WhatsApp Gold APK Download Latest version V37.00 [Anti ban] 2024

Gold WhatsApp APK is another famous modified version of WhatsApp with its unique security features, privacy features, and theme store. Gold WhatsApp is becoming popular daily, and its number of downloads is touching its highest level in 2024 because of its customization. It provides you with complete customization from security to privacy. It includes a list of features required in a better social messaging app. These features will boost your messaging experience to the next level and increase your productivity.

WhatsApp gold apk
  • App Name
  • Size
  • Category
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Publisher
  • Requirement
  • Last Updated
  • Price
  • WA Gold APK
  • 83.54 MB
  • Messaging App
  • V37.00
  • Nasser
  • apkwht.com
  • Android 5+
  • one hour ago
  • Free

A top Arab developer developed Whatsapp Gold, and while most of its downloads are still from Arab countries, it is now spreading worldwide. It has a beautiful king-type icon that gives you a wonderful feeling. In fact, after installing it, you will feel that you are the king of your social messaging app as you customize all your settings on your own.

Gold WhatsApp allows you to customize it according to your desires, as we know everyone thinks differently.

Are you still using your old WhatsApp with limited features and don’t allow its users to customize it? If you are a free-minded person like me and never compromise on your freedom, make all the decisions of your life on your own, then move toward gold WhatsApp mod APK.

Gold WhatsApp is not a new app; it is just a modified version of your previous WhatsApp, with many new features and changes. You can also try other MOD APK WhatsApp like Blue WhatsApp Plus.

Whatsapp Gold APK

What is Gold WhatsApp Mod APK?

This feature app will help you chat with your loved ones worldwide using a new messaging style. WhatsApp Gold is different from traditional WhatsApp. Its advanced features like auto-reply, message scheduling, and complete customization make it stand out as a separate class and elevate its value. Gold WhatsApp APK is not completely new; you may refer to it as completely different, but it is a modified app. It is the modified version of WhatsApp, which has multiple features, and all of these are unavailable on WhatsApp; its downloads are increasing. Daily. The developer of WhatsApp Gold has made some changes to its original WhatsApp and made the app more user-friendly. The app provides complete customization, and you will feel like you have developed the app. Through its customization, you can change each part of the app, including its themes and privacy control.

Why Did I Choose Gold WhatsApp When I Have WhatsApp?

WhatsApp still uses its old features; each update is just for formality. Change is evolving in everything; we are human and love it. Gold WhatsApp provides multiple advanced features that are continuously updated to improve. Gold WhatsApp provides you with features that are directly connected with advancements like auto-reply and message schedular. Another main reason for choosing WhatsApp Gold over WhatsApp is its customization. You will never find such customizations on WhatsApp. It provides customization in each feature, so you can fully control your app. Another exciting feature of WhatsApp Gold is it gives you extraordinary privacy to enjoy your private life. You will have a completely different messaging experience while using Gold WhatsApp.

Download The Latest Version of WhatsApp Gold V37.00.

Whatsapp Gold is continuously updated, and its latest version, V37.00, is anti-banned with more fixes and some extra features. It is vital to download the newest version of any MOD APK app, as the developer has fixed all the bugs reported by its users. 

The latest version, V37.00, is now available on our site and is being downloaded worldwide. Whatsapp Gold is famous for its theme color. As everyone knows, golden is the most attractive color, so more users are rushing to download it because of this golden theme.

Gold WhatsApp is being downloaded worldwide, but most of its downloads are from Arabic countries like Turkey and Azerbaijan.

It is essential to download WhatsApp Gold from a trusted site so that there are no corrupt files that may harm your mobile. Make sure to download from our site, as we have provided the original file and all the information about WhatsApp Gold. We covered all the aspects of WhatsApp Gold, from its features to its pros and cons, so all your confusion will be clear.

App nameWA Gold
Android requiredFive and above
Size56 MB

Is it Free to Download The WA Gold APK?

Gold WhatsApp is free to download, and enjoy all its features. It is impossible to get a free app that is being downloaded worldwide and has multiple features with complete customization.

