Pink WhatsApp apk Download Latest Version 2024 [anti ban]

Suppose you’re looking for an intelligent social alternative to your regular WhatsApp to boost your messaging experience or to find a cool WhatsApp gadget that will replace all other moded WhatsApp versions. In that case, this article is for you. We will introduce you to Pink WhatsApp, famous for its pink theme and outstanding customization.

Pink WhatsApp
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  • Pink WhatsApp
  • 66 MB
  • Messaging App
  • V57.00
  • Omar Bdeeb
  • Android 5+
  • Two days ago
  • Free

If you’re seeking to streamline your messaging experience and reclaim your time, Pink WhatsApp is a top-tier MOD APK. With its array of automation features, such as auto-reply, message scheduler, and away messages, this app puts you in the driver’s seat of your communication. It effortlessly enhances your privacy, offering a solution to the limitations of regular WhatsApp. Pink WhatsApp is the ultimate problem-solver for your everyday messaging needs.

Pink WhatsApp is a MOD APK, but it differs from modified apps because it contains extra features, new themes, and sticker packs. After using this app on your Android, your experience regarding messaging apps will be changed. Here, you will enjoy unbelievable features like indulging in someone’s privacy to have extra privacy.

What if I told you you can view someone’s deleted status and messages without letting them know? This is amazing and possible on Pink WhatsApp. This app will change your life from simplicity to advancement. It will boost your social life speed as you can send messages in bulk.

What Is Pink WhatsApp Mod APK?

The prototype of OB WhatsApp is a modified version of regular WhatsApp. The app has many names, such as OB2, Omar Al Wardi, or simple Omar WhatsApp. All these names belong to PInk WhatsApp. This app is famous for its pink theme, and because of its feminine color, it is widely downloaded by girls.

This simple, feature-packed app was developed by Omar Badeeb, a renowned Arabic developer with a track record of creating innovative and user-friendly apps. He developed Pink WhatsApp to take the WhatsApp community of 2 billion to the next level and offer some new features to them. Here, you will have a completely different social experience and love its features. The app’s Pink color has increased its popularity among girls. There are many similarities between Pink WhatsApp and Prince WhatsApp. NA4 WhatsApp also has a Pink color and is known as pink WhatsApp.

Pink WhatsApp

Why to Choose Pink WhatsApp APK

WhatsApp has limited features, and these features don’t meet its users’ demands, which is why MOD applications came into existence to fill that gap. The developer of Pink WhatsApp Mod Apk has made the app more practical and effective for its users as it has plenty of features and more privacy than WhatsApp. These features and themes of the App compel people to download it. As WhatsApp is not working on its features, people worldwide are rushing toward Pink WhatsApp. The app adds value to your social life and facilitates your messaging experience through its beautiful features like auto-reply and message schedular. You will enjoy more privacy, extra security, and fantastic customization with Pink WA.

Modified Features Of Pink WhatsApp

Theme customization

You will not only enjoy new themes in Pink WhatsApp, but you can also customize them by adding new themes and deleting old themes. You can also restore all your deleted themes.

Auto Reply

Pink WhatsApp also has an auto-reply feature to save you time. This feature is for you when you are busy in your routine life and can’t reply manually. What are you waiting for? Download Pink WhatsApp and look at how it can change your life from manual work to automation. Imagine how fantastic it is that you are busy in your routine life, and pink WhatsApp is running to reply to you. This app allows you to focus on your work, and you don’t need to check your inbox after a few seconds to respond to someone.

Message Scheduler

Do you have essential tasks, wish someone a happy birthday, or ask for payment return, but do you ever forget to text them? No worries—Pink WhatsApp is there to help you. It has terrific message-scheduling features. All you have to do is schedule your message, and now enjoy the feature that Pink WhatsApp will deliver your message on time.

Hide Blue Tick

You can hide a blue tick in Pink WhatsApp to make your conversation more private and scary. The blue tick is a read receipt that appears when the recipient has read your message. No one can confirm whether you read their messages when you hide a blue tick, giving you more control over your privacy.

Blue Tick After Reply

If you want to enjoy next-level privacy, like a blue tick after a reply, choose Pink WhatsApp. This feature, known as ‘Blue Tick After Reply ‘, allows you to see if someone has read your message, but only after they have replied. Download Pink WhatsApp and enable the blue tick after reply feature.

No Forwarded Tags

You always think about forwarded tags and sometimes don’t forward messages. The App can eliminate forwarded tags on your Android.

Send Bulk Messages

Pink WhatsApp has a mass message-sending option that allows you to send many messages with one click. This feature saves you time, as sending messages manually may take a lot of time.

Pink Theme

The app’s leading beauty and the reason for its millions of downloads is its feminine color theme—more than 70% of women like Pink, which is why it is downloaded by women worldwide.

Security Includes

Pink WhatsApp prioritizes your data security, providing you with all the essential security options. From locking your WhatsApp with a pin, fingerprint, pattern, or face lock, to securing your chats, this app ensures your privacy is safeguarded.

