BT WhatsApp Download for Android Latest version V36 2024 [anti ban]

BT WhatsApp offers unlimited new features. Enjoy a new messaging experience with a beautiful interface and unique fonts. Download BT WhatsApp and transform your boring social life into a more advanced and attractive one.

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What Is BT WhatsApp

When everything is updating continuously, and we are getting updated versions of cars, bikes, and even smartphones, what about updating our social messaging apps like WhatsApp? I want to understand why people are still using  WhatsApp, which is bizarre and monotonous as it still provides you with old features. A decade has passed, but WhatsApp still has the same features and interface, and everything around us is updated.

BT WhatsApp APK

As the world advances, are you still using the same old WhatsApp with limited features? Don’t be left behind. Embrace a new social life with BT WhatsApp. Experience limitless security and privacy features, a beautiful interface, and fantastic themes. It’s time to catch up with the world.

Discover the unexpected with BT WhatsApp. Be pleasantly surprised by the excellent privacy and automation features like auto-reply and message scheduling. Transform your WhatsApp interface with unique themes, giving it a luxurious and beautiful look. Enjoy the thrill of completely customizing your groups, themes, and interface.

Why BT WhatsApp Mod APK

When your regular WhatsApp has a few features that still need to be updated, and you feel bored, it is time to download BT WhatsApp and enjoy many new features with customization. There are multiple reasons for selecting BT WhatsApp over regular WhatsApp here; you can block all unknown calls, while regular WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to block any calls. Although you may have waited a long time, I appreciate your decision to move forward with WhatsApp Mods to get multiple features. Since WhatsApp is ignoring new features, WA Mods are becoming more critical, and people download them to get a new messaging experience.

How to Download And Install BT WhatsApp

  • Make sure to have an internet connection
  • Turn on your internet connection
  • Open your mobile browser
  • Type download BT WhatsApp APK
  • You will get a lot of websites, out of which select one trusted like
  • Now click on the download button
  • You will get a pop that this file can harm your device
  • Click on download anyway
  • After a few seconds, your download will be started. Otherwise, you can request it again.
  • Now open your mobile file manager and have BT WhatsApp
  • Open your mobile settings
  • Open App settings
  • Allow unknown source option
  • Now, before uninstalling your old WhatsApp, make sure your backup data is on
  • Click on BT WhatsApp for installation
  • Open BT WhatsApp and complete the signup process
  • Now, customize your app according to your desire
  • The last step is to enjoy the app

BT WhatsApp Updated Version V22

  • Now, you can enable the mark as read option in chat when the blue tick option is turned off.
  • You can share your status on Facebook
  • Pin your messages 24 hours, seven days, or even for a month
  • You can easily edit your message in this latest update
  • View both edited messages and time messages
  • Send and receive HD files without any quality change
  • Wifi option added

Download Other Versions Of BT WhatsApp

There are four prototypes of BT WhatsApp, and you can access any of them. All of these have different themes and slight differences in their customization.

Blue BT WhatsApp APK

The updated version of BT WhatsApp has a blue theme. It is also known as Blue Penguin WhatsApp. This is the prototype of BT WhatsApp, also named BT1 WhatsApp and WhatsApp Blue Plus.

Pink BT2 WhatsApp APK

The second latest version of the BT series with a Pink theme is the Pink BT2 WhatsApp APK. It comes at the second number, also known as BT2 WhatsApp. Download the updated version of BT2 to get maximum features and more improvements. This version contains a pink color, also called Pink WhatsApp.

Golden BT3 WhatsApp APK

The third member of the BT series with a golden theme is known as the BT3 Golden WhatsApp APK. It comes in third place, so it is named BT3 WA. Because of its golden theme, the app is named Golden WhatsApp APK.

Red BT4 WhatsApp APK

The fourth member of BT WhatsApp, with a red theme and beautiful customization, is known as the Red BT4 WhatsApp APK.

Features of BT WhatsApp

Auto Reply

Now, you don’t need to write your message and send it to your contact list. We live in an era of automation, where things are more straightforward. Download BT WhatsApp APK to simplify your life and get features like auto-reply. When you enable this feature, your messages will be replied to automatically without being notified.

