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WhatsApp is a dominant player in instant messaging and is used by billions globally. However, GB WhatsApp Prime presents a robust alternative for those seeking additional features and enhanced functionalities. This modded version of WhatsApp offers a variety of advanced features that the standard app lacks, providing a richer user experience.

Introduction to GB WhatsApp Prime

WhatsApp is a dominant player in instant messaging and is used by billions globally. However, GB WhatsApp Prime presents a robust alternative for those seeking additional features and enhanced functionalities. This modded version of WhatsApp offers a variety of advanced features that the standard app lacks, providing a richer user experience.

GB WhatsApp Prime allows users to enjoy a wide array of customization options, privacy settings, and unique functionalities that are not available in the original WhatsApp. From hiding your online status to using multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device, GB WhatsApp Prime caters to users looking for more control and flexibility over their messaging app. Additionally, it provides an extensive library of themes, allowing users to personalize the app’s interface according to their preferences.

WhatsApp Prime APK

For those interested in exploring these features, GB WhatsApp Prime Download is readily available online and offers a straightforward installation process. But what exactly is GB WhatsApp Prime, and how does it stand out? In this article, we will delve into the distinctive features of GB WhatsApp Prime, compare it with the official WhatsApp, and explore how it enhances the overall messaging experience. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or just someone looking for more from their messaging app, GB WhatsApp Prime offers a compelling option worth considering.

What is GB WhatsApp Prime?

GB WhatsApp Prime is a modified version of the original WhatsApp designed by third-party developers to offer users more control and customization options. This version retains WhatsApp’s core functionalities while introducing additional features that enhance usability and privacy. With GB WhatsApp Prime, users can enjoy unique functionalities such as hiding their online status, using multiple accounts on the same device, and customizing the app’s appearance with various themes. These added features make GB WhatsApp Prime especially suited for users who want more from their messaging app.

For those interested in these advanced features, GB WhatsApp Prime Download is easily accessible online and offers a simple installation process. This modded version provides a richer and more personalized user experience while maintaining reliability and simplicity.

GB WhatsApp Prime Download

Downloading GB WhatsApp Prime requires a few extra steps since it’s not available on official app stores like Google Play or Apple App Store. It’s important to download from trusted sources to avoid security risks.

How To Download And InatAll GB WhatsApp Prime On Android

  • Open your device’s settings, go to Security, and enable the option to install apps from unknown sources.
  • Search for GB WhatsApp Prime APK using your browser and download it from a reliable source.
  • Locate the downloaded APK file and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.
  • Launch the app, enter your phone number, and complete the verification process as you would with the original WhatsApp.
  • During setup, if you have a backup, restore your chat history.

Enjoy GB WhatsApp Prime On PC

  • Install an Android emulator such as Bluestacks or NoxPlayer on your PC.
  • Follow the emulator’s installation instructions carefully.
  • Inside the emulator, use a browser to download the GB WhatsApp Prime APK from a trustworthy source.
  • Open the downloaded APK file within the emulator and proceed with the installation.
  • Complete the setup by verifying your phone number and following the same steps as you would on a mobile device.

GB WhatsApp Prime V10.00 Update


  • Enhanced app performance for a smoother experience
  • Improved privacy settings to offer more control to users
  • Additional customization options, including new themes and fonts

Bugs Fixed

  • Resolved crashes occurring during video calls
  • Fixed delays in message delivery
  • Corrected issues with backup and restore functions
  • Addressed synchronization problems with contacts
  • Eliminated glitches affecting status updates
  • Fixed issue with notifications disappearing

GB WhatsApp APK 13.50 Download

GB WhatsApp APK 13.50 is the latest version of the popular modded WhatsApp application. This update brings several new features and improvements that enhance the user experience. Users can enjoy better performance, customization options, and improved privacy controls. The latest version includes enhanced stability and faster loading times, making messaging more efficient. New themes and font styles have also been added for greater personalization. Privacy settings have been upgraded, giving users more control over their data and interactions. Download GB WhatsApp APK 13.50 to experience these new enhancements and take your messaging to the next level.

