NSWhatsApp 2 Red Download Latest Version V10.6 Anti Ban 2024

Get rid of ordinary WhatsApp and enjoy limitless privacy, security, and customization features in NSWhatsApp 2 red. This app will reduce your regular WhatsApp limits and provide the ultimate solution to your privacy problems. Now, you can block unknown calls and enjoy a beautiful red-themed interface in NSWhatsApp 2 red.

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  • NSWhatsApp 2
  • 126 MB
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  • V10.6
  • Nairton Silva
  • Apkwht.com
  • Android 5+
  • One day ago
  • Free

Introduction Of NS WhatsApp2 Red

With a vibrant and beautiful user-friendly interface, NSWhatsApp 2 provides unlimited features and increases your interest by providing the most prominent red color theme. The app is famous for its red theme and is known as NSWhatsApp Red. This is the second prototype of the famous NS WA, marking it as NSWhatsApp 2. The app enables you to enjoy customized chat with extra privacy features like hiding blue ticks, freezing online visibility, and hiding online actions of typing and recording. The bold red interface of NSWhatsApp 2 adds more value, makes the app more attractive, and grabs the attention of its users; hence, it has millions of downloads. This second version of NSWhatsApp has improved and has more privacy features that help its users enjoy a private life by hiding blue ticks, freezing online visibility, blocking unknown calls, and hiding their online actions. Users will enjoy this app’s more customized, flexible, confidential, and enhanced chatting experience. Here, we will provide complete information about NSWhatsApp 2 red, including its features, interface, downloading process, installation guide, customization, and chat backup process.

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NSWhatsApp 2 Red APK

Why NSWhatsApp 2 Red

When we hear the word modified, we know something valuable is added. Similarly, NSWhatsApp 2 Red is a modified version of regular WhatsApp with a list of features not available in regular WhatsApp. The main reason for moving towards NSWhatsApp is its customized features. You will not only enjoy themes, fonts, colors, and emojis, but you can also customize them and add new themes, fonts, and emojis. When you move for app customization, you get the answer to why people are downloading it. Everyone loves freedom, and NSWhatsApp allows us to change our app according to our tastes, such as who can call us and who will text us. You will only decide about your app interface, settings, privacy, and security. Here is a detailed explanation of the difference between NSWhatsApp 2 Red and WhatsApp Regular. If you love Red theme you can try Red WhatsApp.

NSWhatsApp 2

NSWhatsApp 2 Red V/S WhatsApp Regular

FeaturesNSWhatsApp 2 RedRegular WhatsApp
Bulk message sender
Message schedular
Run multiple accounts
Auto reply
Message counter
Group customization
New stickers
Red theme
Beautiful interface
Stock of emojis
Send 100 images at once
Regular updates
New features
More privacy
Extra security
Change fonts
Home screen customization
Theme store
Theme customization
Load new themes
Hide blue ticks
Blue tick after reply
Freeze online visibility
Hide online actions
Hide media from the gallery.
Download status
Broadcasting text messages
Change app icons

NSWhatsApp 2 Download

  • Most people believe in rumors that modified apps may leak their data and cause them to lose it. That is why they don’t download WA Mod, although they need it. You don’t need to worry about this; the app is end-to-end encrypted and can recover your chat. Let me tell you the best practice for downloading the app so that you may download it safely without getting banned.
  • Open Your Android browser and make sure you are using Google as a search engine. Google is widely used worldwide.
  • Make sure to have a healthy internet connection. You can turn on Wi-Fi or have a strong mobile data connection.
  • Now, type this URL in your search bar: apkwht.com. Visit our homepage; scrolling down will show you NSWhatsApp. Then, you will find all the versions of NSWA, including NSWhatsApp 2 Red.
  • You will have a brief article when you click on NSWhatsApp 2 Red. Read it thoroughly
  • Now click on the download button below the table. It will change color to red when you hit it.
  • You will get a pop-up message asking you to ignore it. Click on the download anyway option.
  • You can name and locate your file. While optional, it will be automatically saved to your mobile file manager’s APK folder.
  • Now wait for your complete download of 100 percent.
  • You will get a notification when you complete the download got
  • I got a pop-up message: “That file can harm your device.” Ignore it and move to the next download option anyway.
  • Be patient; your file will be downloaded soon, and wait for a 100 percent download score.