How do you get all your media files and chat back in WA Gold?

Most people need to turn off their data backup, which may cause the loss of their important data. Follow the following instructions to safely get all your data back after installation of WA Gold.

  • Open your mobile WhatsApp and click on three dots
  • You will find an option for backup
  • In MOD apps, you have to indulge in their WhatsApp settings panel
  • The name of the setting is different in MOD apps like Whatsapp Gold is named with Gold mode
  • After clicking on backup, they will ask for your email
  • Now your WhatsApp is connected to Google Drive
  • Uninstall the old app and install WhatsApp gold
  • Now again, click on three dots after installation
  • Click on backup, and your chat will be restored
  • Sometimes, when you open the new app, you will get an automatic backup option. Just click on it.
  • All of your important chat and media files are restored. Enjoy

Is There A Difference Between Gold WhatsApp And Golden WhatsApp

WhatsApp Gold is being downloaded worldwide, and different people are searching for it. Many names, such as Golden WhatsApp, WA Gold, and WhatsApp Gold, are used for WhatsApp Gold. It is searched in different ways in Arabic countries, such as WhatsApp Zahabi. If you are also looking for any of the above names, you are in the right place, as all of these names belong to a single app.

How To Get Different Themes In Gold WhatsApp

Most people download Gold WhatsApp because of its attractive golden themes. You can also change this theme as it provides multiple theme options. After having the app on your mobile, click three dots and scroll down to the end. You will find an option for Gold themes. When you click on this option, you will find multiple themes, so select your favorite one. This app allows you to switch from night mode to dark mode. It provides you with all types of customization from scratch to end.

Whatsapp Gold apk themes

Can We Update The WhatsApp Gold APK?

We can easily update Gold WhatsApp and get its latest version with more features and advancement. As this is a modified version, you will not find it on the Play Store. You will have to follow the given process to get its update.

  1. To get WhatsApp Gold’s updated version, we must first check whether the updated version is available.
  2. Go to the app’s three dots and scroll down. You will find an update option. At the end, click on it. When you have checked that an update is available, go to Google, search for the updated version, and uninstall the old one.
  3. Install this newly downloaded version to get a stronger anti-ban and improved app.
Whatsapp gold apk how to update app

Extraordinary Features Of Gold WhatsApp APK

WhatsApp Gold Themes Store

Whatsapp Gold mod apk has its theme store, and you can easily change it when you feel the old theme is boring. This special option is available in Gold WhatsApp while absent in WhatsApp official. These themes increase the beauty of Gold WA APK and boost its user interface to an extraordinary level. The official theme of Gold WhatsApp is golden-colored; therefore, it is named Golden WhatsApp. The main reason behind its popularity after its features is its Golden theme. You will find a Gold themes option when you click on the three dots of the app. Download Whatsapp Gold to enjoy its wonderful new themes with soft colors.

Download Status Directly

No, it is not time to text your friend and request to send a status when he is busy in his daily routine. Sometimes, he sends it after a few days or more. All this process just wastes both your time and your friend’s time. Gold WhatsApp has solved this issue; you can directly download any status by clicking the download button. The option to download status is available under the status in the app. This feature is unavailable on WhatsApp, so more people are downloading Gold WhatsApp.

Multiple Customizations Options

WhatsApp Gold provides you with multiple customization options that are not available in WhatsApp. These customization options are the main factors that insist people download it. Everyone wants freedom, and this app allows you to control your social life. You will decide all the app settings. You can choose from various customization options, including security, privacy, themes, and font styles. The app also provides you with group customization.

Enable Offline Mode

You may shift yourself to offline mode in this app. Another mind-blowing feature of WA Gold is the online mode option. You can switch to offline mode at any time. You can get access to all the groups and chats while you don’t have your internet. You can even type all your important text, which will be sent automatically when you turn on your data. You can also search for messages offline.

Multiple Account Access

Having multiple accounts on a single device was only possible after Gold WhatsApp. Now, you can create multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single mobile device and use a single application. The app allows you to create multiple accounts in a single app, and you can easily switch from one account to another anytime. Many WhatsApp users require various accounts. Still, this feature is not available on WhatsApp, which is why the developer of Gold WhatsApp added this feature to grab attention.

