Red WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version V36.00 Official [anti ban] 2024

Red WhatsApp APK
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  • Red WhatsApp
  • 79 MB
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  • V36.00
  • Abu Arab
  • Android 5+
  • One day Ago
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What Is Red WhatsApp

The red-colored modified version of regular WhatsApp has more features and customization to boost your messaging experience. Red WhatsApp provides you with multiple features and a beautiful app interface. You will have a different messaging experience in this app and enjoy many benefits. You will find it a problem solver with features that help you sort out your social issues.

You can enjoy a dual account in Red WhatsApp and switch your account at any time. This app offers group customization, and you can add more than 600 members. You can also create communities and groups and own stickers. The app is safe to use, so download it and explore more features.

Red WhatsApp APK
Red WhatsApp APK

Why Red WhatsApp APK

You have a few features with many limitations in your regular WhatsApp, while WhatsApp Red has advanced multiple features without any limitations. You can send and receive HD files, including all other formats, without losing quality. While regular WhatsApp allows you to send smaller files, you can stay within their limits. Here, you will have complete freedom to customize your app. You can switch to Red WhatsApp by hitting aeroplane mode. Auto reply, message schedular, anti-view once, and themes are prominent features of the app that force you to download it.

You can also try other WhatsApp Mods that are trending and provide you with limitless privacy and security features like NA WhatsApp, AN WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, MB WhatsApp, AB WhatsApp, Gold WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus.

Red WhatsApp Mod APK

How To Download Red WhatsApp

  • Switch on your mobile data or connect with wifi
  • Open the browser you can try Google Chrome
  • Type Red WhatsApp Mod APK
  • Select a trusted website; you can try
  • Open the website and read the complete article for more information about the app.
  • There, you will find a big download button; click on it
  • Your download will start automatically, or you can try again
  • Once your download is completed, you get a notification.

How To Install Red WhatsApp

  • Open your downloaded file
  • You can open the files from the download folder in Chrome
  • You can also access downloaded files in your Android file manager APK folder
  • Now click on the downloaded file
  • It will ask you for permission
  • Open the mobile setting and allow the unknown source option in App settings.
  • Now, your installation will be complete in a few seconds
  • Open the app and complete the sign-up process
  • Click on three dots and hit the backup and restore button
  • You will get all your previous chats, including media files.
  • Now enjoy WhatsApp Red.
Red WhatsApp apk

How To Run Red WhatsApp On PC

  • Ensure your PC is updated and you can run significant software like emulators.
  • When you try to run an emulator on an ordinary computer, it can hang your computer.
  • Open your computer browser and download the emulator. You can try Blue Stack, which is widely used worldwide.
  • Install blue stack into your PC
  • Now download Red WhatsApp on a PC
  • Open the emulator and just drag your downloaded file of Red WhatsApp
  • Now install Red WhatsApp in an emulator
  • Now, all the additional processes are the same as in the Android
  • Sign up and enjoy the Red WA on the big screen

WhatsApp Red Update

The app developer ensures regular updates are made to improve it and reduce all the additional bugs. The latest version of Red WhatsApp is V36.00, which contains many new features and improvements. This updated version of Red WhatsApp includes the following improvements:

  • Flight mode and night mode options are improved
  • Floating buttons are updated with new shapes to activate and deactivate features.
  • App size has increased to 70 MB because of some additional features.
  • The new interface is added to provide a different look to the app
  • Now, it is 100 percent anti-ban as its anti-ban feature is strengthened in this version
  • Now you can enjoy day and night mode and can easily switch them
  • Input bubble and tag styles are fixed
  • Notification locations are changed to know who is online
  • Now you can enjoy the app on all versions of Android
  • The speed and performance of the app is improved
  • The rotating interface problem was solved
  • Fix background issue is no more
  • The number of status characters increased by 700 words

What Is Red WhatsApp APK V36.00

The latest version of Red WhatsApp is V36.00. It has more fixes and improvements, and it has a beautiful interface. This version is anti-ban, so feel free to download the app. Abu Arab developed this unique moded version of regular WhatsApp, and it is completely safe to use 

WhatsApp Red offers numerous features, such as customization and privacy for anti-voke messages. You can also send bulk files, receive HD files, and forward messages to more than five people. This app allows you to enjoy your social life in your style without limitations.

Features Of Red WhatsApp APK V36.00

Message schedular

You know you will be busy next week when you must send important messages to your colleagues and business partners. You don’t need to hire someone for this task; download WA Red and enable the message schedule. Now schedule all your next week’s messages with the time and date. Be relaxed and focus on your task; all these messages will be sent on time without letting you know. This feature helps us a lot in our routine life. Now, we will remember to wish our friend a happy birthday so we can schedule it.

