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AB WhatsApp
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Are you bored using WhatsApp regular’s similar features for the last many years and wanna change your social life? AB WhatsApp will change your social life and allow you to modify your AppApp according to your tastes through its excellent customization. AB WhatsApp is going to taste you a completely new messaging app. That is not only you. Every one of us is seeking change in our lives. We human beings love change and always try to bring change to our social lives. KB WhatsApp features have been added to facilitate your social life and make it more attractive and fun.

AB WhatsApp APK

AB WhatsApp is a unique modified version of WhatsApp that features a user-friendly interface to satisfy its users. You will enjoy all its features, as they are unavailable on WhatsApp. The AppApp is a modified version of WhatsApp, and it will change your lifestyle from simple to complex. The AppApp is not among those banned after a few hours; it is entirely anti-ban, and you will use the AppApp without being banned. You can also try another modified version of WhatsApp MB WA.

Download AB WhatsApp APK

A sleek black-colored initial version of WhatsApp, also known as WhatsApp ibn e hajj Al Aswad.

Download AB2 WhatsApp

The second member of the AB family, with an attractive red color, is known as AB2 WhatsApp APK. It is also known as Al Hajj Al Ahmar.

Download AB3 WhatsApp

The third version of the AB family, which is purple, is known as AB3 WhatsApp APK and is also known as Ibn Al-Hajj Al-Nabi.

Download AB4 WhatsApp

AB4 is the fourth number modified WhatsApp from the AB family, with an attractive green color. The App is also known as Ibn Alhaj Al Akhdar.

Download AB5 WhatsApp

A cool blue shade modified WhatsApp, in fifth position in the AB family, is known as Ibn Al Haj Al Azraq.

Download AB6 WhatsApp

The sixth version of AB family AB6 has attractive themes and is known as Alhaj Al Dhahbi.

Why Not WhatsApp Official

We choose everything very carefully, whether it’s our cell phones, T-shirts, or even groceries. When we know there’s a better alternative to something, we pick it; similarly, when AB WhatsApp has 100 times better features than WhatsApp, why not download AB WA? When we discuss the features of WhatsApp officially, these end at 5 to 10, and every update is just an update of the name. So, downloading AB WhatsApp allows us to live in the advanced century. There are multiple reasons for rejecting WhatsApp officials. One of the main reasons is it doesn’t provide us with variant customization in each of its features as AB WhatsApp delivers to us. 

Is AB WhatsApp MOD APK Safe To use on Android?

When this universe existed, there was truth and falsehood about many things, even rumors. If you have heard that AB WhatsApp MOD APK is not safe, that is only a rumor; ignore it. When you download the App, all your confusion and rumors will be gone.

How To Download AB WhatsApp MOD APK

Downloading a modified APK is slightly different from Play Store apps. Ensure you follow the instructions to have AB WhatsApp on your Android without issues.

  • Make sure to have a strong internet connection.
  • Check out your Android version. Is it 5+
  • Now open Google Chrome or any search engine on your Android.
  • Type AB WhatsApp APK latest version 2024
  • You will get multiple websites offering AB WhatsApp, but choose the one that is trusted.
  • You can search for hundreds of WhatsApp MODS and then download your favorite one.
  • When you hit the download button, a pop-up message will be shown on your Android screen: “This type of file can harm your Android. Hit the download anyways option.
  • Now open your Android file manager and select the APK folder.

You will have your desired modified WhatsApp

AB WhatsApp APK

How To Install AB WhatsApp APK On Android

The process of downloading AB WhatsApp is simple. You have to make the following changes to your Android.

  • Open your mobile settings and click on apps. You will find app settings that allow unknown sources as you are going to install a modified WhatsApp
  • Now make sure that your backup is enabled on the old WhatsApp
  • Uninstall your official WhatsApp to play safe.
  • Open the file manager and click on the downloaded AB WA.
  • Before installation, the AppApp will access permission, which will allow it.
  • Now you will get AB WhatsApp in a few seconds.
  • Open AB WhatsApp and back up your chat
  • Click on three dots and customize AB WhatsApp according to your taste.

Can We Run the App On The PC

  • It is possible to get AB WhatsApp on a PC, and you can easily enjoy the AppApp on a big screen. You have to go through the following process to run AB WhatsApp on a PC
  • Download any emulator. I use a Blue stack
  • Download AB WhatsApp on a PC
  • Open blue stack
  • Drag your file to the emulator
  • Now enjoy AB WhatsApp on the big screen

Critical Features Of AB WhatsApp

Anti Ban

The latest version of AB WhatsApp MOD APK is completely anti-ban and free. Now, you can enjoy the App without being banned. Let me clarify what an anti-ban is; all third-party apps are banned if they don’t have solid anti-ban improvements. The developers of the App have ensured that the App is not like other modified apps that are banned after a few hours. You don’t need to worry about being banned when you have AB WhatsApp.

Auto Reply

When the world is using AI technology and enjoying the benefits of automation, then why not you? Why are you still waiting? Download AB WhatsApp and enjoy next-level automation like auto-reply. This feature will provide an extraordinary messaging experience as you can rest, and AB WhatsApp will work automatically. AB WhatsApp auto-reply feature is at the next level as it saves much of your time. Now you don’t need to go for writing text and then sending option. It takes a few seconds to reply automatically.

Hide Blue Tick

In the AB WhatsApp APK, you can hide a blue tick to enjoy more privacy. If you haven’t enabled the auto-reply feature and want to reply manually and read the messages, you can go into the app settings and hide the blue tick. When you do this, your friend will not know whether you have read the message. It is time to surprise your friend by reading his messages without letting him know. 