You can manually locate your file in any folder, and it will be automatically saved in your file manager’s APK folder.

NSWhatsApp 2 Red Installation Guide

It is time to switch to NSWhatsApp 2 Red. You may shift all your data to NSWhatsApp 2 Red to do this. I will guide you through getting all your chat and media files back on NSWhatsApp. Let me explain the complete installation process of NSWhatsApp 2.

Step O1. Locate Your Downloaded NSWhatsApp File

First, you have to access your downloaded NSWA 2. Click on the notification bar or open your downloads folder in Chrome. You can also get your file directly in your Android File Manager. Open the file manager, click on the APK folder, and then hit the NSWhatsApp file. 

Step 02. Allow Unknown Source Option

NSWhatsApp is a modified version of regular WhatsApp, so it cannot be installed on Android. To install such files, you must first allow an unknown source in your Android app settings. Open mobile settings and then click on the App folder. You will find an unknown source option; just switch it on.

Step 03. Install NSWhatsApp Red 2

Click on your downloaded file to start the installation process. When you click the file, you get two options: install and cancel. If you mistakenly hit the cancel button, click on the install option, then click again on the file. It will just take a few seconds to complete the installation.

Step 04. Open Your New Installed Application

After completing the basic steps discussed below, it is time to enjoy your app. Click on the three dots to access all customization options. You can mold the app to create a new one that meets your needs.

Step 05. Select Your Language

When you click to open the app, you will first asked to choose your language. English is mainly used worldwide; hence, it is marked at the top. You can scroll down the list to find your native language. Lol

Step 06. Agree with The Privacy Policy And Continue

Now you will have a pop-up message with the privacy policy; read it entirely and then hit the agree and continue buttons. When you agree to its terms and conditions, the app will work smoothly on your device. You can also continue without reading the terms and conditions. Now, you are finally allowing the app to function correctly.

Step 07. Enter Your Country Code And Number Or Email Address

After continuing the terms and conditions, the next step is adding your country code and number. If you need to know your country code, you can search for it on Google. Make sure to add the number that is running on your device. You can also choose your email address to log in to NSWhatsApp 2 Red. Remember, the country codes are not the same, and if you put the wrong country code, you will not log in because that code will be sent to any other country.

Step 08. Verify OTP and continue

You will get the verification option when you correctly add the phone number and country code. You can choose an audio call or text verification process to complete your verification. After getting the text, you must put it in and hit the continue button. You can copy and paste the text numbers; if your SIM is on the same device, it will be automatically verified.

Step 09: Allow Access to Media Files And Contacts

Allow access to media files and contacts to share your feelings and thoughts with your loved ones and friends. This access is crucial so you can access all the files you want to share on WhatsApp. When you access contacts on WhatsApp, you can communicate with your family and friends.

Step 10. Go for your Profile Settings And customize it

Click on the three dots to get a brief customization option. Click on a profile photo. You can change your name, profile image, about, and cover image here. Go to each profile setting to make your app more useful. You can also change your phone number. You can also use an avatar instead of your profile picture.

Step 11. Further, Customize The App Settings

Now, you can mold the app according to your taste and move for each customization, from its security options to privacy. You can change app icons, colors, themes, and fonts. You will enjoy app customization like privacy, security, and home screen. If you like simple things, don’t move them for customization. Click on the three dots to find multiple customization options like NSWhatsApp universal settings and theme customization. You will get all the settings separately. You can change app settings like widgets, header, and footer. You will decide all your privacy and security settings. You will determine who can call you and who can view your status. All you have to do is switch all your privacy and security options, like hiding the blue tick, choosing the blue tick after reply, taking online actions, and last seeing.

Step 12. Change Themes, Fonts, And App interface

You can change each of NSWhatsApp 2 settings to make the app more attractive and valuable. You can select new themes, delete old ones, and even restore your deleted themes. You can choose your favorite font. In the app interface, you can dip deep settings like changing the header, footer, and app themes. You can change app icons and even turn the app into entirely new.

