Download Aero WhatsApp APK latest version V10.24 [Anti Ban] 2024

Another MOD APK version of WhatsApp developed by Bozkurt Hazarr has many new features and a simple but attractive user interface. The main features that increase the popularity of Aero WhatsApp mod apk are its interface and the collection of multiple themes. You will enjoy a unique user interface in this App. You will have a completely different messaging experience with Aero WhatsApp, as it offers you a variety of themes, emoji stickers, and fantastic font styles.

Aero WhatsApp APk
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  • Aero WhatsApp
  • communication
  • V10.24
  • Bozkurt Hazarr
  • Android 5+
  • Two hours ago
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What is Aero WhatsApp?

Aero WhatsApp

WhatsApp AERO by Fouad Mods

WhatsApp AERO by Hazar Bozkurt

A famous misconception is that Aero WhatsApp is a new APK app with wrong information and a familiar messaging app. It is like WhatsApp but has some features that are absent in official WhatsApp. It provides complete solutions to all your problems using official WhatsApp. Here, you will decide all your settings, and no one will force you to follow all the auto settings in the App. The reason behind the popularity of every mod APK app is its customization. Aero WhatsApp mod apk is also famous for its customization of privacy and security features. You can also download AG WhatsApp APK to enjoy more features and get rid of your old, boring WhatsApp.

How Can We Identify The Original Aero WhatsApp mod apk?

Aero WhatsApp is assigned many shortcuts and names, such as wa aero, Whatsapp plus aero, and Aero WhatsApp Plus. All of these names are aligned to Aero Whatsapp as it is being downloaded worldwide, so people from different countries search in their way or sometimes need to learn its original name. But you will quickly recognize it by looking at its original icon.

Why Aero WhatsApp Mod apk

Aero WhatsApp provides extra features with a simple interface and easy download and updates all your features regularly. These features are absent in official WhatsApp. You still use your old WhatsApp and feel you are living in the old era and not enjoying the new era opportunities. You should try Aero WhatsApp as it provides features necessary for communicating in this era. Life is high-speed; if you are slow, it is your fault for making it fast. Move toward a quick messaging app like Aero WhatsApp, and you will find that you are entering a fast era. WhatsApp Aero has many features, one of which is its themes store, one of its unique features. You can download any WhatsApp theme. The main reason for downloading WhatsApp Aero is that it is swift and secure.

The latest version of Aero WhatsApp V10.02 January 2024

If you are looking for the latest version of Aero WhatsApp to enjoy its all-new features and eliminate all the old bugs, then you are at the right place. Here, you will find its latest version, V10.02, with new themes and security options. The latest version, v10.02, is entirely different from its old version as it is free from all the bugs and has many new fixes. This new version is anti-ban and uses Fouads Mods. The latest version contains extra features with the new user interface. The speed of Aero WhatsApp v10.02 is faster than its last version. Now, the App works smoothly.

Type of appMod apk
Last updated2024
App size90.9 MB
Available onGoogle

What’s New In The Latest Version V10.02

  • Many new security features have been added
  • An anti-ban feature has been added
  • Smooth and fast as all bugs are fixed
  • No more bubbles in the interface
  • Anti-revoke messages and status are both available
  • You can quickly call any contact without saving it
  • No forward message tags
  • Download themes from the themes store
  • New collection of stickers
  • Added new sticker or can download stickers
  • Available dnd mode option
  • Call filtration option only you can decide who will call you 
  • Easily send larger audio-video files

How To Download And Install The Aero WhatsApp 

  • Go to the settings of your old WhatsApp and turn on your chat backup to get all the chat in Aero WhatsApp; if you do not turn on your chat backup, you may lose your chat and all the media in your WhatsApp
  • Then you have to uninstall the old WhatsApp to enjoy the new features of the App
  • make sure that you have an internet connection
  • Go to Google and download the improved latest version of WhatsApp Aero
  • You will see a pop-up message when you click the download button.
  • You have to click on the “download anyway” option to download the file; otherwise, you will not download the file
  • Now go to your mobile app settings and allow the unknown source
  • Open your file manager and APK folder here; you will find WhatsApp Aero. Click on it
  • Your WhatsApp Aero is just one step to opening it
  • Now you have to put your g mail or contact number 
  • Wait for verification of your number
  • You will get five digit code entered into WhatsApp Aero 
  • Your account is completed. Now you can enjoy a completely new social experience with the App
  • For chat backup, click on three dots and go to the chat backup option in Aero WhatsApp
  • Finally, you are in Aero WhatsApp with all your old friends but with new features and a beautiful interface.
Aero WhatsApp

Who Is The Developer Of WhatsApp Aero

Bozkurt Hazarr developed a modified version of WhatsApp named Aero WhatsApp. The developer has changed the official WhatsApp and made it different from all mod versions of WhatsApp. The developers have made the App easy to use and kept its user interface simple and smooth.