  • Lock WhatsApp
  • Pin lock
  • Fingerprint lock
  • Pattern lock
  • Face lock
  • Lock your chat

Privacy Includes

Like all other mods, WhatsApp Pink WhatsApp is also downloaded because of its extra privacy features. Its privacy includes;

  • Hide media from the gallery
  • Hide last seen
  • Hide online visibility
  • Always online option
  • Hide blue tick
  • Blue tick after reply
  • Freeze single tick

App Customization

Pink WhatsApp provides enough customization that you will assume you are the app developer. You can modify the app as you want. There would not be a single app feature with a customization option. You can customize the following parts of the app;

  • Header customization 
  • Footer customization
  • Themes customization
  • Chat customization

Freeze Online Visibility

You can freeze your online visibility in Pink WhatsApp and focus on your work. This feature, known as ‘Freeze Online Visibility ‘, allows you to appear offline to others while still being able to use the app. If you are a freelancer or work online, you should download Pink WhatsApp and freeze your online visibility. This feature saves you time and compels you to focus on your targeted work.

Font Customization

Multiple fonts are available in Pink WhatsApp that add more value and make your chat versatile.


Like your mobile settings, Pink WhatsApp also has DND mode. When you enable these features, you no longer receive message notifications. If you are a job holder or university student, you can use this feature during class or in the office.

Friendly User Interface

Pin WhatsApp has a user-friendly interface, which is why it is being downloaded worldwide. Its developer has kept its interface simple so users will not be bored using the app for a long time.

Copy Status Text

You can even copy the status text in the App, which sounds so good. However, you can’t copy status text and take inappropriate screenshots in WhatsApp. When you like someone’s status text, you request him to send it, but if he ignores it now, you don’t need such action. The App has the option to copy text from status directly.

Lock Your Important Chat

You can access extra security in the App, such as locking your private chat. When you lock your private chat, you don’t need to lock your app. If you are tired of repeatedly opening locks while locking your private chat app, download Pink WhatsApp. It has a beautiful feature for locking your private chat.

Advanced features of Pink WhatsApp Mod Apk

  • In Built Lock
  • Call Filtration
  • Fun Way Of Communication
  • New Emoji Pack
  • Unlimited Files Sharing
  • Chat Bubbles
  • Edit Launcher Icon
  • Group Management
  • Status Privacy
  • Anti Deleted Messages
  • Freeze Last Seen

How To Download App

  • Pink WhatsApp is not available on Google Play Store as it is a third-party app.
  • Open your Google Chrome and type Pink WhatsApp’s latest version
  • Now select one trusted website like
  • Now hit the download button
  • Ignore pop up message of this file can harm your Android
  • Click on download anyway
  • Your file is finally in your manager

How To Install Pink WhatsApp On Android

  • First of all, turn on your backup on the old WhatsApp
  • Now open the file manager
  • Click on the APK folder
  • Click on Pink WhatsApp
  • The app will ask for permission
  • Go to the mobile setting and enable the “allow unknown source” option
  • Now your installation will be started
  • Complete signup process
  • Go to settings and click on backup
  • You will get all your chat back
  • Now you can go for further customization
  • Enjoy
Pink WhatsApp

How To Download App On PC

  • You need an emulator to run the App on a PC
  • Download emulator
  • You can try Blue Stack, which is famous and more featured
  • Download the App on your PC
  • Open the blue stack and drag the file
  • Now open Pink WhatsApp in the emulator
  • Complete installation process
  • Signup and enjoy the App on the big screen

Pink WhatsApp Compared With WhatsApp Official

FeaturesPink WhatsAppWhatsApp Regular
Pink Themes✔️
Load your favorite themes.✔️
Restore themes✔️
App customization✔️
Customize chat✔️
Hide blue tick✔️
Blue tick after reply✔️
List of new emojis✔️
Schedule your message✔️
Enable auto-reply✔️
Airplane mode✔️
Dark mode✔️

Some Drawbacks Of Pink WhatsApp

  • It is a modified version of WhatsApp regular. Hence, it is less secure
  • Have a lot of features that may slow down your Android speed
  • WhatsApp’s official would block you
  • Pink WhatsApp is a third-party app.


A modified version of WhatsApp developed by Omar Badeeb with multiple features is known as Pink WhatsApp. It has a Pink theme.

Omar Badeed Developed Pink WhatsApp.

Of course it is 100% safe to use in Android

You have to download the latest version of Pink WhatsApp and install it in your Android.


Omer Badeeb developed pink WhatsApp to provide girls with a beautiful MOD Version of WhatsApp. This WhatsApp is mainly designed for girls as it has a feminine color. Therefore, it is mostly downloaded by girls.

You can bookmark our website to get upcoming versions of WhatsApp Pink. Follow the download instructions above to install the app on your Android safely. If you apply the installation strategy I provided, you will not be blocked by WhatsApp’s official.

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