Download GB WhatsApp APK 13.50

Download GB WhatsApp APK 13.50 to experience the latest features and improvements in this popular modded WhatsApp version. This update enhances performance, offering faster loading times and increased stability. It also provides customization options with new themes and fonts, allowing you to personalize your messaging experience. Enhanced privacy controls give you greater control over your data. Get GB WhatsApp APK 13.50 now to enjoy these new features and a more secure, customizable messaging experience.

The GB WhatsApp APK 13.50 version includes advanced features like improved Do Not Disturb mode, enhanced media sharing capabilities, and new themes for better customization. This version also addresses several bugs from previous versions, ensuring a smoother user experience. Always download from trusted sources to keep your data safe and enjoy the full benefits of GB WhatsApp APK 13.50.

Features of GB WhatsApp Prime

Enhanced Privacy

GB WhatsApp Prime offers enhanced privacy features, giving users greater control over their messaging experience. To maintain privacy, you can hide your online status, blue ticks, and typing indicators. Additionally, it allows you to lock chats with a password, ensuring that your conversations remain secure. With these advanced privacy settings, GB WhatsApp Prime ensures that your personal information and interactions are protected, providing a more secure and private messaging environment—Download GB WhatsApp Prime to take advantage of these enhanced privacy features.

Customization Options

GB WhatsApp Prime offers extensive customization options, allowing users to personalize their messaging experience. You can choose from various themes, change fonts, and customize chat backgrounds to suit your style. Additionally, you can modify the appearance of icons and notification settings, creating a unique look and feel for your app. These customization features make GB WhatsApp Prime stand out, enabling users to tailor their app interface according to their preferences. Download GB WhatsApp Prime to enjoy these extensive customization options.

Auto Reply

GB WhatsApp Prime includes an auto-reply feature that automates responses to incoming messages. This feature is handy for businesses or individuals who want to maintain communication efficiency. Users can set predefined messages automatically based on specific triggers, such as keywords or message types. This helps manage multiple conversations effortlessly and provides timely responses even when you’re not actively using the app. The auto-reply feature in GB WhatsApp Prime enhances productivity and ensures that essential messages are addressed promptly.

Message Scheduler

GB WhatsApp Prime offers a convenient message scheduling feature, allowing users to compose and schedule messages to be sent later. This feature benefits individuals who want to send messages at specific times or when they might be busy. Users can set the date and time for messages to be delivered automatically, ensuring timely communication without manual intervention. Whether scheduling birthday wishes or work reminders, GB WhatsApp Prime’s message schedule feature enhances convenience and efficiency in messaging tasks. Experience this handy feature by downloading GB WhatsApp Prime today.

Send Large Files

GB WhatsApp Prime enables users to send large files effortlessly, surpassing the file size limitations of the original WhatsApp. You can share high-resolution photos, videos, documents, and more up to larger file sizes, enhancing the versatility of your messaging. This feature is handy for professionals and individuals who frequently exchange large files, ensuring seamless communication without compromising quality. With GB WhatsApp Prime, you can enjoy faster file transfers and maintain the integrity of your media content. Experience enhanced file-sharing capabilities by downloading GB WhatsApp Prime today.

DND Mode

GB WhatsApp Prime includes a Do Not Disturb (DND) mode that allows users to silence notifications and messages. This feature is useful when you want uninterrupted time without being disturbed by incoming messages or calls. Users can customize DND settings to specify quiet hours or choose contacts whose messages will still come through. GB WhatsApp Prime’s DND mode enhances productivity by reducing distractions, ensuring you can focus on tasks without interruptions. Enjoy enhanced control over your messaging experience with DND mode in GB WhatsApp Prime.

Status Download

GB WhatsApp Prime allows users to download statuses shared by their contacts effortlessly. This feature is convenient for saving photos, videos, and GIFs posted as statuses, preserving memorable moments shared by friends and family. Users can access downloaded statuses directly from within the app, making revisiting and sharing favorite media content convenient. GB WhatsApp Prime’s status download feature enhances user convenience. It ensures that essential or cherished statuses can be preserved for future viewing—experience easy status management by downloading GB WhatsApp Prime today.