Groups With 1000 Members

Are you a businessman or selling any product locally on WhatsApp groups? Are you tired of creating many groups because of group member limits? Your problem solution is only Gold WhatsApp, which allows you to add 1000 members to a single group. This one group of Gold WA contains 70% more members than official WhatsApp. Even a single group of WA Gold is enough for you and boosts your business to a maximum audience. WhatsApp allows you to add only 275 members to a single group, which forces us to run multiple groups to add more members.

Reply Automatically

Things are moving towards automation; it is your fault if you are still living in the old era. Whatsapp doesn’t provide you with any automated features like gold WhatsApp. It allows you to choose the auto-reply option. By enabling this option, you can reply automatically. This feature saves you time and allows you to enjoy the automation facility. You can choose the default reply and can save your selected text.

Unlimited Emoji And Stickers

The app is continuously updated, providing new emojis and stickers. In WhatsApp, we have to download stickers or emojis; sometimes, we save group emojis. Here, you will get unlimited emoji and sticker packs. Download the Gold WhatsApp and express your feelings through emojis and stickers. You can also create stickers and enjoy fun with your friends and family. You can easily change your friend’s photos into stickers.

Get History And Logs

There are many features to improve your messaging experience. This app allows you to access your entire history and make your logs available. It will also change messaging from simple to advanced.

Get Rid of Forward Tags

There was no solution for forward tags in WhatsApp, and we were worried because we wanted to eliminate them. In our routine social life, we don’t forward many media files and texts just because of forward tags. Whatsapp Gold solves this problem now; you only have to download the app and click the no forward tags option. Forward all kinds of messages without hesitation; now, this message belongs to you.

Hide Blue Tick

When a message is sent, WhatsApp changes the color of the double tick to blue, and sometimes, we don’t want to show that we have read the message. There was no option to hide a blue tick in WhatsApp, but Gold WhatsApp permits you to hide your blue tick. This privacy feature is very helpful for those who are too busy and can’t reply instantly.

Edit Message

This app allows you to edit sent messages, and you don’t feel the need to resend your correct text In WhatsApp, if we write any word mistakenly now, we can’t edit it; we may send a new, improved text. Now, in this app, you can edit your message even after sending it, and it will be corrected in your friend’s inbox.

View Deleted Messages

Easily view all the deleted messages of your friends, family, and loved ones. Sometimes, your loved ones make fun of you and delete the messages after sending you, creating suspense. You tried your best to get the messages back but got “This message is deleted.” This app lets you have fun with your loved ones by reading all their deleted messages.

Share Large Files And All Formats.

WhatsApp makes sharing large files impossible and allows sending only a few MB files. When sharing an important large file, we may choose different platforms. This app will enable you to send all kinds of files, even HD files. The app permits you to send files in all formats spontaneously. You can also send larger files like movies, dramas, and other larger videos.

Chat lock And Hidden Option

You can also hide your chat in groups. This app provides multiple customization options in chat, such as pining chat in groups, hiding chat, and locking. You can even lock your private chat in this app. Locking private chat will save your important private data without locking the whole app.

Pre-built Message Schedule

This app works like a reminder as it has a pre-built message schedular option. When you enable this option, you can schedule your message with any date, which will automatically be sent to your selected contact. This feature is really helpful for those who forget to wish their family and friends on special occasions.

Anti-deleted Messages And Status Access

This app can show you all the deleted messages and statuses. You may call this app anti-revoked. No one can access those statuses that were deleted, even those who deleted the status, only those with Gold WhatsApp on their mobile. To get all the deleted statuses and messages, download the Gold WhatsApp APK and enjoy chatting in a unique style.

No More Unknown Calls

The app allows you to control all the settings completely yourself, providing you with complete customization. You will feel like you are the boss of your WhatsApp; it doesn’t force you to follow the given settings. Here, you will get a wonderful call filtration option and decide who can call you. You can enable the call filtration option and easily reject all unknown calls. Only those who are added to your contact list can call you.