Step 13. Enjoy The App With Complete Customization

Now, enjoy the app with its complete customization. You will get a lot of options and customization to make it according to your taste. The beauty of the app is hidden in its customization. Just make it done and enjoy the app. I hope you will enjoy each of its features.

Run NSWhatsApp 2 Red On PC

To enjoy NSWhatsApp Red on your PC, you must download an emulator. Then, follow the steps to install the app on the big screen.

  • Download an emulator like BlueStack. You can download any emulator, many of which are on Google. Select your favorite one.
  • Now, run your downloaded emulator.
  • It will take a few seconds to be installed on your PC.
  • Now download NSWhatsApp 2 Red from a trusted website like apkwht.com
  • Open emulator
  • Drag your downloaded file of NSWhatsApp 2 Red
  • Now you will have the same settings as you have in your Android
  • Install the app and enjoy on the big screen

NSWhatsApp 2 Update

As the app has millions of users, it is important to keep them engaged by providing updates. So, app developers have ensured its updates. The question is how to check for updates as it is a third-party app, so you would not get notifications like another app on your Play Store and mobile settings. When you open NSWhatsApp 2 Red, you may be notified of updates. There is another method for checking updates;

  • Click on three dots on NSWA 2 Red
  • Go to the universal settings of NSWhatsApp
  • There, you will find the option to update
  • You will be informed whether the update is available when you hit the update section.
  • If an update is available, you can update it from apkwht
  • Clicking on the update will redirect you to their official site
  • After getting the update, you will enjoy a lot of new features and improvements

How To Create Channel And Community In NSWhatsApp 2 Red

Now, you can enjoy the community and channel in NSWhatsApp 2 Red, so you should not be worried; both features are much improved compared to official WhatsApp. Follow the given detailed method to create a new community;

  • Open NSWhatsApp and swipe left; you will have the community page. Click on Access New Community
  • Now click on the new community option to start your journey of creating a new community
  • You will have a complete guide to creating a community
  • There is the option for help. When you hit this, you will get a complete guide on how to create a community
  • Fill in the details that are asked of you
  • Now, choose an icon for your community
  • Now conform your community
  • Click on the settings of the community to enjoy more customization
  • You can change all those settings anytime, like community name, icons, and member settings
  • You will get a link to your community to add more members.
  • Now click on the channel section below on the NSWA Red home screen.
  • You will get a lot of channels you can follow to get knowledge and updates
  • A plus option is present at the bottom of the home screen
  • Clicking on that will show you a pop-up for creating your channel
  • Fill in the details to create your channel
  • Provide the name of your channel
  • Upload an image of your channel
  • Finally, confirm that your channel has been launched. Copy the link and send it to your followers on different social media apps.

Latest Version Of NSWhatsApp 2 Red Have More Features

  • The latest version of NSWhatsApp has an improved user interface and is entirely user-friendly, keeping users engaged and providing a more intuitive user experience.
  • This version is simpler and easier to use. The user can easily download and install the app.
  • There are a lot of other improvements in this version, such as the ability to send bulk messages.
  • Now you can enjoy the message pinning feature even in private chats
  • This version is the best alternative to your regular WhatsApp
  • Random bubbles in its interface are no more

NSWhatsApp 2 Red Pro Features

Regular Update

They facilitate you with regular updates. When a new update comes, NSWhatsApp 2 Red will notify you. Each update lets you enjoy new features with more improvements and fixes. To check for updates manually, click on three dots and then the update section. You will know if the update is available or will be notified that you have an updated version.

Anti Ban And More Improved

The main issue with all WhatsApp Mods is that they are banned after a few months, so people are seeking anti-ban versions of WhatsApp Mods. NSWhatsApp 2 Red is anti-ban and has improved. You will not be banned by official WhatsApp while using this app.

Send All Kinds Of Large Files

Sending all kinds of large files becomes possible with NSWhatsApp 2 Red. Now, you can search for apps that send large files with quality loss; this app will do this work. You can send ultra 4 K files in this app. The app’s greatest beauty is that you will retain the quality of your videos and other high-quality files.

