have an internet connection, you are always online.

Send All Types Of HD files.

You have old WhatsApp, and when you send HD files, these files change into viruses and sometimes split into pieces. This is ridiculous. Sending HD files is very important, and through WhatsApp, you never lose the quality of video, so choose Fouad WhatsApp and send all types of HD files without loss of quality. You can easily send your friends and family HD files, essential documents, and video messages.

Hide Media From Gallery

Hiding media from the gallery is an important feature, especially for those who don’t use an extra lock in their WhatsApp. After enabling this option, all your essential data will be safe when you suddenly click WhatsApp. This feature is beneficial if your kids use your cell phone.

Who Can Call Me

There is an outstanding call filtration option in the App, where you can decide who can call you. Most of us are worried about marketing calls and many unknown calls. Now, after using this app, you will get rid of all the unknown calls. Download the App and enable the call filtration option. Now, only your contact list can call you.

Blue Tick After Reply

Open your Fouad WhatsApp and click on three dots. There, you will find an option to show a blue tick after replying. Enable this option, and now enjoy a fantastic feature. This feature helps you choose an extra level of privacy, where you reply first and then show your blue tick. The App provides you with Complete blue tick customization, from changing the tick style color to showing the blue tick after a reply. 

Freeze Last Seen

This is a versatile feature of Fouad WhatsApp, which doesn’t exist regularly on WhatsApp. You can easily switch your last seen through this App. Freezing last seen means you are hiding yourself, and no one will know whether you are using the App. This App lets you spend your private life without letting anybody know you are socially active.

Fouad WhatsApp VS WhatsApp Official

FeaturesFouad WhatsAppWhatsApp Official
Auto reply✔️
Message Scheduler✔️
Wonderful Customization✔️
Security features✔️
Privacy features✔️
Private lock option✔️
Sending files in bulk✔️
Sending HD files✔️
Sending 50 Images at once✔️
Load Themes✔️
Restore Themes✔️
Themes cusotmizaiton✔️
Font styles✔️
Emoji variant✔️
New stickers✔️
Download status✔️
Anti revoke status✔️
Get deleted messages✔️
Send empty messages✔️
Back up option✔️
Update available✔️

My Personal Experience Regarding Fouad WhatsApp

I wasn’t familiar with Fouad WhatsApp and regularly used WhatsApp officially, but sometimes I feel bored using it. When I deleted my status a few months ago, my friend showed me his WhatsApp, and I asked him which WhatsApp it was. That was the first time I heard about Fouad WhatsApp, and I started using it regularly. The App has changed my social life and my experience. I enjoy its security and privacy features. I love the app’s customization features, allowing it to customize each feature. I changed the app, fonts, wallpaper, and the entire interface.

How To Install Fouad WhatsApp On Your Android

One> Go to your mobile settings and click on Apps. There, you will find the complete app settings. Click on Allow unknown source

2> Download the App from a trusted website like

Three> You will get a notification When you hit the download button. Click on download anyway

4> Open your file manager and click on apps. There, you will find the APK folder. Open it. Here is your downloaded Fouad WhatsApp

5> Open your old WhatsApp and make sure that your backup is on

6> Uninstall your old WhatsApp; otherwise, you will be banned

Seven> Now install Fouad WhatsApp

8> Complete the logging-in process and enjoy multiple features.

Fouad WhatsApp

Major Pros And Cons OF Fouad WhatsApp

  • many customized features are available that turn the App into a version
  • You can hide double tick
  • You can also enable a blue tick after a reply
  • auto-reply
  • Sending larger files
  • view deleted messages
  • Locking your private chat
  • In-built lock option without any third-party
  • Send HD files
  • It is MOD APK, which may cause some security issues
  • WhatsApp can ban you
  • Lack of some security features
  • It is unavailable on the Play Store,
  • It updates automatically. You have to download the updated version from Google manually.
  • Multiple features may slow down your mobile speed
  • Sending HD files consumes more data

How To Download Fouad WhatsApp

The MOD APK installation method differs as we can’t get direct installation from the Play Store. To download Fouad WhatsApp, follow the given method;

  • First, open Google Chrome or any other search engine available on your Android.
  • Type Fouad WhatsApp APK latest version V10.06
  • You will get many websites. Choose a trusted website like, or you may directly type this website, as you will get a lot of MOD WhatsApp on this website.
  • Click on the download button.
  • A pop-up message will say this file can harm your mobile data.
  • Click on download anyway.
  • Open your file manager and click on the APK folder to find your file.
  • Now complete the installation process as Given above.

How To Run Fouad WhatsApp on PC

You can also run Fouad WhatsApp on your PC. Follow the process below to enjoy the app on the big screen.

  1. Install any emulator to run the mobile App.
  2. You can also use Blue Stack, so download it from their official website.
  3. Run the blue stack on your PC and wait for the installation process to be complete.
  4. Now download Fouad WhatsApp from a trusted website like
  5. Drag your downloaded Fouad WhatsApp into the blue stack
  6. Install the App in the emulator and complete the verification process by logging in.
  7. Enjoy the App on the big screen.

Open Fouad WhatsApp and click on the three dots. Then click on chat. Now press the backup button to retrieve all your chats in a few seconds.

To get the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp go to Google and type Fouad WhatsApp’s latest version which is V9.72. Now choose a trusted website like To download the original file without any issue.

Yes, you can download the app free of cost.

There are multiple reasons for being banned or app installation issues. Some of these are given

1> If you are using official WhatsApp on your mobile and trying to install Fouad WhatsApp then you would not be able to install it. If you have installed the app while you have official WhatsApp in your Android you will be banned after a few hours.

2>  If your Google Play protection is on then you can’t install the app. Make sure that your Google Play protection is turned off.

3> Your Android version may not support the app. Sometimes you are using old mobile versions that don’t support MOD APK.

4> Allow the unknown source option in your Android setting to install the app otherwise you will not install Fouad WA.


Fouad WhatsApp is an emerging MOD version of WhatsApp which has different themes and fonts. It provides you with complete customization from security to privacy and costs nothing. Among all other MOD versions of WhatsApp, it is of significant importance as it was developed by Fouad Makdad, famous for developing MOD APK. He recently designed many MOD Apps, all of which are collectively known as Fouad MODS. In this article, I will briefly discuss all the features of Fouad WhatsApp and some disadvantages of using MOD APK. To download the latest versions of MOD WhatsApps, including Fouad WA, you can bookmark our website “”

Putting in nut shells, Fouad WhatsApp is a next-level MOD APK that satisfies its users with its multiple features and advanced privacy. This App will add considerable value to your daily social life. To get the most information about the app, you must download Fouad WhatsApp.

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