Night Mode

GB WhatsApp Prime offers a Night Mode feature to reduce eye strain during low-light conditions. When enabled, Night Mode switches the app’s interface to darker colors, making it easier on the eyes in dimly lit environments. This feature enhances user comfort and conserves battery life on devices with OLED screens. GB WhatsApp Prime’s Night Mode can be scheduled to activate automatically at specified times or toggled manually. Experience reduced eye fatigue and improved usability in low-light settings with Night Mode in GB WhatsApp Prime.

Anti-Revoke Messages

GB WhatsApp Prime features an anti-revoke capability that prevents others from deleting messages that have been sent. This feature ensures users can view revoked messages after the sender deletes them. This feature enhances transparency and prevents message manipulation, making communication more reliable and secure.

Increased Group Members

GB WhatsApp Prime allows larger group sizes than the original WhatsApp, accommodating more members for extensive and inclusive group conversations. This feature enhances user engagement and connectivity, which is particularly beneficial for larger social circles or professional groups.

Hide Online Status

Users of GB WhatsApp Prime can hide their online status, ensuring privacy and control over their availability. This feature enables discreet communication without revealing online activity, enhancing user confidentiality and security.

Multiple Accounts

GB WhatsApp Prime supports multiple accounts on a single device, facilitating the management of different phone numbers or identities within one app interface. This feature is convenient for users who need separate accounts for personal and professional purposes.

Chat Customization

GB WhatsApp Prime offers robust chat customization options, including themes, fonts, and background settings. Users can personalize their messaging experience to reflect their style and preferences, enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.

Freeze Last Seen

The Freeze Last Seen feature in GB WhatsApp Prime allows users to control when their last seen status updates, providing flexibility in managing online presence and privacy. This feature enhances user control over visibility and activity tracking.

Home Screen Customization

GB WhatsApp Prime enables home screen customization, allowing users to organize chats and contacts for efficient navigation and access. This feature enhances user interface customization, improving user experience and app usability.

Send High-Quality Images

Users can send high-quality images through GB WhatsApp Prime without compromising resolution, ensuring photos and visuals retain clarity and detail during transmission. This feature is ideal for sharing media-rich content with friends, family, or colleagues.

GB WhatsApp Prime for iPhone

While GB WhatsApp Prime is primarily designed for Android devices, iPhone users can explore similar alternatives. These alternatives, like WhatsApp++, can be downloaded from third-party app stores such as TweakBox or AppValley. Remember to enable installation from unknown sources and trust the developer in your settings.

How to Get All Your Chat Back in GB WhatsApp Prime

  • Back up your chats using the original WhatsApp before transitioning to GB WhatsApp Prime.
  • Follow the steps to download and install GB WhatsApp Prime on your device.
  • During the GB WhatsApp Prime setup process, opt to restore your previously backed-up chats.
  • Once the restoration process is finished, all your chats from the original WhatsApp will appear in GB WhatsApp Prime, ensuring a seamless transition. 


While GB WhatsApp Prime offers many benefits, it is a modded version that WhatsApp does not officially support. Downloading from trusted sources and taking necessary precautions can reduce risks.

You can use both applications simultaneously by registering them with different phone numbers.

Your account may be banned if you violate WhatsApp’s terms of service. Use it at your discretion.

You can transfer your chats by backing up your data on the official app and restoring it in GB WhatsApp Prime.

My Experience

As a frequent user of messaging apps, my experience with GB WhatsApp Prime has been overwhelmingly positive. The customization options and enhanced privacy features make it a superior choice for those who want more control over their messaging experience. Features like message scheduling and auto-reply are beneficial for managing communications efficiently. However, it’s crucial to stay cautious about security and only download from reliable sources.

Final Term

GB WhatsApp Prime is a powerful alternative to the standard WhatsApp application, offering numerous features that enhance functionality and user experience. From extensive customization options to advanced privacy controls, GB WhatsApp Prime caters to users looking for more control over their messaging app. While it comes with certain risks due to its unofficial status, those prioritizing these additional features will find it a compelling choice for their messaging needs. Always ensure to download from trusted sources to mitigate any potential security risks. You can also get all the other old and new WhatsApp Mods on our website—Bookmark our website for more WA Mods and updates on your current APK.

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