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AN WhatsApp APK
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an whatsapp

April Update 2024

If you are looking for a wonderful app called AN WhatsApp Mod APK to enjoy new features, you have landed in the right place. Now, all you have to do is hit the download button and enjoy AN WhatsApp mod apk. That is time to enjoy new features as we live in an advanced century. 

If you are still using the old WhatsApp with just a few features, when it is time to experience some new features, This app will boost your messaging experience to the next level.

What Is AN WhatsApp

A modified WhatsApp version offers more features needed in this advanced era. The feature of AN WA makes it different from all other WhatsApp versions. It is the most popular version of WhatsApp among all the MOD APK versions of WhatsApp; therefore, its downloads are increasing daily. The developer of AN WA has made some changes to WhatsApp official and added many wonderful features that its users like. After complete modification, he named the App AN WhatsApp. It is famous because of its different features, which are more in number than WhatsApp.

Why AN WhatsApp While You Have WhatsApp

WhatsApp has not added new features in the last few years, and each update is more boring. Recently, WhatsApp added channels in its last update. WhatsApp is not a video platform. It is a communication app, and they must focus more on communication. The App is modified according to all the essential features required for better communication, from privacy to security. Boosts your messaging experience and ensures that you are in safe hands. Its privacy features are amazing, but these are absent in WhatsApp official. 

Still Using WhatsApp While Its Best Alternative Is Available

Suppose you are still using WhatsApp and not enjoying many new features. In that case, you are living in old times while the alternative of WhatsApp is available with extra features and a beautiful user interface. AN WhatsApp is the best alternative to WhatsApp as it meets all the requirements for a better messaging experience and adds many extra security and privacy features. Its privacy features are 10x that of WhatsApp. The main thing that differentiates AN WhatsApp from WhatsApp is its customization. It provides complete customization, and you can change the App according to your desire. Its customization makes it unique as it includes security, privacy, and themes.

Who Is The Developer?

A student from Yemen, Ammar Alawadi, developed AN WhatsApp by adding many new features. Hence, you will get his name when you open the app “AN WhatsApp by Ammar Alawadi.”

Complete Guide To Downloading And Installation

  • First of all, turn on your Google backup in old WhatsApp so that you may retain your important data.
  • Now delete the WhatsApp official for a better security option, as the App is unavailable on the Play Store.
  • Make sure to download the App from trusted sources like the official website.
  • Download the latest version of the App to enjoy all the new features and eliminate bugs found in the old version.
  • After downloading it from a trusted site, go to your mobile settings and allow the unknown source option in the app setting.
  • Open the device file manager and click on AN WhatsApp APK
  • After a few moments, your installation will be completed
  • Enjoy the App and recover all your data
AN WhatsApp

Significant Features Of AN WhatsApp

Complete Anti-ban

The latest version of AN WhatsApp is a completely anti-ban, and you can enjoy it without being banned by WhatsApp officials. The arab developer Ammar Alawadi has ensured that the App is completely anti-ban while WhatsApp still bans many other MOD APK WhatsApp. When many people want to have more features to enhance their messaging experience, they feel scared as they have heard that MOD apps are blocked, while in the case of AN WhatsApp, you should not feel hesitation as it is anti-ban. Feel free to download the latest anti-ban version of the app.

Download Status

We are living in a social media era. We need many things; sometimes,  we love someone’s status, which may be informative. We want to get that, but if we are still using the old WhatsApp, it isn’t possible, while AN WhatsApp makes it possible to download all kinds of statuses like images or videos. The app developer has sorted out this problem. You can download the status directly by just hitting the download button.

More Status Duration

WhatsApp has a status limitation, while AN WhatsApp allows you to have a longer status duration. WhatsApp allows you to select only a 30-second video and 150 characters, while AN WhatsApp allows you to select even a 2-minute video and more than 800 words. Here, you will find no limitations like WhatsApp. 

Unlimited Group Members

Using this app, you can easily add more than 1000 group members, while WhatsApp allows you to add only 272 members, which is only the fourth part of AN WhatsApp. Even a single group of AN WA is enough for you as you can add a maximum number of members to this group and run your business easily. It also provides complete group customization, such as changing the group icon, name, and privacy.

Extra Security Features

Lock your private conversation and many other advanced security features in this App. You can add a fingerprint or choose a pattern to secure your private conversation. It provides you with multiple security options. You can select your favorite security option, like some people like fingerprints. You will feel completely secure in this wonderful App. The app allows you to enjoy a more secure and private life.