Aero WhatsApp Detailed Features

Anti-Ban (Fouads Mods)

Most people don’t install mod APK apps because they have heard a rumour that these apps are banned somehow. That is true for some apps, but in the case of WhatsApp Aero, it is entirely wrong as it is safe and has an anti-ban feature. Now, you can download and install Aero WhatsApp without hesitation. WhatsApp officials will not ban you. The developer has used fouads anti-ban mods and assured you that you would not prohibited by any third party. This anti-ban feature has made the App more popular, and its downloads have increased as the App was updated and the anti-ban mod was launched. To enjoy its anti-ban mod app, make sure to download Aero WhatsApp.

Send HD Files With No Loss Of Quality

WhatsApp allows you to send only 50MB of files, and you can’t cross the limit. If you try to send larger files, you are always disappointed. Sometimes, you have to send important files to your boss, but these files are large in data, so you feel that WhatsApp needs to satisfy customers more. But don’t worry; install Aero WA. It will solve all your problems, and you will always be satisfied. Whatsapp Aero allows you to send larger files, even up to 4k ultra videos. Another beauty of WhatsApp Aero is that your files will be transferred to the same quality with no loss of quality as happens in WhatsApp Official. You can send movies, dramas, and more with Aero WhatsApp, so don’t wait. Download its latest version to enjoy all the new features added in 2024. Another limitation of WhatsApp is that you can’t send files in bulk, while Aero Whatsapp allows you to send files simultaneously. Hence, you will save time by sending files in bulk in WhatsApp Aero.

Aero Theme Store

Whatsapp Aero has many themes, and all these themes are available in its store. This store is named “Aero theme store”. Here, you will find all its themes. You can also upload your theme. All of these themes are updated, and new themes are added gradually. Tiered from the stuffing theme of WhatsApp and feel bored using a single theme from the last many years. You should change your theme, but I’m confused about how I can do it. I have a solution: download a mod APK version of WhatsApp known as Aero Whatsapp. It is the single one that can solve your problem, and after downloading it, you can change your theme daily and never get bored. You will enjoy its user interface as it is simple and embedded with multiple features.

blue whatsapp plus apk

Amazing Font Styles

Using the same font for a long is tedious and decreases our interest in WhatsApp chat. So, we have to change the fonts to feel the text. Whatsapp Aero provides you the opportunity to change your fonts. All the famous fonts are available on the App. You only have to download and find your favourite theme in WhatsApp Aero.

Extra Security

Whatsapp officially provides you with limited security features that don’t meet your security needs. Aero WhatsApp offers extra security features, such as locking your conversation. You can move towards more security features like PIN code fingerprint for your WhatsApp Aero. You will get complete security from the App and enjoy its security features. You feel secure here, and all your data will be safe. No one can access your WhatsApp without your permission.

WhatsApp aero

No Compromise On Privacy

The privacy features of the App are different from those of WhatsApp. Here, you can customize your privacy from hiding your status to hiding forward tags. It doesn’t compromise on its user privacy; only you will allow those who call you to view your status. You can hide your last seen. It provides you with some more security features, like

  • Hide online status
  • Hide last seen
  • Hide forward tags
  • Hide your bio
  • Reject unknown calls
  • No one can delete your messages

No Limitations In Transferring Files

Transferring all types of files with all quality formats without limit is only possible when you have Aero WhatsApp; otherwise, you will get a notification of file transfer limits in official WhatsApp. The official WhatsApp allows you to send only limited files, even if you can’t send larger files. The App gives you complete access to send all types of files simultaneously in high-quality formats and bulk quantities.

Complete Customization

  • You will find a brief setting in Aero WhatsApp
  • It allows you to change your settings as you want
  • Its customization feature is my favourite, as it doesn’t obligate you to follow the app’s terms.
  • You can easily change privacy settings and security settings.
  • Here, you will decide who can call and message you.
  • You have complete access to your security and can decide which features will benefit you. In the aero-universal setting, you can change themes, fonts, privacy, and more.

