JT WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version V9.98[Anti ban] 2024

JT WhatsApp APK
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What is JT WhatsApp Mod APK

WhatsApp is a wonderful messaging app that has been used for many years and has nearly 3 billion monthly users. With time, everything has moved towards modification and advancement, and WhatsApp still uses the same features. People have always searched for the best things in their lives; hence, they are looking for WhatsApp mod APK. When we discuss WhatsApp mods, we can’t ignore JT WhatsApp because of its customization and advanced multiple features. You have landed at the right place if you are looking for the best WhatsApp mod to change your social life. JT WA is ready to make your social life more advanced.

JT WhatsApp APK

Why JT WhatsApp Mod APK

When WhatsApp does not provide multiple features necessary to communicate and have a private life, like hiding the blue tick and more privacy features, people go for an alternative. JT WhatsApp is the best alternative to WhatsApp official, as it provides unlimited features to boost your social life and give you a touch of modern technology like AI.

YYou will enjoy many technology features, like auto-reply and message scheduling. These features work like automation and save you time. If you want to enjoy more features, it is time to get acquainted with the advanced features of JT WhatsApp.

JT WhatsApp updated version V9.98

V9.98 is the most updated version of JT WhatsApp, with many new features and improvements, like a company banana. This version is free from bugs and contains a list of improvements. When we compare it with the old version, we prefer it. To enjoy more features and have a secure app, download JT WhatsApp’s latest version, V9.98.

How to download and install JT WhatsApp APK

  • Go to Google Chrome and type JT WhatsApp
  • Select a trusted website like apkwht.com
  • Download APK file
  • Open your Android settings and hit the app section
  • Now enable the unknown source option
  • Open your mobile file manager
  • Now open the APK folder and click on JT WhatsApp
  • Your installation process  will be started in a few seconds
  • Finally, the App is ready to enjoy

JT WhatsApp is a third-party App

Before installing JT WhatsApp, let me clarify that it is a modified app that can harm your mobile data. As the app has multiple features, it can slow down your mobile speed. JT WhatsApp is not an original app that is available on the Play Store. It is a modified APK that has been banned on the Play Store. 

Features of JT WhatsApp Mod Apk V9.98

Multiple Accounts

You would never have imagined running dual accounts on the same device or even in the same app. You will be pleased to hear that you can run dual accounts in the app and add more fun to your life. Now, you don’t need to keep an extra cell phone to meet your need for running multiple accounts; JT WhatsApp is enough as it allows you to run multiple accounts.

Privacy Features

It is the privacy of JT WhatsApp which forces you to download it. Here, you will enjoy a list of privacy features, some of which you will use for the first time. Download JT WhatsApp and enjoy a more private life without letting anyone know you are online or not. Here, you will enjoy the following privacy features

  • Hide blue tick
  • Blue tick after reply
  • Freeze last seen
  • Freeze your online visibility
  • Block unknown calls

Security Customization

The App offers all the security steps necessary for a secure social life. Your data, including images, videos, and documents, is safe in JT WhatsApp. The following security options are available.

  • Lock your private chat
  • Fingerprint lock
  • Pattern lock
  • Pin lock
  • Face lock

Home Screen Settings

You can change all its home screen settings, like customizing the header, footer, and even home screen wallpapers. You can go through all its home screen settings. You can customize chat settings and font settings on the home screen. You choose wallpaper and enable dark mode.

Group Customization

When it comes to group customization on JT WhatsApp, you will enjoy it as it has all the basic functions to run your group with complete customization. You may have listened to my life and my will, and yes, you will decide how your group looks. You can change the group name, privacy, and even security. You will decide who will text in your group and who will be the admin.

Emoji Pack

Emojis are important in our social life; they express our emotions. JT WhatsApp has all the emojis you need to make your life more beautiful and help you turn your feelings into visuals. You don’t need to write long text; even a single emoji will replace it.

Unlimited Stickers

It is not regular WhatsApp. You download new stickers daily from external sources or sometimes try the copy-paste method, which takes time. Each update of JT WhatsApp contains a lot of new stickers. You can even create your own stickers. These stickers will add more fun to your life and let you enjoy life with a new humorous style.

Lock Private Chat

JT WhatsApp prioritizes privacy; therefore, it provides the next level of privacy, and you can even lock your private chat. This feature is not available in WhatsApp’s official app. You may have to download the App to have it. Not all of our chats are private; only a few conversations are, so why did we choose a complete app lock? Remember that the developer of JT WhatsApp has introduced private lock features.

