NA1 WhatsApp APK Latest Version Download V37 [2024]

Are you still using your old monotonous, freaky, and unconventional WhatsApp while living in 2024, when everything is changing rapidly and we are moving toward the era of technology? It would be best to change everything this year, including your social media apps like WhatsApp. It would be best if you also thought about your communication while you have a wonderful alternative, NA1 WhatsApp. It is more advanced and features more than WhatsApp.

NA WhatsApp APK
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  • NA1 WhatsApp
  • 76 MB
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  • V37
  • Blue, green, red,
  • Nassar Al Jaidi
  • Android 5+
  • NA2, NA3, NA4
  • one day ago
  • Free

NA1 WhatsApp is becoming more popular every day because of its wonderful features. About 10 different versions are uploaded to the Internet and continuously downloaded. These are NA1, NA2, NA3, NA4, NA5, NA6, NA7, and NA8.

NA WhatsApp

Introduction Of NA1 WhatsApp APK

NA1 WhatsApp is another wonderful MOD APK app by an Egyptian developer, Nassar Al Jaidi, with wonderful new features and themes. The app developer has made wonderful changes to WhatsApp official and provided a completely different MOD APK NA1 Whatsapp. NA1 WhatsApp will boost your messaging experience, and you will feel that you are living in an advanced era. You will have a new social experience with this app.

To enjoy a featured app and boost your social experience, make sure to download the latest version of the NA1 WhatsApp APK. This app will show you that you were missing a lot of helpful features like auto-reply and much more. This is the time to move on and shift your social experience from old, boring apps like WhatsApp to MOD app, which has more features and fastens our routine life like NA WA APK. You can also download other MOD versions of WhatsApp, like AN WhatsApp which is also featured and provides a fast message experience to its users.

Some other WhatsApp Mods are also featured and have a lot of customized themes, fonts, privacy features, and security features. try these WhatsApp Mods to have an advanced messaging experience like NS WhatsApp, ER WhatsApp, AB3 WhatsApp, KB WhatsApp, AG WhatsApp, OB WhatsApp, YO WhatsApp, DM WhatsApp, Gold WhatsApp, and Pink WhatsApp.

NA1 WhatsApp V37 Download

The latest version of NA WhatsApp is known as NA1 WhatsApp APK, and it is more advanced than all of its other versions. Make sure to download NA1 WhatsApp to get the most advanced features and maximum improvements.

NA1 WhatsApp is a popular version of the NA series as it has a lot of popular security and privacy features. its privacy features make the app more significant and beautiful.

All Available Versions Of NA WhatsApp

NA WhatsApp is a famous modified version of WhatsApp with many versions. If you don’t like its latest version and want to enjoy its old version, you can also download the old version. This is the beauty of Mod apps: You can enjoy old versions, while WhatsApp official doesn’t provide such a facility. Once the version is updated, you can’t get old settings.

Key Features Of NA1 WhatsApp V37

Schedule Your Messages

Still forgot many things, even to wish the birthday of your loved ones while living in an advanced era It is your mistake that you are relying on old apps. Now you do not have to worry about scheduling your work and messages as NA WhatsApp allows you to schedule your messages. Just download it and schedule your message with the date and time. It not only saves your time but also you will not forget many things that you often forget. You can schedule anything that you think is important.

Online Notification

This app helps you to get online notifications of your friends and family members. You open WhatsApp but find no one is online and you want to gossip with your friend. This is another outclass feature of NA1 Whatsapp as it will inform you who is online now. Especially when you are waiting for someone to be online and you check your WhatsApp again and again. Download the app and save your time you will feel no need to check your WhatsApp repeatedly it will inform you by sending online notifications.

Auto Reply

Busy in your routine life and can’t reply manually, but no worry, NA1 WhatsApp is gonna help you as it has the unique feature of auto-reply. By enabling this feature, you can easily focus on your work. This feature provides an instant reply and keeps your connection strong with your loved ones. This feature is powerful, especially for those who run any business as it is tough to reply manually you can choose auto reply in this app and keep your customers connected with you.