Regular Updates

As the app is being downloaded worldwide and has millions of users, developers update it regularly to make it better. As its users mention, the bugs its developer updates the app. You can easily update the app by downloading its latest version. This app also allows you to download its previous version.


Golden WhatsApp also has a new feature of animation. You can send GIFS and animated stickers and easily create your animation through the app. This feature makes them more prominent than all other messaging apps.

Mass Message-sending option

Send messages in bulk with just a single click; you don’t need to write and send messages repeatedly. Here, you can select the quantity of messages, and all the messages will be sent in seconds. In WhatsApp, you have to send a single message manually, and it takes a lot of time to send mass messages.

Send Messages To Unsaved Numbers

Sending messages to direct numbers without saving is helpful and time-saving. This app allows you to send direct messages to any contact immediately. In WhatsApp, we save the number first and then refresh the contacts, which consumes our time and mobile memory. Sending messages via Golden WhatsApp is easier and faster than WhatsApp’s official version.

Privacy Customization

Golden WhatsApp secures your private life, and you can avoid all social activities. Its privacy customization allows you to hide status, blue tick, double tick, and blue tick after a reply. This is enough to have a more private life than WhatsApp official. You can also block unknown calls with its privacy customization.

Send Images in Full-Resolution

When we send high-quality images from one app to another, the quality of images is reduced in most social media apps. When you have Gold WhatsApp, your image quality will remain the same. Now, you can send pictures in full resolution with the same quality.

Multi-Language Facility

More than 55 languages are available on WhatsApp Gold, and when you open it for the first time, it allows you to select your language. You can enjoy the app in multiple languages. So, the language barrier is no longer in this app, which is why people of every language are using this app.

App Lock Option

Gold WhatsApp provides security options, such as locking your private conversation. You can also lock your app with fingerprints, pin, and pattern lock. The app developer has not compromised app security, and all of your data is safe in this app.

Download Gold whatsapp with security features

Send Files Simultaneously

You can only send 50 images on WhatsApp simultaneously, while Gold WhatsApp assists you in sending 100 pictures simultaneously. You can send files in bulk when you have this app. It takes a lot of time to send files in smaller numbers, while the app saves time by sending enormous files simultaneously.

DND Mode

Here, you will get an amazing feature to take a break from social media without sacrificing your data. Enable dnd mode in WhatsApp Gold and work smoothly without repeated notifications. This mode is not officially available on WhatsApp. 

Some Additional Features of WhatsApp Gold

  • Sending more than 100 images once
  • Unlimited accounts
  • Sending files simultaneously
  • Groups member of more than 1000
  • Group customization
  • Pin messages in a group
  • Hide even a single tick
  • Lock your private conversation
  • Send files in bulk
  • Auto reply
  • New stickers
  • Regular updates
  • Auto reply
  • Blue tick after reply
  • Send hd files
  • No cost for the app
  • Themes available
  • More Status character option
  • Get deleted messages
  • Deleted status available
  • Download status
  • Reply automatically

How Can We Differentiate WhatsApp Gold and WhatsApp?

WhatsApp GoldWhatsApp Official
Security customization
Hide blue tick
Hide single tick
Hd files transfer
Sending files in bulk
Auto reply
Direct message
Message schedular
Emoji pack
Themes customization
Dark mode
Flight mode
Reject unknown calls
Blue tick after reply
View deleted messages
View deleted status
Font customization
Multiple accounts
Group customization
1000 group members

Comparing Some Pros and Cons of WhatsApp Gold

  • Auto reply
  • You can hide double tick
  • You can also enable a blue tick after a reply
  • Multiple accounts
  • Sending larger files is available
  • You can view deleted messages
  • Locking your private chat
  • Blue tick after reply
  • View Anti deleted messages
  • It can lose your friend’s trust
  • WhatsApp can ban you
  • Sending large files consumes more data
  • Lack of some security features
  • It is unavailable on the Play It increases the spam percentage
  • It updates automatically.
  • People will realize you are a scammer
  • Morally, it is not good

Why Accounts Are Banned in Gold WhatsApp

Gold WhatsApp accounts are banned because of spam-sending links in the groups and downloading files from untrusted websites. The account can also be prohibited by violating Google Play Store privacy, such as having official websites and APKs on the same device. Make sure to uninstall your official WhatsApp before downloading Gold WA, as Google Play Protect does not verify it. Sometimes, without any spam, Google Play Store can ban your account, while this latest version of WhatsApp Gold is anti-ban and protects your account from being banned.