Send Messages in Bulk

Download JT WhatsApp because it’s one click will send many messages, and you don’t need to send one-by-one messages manually. Sending one by one message takes a lot of time, and sometimes you must send bulk messages in an emergency.

Send Large Files

That is WhatsApp official, which doesn’t allow you to send large files or sometimes split your files. JT WhatsApp enables you to send larger files, and you don’t need to go for another platform for sharing larger files. Now you can even send movies, dramas, and HD clips via JT WhatsApp without losing the quality of your videos.

Text Customization

You can customize your text in JT WhatsApp Mod APK. This app allows you to choose different text styles. You can also use different fonts to increase the attention of your text. Here, you will enjoy text customization, like changing text color, style, and size.

Voice Changer

This excellent feature of JT WhatsApp adds more fun to your social life, and you can change your voice. You can have fun with your friends, family, and someone whom you love. In fact, we choose social media to add fun to our lives and decrease anxiety. This feature helps you be funnier and send different voices through your voice messages.

Custom Call Back Option

There are many contacts in your list. You chat with them but don’t want to build a call connection with them. You can’t block calls in regular WhatsApp, but JT WhatsApp allows you to custom block calls without blocking complete contacts. This feature helps when we text with any marketing company or client. Now, you can get rid of unnecessary calls.

DND Mode

If you are busy in your routine life and want to take a break but without turning your data off, you are definitely at the right place. JT WhatsApp facilitates you to have the DND feature. When you enable this feature, you will get rid of notifications, but you will be online and receive messages. This feature is not available in regular WhatsApp; instead, you have to turn off notifications from your Android settings.

Theme Store

JT WhatsApp has its own Theme store with many new trending themes. Here, you will find enough themes to colourize your social life. These themes will give you a vibe of a completely different app. When you change a theme, you will look like you are moving from one app to another, as all its interfaces will be changed.

Theme Customization

JT WhatsApp lets you enjoy many new themes with complete customization. You will find theme customization like using a computer. You can load new themes, delete ones you don’t like, or even restore all deleted themes. The app’s theme customization is the main reason for its popularity.

How to run JT WhatsApp On a PC

Thinking about enjoying JT WhatsApp on the big screen, it is possible you don’t need to be worried following the given process

  • All you need to run Mod APK on a PC is an emulator
  • Download any emulator while you can try Blue Stack, as it is widely used all over the world
  • Now download the App on your PC
  • Complete the installation process of the blue stack
  • Open blue stack
  • Drag the App to the blue stack
  • Install JT WA in the blue stack
  • Now complete the signup process
  • Enjoy the App on the big screen

Pros and Cons of JT WhatsApp

  • block all unknown calls
  • block only calls
  • send larger files
  • themes customization
  • enjoy unlimited features
  • complete app customization
  • auto-reply and message scheduler
  • anti view once
  • get deleted messages
  • hide blue tick
  • blue tick after reply
  • send bulk messages
  • group customization
  • a third-party app may not secure
  • you may lose your data
  • less security
  • modified app’
  • third party developer
  • multiple features can reduce your mobile speed
  • sending large files consumes more data

JT WhatsApp Mod Apk vs WhatsApp Regular

FeaturesJT WhatsAppWhatsApp Official
DND mode✔️
Aeroplane mode✔️
Voice changer✔️
App translater✔️
Hide media from gallery.✔️
Auto reply✔️
Message Scheduler✔️
Lock private Chat✔️
Hide blue tick✔️
Blue tick after reply✔️
Freeze online visibility✔️
Hide last seen✔️
Who can call you✔️
Send large files✔️


A modified version of WhatsApp official that is more featured and available free.

you can’t get JT WhatsApp from Play Store. Search JT WhatsApp on Google and hit the download button of any trusted website.

Yes, it is free to download and install on Android

Yes, you can check its update by clicking the three dots of JT WhatsApp. If available, you can download the latest version.

It is a modified APK but completely legal.

The latest version of JT WhatsApp is V9.98, which is anti ban


JT WhatsApp is a Mod APK that works seamlessly like other modified apps and has features not found in the official WhatsApp. Jimods developed the moded version to provide its users with many new features and add value to their social lives. This article will clear all your questions about JT WhatsApp and let you download and enjoy this wonderful app.

You must enjoy all of JT WhatsApp’s features. It has variant features that are only available in JT WhatsApp and that you will not find in regular WhatsApp.

The latest version of JT WhatsApp, v9.98, has many new features and dramatic changes. It is free from all bugs, and you must enjoy it. The latest version has been improved greatly and provides you with an anti-ban feature. That is the time to download JT WA and boost your messaging experience like a professional.

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