Download HAWA WhatsApp APK Latest Version V36.00 [2024]

If you are looking for the best alternative or regular WhatsApp that is more featured and easy to use, you are at the right place. APKWht is providing HAWA WhatsApp, which will meet your needs as it has multiple features that are entirely customizable.

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  • HAWA WhatsApp
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  • V36.0
  • The Legend
  • Android 5+
  • One day ago
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What Is HAWA WhatsApp APK

The best alternative to your regular WhatsApp, which is modified to fulfil its users’ demands. You will get many new features and modified features in regular WhatsApp. You may have listed the blue tick, but here, you will get complete customization of the blue tick, like hiding the blue tick and blue tick after reply. You can also change tick styles and colors in HAWA WhatsApp. This app will provide a new messaging life where you will enjoy automation features like auto-reply and message schedular. The beauty of the app is its customization. You can modify each part of the app, from the home screen to each of its features. To get more information about the download HAWA WhatsApp APK.


Why HAWA WhatsApp

When your regular WhatsApp does not provide new features that are highly demanded and present in WhatsApp Mods, there is no reason to stay on regular WhatsApp. That is why more people are moving towards WhatsApp Mods every year, and new Mods are launched yearly. Many WhatsApp Mods are famous, like NA WhatsApp, Gold WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, MB WhatsApp, JT WhatsApp, Blue WhatsApp, and AN WhatsApp.

HAWA WhatsApp

HAWA WhatsApp GB Introduction

You may be confused when you search HAWA WhatsApp as it has many names, such as HAWA1, HAWA2, HAWA Purple, and HAWA Red. But after reading this article thoroughly, your confusion will be no longer.

This fantastic WhatsApp Mod was developed by Arabian developer The Legend to provide WhatsApp users with something completely new, with more features and a beautiful interface. The developer has also developed ADAM WhatsApp.

How To Install HAWA WhatsApp on Android

  • First of all, download HAWA WhatsApp from a trusted website like
  • You may get a pop-up message while downloading the file. This file can harm your mobile; ignore it.
  • Make sure that your backup is on in regular WhatsApp
  • Uninstall your regular WhatsApp
  • Open your mobile settings and Apps
  • Enable the unknown source option
  • Open your downloaded file
  • It only takes a few seconds, and then your file will be ready
  • Complete customization of the app and enjoy HAWA WA

How To Run HAWA WhatsApp APK On PC

  • Download the emulator on your PC
  • Now download HAWA WhatsApp on a PC
  • Install the emulator on the PC
  • You can use any emulator, while Blue Stack is widely used
  • Drag your downloaded APK file for HAWA WhatsApp into the emulator
  • Install the app into the emulator
  • Complete the signup process and enjoy HAWA on the big screen

Versions of HAWA WhatsApp

HAWA WhatsApp Red

HAWA WhatsApp red is the prototype of the HAWA family with a colored theme and more customization. You can try any of its versions.

HAWA WhatsApp Purple

HAWA WhatsApp Purple is famous for its purple interface and theme. If you love purple, you will enjoy this app. Download HAWA Purple to get more features and customization.

Features of HAWA WhatsApp

Download Status

You can download all statuses in HAWA WhatsApp, such as images, text, and videos. You can’t download the status in regular WhatsApp, but you have the option here. You just have to download HAWA WA and then hit the download button below the status you want to download.

Get Deleted Messages

You can access all those messages that your friends or family members mistakenly or occasionally delete to tease you. Mostly, your friends make fun of you by sending messages and then deleting them spontaneously. Now, it is time to take action against their practice by downloading HAWA WhatsApp and replying to their deleted messages. 

Privacy Control

HAWA WhatsApp APK privacy includes;

  • Freeze last seen
  • Freeze online visibility
  • Hide your status
  • Freeze your online actions
  • Hide blue tick
  • Blue tick after reply
  • Choose who can view your profile
  • Group privacy
  • Anti view once
  • Anti deleted status

Stickers Stock

HAWA WhatsApp brings smiles to your faces and adds humor to your social life as it has a lot of sticker stock. All kinds of stickers, like funny and loved ones, are available in this app. You can also create and download stickers for your own. New stickers are added regularly in each update. You can also add stickers to your favourite list.

Create Your Emoji

HAWA WhatsApp allows you to create your emoji within a few seconds. You can also load emojis from Facebook and Instagram in this Mod Apk. The app has other excellent features. You can also create your emoji, which can be photos of yourself or your friends. In this way, the app adds more fun to your social life.

Home Screen Customization

Home screen customization includes changing text color, font styles, and even the launcher icon. You can completely customize your home screen from scratch. You will decide how your home screen will look. You can customize the header, footer, and home screen wallpaper color. Download HAWA WhatsApp and customize your app’s home screen according to your desire.

