OB WhatsApp APK Download Latest version V56 Anti-Ban[2024]

OB WhatsApp
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Are you seeking the best alternative to regular WhatsApp to enjoy unique and extra privacy features? You landed at the exact place as OB WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp official, more robust and featured than WhatsApp. When we know that there is the best alternative to our poor WhatsApp, we will move forward for the better. We should make our lives as good as we can. The app will change your social life. You will get a completely different social life vibe after having this app. You will enjoy more fun as the app has unlimited emojis and sticker packs. The app developer has assured us that all the features needed to communicate in this advanced century are present in this app.

The app will introduce you to many advanced features you may try first, like an auto-reply. Through this feature, you can run your business without hiring someone. The app has many advanced features and a simple interface. This app is a solution to many of your routine social issues. For example, now, you don’t need to choose another app to share large and HD files, as the app allows you to send large files. It will be a game changer in your life. There are a lot of things about the app that you will know after having an app on your Android.

The late version of OB WhatsApp is anti-ban and much improved from all its previous versions. The developer solved all the bugs and turned the app into a safe and anti-ban app. The app is famous because of its developer, Omar, and is mainly searched by his name. Omar WhatsApp is counted among the top WhatsApp MODS. The app has six prototypes with different themes and incredible customization. The app is updated regularly to keep its users in touch and provide them with a more secure and fun app.

What Is Omar WhatsApp

Omar developed a modified MOD APK WhatsApp feature-rich enough to communicate with people worldwide. This app is famous because of its developer, Omer. It is widely used in Arab countries as it has many Islamic features.

The app has all the facilities available in Official WhatsApp and a list of new features. You will notice that there are many features that you will use for the first time in your life. The auto-reply feature of the App will boost your messaging experience.

OB WhatsApp

Why We Use OB WhatsApp

When you point out to any OB WhatsApp user why you have officially uninstalled WhatsApp, his reply is clear: It doesn’t provide us with features available in OB WhatsApp. WhatsApp has more than two billion users around the globe, so they are scared that any update can reduce their users; therefore, they stay away from such features available in modified apps like OB WhatsApp. We all like themes, and WhatsApp official doesn’t have themes, while OB WA allows you to load themes, delete themes, and restore them. It provides you with complete theme customization so that people can download it. With this app on your Android, you can change the theme daily and make your social life more beautiful.

Download Omar WhatsApp All Versions

Omar WhatsApp is not a new app; it is ancient and has six different prototypes. These versions are updated with time and have different themes, user interfaces, and customization options. Download your favorite version of Omar WhatsApp and enjoy your social life in an advanced style.

Omar WhatsApp

Download OB WhatsApp

first member of the OB family with the dark purple theme color and having multiple features is known as OB WhatsApp. It is also known with its developer name Omar Al Ennabi WhatsApp. Download OB WA and enjoy a list of new features including lot of islamic.

Download OB2 WhatsApp APK

A pink colour send member of OB family which is also known Pink WhatsApp and WhatsApp Omar Al Wardi.

Download OB3 WhatsApp APK

The third member of the OB family with a blue theme and UI is known as the OB3 WhatsApp APK. It also has another name: WhatsApp Omar Al Azraq.

Download OB4 WhatsApp APK

Omar Al Akhdar WhatsApp with green-coloured themes is known as OB4 WhatsApp. This version have fourth number in OB family.

Download OB5 WhatsApp APK

Red colour theme WhatsApp is known as WhatsApp Omar Al Ahmar. This is fifth member of OB family and hence known as OB5 WhatsApp APK.

Download OB6 WhatsApp APK

A Six member of the OB family with a Gold theme is known as OB5 WhatsApp. Because of its Gold theme, it is also known as Gold WhatsApp and King WhatsApp.

Is There a Difference Between OB And Omar’s WhatsApp

Many people, like you, need clarification about whether OB WhatsApp and Omar WhatsApp are different or similar apps. These are two names of the same modified WhatsApp APK. Omar developed the app; hence, it is searched as Omar WhatsApp, while its shortcut name is OB WhatsApp. You can easily download the app with any of its names, while OB WhatsApp is frequently searched.