Auto Reply

I love this feature of WhatsApp Red as it feels like automation. Have you ever imagined you are sleeping, traveling, or doing your essential tasks but at the same time active on a social messaging app and your friends, family members, or clients are getting replies? That sounds so good; what are you waiting for? Download WhatsApp Red and enjoy the auto-reply feature. This is not a feature; it is just an employee working for you without getting paid. After having this app, just enable the auto-reply feature from its universal settings, and you should be relaxed; take a rest, and your messages will be replied to automatically.

Read Deleted Messages

As you know, Red WhatsApp is a modified version of regular WhatsApp that breaks its privacy policy. Here, you can read all the deleted messages and statuses. This sounds so good that you are reading deleted messages and viewing deleted status. If your friend makes fun of you by just sending messages and then deleting them before you view them, it’s time to reply to him with all those messages he has deleted so that he will be surprised and you get your revenge. This app adds more fun to your life and provides you with a combination of many features.

Status Downloader

Now, you can download direct status without following any long process. In regular WhatsApp, you go for different methods to download status; sometimes, you request your friend to send status or install an additional app to download status. Now, you don’t need extra apps; just download WhatsApp Red. This single app will be enough to play multiple tasks. In this app, you can download statuses in seconds. While viewing a status, just hit the download button below. Now, check your gallery; you will find that status with the exact resolution.

Send Messages To Unsaved Numbers

Regular WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to chat with unsaved numbers, but there is a complete process before talking to new contacts. You must save the number first, open WhatsApp, refresh contacts until it shows, and start chatting. This process takes time, and it doesn’t work in an emergency. In Red WhatsApp, you just dial the number and get the below option of messages and calls. This app will save your time and, in an emergency, may save your life. You can directly send messages and make calls in this app.

No Forward Tags

You and everyone else are irritated by these forward tags with each message. Now, you can get rid of them by downloading Red WhatsApp. Open Red WhatsApp, click on three dots and then open privacy settings. Here, you will find the forward tags option; just disable it. Now, you can forward every kind of message without these forward tags. You can also remove the date and name from these messages.

Forward Messages To More Than Five People

When you have regular WhatsApp, you can be within the limit of forwarding messages to more than five contacts. Red WhatsApp allows you to have more fun by forwarding messages to more than five contacts. This feature saves a lot of your time as you can forward a single message to a lot of contacts at once, and you don’t need to select contacts again and again.

Send Bulk Messages

Now, you can send bulk messages using Red WhatsApp and save a lot of the time you waste sending one-by-one messages. This feature helps all businesspeople and those who want to send bulk messages and have teams to do this; now, a single app will work for them.

Copy Captions Of Videos, Status And Photos

We love someone’s status but can’t download it on regular WhatsApp. However, you can download the status and copy the captions here. Now, you don’t need to text your friends to send a caption; just download Red WhatsApp and have this caption in one click. You can copy captions from videos, photos, and even text captions of your friend without letting him know.

Complete App Customization

Here, you will find advanced app customization levels that cover everything from the app interface to widgets. You can customize each part of the app, whether it is an app icon or theme. You can customize the app interface, privacy, security, widgets, header, footer, icon, theme, wallpaper, chat, fonts, and groups.

Edit Message

This is new in the history of messaging apps, and you will not find such unique features in regular WhatsApp. Now, you can edit your message even after sending it. This feature helps you to save yourself from big mistakes. Sometimes, we text in a hurry and write something that can hurt our friends and family members; we don’t notice it first, but when we see it, that would be too late in regular WhatsApp as you can’t edit Messages and you have to delete the message which puts the wrong impression. Red WhatsApp allows you to edit your message after sending it and quickly reduce and increase the text.

More Status Duration

You will not face limitations you noticed in your regular WhatsApp, like status duration limits. You can easily exceed your status duration by up to 4 minutes in Red WhatsApp. You will also have a status word count in this app. There are a lot of other limitations you face in regular WhatsApp, but this app gives you more value without any restrictions.

Ad Free App

You will be surprised that it is a modified app with no ads. This is the first ad-free app with many features. Now, you can enjoy the app without ads and should not skip ads repeatedly. There are only a few apps that have so many features and that are free, and if they don’t show ads, that would be amazing. Red WhatsApp is one of these rare apps that doesn’t show ads to its users.

Chat Wallpapers

You can change your chat Wallpapers and use your photo, your friend’s photo, or any beautiful natural scene. You can use different chat Wallpapers for different chats. Customizing a specific wallpaper for a chat helps you recognize a person without reading their name. A particular wallpaper for each chat adds excitement and enables you to enjoy your chat with attractive visuals.

Themes Customization

Red WhatsApp has a store that can be customized completely. It has a primarily red theme, but you can change it anytime. Here, you will have the following theme customization options:

  • Change theme
  • Load new themes
  • Delete themes
  • Restore deleted themes
  • Change current theme settings

Font Styles

Now, you can adjust the font size and have more font styles on Red WhatsApp. Download the app and have more excitement and attraction in your chat through versatile font styles. You will also get your favorite font here, as all the famous fonts are available. These fonts will give you beautiful feelings, and you will not experience them while using the app for hours.