Reject Unknown Calls

The app provides you call filtration option when you enable this you will get only your saved contact calls. You will decide who can call you, and all the unknown calls will be rejected automatically. The call filtration option is not available on WhatsApp.

Message Yourself

Do you still use notes for keeping your important things or sometimes you have to buy groceries, but notes take a lot of time to open. NA1 WhatsApp provides you a better option to note things on your to-do list or anything you want to remind yourself as you can send messages to yourself. This feature helps you to get rid of paper sheets to write important notes and also any other platform for this purpose you will find everything under a single roof. With this feature, you can save important media file documents or even links by sharing them with yourself.

Watch Last Seen Even Those Who Kept Private

WhatsApp allows its users to freeze their last seen if your friend has frozen his last seen there is no option to see his last online activity with official WhatsApp while NA WA allows you to even see the last seen of those who kept their online status private.

Hide Last Seen

Hide your last seen when you are using this APK while this feature is not available on WhatsApp officially. Hiding last seen is perfect for those who want to be more private and don’t wanna show whether they are online or not. This is also a helpful feature for those who are busy and want to spend less social life.

More Status Duration

WhatsApp provides you only a few seconds for your video status and you can’t exceed that limit. At the same time, NA Whatsapp APK provides you with more than 120 seconds of video status. Those who face issues while choosing a long status can just solve their problem by downloading NA1 WhatsApp. 


You will feel pleasure to hear that NA Whatsapp is anti-ban and you are in safe hands. Most of the MOD APK WhatsApp are banned by the official as they violate their privacy policy. In the case of NA1, WhatsApp developers have made it an anti-ban ban, and you can enjoy it without being banned.

Hide Blue Tick

NA1 Whatsapp provides you with extraordinary privacy features, such as hiding blue ticks. You will find complete customizations for the double tick. You can hide a double tick or even a blue tick after a reply. Hiding a blue tick will help you manage your work while you have read the message. Message sender will not complain to you that you have ignored my text. you can also move for advanced tick customization.

NA WhatsApp

Remove Forward Tags

Now you have NA WhatsApp, so forward all kinds of messages. Videos. And documents without forwarding tags. Especially for those who send any file in the group and want to remove forward tags this application is gonna prove helpful. These tags irritate people, and because of them, they don’t forward any information from one source to another. But now that you have found the solution, all you have to do is download the NA1 WhatsApp APK.

Anti Deleted Messages

Read all the deleted messages in groups or your private chat as you are using NA1 WhatsApp, and if you don’t have NA WA, then you will get a message of “this message is deleted”. WhatsApp user will not know that you are reading their deleted messages.

Data Usage Meter

This is an amazing feature; it keeps you updated on your data usage. You will have a data meter in NA1 WhatsApp which helps you to check your internet consumption, you don’t need to go into your mobile setting while using WhatsApp. This data meter is not available on WhatsApp official.

App Translator

The app provides a translator to change your text into another language. This is a wonderful feature as it keeps you focused and doesn’t force you to move to any other platform for tasks like translation. You can translate up to 40 multinational languages.

Custom Themes

Still having a boring theme from last many years you should try NA1 WhatsApp as it provides you with custom themes. You can change the theme at any time and enjoy your messaging experience differently. These themes increase the beauty of your social media app and light colors make its interface more attractive. You can also download and delete themes.

NA WhatsApp

Privacy Customization

Privacy customization includes hiding your status, profile, bue tick, single tick, and even double tick. The app is popular because of its extraordinary privacy features. You can also choose a blue tick after the reply. Freeze your online visibility and the call filtration option is also available. Here you will decide which part of your life is private and will enjoy a completely private life.

NA WhatsApp

Security Customization

Provides you with complete security customization and you will feel you are safe enough. It provides you fingerprint, and pattern lock, and also choose a PIN for your social data security. It also provides an additional security feature which is only available in it locking your private chat.