Wonderful Customization

AB WhatsApp APK offers complete customization. You will be surprised to learn that each of its features offers further customization. You may have heard about blue tick customization, but you can also change the tick color styles through the blue tick setting. Each section has separate customization options, such as header, text, and home screen. In chat customization, you will enjoy font styles.

Schedule Your Message

Busy in your routine life and have essential tasks in the next few days, but you can’t plan them. I have a plan for you. Download AB WhatsApp and let it work for you. The App has a feature that allows you to schedule your messages. Through this feature, you can schedule your future messages. Sometimes, we have to wish for someone or some text we want to send tomorrow, but we are also worried that we can forget this, so AB WhatsApp is the best option. This feature helps you a lot busy in your routine life, and today, you remember something to schedule. The App works like a reminder that will send messages without letting you know you have to schedule messages.

Attractive Themes

This modified version has many themes that increase the App’s beauty. The reason behind its popularity is its themes. The App has six more prototypes with different themes so that you can choose your favorite theme for AB WA. These themes also have customization. You can load, import, export, delete, and restore your theme. These themes change your App’s settings, making you feel like you are using a different app.

Theme Customization

Themes customization includes deleting old themes, importing new themes, and restoring your themes. AB WhatsApp provides customization in each of its features, and similarly, it also includes theme customization. You can also choose a simple theme offered by WhatsApp’s official.

Easy To Use

Complex features are not added to the App’s header section. AB WhatsApp is designed to make it feel like you use official WhatsApp with many new features. The App’s header section is kept simple. All its settings and options are hidden. You have to click on three dots to customize the App. Its footer is also simple. You will find main options like status, chats, and updates.

Simple Interface

The App has a simple interface, allowing everyone to access all its features easily. The header section only consists of aeroplane mode and night mode options. You can use the App for hours and even days. The App’s color combination is simple; light and attractive colors are used.

Download Status

We often like someone’s status. It can be poetry, quotes, or some information content, but when it comes to downloading the status, we can’t, as we mostly use WhatsApp official. This problem occurred before the entry of the modified WhatsApp. AB WhatsApp lets you download the status without any issue and lets anybody know that you have downloaded the status. Now, you don’t need to request your friend to send a status; download AB WhatsApp and hit the download arrow below the status.

Status Privacy

Our privacy should be in our hands. Why should someone call us and view our status without our permission? That is a priority of AB WhatsApp; hence, it allows you to have a completely private life. It provides you with status privacy, and you will only decide who can view your status. This is a significant feature, especially when we are emotionally attached to somebody and want to show our status to only them. People who are in a relationship with somebody love these features.

Complete Security

The security options in your Android, like pin lock, fingerprint, and pattern lock, are essential for better security. All these security options are available on AB WhatsApp, so you can’t reject the App based on security excuses. You will find more security options here, like locking your private chat.

Get Deleted Messages

That was common before AB WhatsApp. People made fun of deleting messages after sending this action, which confused their friends. They asked what they had deleted, and they never told you. Now, it is time to make fun of them by replying, as the App allows you to read deleted messages. You can read all kinds of deleted messages.

Download Deleted Statuses

AB WhatsApp allows you to read deleted messages and access deleted statuses. It sounds so good that your friend puts a status and then deletes it after a few seconds. Now, he is satisfied that no one can access his status even though he can’t view it. However, you can view and download deleted statuses.

Tick Customization

AB WhatsApp provides you with next-level tick customization. You can’t hide only double ticks and single ticks. Here, you will find options you may not have heard of before, like a blue tick after a reply. You can also change the tick style and colors. You can select your favorite tick.

Send Bulk Messages

Sending bulk messages is necessary and saves a lot of time, but WhatsApp official doesn’t allow you to send them in bulk; you have to send them one by one. To solve this problem, the App’s developer made cAppges, and now your App sends bulk messages with a single click. One-click will send all your files in seconds to the next move. If you also want to save time, download AB WhatsApp and enjoy multiple such features.

HD Files

Before AB WhatsApp, sending HD files through WhatsApp wasn’t possible, and people used different platforms. Sometimes, you can send HD files through WhatsApp, but these files don’t remain HD as the quality changes when the next person downloads the files. The App ensures you can send HD files without a minor shift in quality.

More Status Duration

If you are tied to WhatsApp’s status duration limit, download AB WhatsApp and increase your status duration. WhatsApp official allows you to post only a few seconds of status, or it splits your status into different parts, which is ridiculous. If you want to increase the duration of your status in words and minutes, you may have to move towards AB WhatsApp.

Drawbacks of AB WhatsApp APK

It is about something other than AB WhatsApp. Almost all the modified APKs have security issues, and you may lose important data. Before the installation process, your opinion about AB should be clear. As it is not officially developed, developers have changed the official WhatsApp and named it AB WhatsApp. These types of files can harm your Android. There are hundreds of benefits of AB WhatsApp, but it also has a few drawbacks.


This blog provides brief information about AB WhatsApp APK to take your messaging experience to the next level. Here, you will get information about its features, versions, and installation process. The article briefly describes each part of its feature with a complete guide on accessing it. After reading it, you can customize each feature of the AppApp.

In a nutshell, there are many WhatsApp MODS, but your experience with AB WhatsApp will be different. Its auto-reply feature will give you a touch of automation, and you can focus on your work without having to reply to the body manually. The App provides App with more fun through its new stickers and emojis. More than all the information above is needed about AB WhatsApp, so you have to download the App and increApp your knowledge of it.

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