Theme Settings

HAWA WhatsApp provides multiple themes with complete customization. You can load and delete your favourite themes. You can restore your themes in this app. Here, you will find various theme-setting options. You will enjoy a lot of themes in its theme store.

Change Launcher Icon

You can’t imagine changing the launcher icon in regular WhatsApp, but you can change it in HAWA WhatsApp. This app provides next-level customization to change the launcher icon color and icon. Download HAWA WhatsApp and customize your app according to your desire.

Freeze Last Seen

You open WhatsApp and see the last seen of your friends, and if someone is still online or has last seen 5 minutes before you start chatting with him, the same happens with you. And sometimes you get tired of replying to your friends, especially when you have some important task. Getting rid of this situation is freezing your last seen, and it only happens when you uninstall your regular WhatsApp. Download HAWA WhatsApp and freeze your last seen. This feature can help you a lot when you have a busy routine.

Status Of 10Min+

There is a status limitation in regular WhatsApp, but HAWA WhatsApp provides you with more status duration. For example, you can quickly put a status of more than 10 minutes. When you select a status of more than 10 minutes in regular WhatsApp, it is split into five parts, which is ridiculous. Download the HAWA WhatsApp APK to enjoy longer statuses and limit your status duration.

Call Filtration

There was no call rejection feature in regular WhatsApp, and we received many marketing calls daily, which wasted our time. Download HAWA WhatsApp and reject all unknown calls. A call filtration option in HAWA WhatsApp helps you reject unknown calls so that you only receive the necessary calls from your family and friends. Anyone whose contact information is not saved on your Android device cannot access you through WhatsApp.

Offline Messages

If you have no data or are in a place without internet, don’t worry. You can send messages while offline if you have HAWA WhatsApp on your Android. In the internet world, most apps can’t be accessed while you are offline, but you can access this app when you are offline and send messages. Another beautiful feature of the app is that you can even send messages to yourself. You have to make a list of your groceries. You don’t need to keep a hard diary in your pocket or open your mobile notes. Just open HAWA WhatsApp and send that list to yourself.

Multiple Languages

Every one of us loves his own country’s language. Although English is an international language most of us can easily understand, the feeling of our mother tongue is exceptional. So, to enjoy your language, download HAWA WhatsApp, which is multilingual. You can chat in your language in this app. When you select your language, most of your problems are solved, like how to customize the app and many others. Select your language and enjoy the app customization.

Send Larger Files

You may have tried to send larger files in regular WhatsApp many times, but you would be disappointed every time. There is a solution for every problem, so you can also find one: just download HAWA WhatsApp and send all kinds of larger files. Now, you can even share movies and dramas of more than 3 hours with HD quality. After having this app, you will never have the issue of sending larger files.

Multiple Accounts

Running multiple accounts is only possible in HAWA WhatsApp, while regular WhatsApp prevents you from creating a second account in the same app. Sometimes, we need a second account, but we must buy another mobile like regular WhatsApp. But now you don’t need to take such expensive action; just download HAWA WhatsApp and create multiple accounts in a single app. That is why the number of HAWA WhatsApp downloads is increasing daily.

Group Customization

You can customize groups in HAWA WhatsApp, such as changing the group’s home screen settings, including its icons and group names. You can also customize the group’s admin and wallpaper. You can even easily create a private group with this app. You have the option of deleting a group and choosing an admin. You will decide who can join your group and all its settings.

Pros And Cons

  • auto-reply
  • customization
  • more privacy
  • extra security
  • DND mode
  • flight mode
  • get deleted messages
  • call filtration option
  • remove forwarded tags
  • pin message in private chat
  • send more files simultaneously
  • It is MOD APK, which may cause some security issues
  • WhatsApp can ban you
  • Sending large files consumes more data
  • Lack of some security features
  • It is unavailable on the Play Store, and you must download it from Google.


Open HAWA WhatsApp and click on the three dots. Now, you can load new themes, activate them, and even delete them.

We need an emulator to run HAWA WhatsApp on a PC, so download an emulator and enjoy the app on big screen.

Yes, HAWA WhatsApp is safe to use on all Android versions.

You can download the latest version of HAWA WhatsApp from Google.

Final Words

After reading this article, you will get a clear image of the HAWA WhatsApp APK, and all your confusion will be no more. Here, all the aspects of HAWA WhatsApp are discussed briefly, including its downloading and installation process. You can access all the feature details in this article. No one can claim the perfection of anything. The same goes for HAWA WhatsApp. You will find some bugs, but these are fixed in each of its updates. To get a more improved version, download the latest version of HAWA WhatsApp. You can also get more apps from this website to get updates on HAWA WhatsApp. Make sure to bookmark this website. If you want to get more WhatsApp Mods, remember our website, which provides all kinds of WA Mods with their latest and old versions.

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