Message Scheduler

BT WhatsApp has many advanced features, like message scheduling. Download the app and enable the message scheduling feature in its settings to get this feature. You can schedule all of your messages through this app. As this feature is no longer available in regular WhatsApp, you may have to download BT WhatsApp.

DND Mode

Now you can avail of DND mode in BT WhatsApp, and after enabling this, you will get rid of all the notifications. This feature is not available in regular WhatsApp. When you enable this feature in BT WA, all your notifications are muted while you get all your messages.

Aeroplane Mode

You can easily switch off your WhatsApp without turning off your Android. You don’t need to turn off your cell phone or mobile data to get rid of WhatsApp messages. BT WhatsApp has a beautiful feature called airplane mode. Before this, you may have heard about this feature in your Android to switch your mobile networks, while here, you can switch your WhatsApp without turning off your mobile data.

Night Mode

You will be surprised to know that you can also control the brightness of your messaging app. If you have BT WhatsApp on your Android, you can easily switch to night mode to provide your app with a light, soothing brightness. When you enable night mode, your Android’s brightness is reduced. You can also enable dark mode in BT WhatsApp Mod APK.

Send Direct Messages

If you are still using regular WhatsApp, you can’t imagine a message can be sent without saving the contact, while all those using BT WhatsApp APK know it is possible. Download BT WhatsApp and send messages, voices, and videos without saving contact. Now, you can send all types of media files directly to anybody anywhere in the world without wasting your time to save their number. This feature is beneficial for those who are running any business. They can easily do marketing.

More Privacy

Here, you will enjoy more privacy than in regular WhatsApp, like hiding the blue tick or choosing the blue tick after a reply. You will also enjoy limitless privacy features in BT WhatsApp, like hiding your online actions and freezing your online visibility.

Security Options

Get more security in BT WhatsApp, such as locking your private chat and other security options. You can select fingerprint, face lock, and pattern lock in BT WhatsApp. You don’t need to worry; all your dates are safe.

Regular Update

BT WhatsApp provides regular updates, and you can access every upcoming update. You can check whether the update is available or not. When it is, you can easily get it by downloading it from the official BT WhatsApp website.

Send HD files

You can send all HD files, including ultra 4 K, without losing quality. Regular WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to send HD files, or sometimes, it changes the quality of your files. You can also send large files like movies and dramas through BT WhatsApp.

Multiple Accounts

You can access multiple accounts in BT WhatsApp on a single device. WhatsApp official accesses only a single account, and you can move to a second account; however, you may have to buy a new cell phone and SIM card.

Hide Media From Gallery

You can easily hide media from the BT WhatsApp gallery, saving a lot of your essential files. When your cell phone is in your child’s hand, they can share anything with anyone, so download BT Whatsapp and hide media from the gallery.

Ad Free APK

Only a few modified apps are ad-free, and BT WhatsApp is one of those few APK Mods. You don’t need to skip ads in this app, but these ads irritate us when working on an important task.

Blue Tick Settings

You can access blue tick settings in BT WhatsApp and enjoy more privacy, such as hiding blue or blue ticks after a reply. Here, you can get the following blue tick settings.

  • Hide blue tick
  • Blue tick after reply
  • Single tick option
  • Change tick colors
  • Change blue tick styles

How To Run BT WhatsApp On PC

  • First, download and install an emulator to run APK files on your PC
  • You can try any emulator while I use Blue stack
  • Blue stack is easy to use and fast
  • Download BT WhatsApp on your PC
  • Now open the emulator and just drag BT WhatsApp into it
  • Open BT WhatsApp in the emulator and complete the signup process
  • Enjoy BT WhatsApp on the big screen


The latest version of BT WhatsApp is V36

Yes, you can access the app without any cost.

Yes, it is safe to use on Android


Putting in nut shells, BT WhatsApp is a modified form of regular WhatsApp that will change your social life, and you will enjoy more fun through this app. Here are complete details of BT WhatsApp, including app features and the installation process. You can bookmark our website to get upcoming updates on BT WhatsApp and many other WhatsApp Mods. You can find a lot of new WhatsApp Mods on our website.

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