Call Filtration Option

Now, you can reject all unknown calls in this app without installing additional software or enabling different packages to reject your unknown calls. These unknown calls waste much of our daily time and disturb our routine life. Only you will decide who can call you. In most cases, these unknown calls belong to some marketing companies. Download NSWhatsApp 2 Red and get rid of all unknown and unnecessary calls.

Diverse methods of access

You will get multiple methods to access the app. If a single process of getting the app is not working, you can try another one, which is the beauty of the app. You can try many methods to access the app on a PC, like trying different emulators. Try Blue Stack and other emulators to run NSWhatsApp 2 Red on PC. You can get the app from multiple websites. If it is not working, you can try it from another website or some trusted website like apkwht.com. You will not feel that the app is inaccessible but have another option to run the app on both PC and Android.

Chat Screen Settings

You can also customize NSWhatsApp 2 Red’s home screen and chat screen. The chat screen has many customization options. You can change the chat screen wallpapers, use your picture or other graphics, and change these pictures for each chat. You can also change font styles and colors in this app. There are many different chat customization options that you will access when installing the app. Download NSWhatsApp 2 Red and get all customized options.

Home Screen Beauty

The home screen of NSWhatsApp 2 Red is designed and has an attractive red theme. The app theme adds beauty and fascination. The app has a unique home screen, which you can customize further. People’s choices differ, so you can change the home screen colors, widgets, and header sections.

Universal Customization Option

You get an option for universal settings when you click on three dots in NSWhatsApp 2 Red. By hitting this option, you will get all the customizations for the app. You can change app themes, colors, headers, footers, fonts, wallpapers, chat screens, home screens, privacy settings, and security settings in its universal settings. You can access all its deep settings and the app icons and widgets. After accessing the app’s universal settings, you can mold the app according to your desire.


NSWhatsApp 2 Red has a theme store where you can access and customize different themes. You can load your favorite new themes in this app. If you don’t like any theme, you can also delete it, and if you hit the delete button mistakenly, you can restore it.

Locking Your Private Chat

In regular WhatsApp, we don’t have the option to lock our private chat, so we use external sources, like installing some apps, to help lock our private chat. Now, you can lock your private chat, and you don’t need to move for a complete lock of your app just for a single private chat. NSWA 2 provides you with more security than regular WhatsApp.

Limitless Fresh Stickers

You will have a lot of stickers in NSWhatsApp 2 to convert your text into visuals. These stickers are improved with time, and many new stickers are added. Every update has some new stickers. To enjoy new stickers, download NSWhatsApp 2 Red. You can create stickers using random images, text, or photos here.

New Emojis

Many new emojis are available on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. By using these emojis, you can decrease your time.

NSWhatsApp Red Mass Message Sender

You can send bulk messages, up to 50 images at once. You will enjoy the mass message sender feature in NSWhatsApp 2 Red. Download the app and enjoy many features that help you save time in your routine.

Broadcasting Text Messages

This app allows you to send broadcasting text messages and has a different social experience. This facility is no longer available in regular WhatsApp, so download NSWhatsApp 2 and have a next-level messaging experience.

DND Mode

Rest is essential for our health, and social rest is crucial for our mental health. We all live in the busiest era, but we should pay heed to our health. Excessive use of social media is killing our mental health, and we are facing many health issues like depression. If you want to rest from social media, especially WhatsApp, try NSWhatsApp 2 Red. It has DND mode. When you activate this mode, you don’t receive messages and calls while your data is on.

Dark Mode

Before using this app, I am sure you learned about dark mode in social apps. This feature is for those who love dark colors and have never enabled dark mode on their Android, but now you can activate dark mode in NSWhatsApp 2 Red.

Freeze Last Seen

You can quickly freeze your last seen by tapping three dots and digging into privacy settings. There, you will find the last seen option; just disable it. Now, no one can access your last seen, and you enjoy next-level privacy. But that is not possible in your regular WhatsApp. You may shift yourself towards NSWhatsApp 2 Red. You will find a lot of exciting privacy features in this app.