How To Download OB WhatsApp

Downloading modified WhatsApp is different, so you may follow the given mechanism to download OB WhatsApp.

  • You need a strong internet connection.
  • You can’t get the app from the Play Store
  • Type OB WhatsApp APK on Google
  • Select a trusted website like apkwht.com
  • Hit the download button
  • Click on download anyway
  • Your download will be started

Complete Installation Guide Of OB WhatsApp

  • First of all, go to your mobile setting
  • Open apps setting and allow unknown source
  • Open your WhatsApp and make sure that your backup is on
  • If your backup is off, turn it on
  • Now open your downloaded OB WhatsApp
  • Your installation will be completed in a few seconds
  • Type your number or Gmail
  • You will get a verification code. Enter it
  • Now go to settings and customize the app
  • By turning it back up, you will get all your chat back
  • Now enjoy
Omar WhatsApp

How To Enjoy OB WhatsApp On Big Screen

  • To run the App on a PC, you have to download an emulator
  • You can try blue stack
  • Download blue stack
  • Install blue stack
  • Now download OB WhatsApp
  • Open the blue stack and drag OB WA
  • Complete sign up process
  • Enjoy the app on the big screen

OB WhatsApp Features

No More Forwarded Labels

It is not only you who hates forward tags; everyone does. This app allows you to get rid of forwarded tags. Download OB WhatsApp and click on three dots. Here are the complete app settings: click on chat customization and turn off forwarded tags. Now, enjoy the app without forwarded tags.

Anti Ban

The latest version of OB WhatsApp is anti-ban, which means official WhatsApp will not ban you. These improvements have increased people’s interest in OB WhatsApp. The main distraction in downloading OB WhatsApp was the anti-ban issue, but its anti-ban status has improved.

Auto Reply

When we send a message to someone, it takes a lot of time to write text and then hit the send button. When you have OB WhatsApp, you just select auto reply in its app setting, and then all you have to do is keep your data on. OB WhatsApp will reply instead of you without letting you know. It doesn’t matter if your cell phone is in your pocket or you are driving. Your social life will not be impressed. OB WhatsApp has an automation feature that will work for you instead of you.

Schedule Your Message

No one can assume that scheduling messages is possible, while OB WhatsApp turned impossible into possible. This app provides you with a beautiful feature of message scheduling. Now, you can schedule your messages and improve your social life. You can schedule your essential messages, wishes, and other voice messages.

Multiple Accounts

OB WhatsApp facilitates the creation of multiple accounts in a single app. Multiple accounts reduce the need to have different cell phones for other accounts. This feature is unavailable on WhatsApp, so people are downloading OB WA.

Multiple Versions

The app has six prototypes with different themes and customization, increasing OB WA’s value. You can choose any of its versions. OB4 is the most famous version, but you can also try OB2, OB3, OB5, and OB6. All these versions are available online and can be downloaded for free.

Theme Customization

Customize your theme in OB WhatsApp and make your chat more attractive. You can also load new themes and restore and delete old ones. Theme customization is essential in app popularity, as WhatsApp officials don’t have such customization.

Font Styles

You can try different OB WhatsApp fonts and find your favourite one. All these fonts are available in the app settings. Select your favourite one and turn your chat into a versatile and beautiful appearance. 

More Privacy

It provides you with a lot of privacy features. The reason behind its popularity is its privacy features. You will notice that there are a lot of privacy features that you will use for the first time in your life, like;

  • Freeze your last seen
  • Hide Online visible
  • Double tick customization
  • Hide double tick
  • Choose single tick
  • Change tick style
  • Hide blue tick
  • Blue tick after reply

Extra Security

It provides you with enough security with all essential security options like;

  • Fingerprint lock
  • Face lock
  • Pattern lock
  • Lock your private chat
  • Lock your app
  • Two-step verification on

Send Unlimited Files

OB WhatsApp allows you to send unlimited files, including bulk files and HD files. However, you cannot send unlimited files via regular WhatsApp.