Keep in Mind Before Switching From WhatsApp Business to Gold WhatsApp.

If you are a businessman using WhatsApp to run your business, use the number registered in WhatsApp. If you have a well-structured business account with catalog and business settings, you will lose all your product photos and information when you switch from WhatsApp Business to WhatsApp Gold. You have two options to save all your data: make an account on another Gmail or number. For the second one, you can save all your data before uninstalling WhatsApp business and then do all the settings again. Use another number to avoid losing all your important catalog products and their descriptions.

Gold WhatsApp is a third-party app With Some Disadvantages.

As Gold WhatsApp is a third-party app, remember to use it before downloading. Playprotect or Play Store does not verify it. This is a modified version of WhatsApp, and the developer has made some changes to the original version of WhatsApp. Everything in this universe has its advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, Gold WhatsApp has hundreds of advantages and disadvantages, like it may lose your data and slow down your mobile speed.

As the app is fascinated with multiple features, it may consume more data and can sometimes hang your mobile when you use many groups. The app is only for some who like simple things, as it is featured. Many privacy features of apps are morally illegal, like hiding a blue tick, which can confuse you, your family, and your friends. 

How to install GOLD WhatsApp on Android

How to Download WhatsApp Gold APK

The installation process of Gold WhatsApp on Android is very simple. For better security options, you need to make the following changes.

  • Turn on data backup in your old WhatsApp
  • Uninstall your old WhatsApp
  • Now download Gold WhatsApp from a secure website
  • Go to your mobile settings and enable the unknown sources option in the settings.
  • Open the downloaded file on your mobile for installation
  • The app will be installed in a few seconds
  • Complete your profile creation process and enable data backup for all your media files.
  • Enjoy the modern gold WhatsApp with multiple features and fascinating themes.

How to Get Your Chat Back

  1. Remember to turn on your data backup after installing WhatsApp and uninstalling your app so you can keep all your data.
  2. Go to WhatsApp Gold and click on three dots
  3. You will find an option for chat backup
  4. You will get all your chats, including media files by clicking on the option.
  5. You will only get your chat back if you have turned on your backup or vice versa.

How to Run On Your PC

You will be pleased to know that you can also run the app on your computer and laptop. You have to make some changes to enjoy the app on the big screen.

  • First of all, we need an emulator to run any APK app on our PC
  • Download any emulator like Blue stack
  • Open the emulator and paste the downloaded WhatsApp Gold file.
  • Now run the app in an emulator
  • Complete the process of profile creation
  • Finally, your app is running on your PC. Enjoy it on the big screen.

Is it Safe To Run on Your Mobile

you may also have heard all the rumors about the safety of Golden WhatsApp. There is no proof that WhatsApp Gold is not secure. You can download it without hesitation, as Android is completely safe to use.

WA Gold is completely safe for both PC and mobile. you can download the app without any hesitation.

no we cant update the app via playsote we have to choose goolge as the app is banned on play store

yes App is free

Nasser is the developer of WA Golden

Final words

Whatsapp Gold is a modified version of WhatsApp that enhances your messaging experience through its wonderful themes and extraordinary customization. Many names, such as Gold APK, WhatsApp Gold, Golden WhatsApp, and WA Gold, refer to this app. We have briefly discussed the app’s pros and cons, including its unique features. The app has wonderful customization and variant features to speed up your social life and solve many issues you face in your daily life, like finding no options for auto reply and message scheduling in WhatsApp. This is helpful and at the next level for those who have been tired of using WhatsApp for years and are seeing no changes. This article briefly describes Whatsapp Gold’s features and how to install it. Download its latest version to enjoy all its new features.

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