Remove Forward Tags

Sometimes, forward tags irritate you, especially when you forward your message in groups. To remove these forward tags, move yourself from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Aero. You will no longer face the forward tags in the App. No one will know the message is forwarded.

Auto Reply

Busy in your daily routine and getting messages continuously, but need help to reply to them. No worries. Aero WhatsApp is ready to solve your issue; go to your mobile phone, Google, and download it. The App has the option of auto-reply. When you turn it on, you will be free now. WhatsApp Aero will answer you automatically. You can also reply manually. The auto-reply feature in WhatsApp Aero saves a lot of time wasted in manual replies. The auto-reply of the App takes little time to write the message as we take it and send it in seconds.

Ad-free Faster Performance

Some free mod APK WhatsApp shows ads on the interface, which is ridiculous, while Aero WA doesn’t show any ads. However, it is a modified version of WhatsApp official but works smoothly like WhatsApp. The App’s performance is lovely, and it doesn’t crash when you run it.

Different And Simple User Interface

Aero WhatsApp provides an entirely different interface, but in a simple style; only some of its features are mentioned on its interface. The developer has designed the interface so simple that you will not feel occurred while using the App continuously. Its interface is lovely and user-friendly; you can easily change your interface in settings with light colours and customization.

No More Bugs And Issues

Many mod APK apps show bugs in their interface, but all bugs in Aero WhatsApp are solved, so you will not face bubble bugs and many other issues. The App is updated repeatedly, so all bugs are removed. Its latest version is lovely as it is bug-free.

Filtrate Your Calls

You reject many unknown WhatsApp calls daily, or sometimes you attend the call and say sorry that it is the wrong number, which wastes your precious time. Aero WhatsApp provides you with a fantastic call filtration feature. Now, you will not get unknown calls. It is disturbing when you get many calls, most from new numbers, but you are worried about how to be safe from them. I am here to help you. After getting the App, your permission is required to call you, which sounds good.

Freeze Your Last Seen

Official WhatsApp allows you to indulge in the private lives of others as if you can see everyone’s last seen, which is not good. It would be best not to indulge in someone’s private life. Considering this issue, the developer has developed Aero WhatsApp, and no one will see your last activity. Only you can control your social messaging app, and you will decide all your privacy settings.

Unlimited Accounts And Groups

A single account doesn’t meet our social life needs, or sometimes we have multiple network numbers and want to create a WhatsApp account for each number, but official WhatsApp allows you to do only a single action. Don’t worry; migrate toward Aero WhatsApp and get the solution at your fingertips. It will not limit you to creating a single account; you can easily create multiple accounts. You can also create a lot of groups in it.

Safe To Use

All the myths about Aero WhatsApp are wrong, and it is safe to use. Even its late version is anti-ban. You can download and install it without any hesitation. It doesn’t harm your cell phone and works smoothly like other WhatsApp. 

No Limitation To Group Members

WhatsApp allows you to add only 250 members in a single group, which is a small amount, especially when creating a group to run your business, like sending daily updates in groups and creating multiple staffing groups. While Aero WhatsApp permits you to create many groups with more than 1000 members, in this case, a single group is enough to run your business.

Backup And Restore

Aero WhatsApp also allows you to turn on your backup in settings like official WhatsApp. As the app has a backup option, you will never lose your data while using it, so don’t worry about all your data, like chat and important files. You are in safe hands; all you have to do is turn on your backup in the Aero WA settings.

Messages Schedulings

Living in the fast and busy era, you must take care of your time and worry about yesterday’s important meeting while you have to communicate with your buddies. Don’t worry. You can schedule your message, which will be sent automatically when you are busy with your office meeting. A message scheduler is a unique feature of Aero WhatsApp that saves your time and friendships. You don’t have to make flimsy excuses to your friend that I will be busy in the next few days and will not reply. No, turn on the message scheduler and write your text. You can also schedule your friend’s birthday wish or anniversary of your loved ones.

Send Bulk Messages

You can send thousands of messages in one click in Aero WhatsApp, while other WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to send a message in bulk quantity; if you want to have fun with your friend by sending him hundreds of messages at once, then migrate yourself toward Aero WhatsApp and enjoy the fun with your friends. Here, you can also send empty messages or even a single message multiple times without clicking again and again just in a single click.