Send Messages In Bulk

OB WhatsApp offers the concept of sending bulk messages, while regular WhatsApp has only a manually sent option. Download OB and send all your messages at once. This feature of OB WhatsApp reduces your time and would be more helpful if you were a businessman.

Islamic Collections

Most Arab countries download OB WhatsApp as it has many Islamic collections. You can choose Islamic wallpaper and themes, and you will find Islamic scholar videos. Arab Muslim Boy Omar developed the app and focused on providing many Islamic features. If you are Muslim, you must try OB WhatsApp. It will give you a lot of Islamic information.

Language Support

Enjoy multiple languages in OB WhatsApp, and your complaints about the language barrier will be over. It doesn’t matter what country you belong to or what your native language is. The App has all international languages and some multinational ones.

Offline Message Option

Open OB WhatsApp even when you don’t have your mobile data. This app has a feature that allows users to use it offline. You can read, write, and send messages when you are offline.

Dont Delete Messages

Download OB WhatsApp, open its privacy settings, and enable Don’t delete messages. Now, no one can delete your messages. This is the following step: privacy features allow you to decide on your own, and no one can invade your privacy.

Widget Setting

Enjoy widget settings in OB WhatsApp. You will not find such customization in any other app, and even regular WhatsApp does not have such features. You will realize that you are the developer of this app, as you can customize all its settings.

Status History

You can easily access your OB WhatsApp status history and experience a completely different level of privacy. You will notice who views your status and when they view it. Here, you get all the information about status history.

Call Screen And Chat Screen Customization

Customize your chat screen and call screen in OB WhatsApp. You can choose font styles, wallpapers, and themes. You can change call screen settings like header, footer, and all the screen customization. You will decide which part of your screen should be where.

Back-Up Option

OB WhatsApp provides the option of data backup. To retrieve your old chat, click on the three dots and press data backup. All your chat and media will be restored in a few minutes. 

Flight Mode Option

Have you ever thought your data was online, but could you put your WhatsApp off? This is only possible when you have OB WhatsApp, as it offers a fantastic flight mode feature. When you hit the flight mode option on OB WhatsApp, you can no longer chat while your data is still on. You can easily find the flight mode option on the top screen of OB WhatsApp.

Some extra features

  • Anti-View Once Files Acess
  • Chat Screen Customization
  • Home Screen Customization
  • App Customization
  • Auto Responder Templates
  • Media Management
  • Custom Icon
  • Emoji Variant


Before downloading the app, let me clarify that it is a modified version of WhatsApp, which means the developer has made some changes to its official version and named it OB WhatsApp. It has some security issues, like you may lose your essential data. OB WA is a third-party app, and WhatsApp may block you.

Which Is Better, Official WhatsApp Or OB WhatsApp Mod Apk

FeaturesRegular WhatsAppWhatsApp OB
Multiple features✔️
Enhanced security✔️
More privacy✔️
Send larger files✔️
Hd files transfer✔️
No status limitation✔️
Unlimited sticker✔️
New themes✔️
Emoji Variant✔️
Dual account option✔️
Message schedular✔️
Hide media from the gallery.✔️


Yes, it is completely safe to use in your Android.

First of all you have to check either update is available or not. Then go to google and download OB WhatsApp latest version.

To get OB WhatsApp update make sure to download its latest version.

OB WhatsApp is not available on playstore you would have to download it from Google. Allow unknown source in your device and then easily download the app.

The latest version of WhatsApp OB is V56.


OB WhatsApp is a modified APK known as Omar WhatsApp because of its developer name. This article will briefly explain everything from the introduction to the downloading and installing. To get the latest version of Omar WhatsApp, bookmark our website, as we post all the versions of OB WA regularly.

It is time to move forward and boost our messaging experience, so download OB WhatsApp Mod APK and enjoy new features like themes, privacy, and security. WhatsApp Omar will provide a different messaging experience that will transform your life from simple to advanced. OB WhatsApp is one of the best solutions for leveling your chat experience.

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