Emojis And Stickers Collection

Red WhatsApp adds fun and excitement to your boring life through its fresh stock of stickers and emojis. This app allows you to have quick emoji reactions and quickly react to text and video in groups and private chats. Here, you will enjoy all the emojis of Facebook and Instagram. You can also create your sticker in this app and a sticker of your friend’s photo to have fun.

Block Unknown Calls

Now, your app interfaces your decisions. You will decide who can call you; otherwise, no one can. You can easily block all unknown calls in WhatsApp Red. Only those who are added to your contact list will be able to call you. Download Red WhatsApp and click on three dots to get this exciting feature. You will find the call filtration option. Just enable it and get rid of marketing calls and many spammy calls.

Privacy Features

WhatsApp Red has prominent privacy features, which is the main reason behind its many downloads; you will not get these features in regular WhatsApp. Here, you can freeze your online typing and recording actions, your last seen, and your online visibility. There are many privacy features in WhatsApp Red, like blue tick settings. You can hide the blue tick and choose the blue tick after the reply.

Regular Updates

WhatsApp Red provides regular updates to keep you continuously enjoying its upcoming features and keep you connected with the app developer. Each new update brings many improvements and exciting features. Most of the bugs are removed in these updates. The latest version of Red WhatsApp is anti-ban.

Security Features

Red WhatsApp has all the essential security options that keep your data safe, such as app lock, pin lock, face lock, and fingerprint. There are also additional security options for locking your private chat. 

DND Mode

This would be the first time you will enjoy this WhatsApp feature, which is common in Androids. Download Red WhatsApp and enjoy the DND feature, which helps you take social rest without switching your data. Open WhatsApp Red. You will get the DND option at the top of your app dashboard. It’s marked like signals. When you hit this, your WhatsApp Red will be switched off, and you won’t get notifications.

Freeze Online Actions

WhatsApp Red allows you to freeze your online actions and enjoy next-level privacy. You can freeze your typing and recording actions and your online status. This app provides two more privacy options: always online and constantly offline. If you want to keep yourself always online without keeping your data on, it’s possible in Red WhatsApp. Open its privacy settings and enable the always online option.

Pros And Cons of Red WhatsApp

  • auto-reply
  • message scheduler
  • DND Mode
  • hide last seen
  • freeze online visibility
  • freeze online actions
  • lock your private chat
  • no more forward tags
  • call filtration options
  • Block all unknown calls
  • No more ads
  • blue tick customization
  • theme customization
  • chat customization
  • home screen customization
  • send HD files
  • send bulk files
  • send more than 50 images at once.
  • It is MOD APK, which may cause some security issues
  • WhatsApp can ban you
  • Sending large files consumes more data
  • Lack of some security features
  • It is unavailable on the Play Store, and you must download it from Google.
  • It updates automatically. You have to download the updated version from Google manually.
  • you may lose your data
  • not verified by Playprotect
  • not secure
  • it is a risky app
  • Multiple features may slow down your mobile speed
  • Sending HD files consumes more data

Difference Between WhatsApp And WhatsApp Red

FeaturesRed WhatsAppRegular WhatsApp
Hide last seen✔️
Freeze online visibility✔️
Freeze online actions✔️
Hide blue tick✔️
Hide single tick✔️
Blue tick after reply✔️
Hide single tick✔️
DND Mode✔️
Aeroplane Mode✔️
Fresh Stickers✔️
Emoji Stock✔️
Reply automatically✔️
Message Scheduler✔️
No Forward Tags✔️
Dual account option✔️
Group Customization✔️
Theme customization✔️
Add new themes✔️
Chat customization✔️
Home screen customization✔️
Font styles✔️


Yes, Red WhatsApp is safe to use on Android. You should not be worried about its security. It will not harm your Android.

Yes, you can run Red WhatsApp on your PC with the help of an emulator. You can try any emulator to run this MOD APK file on Your PC.

Click on three dots and go to the universal settings on Red WhatsApp. Now you will be able to change your themes.

Yes, you can run communities and different groups in Red WhatsApp and even create channels. You will get all the options you found on regular WhatsApp and many additional features.

Final Term

WhatsApp Red is an advanced version of regular WhatsApp with many features with a beautiful red color. It changes your routine life and helps you sort out your problems. It makes your messaging experience faster and gives you more features. WhatsApp Red has excellent value in the WA Mod industry. You will get maximum features like reading deleted messages, hiding your online actions, sending bulk files, and many advanced features like auto-reply and message scheduler. What are you waiting for if the App is entirely safe to use? Hit the download button and enjoy your social life in a new style.

You can enjoy many other WhatsApp Mods here, so bookmark our website for advanced WA Mods and the latest version of your current WhatsApp.

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