Pros and Cons of Aero WhatsApp

  • Auto reply Saves your time
  • You will not forget to send a message easily schedule yesterday’s message
  • Easily reject unknown calls
  • You enjoy various features in a single application
  • No one will know when you are online or not
  • improve your privacy 
  • Can read friends’ deleted messages 
  • You can enjoy the Aero themes store and change your theme daily
  • Work without any hesitation as it has DND mode
  • Hide blue tick
  • You may lose your friend’s trust in you 
  • Sometimes, you can’t schedule the exact message and schedule the wrong message
  • Sometimes, your friend may not call  you in an emergency
  • These features can lead the application to complicated
  • Even your family is unaware and worry about your safety
  • It can be a barrier in the relationships that you are keeping yourself alone
  • You may read misspelt messages that lead to misunderstandings 
  • That is not good for those who keep things simple and love simplicity

Aero WhatsApp APK Old Versions

you can also download the old versions of Aero WhatsApp. Those who don’t like many features and prefer simple things love the old versions. all the old versions of Aero WA are simple and have unique features

many people don’t like new things; therefore, they use old things repeatedly because they are familiar with them. The old versions of Aero WhatsApp have retained special attention from its users.

Is WhatsApp Aero Safe For Android?

All the myths about Aero WhatsApp are wrong, as it is entirely safe for Android. Some people think that every mod APK app is not safe for Android. I am personally using it, and it is entirely secure. Sometimes, you download an old version of the APK app or some corrupt files that may cause issues. Aero WhatsApp uses FOUADS MOD, which is entirely safe for Android. All its bugs are fixed now.

How Can You Safely Use WhatsApp Aero

To use WhatsApp Aero without any problem, make sure to follow the strategy

  • First, uninstall the old WhatsApp on your mobile
  • Now download the App from a trusted website
  • Downloading from a trusted site is essential; otherwise, you will lose crashes.
  • We are providing you with original Aero WhatsApp obtained from trusted sources.
  • Always turn on your chat backup to save your data loss
  • After following the above instructions, you will safely use Aero WhatsApp to enjoy a completely new social experience now

How To Run Aero WhatsApp on Your PC

You may need clarification about whether you can use Aero WhatsApp on your PC. Yes, you can quickly run the App on your PC to enjoy its unique features on a big screen. All you have to do is install the Bluestack app on your PC and then download Aero WhatsApp; BlueStack is an emulator that allows you to run any mobile app. You can also choose another emulator to run this App.

Some Other Features Of WhatsApp Aero APK

  • Anti view once
  • Resend messages without forwarding tags
  • Show blue tick after reply
  • Enable always online
  • Send HD images
  • Direct messages to any contact
  • Hide chat
  • Customize the style of the tick
  • Change app interface
  • Change the icon of the App
  • Anti ban anti toast and anti-delete features
  • And many other features

WhatsApp Aero And WhatsApp Difference

FeaturesAero WhatsAppWhatsApp Official
Send hd files✔️
Send larger files✔️
Bulk messages✔️
Group members 1000✔️
Status Privacy✔️
Own theme store✔️
Multiple features✔️
Anti delete message✔️
Anti view once✔️
Cusotmzie interface✔️
Change app icon✔️
Send unlimited files✔️
Send sponteronulsy files✔️
Freeze your last seen.✔️
Extra security features✔️
Extra privacy features✔️
Freeze your online activity.✔️
Enable always online✔️
Flight mode option✔️
Reject unknown calls✔️
Message schedular✔️
Lock your app✔️
Lock your conversation✔️
Font styles✔️


The app is secure and safe; you can download it without hesitation.

Aero WhatsApp is a modified app and not verified by Google Play protection so we can’t run both apps at the same time on Android

This app cannot be installed on iPhone as the iPhone has its app store.

Yes, you can download the app without being paid.


An excellent messaging app with multiple themes and outstanding features to improve your social experience. Aero WhatsApp Plus is a mod APK app like many other versions of WhatsApp, but it has some unique features. The main feature, which is only in this App, is that it has a theme store. Its customization enables you to use the App freely. This article is all about Aero WhatsApp. After reading this article, you will know all the information about the App and answers to your questions. This article briefly describes detailed features, pros and cons, the installation process, and the App’s privacy. Bookmark our website to get incoming versions of the App.

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