AN WhatsApp

Anti Revoke Messages

This is an amazing feature that prevents its users from knowing when a message is deleted. It breaches WhatsApp’s privacy and allows you to keep your actions of deleting messages secret. The app’s privacy features are amazing, like anti-revoke. You can also view all the deleted messages and statuses without knowing them.

User-Friendly Interface

The developer has kept many things simple to improve the app’s interface, which is user-friendly and beautiful. You can use this App for many hours, but you will be satisfied with it, as light colors are used, and you will not be bored. You can also change its interface. The app provides complete customization, and after testing all this, you will feel as if you are a developer of the app.

Download & Transfer HD videos

When we transfer any high-quality video in WhatsApp, there is a loss in the quality of the video, and it doesn’t remain the same. The App ensures the transfer of the same quality video. You can send and download HD videos using this App. When you download any video from a group, its quality will also be the same. Even WhatsApp doesn’t send HD files. It changes it into a corrupted file, and sometimes you send a file, but the receiver can’t get it in his gallery. To get rid of this issue, download AN WhatsApp and send all kinds of files without losing quality.

Theme And Font Customization

After using WhatsApp’s same interface for many years and getting bored, you must change its themes, which are not customized. Then, you can choose AN WhatsApp, which provides complete customization, from theme customization to fonts. It gives you famous font styles and multiple themes. It has its theme store with the name “AN Themes.” 

Send Bulk Messages

WhatsApp has many limitations, like sending a single message at once, while AN WhatsApp assists you when you want to send bulk messages. Sometimes, we want to send bulk messages because sending one manual message may consume more time than the best practice of installing AN WhatsApp to save time and energy. 

Send Larger Files

With the help of this App, you can even send larger files like movies and dramas. Sending larger files in WhatsApp was impossible, so we tried different platforms to send larger files. Shifting from one platform to another consumes more time, while here, you will find everything in a single app, and you will never need to install another social platform to meet your social messaging needs. App allows you to send all formats of files, including HD and even MP3 files.

Auto Reply Option

It is time to enter an advanced era where AI makes things more significant and easy. Similarly, AN WhatsApp is introducing an amazing feature like “auto-reply”; after selecting this option, you can save time. The App will automatically reply to your fellows, friends, and family. You can send a quick message through this App. You can also write and rewrite this quick message. It is a wonderful feature, especially for those running any business who can’t reply manually to their customers.

Flight Mode Option

The App provides you with a flight mode option. When you enable this option, you can avail all your online activities without any disturbance of WhatsApp notifications. This option gives you a break from WhatsApp, and you can do all your other online activities without turning your data off. In WhatsApp, you don’t have the option of flight mod, and you choose to turn off your data to pause WhatsApp, while AN WhatsApp provides advanced features to take a break without turning your data off.

 Extra Customization

Its customization is at the next level compared to WhatsApp, as it provides complete customization from scratch to the end. Here, you will only control your App, decide who can call you, and view your status. Its privacy customization is wonderful as it includes all your privacy features like hiding blue tick single tick, and much more. You can also change the app’s color and themes. Customizing features of AN WhatsApp allows you to mold the App according to your desire. You can change every part of WhatsApp, and you will feel like you are the app developer.

Call Filtration Option

Privacy is the main feature of the App, Its privacy is more advanced, and you will find a call filtration option that allows you to control your WhatsApp calls. Only you will decide who will call you. This app’s control is in your hands, while WhatsApp gives you a little customization. Turning this option on allows you to reject all unknown calls and stay focused on your main work. We get many wrong calls daily, and sometimes marketing companies’ calls waste our time. This feature of AN WhatsApp provides us space to reject all these unknown calls, which wastes our time.

AN Theme Store

Here you will enjoy multiple themes, as it has a theme store. When you click on three dots in AN WhatsApp, you will find an option for AN themes. By clicking on it, you will get different WhatsApp themes. These themes increase the beauty of your messaging app, and you will be satisfied even after using this app continuously.

AN WhatsApp

More Privacy Features

Enjoy more privacy features when you have AN WhatsApp; its privacy features are 10x greater than WhatsApp. You can customize your privacy settings and keep yourself safe by hiding your profile picture and online visibility. No one will know whether you are online or not and whether you have read the message. It will allow you to have a private life. Sometimes, we don’t want to show our status or online visibility, and we feel helpless, especially when we don’t have an app like AN WhatsApp.