NA WhatsApp

Unlimited Group Members

NA WhatsApp permits you to have up to 1000 group members while WhatsApp only has 275 members which is not enough. You will not feel the need to create multiple accounts because your group member limit is only 275. A single group of this app is more than enough for you and you will not feel the need to have multiple accounts as it is very tough to run multiple accounts as compared to a single one.

Group Customization

It provides you with a variety of group customization from changing group names to images and security options. You can choose group approval in this app. You can fully customize your group privacy feature and many security features like who can post in the group who is admin and much more. To get more information about the app you may try it once.

Get Images And Videos Which Are Restricted To View Once

You have images and videos restricted to view once and you are worried about it as you want to view them again. This is not only your problem but it is the problem of everyone as WhatsApp has launched this feature. Many people make fun of us by sending us files with privacy and we randomly open them but can’t open them again. Don’t worry your problem will remain until you have WhatsApp but when you move yourself toward NA1 WhatsApp you will be amazed that you will view all restricted files again and again,

Multiple Languages

It laminates you with more than 40 famous languages and you can easily select your language. NA WA will not force you to automatically follow the provided language no you can change the language at any time. When you will install it it will ask you to select your language and then enjoy every feature in your language.

Regular Updates

The latest version of NA WhatsApp doesn’t mean that it is the final version and you will not avail more features now the app is regularly updated after some time when developers feel the need to update it. Still, the developer of NA1 WhatsApp has launched 8 different versions named NA2, NA3, NA4, NA5, NA6, NA7, and NA8. All of these versions are slightly different from each other and have separate beautiful themes. You can manually check the update of NA1 WhatsApp.

Support Multiple Accounts

WhatsApp is very strict in security concerns and it doesn’t allow us to run multiple accounts if we have to run more WhatsApp accounts we may have multiple mobiles. This problem was before the entry of NA WhatsApp on the internet but now you can enjoy multiple accounts in a single app using your same mobile.

Unlimited Stickers And Emoji

You will enjoy unlimited emoji variants in NA1 WhatsApp you don’t need to copy emojis from external sources like Google while enjoying your social app. WhatsApp gave us only limited stickers and emojis and we mostly downloaded emoji packs from the Play Store which consumed our time and also our mobile memory. You will have also unlimited stickers to convert your feelings into visuals.

Share Large Files

Sharing HD files was impossible through WhatsApp even though we can’t send larger files while NA WhatsApp helps us to send all kinds of files including HD and larger files like movies dramas etc. Now you would not seek any other platform to share your large files with NA1 WhatsApp you can easily share all kinds of large files. Download NA1 WhatsApp APK and send any kind of files it doesn’t matter how long this file is.

Send More Than 100 Images Simultaneously

You can send only 50 images at once in WhatsApp while NA1 WhatsApp allows you to send more than 100 images simultaneously. This feature saves our time and faster our social experience. This feature facilitates those who run any business and have to send files, images, and documents.

Send Messages Directly Without Saving A Number

In WhatsApp firstly you have to save the number and then refresh your contact list then you can send your message it is a long process. This process consumes a lot of time and when you are in an emergency you can’t choose this long way. NA WhatsApp helps you to send messages directly without saving the number just dial the number and send it. Direct sending messages reduces your time and also you don’t feel bored. Sometimes we just send a message once and don’t want to have all contacts in our contact list then this feature helps us to save our mobile memory.

Turn Off The Blue Tick

This app also facilitates you to choose maximum customization special in case of its privacy you can even turn off the blue tick. You will see the message even after replying no one will get the blue tick. This function increases the app’s popularity and improves your privacy.

Blue Tick After Reply

You can choose extra customization in NA1 WhatsApp and go for the blue tick after the reply. When you enable this option in the advanced setting your blue tick will shown when you reply to someone. This feature is absent in WhatsApp and it makes your life more private as you are hiding your blue tick until you reply.

