NA2 WhatsApp APK download Free Anti Ban [2024]

NA2 WhatsApp APK
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  • NA2 WhatsApp APK
  • 78.5 MB
  • Messaging App
  • V13.18
  • Nassar Al Jaidi
  • Android 5+
  • April, 2024
  • Green
  • Free

The upgraded version of NA Whatsapp, which is more featured and advanced than its first version, is known as NA2 as it comes in the second number. NA2 WhatsApp APK is the second version of NA Family, famous for its theme and privacy customization. It is a Modified version of NA WhatsApp with more features and customization. With a green theme, the app enhances your message experience to an advanced level. There are a lot of features that are similar in both NA and NA2 WhatsApp.

This improved version of NA Whatsapp provides extraordinary features with advanced functionality and extensive customization options to boost your social experience. This app opens new doors to privacy, security, and customization options, and you can change the app to fit your needs. To enjoy these features, make sure to download the NA2 APK. It will change your social messaging level from simple to advanced. You can also download other versions of NA WhatsApp like NA2, NA3, NA4, NA5, NA6, NA7 and NA8.

What is NA2 WhatsApp APK

This is the second member of the NA family with more customization and privacy features. You can customize everything, from security to privacy, and even design its header and footer. NA2 WhatsApp’s latest version is anti-ban.

There are many WhatsApp Mods, but most of them have been banned by WhatsApp officials. However, the NA2 WhatsApp APK is still working as it is anti-ban. Its variant features make it popular.

Green WhatsApp

The app will lead you towards automation as it has more advanced features like auto-reply and message scheduling. If you want some advanced AI features, then try the NA2 WhatsApp MOD APK. This app will change your social life and make you more valuable to your family and friends. As the app has a green colored theme it is also known as green WhatsApp, and it resembles WhatsApp Official.

NA2 WhatsApp Download Latest Version V13.18

The developers have made a more customized and fast NA2 WhatsApp, slightly different from NA WhatsApp. It provides all privacy and security customization. This MOD version is famous because of its customization. It provides a variety of customized themes, font styles, privacy options, and interfaces. Download NA2 WA latest Version V13.18, and get a lot of new features with your favorite green-colored theme. while using this app, you will feel like using official WhatsApp with a lot of new features and customization.

Features Of NA2 WhatsApp APK

DND Mode

WhatsApp notifications irritate us when we are busy in our daily routine, especially when we are doing important work like writing articles or studying. The developer of NA2 WA has made an excellent solution to this problem. You don’t need to choose your Android DND mode because it will block all the notifications, while you only want to turn off WhatsApp notifications. Download the App and enable DND mode. Now, you will be online and receive all the messages, but you will not receive any notifications.

Message Scheduler

Message Scheduler is a prominent feature of the App that enables you to schedule any kind of message and enjoy more advanced features. If you forget many things, like wishing someone or any vital office work, then you must try NA2 WhatsApp because its message scheduling feature will help you.

Anti View Once

It is time to have fun with your friend who sends you private files. Sometimes, he even sends your picture without your privacy. Now, when you have NA2 WhatsApp APK, you don’t need to request that he send a file without privacy. NA2 WA breaches WhatsApp’s privacy regularly, and you can access all those files that are restricted from being viewed once. You can get these files for a lifetime and access them repeatedly.

Get Deleted Messages

NA2 WhatsApp is a different version of WhatsApp with some extra features. One of these features is the ability to see messages that someone has sent you and then deleted.

In normal WhatsApp, if someone sends you a message and then deletes it, you can’t read it anymore. But you can still read these messages on this app. This is because NA2 WA keeps a copy of all the messages you get.

Privacy Features

NA2 WhatsApp APK provides you with next-level privacy features, and you can enjoy many privacy features that will make your life more private. Here, you will enjoy privacy features like

  • Hide blue tick
  • Show blue tick after reply
  • Anti view once
  • Freeze last seen
  • Block online visibility
  • Status Privacy
  • Send messages in private groups

Security Features

All messages in NA2 WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted, and your date is safe. You don’t need to worry about its security because it has all security options, like complete app lock, fingerprint, face lock, pattern lock, or you can even move to lock your private chat.

Complete Customization

The leading beauty of the NA2 WhatsApp APK is its customization. You will love it. The app allows you to customize each factor of the app, from its header and footer to even its themes. You can customize each feature. You can even customize the app interface and its home screen.


Download the latest version of NA2 WhatsApp, and your app will be updated.

The second member of the NA family with beautiful customization.

Download the NA2 WhatsApp APK from Google or any search engine, as it is unavailable in the Play Store.

NA2 is anti-ban. You will not face the banned issue, but if you do, download the latest version of NA2.

Final Words

Here, I have discussed all the features of the NA2 WhatsApp APK, including the installation process. To get all the upcoming versions of NA2, bookmark our website and enjoy the upcoming versions. You will enjoy all WhatsApp Mods on this website and updated versions of each APK. You can also try NSWhatsApp, KB WhatsApp, and AB WhatsApp, as these are also anti-ban and have a lot of customized features.

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