AN WhatsApp

Hide Last Seen

Hide your last seen to enjoy a more private life during your social experience with this App, while WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to hide your last seen. To enjoy more privacy features, download AN WhatsApp and push your messaging experience beyond the limits. When you enable the hide last seen option, no one will know about your online existence.

No Forward Tag

Are you tired of forwarding tags of text, images, and videos? If you want to get rid of them as you dislike them and are a mark on your privacy, then AN WhatsApp mod apk is ready to solve your problem as it enables you to send files without forward tags. No one wants to have these forward tags. When you use this App, its developer turns off all the forward tags, and now you can forward all kinds of files without hesitation. You will only know if you are forwarding a message or have your text.

Read All The Deleted Messages

AN WhatsApp provides you with an anti-revoke message feature. You can read all the deleted messages without letting him know you are reading them. When you delete messages in official WhatsApp, those who have AN WhatsApp can read all these deleted messages. Sometimes, your friend makes fun of you by just sending and deleting messages so that you will be confused and ask questions; now it is time to make fun of them by downloading AN WhatsApp and surprising them by reading their deleted messages.

Hide Blue Tick

The hiding of the blue tick option is available in AN WhatsApp. You can’t only hide blue ticks but will get complete customization about ticks, such as hiding blue ticks, single ticks, and blue ticks after reply. Make sure to download the App to enjoy all its features. You can also change tick styles and colors.

AN WhatsApp

View Messages Again And Again

Through this APK, you can break WhatsApp privacy by viewing it once. When somebody sends you a file with the view once privacy in simple WhatsApp, you can only open it once, and then you will no longer access the file, while if you have AN WhatsApp, you can view messages again and again. The App allows you to access private files without time limitations.

How To Update AN WhatsApp

The method of updating AN WhatsApp is slightly different from WhatsApp as we can’t download it from the Play Store; similarly, we can’t update it from the Play Store. 

  • First of all, open your old version of the App
  • Click on three dots and check if either update is available
  • uninstall your old version.
  • Download the latest version of AN WA from a trusted website
  • Now install this new version of AN Whatsapp mod apk to enjoy some new features
AN WhatsApp

Complete Guide To Install AN WhatsApp On PC

Follow the guide to have ANWA on your PC

  • First of all, download any emulator on your PC
  • I recommend you download Blue Stack or Naxplayer
  • Install one of the emulator
  • Download AN WhatsApp APK
  • Now drag and drop the APK file into the emulator
  • Run the App in the emulator
  • The installation process is the same as in mobile phone
  • Now, enjoy the App on the big screen

Is AN WhatsApp Safe To Use On Android?

AN WhatsApp is completely safe to use on Android. All the news about its security and privacy is fake; otherwise, it would not have millions of downloads.

Switching From WhatsApp To AN WhatsApp Mod APK

Keep these things in mind if you are switching from WhatsApp to AN WhatsApp

  • First of all, make sure that your backup is on
  • If it is off, turn it on to save your important data
  • If you are switching from the WhatsApp business, make sure to save all your catalogue products

Comparison Between AN WhatsApp vs WhatsApp

Features AN WhatsAppWhatsApp
Unlimited privacy features
Send unlimited files
Send larger files
Send hd files
Lock your conversation
Block unknown calls
Hide blue tick
Hide single tick
View anti-view once files.
No more forward tags
Send files simultaneously
Dark mode
DND mode
Theme store
Font styles
Complete customization
View deleted messages
View deleted status
Status more than 60 seconds
Unlimited accounts
Group members of more than 1000

Available Versions Of AN WhatsApp APK


V39 is the latest version of AN WhatsApp APK.

To update the app you have to download its latest version.

Yes, you can access the app without any charges.

NA WhatsApp is only available on websites you will no longer access it on Play Store it is banned there.

Wrapping Up

A modified version of WhatsApp official embed with multiple features and enough to communicate in the advanced century. This article will describe in detail the features of AN WhatsApp’s latest version, v37. Before this version, there were some bugs and issues in AN WhatsApp mod apk, but this version has increased its popularity as it is fully anti-banned. The latest version of AN WhatsApp V37 will boost your messaging experience and give you a completely different vibe. All of its features are new and are not official in WhatsApp so that you will enjoy them a lot. To get the next incoming version of AN WhatsApp, bookmark our website. You will access all WA Mods at our website, including their latest versions.

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