Freeze Online Visibility

You want to always be available on WhatsApp, which is impossible with ordinary WhatsApp, but you can get it when you have NSWhatsApp 2 Red. There is a next-level feature of turning off online visibility if you want to be always online, and if you want to be always offline, you can also avail yourself of this offer by turning off online visibility. Download NS WhatsApp 2 Red to take advantage of this opportunity.

Security Options

  • Lock your private chat
  • Pin lock
  • Face lock
  • Pattern lock
  • Fingerprint lock
  • Private groups

Privacy Contain

Its privacy settings include blue tick settings, last seen settings, and hiding media from the library. You can also freeze online visibility and online actions and choose the always online option. There are many other privacy options. Download NSWhatsApp 2 Red and enjoy all these features.

NSWhatsApp 2 red

Message Scheduler

Get NSWhatsApp 2 Red and schedule all your messages. It fascinates you with a message scheduling feature. This feature saves you time and also works as a reminder. You scheduled a message, and now it doesn’t matter if you remember this or forgot. Your message will be sent automatically and on time.

Run Multiple Accounts

You don’t need to keep multiple cell phones just to have multiple WhatsApp accounts. You only need NSWhatsApp 2, so download it and have more fun. This app allows you to run multiple accounts on a single mobile. Multiple accounts require time, and we tried different methods to run multiple accounts on a single mobile. Now, you can have multiple accounts without further actions of running additional apps.

Group Customization

Now, you can customize your group in NSWhatsApp 2 Red, which provides limitless customization options from security to privacy and even the app interface. You can add more members in NSWhatsApp 2. You can change the icon, group name, and group privacy, like how you can message. You can also create a private group in this app to boost your private life effectively.

Pros Of NS WhatsApp 2 Red

  • Beautiful Interface
  • Themes And Fonts
  • Privacy Options
  • Locking your private chat
  • In-built lock option without any third-party
  • Send HD files
  • Media Integration
  • Complete Customization
  • In Built Lock
  • Anti Ban
  • Theme customization
  • Auto reply
  • Hide media from the gallery
  • DND Mode
  • Always online option
  • Limitless file-sharing facility
  • No more forward tags
  • Surveillance Security
  • Mods WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp can ban you
  • Sending large files consumes more data
  • Third-Party App
  • Violate Term And Policy Of Regular WhatsApp
  • Chat Loss
  • Hacking
  • Data Safety
  • HD files consume more data
  • Less secure

Personal Experience

When we used NSWhatsApp Red, we were satisfied with its customization, privacy, and security features. You will also enjoy the app as it allows you to mold according to your taste. If you don’t like complex things, you can keep it simple. NSWhatsApp 2 Red has many features, and the thing that helped me to download it was its customization. It sounds so good that you can entirely change each aspect of NSWA 2. You can even change the app icon, settings, widgets, home screen, interface, and color. You will only get some such settings and customization in your old WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

NSWhatsApp 2 Red is a modified version of regular WhatsApp, which is more improved and has limitless features. This belongs to the NSWhatsApp family and comes at the second number, which is why it is referred to as NSWA2.

Click on three dots and scroll down; you will find a backup option; click on it. This process will take a few minutes and you will get all your chat back.

Yes, it is safe to install on Android.

Nairton Silve is devleper of NSWhatsApp 2 Red.

Final Term

NSWhatsApp 2 Red is the famous WhatsApp Mod APK, and its popularity is touching the sky because of its customization. The app developers have ensured you have everything you need to communicate in this advanced era, like text styles, fonts, themes, privacy, and security features. You can add more fun to your social life and have more advanced features while using NSWhatsApp Red. The app has advanced security and privacy features; your privacy is your priority. You will have all those security options that will help you stay safe and keep your data secure. This article is written to provide you with complete information on NSWhatsApp 2 Red, including the pros and cons of the app. After reading the article, you will get the answers to all your questions, like why NSWhatsApp and how I can install it. To get more advanced WhatsApp Mods, bookmark our website and enjoy an upcoming version of NSWhatsApp.

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