Unique And Engaging Interface

NA1 Whatsapp has a unique and beautiful interface with light colors which keep its users always fresh. You will love its interface as it is designed in a simple but different style. The developer has focused on each aspect of the app to make it more user-friendly.

Lock Your Private Chat

You don’t need to choose complete lock of your app just because you have private chat in NA1 WhatsApp you can also move for locking your private chat. This feature is helpful for those whose mobile is used by their family but who also have some private chat. Locking your private chat boosts your security experience to an advanced level you will not find this option in WhatsApp Official.

How To Download And Install NA WA APK on Your Android

  • First of all, turn on your backup in your old WhatsApp
  • Uninstall this old boring WhatsApp
  • Download the NA1 WhatsApp APK from a secure website
  • Open the mobile setting and turn on unknown sources in the app setting
  • Now open the app for installation
  • The app is installed now enjoy its features
  • Go to the app setting by clicking three dots and fully customize your app
NA WhatsApp

How To Run On PC

  • Download any emulator
  • Install the emulator on your PC
  • You may choose blue stack or any other
  • Open the emulator and now download NA WhatsApp APK
  • Run this app in your emulator
  • Complete the process of installation the same as in the mobile
  • Now enjoy NA WA on the big screen

Is NA1 WhatsApp Safe?

Yes, it is completely safe therefore it is widely used in the world more than 1 billion people are using it.

Remember Before Installing NA1 WhatsApp APK

This app is only available on Google; you will not find it on Play Store as it is strict in security. As the app is not verified by Google it may lose your data. It is also a large file that can slow down your mobile speed so before installing you may be aware of its side effects it is safe to use if you don’t install official WhatsApp on your mobile otherwise it will be blocked by WhatsApp.

Which Is Better NA1 WhatsApp or WhatsApp Official

FeaturesNA1 WhatsApp APKWhatsApp Official
Theme customization✔️ 
Unlimited emoji & stickers✔️ 
Auto reply✔️ 
Privacy customization✔️ 
Security customization✔️ 
Send larger files✔️ 
Send files in bulk✔️ 
Message schedular✔️ 
Hide blue tick✔️ 
Blue tick after reply✔️ 
View anti-once files again✔️ 
Hide your profile✔️ 
Get deleted messages✔️ 
Turn off double tick✔️ 
Send message directly✔️ 
Regular updates✔️ 
Multiple accounts✔️ 
Data usage meter✔️ 
No forward tags✔️ 
Hide last seen✔️ 
More status duration✔️ 
Lock your private chat✔️ 

Pros And Cons Of NA WhatsApp APK

  • Unlimited features are available
  • Get deleted messages
  • Send larger files
  • You can go for auto-reply
  • Sending larger files is available
  • You can view deleted messages
  • Locking your private chat
  • Themes customization
  • In-built lock option without any third-party
  • Reject unknown calls
  • Group customization
  • Message schedular
  • Some people like simple things
  • It is not good to read someone’s deleted chat
  • Sending large files consumes more data
  • Lack of some security features
  • It is unavailable on the Play Store, and you must download it from Google.
  • Cant updates automatically. You have to download the updated version from Google manually.
  • Multiple features may slow down your mobile speed

Yes, we can download the app for free but we can’t download it from the Play Store we have to download the app from Google as it is not available on the Play Store.

The app is safe to install on Android.

Firstly make sure to download NA WhatsApp now click on NA MODS there you will find an option for NA Themes. Clicking on NA Themes you will get access to different themes.

Yes we can easily download status in NA WhatsApp by just hitting download button.


NA1 WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp, which has many features and is more secure and private than WhatsApp official. The app is developed to provide some advanced features necessary to excel in this era of technology. The beauty of the app is its customization. You will decide how you want to look in this app. It provides you with complete customization from security to privacy and also themes. We will offer a full installation guide and a detailed NA WhatsApp feature here. This article will answer all the questions about NA1 WhatsApp. Remember our website to get the latest versions of WhatsApp MODS.

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